In order to conquer the multiverse, Kugai Kudo, founder of the Black Bohdi Tree pulled miscellaneous heroes from across the multiverse and placed them in randomised teams in order to maximise their combat data that could be recorded and defeat their allies once his invasion began. But his 10th and final experiment lineup proved far too much of a wildcard in the end, with Kugai's ambitions being thwarted before they could begin. All the people he had abducted were returned to their normal lives, all memory of their adventures in his world vanquished from their minds. We will now tell a few of these stories, to ensure that they are not forgotten.

This exploit will focus on Team 6, dubbed Team Celebration at some point after these events, currently composed of Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze and Captain Marvelous/Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's Gokai Red. Facing them is a group composed of Hiryu Kakogawa/Another Zi-O, Erin Suda/the Aquarius Zodiarts and Development Engineer Insarn of the Space Empire Zangyack. While others would come to join with them, they are not a part of this story.

It all began with one man, Ryouken, who was obsessed with success. "I have to do it.", he said as he continued punching the punching bag. "I must win!" He hit the bag, only for it to swing backwards and hit him, causing him to fall down.

"You want power, don't you?", a voice came out, as the figure of Erin, in her form as the Aquarius Zodiarts, entered the room. "While normally I'd give you something of mine, my master wants me to give you this." She held up a black, pocket watch-like device and pressed the top, causing the image of a silver wasp-like creature to appear on it. Super-1! She then inserted it into the man, causing him to transform into a monster with the face featured on the watch, with three additional arms hanging off the sheet, which was heavily armoured, while the legs resembled a pair of black trousers with silver boots. "Now, machine (Kikai) your enemies."

"That's "destroy" (Hakai).", the now monstrous Ryouken growled. "And I'll do it willingly."

Sometime later, the now monstrous Ryouken landed outside a supermarket, walking towards someone who was in the midst of leaving the building, with everyone being sent running. "Found you, Makoto."

"Wh-what are you?", the man named Makoto asked as the creature approached him, with Makoto backing away. "What do you want with me?" But Another Super-1 didn't answer, instead charging forward to attack.

…only to be blocked in its approach by Captain Marvelous, using his Gokai Sabre. "How interesting.", he noted before slashing the creature backwards. "Looks like another of the King's freaks has appeared. I'd better take care of it." He took out his Mobilates and Ranger Key. "Gokai Change!" He inserted the Key into the phone, transforming. Gokaiger! "Gokai Red, let's make this intense!" He pulled out his weapons and unleashed them at the Another Rider. One of its extra arms raised and pointed at the bullet from his Gokai Gun, after which the creature moved out of the way. Marvelous then tried swinging his sword, only for the hand to catch it to electrocute him by grabbing the blade, before another one caused the weapon to heat up, making Marvelous drop it. "So, that's how you want to play it, huh." He took out another Ranger Key. "Gokai Change!"

Gekiranger! Another Super-1 took a step back, confused. "Damn you! Eat this!" He then launched a beam of cold energy at his foe, who leapt out of the way, before taking out GekiRed's GekiNunchucks. He then began to spin them around, like in old American cartoons about mutant reptiles… only to end up hitting himself in the face. "You idiot.", Ryouken commented. "Only an idiot would swing that thing around wildly."

"So I'm not that familiar with using it.", Marvelous admitted. "But I can still fight like this." He then proceeded to do the appropriate poses. "Gekiwaza: Hou-Hou Dan!" He summoned a giant projection of GekiTiger, which he launched at his foe, who couldn't react quickly enough to move out of the way. "Alright, let's keep this up." Marvelous then changed into another Legend Hero. Denziman! "Denzi Stick Sword!" He threw the weapon at his foe, knocking him down, before reverting back to his Gokaiger form. "Alright, let's finish this." He inserted the two Ranger Keys he had used into his two weapons. Final Wave!

But before Marvelous could launch his attack, he was hit by an incoming Lada, from which Insarn emerged. She took out a large cannon and fired it, knocking Marvelous out of his suit. "Come with me, immediately.", she stated to Another Super-1. "I'm your ally."

"Ok.", Another Super-1 nodded as he reverted to his human self, entering the car through the passenger door.

But before the car could drive off, the man named Makoto who had been targeted by the monster recognised his face. "Ryouken!", he announced as the Lada turned and drove off.

"So, you know that guy.", Marvelous noted as he stood up and brushed himself off. "Looks like my temporary allies could do to talk to you."

"R-right.", Makoto nodded. "But not here. Do you have a place we could talk?"

Elsewhere, Insarn parked up the Lada outside a warehouse. "Get out.", she commanded Ryouken. "Our leader, your benefactor, would like to speak to you."

Seeing that he had little choice, Ryouken climbed out of the car, where a pair of Gormin escorted him at gunpoint to a factory in the district, where he came face to face with a young man sitting on a throne, who had a woman of similar age wearing a very short dress with no sleeves and an almost non-existent neckline. "Wait, you're the guy who gave me these powers?", he asked, dumbfounded.

"That's right.", the figure on the throne answered him. "You should feel honoured that Hiryu Kakogawa chose to assist you in your endeavours. You want to eliminate those who wronged you, right?"

"Indeed.", Ryouken nodded, deciding that while this kid was a nut job, he was more than likely someone you should not cross. "I suppose you're going to give me some help with that guy who showed up to stop me."

"Him, and his two allies.", Insarn answered. "Which is why I'm going to be making some modifications to you in order to ensure you can face them next time."

Elsewhere, Marvelous had taken the man named Makoto back to the warehouse where the rest of his group were staying, and explained the story. "So that leaves us with one question.", Sougo pointed out. "Why was Insarn driving a Lada? Where did our enemies get their hands on a car like that?"

"They either stole it, or bought it for cheap.", Gentaro suggested. "After all, it is a Lada."

"Can we not debate the price of obscure Russian car brands?", Makoto yelled. "My life is at stake, and probably that of my friends as well."

"Ah yes, you did recognise that guy who turned into the Another Rider.", Marvelous remembered. "Tell us, what did you do to him?"

"Ryouken and I were part of a group that was aiming to reach the top of the nationals.", Makoto explained. "All of us trained together, hoping to make our skills on par with each other. But Ryouken began slacking off, so we eventually stopped telling him when we were holding sparring sessions, since he'd more than likely do nothing during them. So in the end, he was the only one of us who failed to reach regionals. And he took that as a betrayal."

"So now he's after you and all your friends.", Gentaro realised. "Though he likely knows we're protecting you. Who are your friends?"

"There were two others besides me.", was Makoto's answer. "Miku and Jin. I've got their addresses written down, if you want to find them."

"Oh, we'll definitely want to find them.", Marvelous stated. "This Ryouken guy will be going after them if he went after you."

"Then we'll have to split up and defend both of them.", Sougo suggested. "I think this will work out."

Sometime later, Ryouken approached an office building, backhanding the security guard, before heading over to the stairs and walking to the 1st floor, before approaching the woman whose desk was fifth from the left on the third row. "It's been a while, Miku."

"Ryou?", Miku asked, confused. Ryouken then swung his arm towards her, bringing it down and damaging her desk. She was quick to respond, jumping up and throwing a kick that knocked her attacker down. The rest of the floor's workers took the opportunity to leave, except for one man in a suit and glasses. Miku then proceeded to beat Ryouken easily in a fight. "You never were willing to actually try and keep up, were you, Ryou."

"Perhaps.", Ryouken noted. As Miku came closer to launch another hit, he fired a bolt of electricity from his now glowing blue hand, which she narrowly dodged. "But I've got some new skills to unleash on you." He then caused his hand to glow red, as he threw a punch that broke a hole in the wall.

Miku prepared to attack again, only for the man in the suit to grab onto her. "Now, Ryouken. Take her out."

"With pleasure.", Ryouken smiled as his hand glowed green, fire spoutzing out of it.

"Just a minute." Ryouken was interrupted as Gentaro arrived. "I'm not going to let you hurt your friends, Ryouken."

"They're not my friends!", Ryouken practically yelled as he transformed. Super-1! "And if you're going to interfere, I'm going to have to fight you as well, whoever you are."

"Whoever I am?", Gentaro asked as he took his Driver out, equipping it. "I'm Gentaro Kisaragi, the man who can befriend anyone." He then flicked the three switches on his Driver. 3! 2! 1! "Henshin!" He then pushed the lever on the side, transforming, before crouching down to punch his arms towards the skies. "Space is HERE! Kamen Rider Fourze, let's settle this one-on-one!"

"Heh, like you'll make a difference." Ryouken announced as he charged into battle, throwing some punches as Gentaro barely ducked out of the way, before leaping back and pressing on one of his switches. Launcher, On! As Gentaro fired missiles from his right legs, his opponent's hands glowed yellow, allowing him to avoid the majority of the missiles. He then shifted their glow to green, launching a blast of cold energy that froze the missiles in their tracks and moved towards Gentaro.

"I won't allow that.", Gentaro announced as he inserted a new Astroswitch into his belt. Fire! He then activated it, changing into a red form. Fire, On! He summoned the form's weapon, the Hee-Hack Gun, using its Flame Gun mode to shoot fire that countered the cold. And when Another Super-1 switched to shooting flames, Gentaro did likewise by changing to Quench Gun mode to shoot water that put the fire out. He then restored it to Flame Gun mode and inserted the Astroswitch. Limit Break! "Rider Bakuretsu Shoot!"

The blast made contact with Another Super-1, reverting him to human, but not actually destroying his Anotherwatch. The man in the suit took the opportunity to grab onto him, leaping out of the window unharmed with the body in hand. Even more amazingly, he landed on the ground entirely unhurt. Unfortunately, Marvelous and Sougo had arrived outside the door of the building a few minutes ago. "Hey, who are you?", the former asked.

"Curses. This was such a good character.", the man hissed, as he turned and ran with his prize in hand, turning a corner into an alleyway.

"Wait!", Sougo called out as he and Marvelous ran into the alley, finding nobody but a blonde-haired foreigner with another man slumped over. "Excuse me, Madam. Did you see a man in a suit carrying another man in his arms go by?"

"Oh, I think I saw him go that way.", the woman said, as she pointed to the left. "You might want to hurry , or you'll lose him." As the two heroes left, the woman laughed. They hadn't seen through her disguise abilities, thinking she was totally different from the man she had disguised herself as. She then woke up Ryouken. "Wakey wakey. It's time for you to get to work."

"Wh-what d'ya mean?", a groggy Ryouken asked. "Have you found where Jin is?"

"Not yet.", the blonde woman answered him. "But I can ensure I not only have his location, but that Makoto and Miku are also there by dusk."

Elsewhere, the three heroes had regrouped along with the two attack victims. "So, Ryouken's going after all of us, for something that's his own fault.", Miku surmised from what Makoto had told her. "Looks like he failed to get over it, in spite of our advice back then."

"And since he's already made attempts on both our lives with little success, Jin is likely next on his list.", Makoto pointed out. "Though I'd like to see him try and get there."

"Really?", Sougo asked. "Why would Jin be so much harder to get through?"

"Because the guy's loaded.", was Makoto's answer. "His family run a highly secure estate, with a load of maids with marine-level training."

"I think he might be able to get through that in short order.", Marvelous suggested. "We have to get there and set a trap. Where is this guy's house?"

"He lives at the Urobuchi Estate.", Miku answered. "It's across town from here. You won't get there on foot for an hour. You'll need to hail a taxi." From the side, the mysterious blonde woman smiled at this information.

"Even so, we'll have to get there to warn him.", Gentaro pointed out. As he moved out, a taxi pulled up, with a female driver. "We need to get to the Urobuchi Estate, can you take us all there?"

The woman smiled. "I think I can do that.", she answered.

And from nearby, Insarn and Erin had been listening in from within the Lada they had procured. "So, the final target for our little lamb will be found at this 'Urobuchi Estate'.", Insarn noted. "How interesting."

"We'll have to join in the fun over there.", Erin stated holding up her switch. "With some backup."

Within half an hour, Team Celebration's party had made their way to the estate, with their direct access to the mansion being blocked by a maid. "Please, this is urgent.", Makoto stated. "We need to see your master right now."

"I've alerted him to your presence.", the maid answered them. "But I'll have to be sure that you are who you say you are. After all, it's not out of the question for freeloaders to appear, claiming to know us."

"That'll be all, Elena." A young man came out of the house, pressing the button to open the gates. The maid curtsied and left. "It's okay. Makoto filled me in over the phone while you were coming here.", he informed the heroes. "I've got the maids on alert in case things get ugly."

"Oh you're too late for that." Everyone looked to see Ryouken standing there, holding his Anotherwatch. "Now all three of you are together, I can defeat you all myself." He activated the watch, inserting it into himself and transforming. Super-1! This time, he was accompanied by a group of red bodied creatures with goggles, some of them sporting silver masks and straps. "And my friends here will take care of any interlopers. Like you three."

"Oh, it seems you had the same idea we had." Insarn commented as she and Erin arrived, the latter transforming into Aquarius and summoning a group of Dustards, while the former signalled for a squad of Gormin to appear. "This should keep those fools occupied so that you can eliminate the ones who wronged you."

"Oh no.", Jin decided as he and his friends assumed battle stances. "We'll take care of these rank and file grunts. You guys take care of Ryouken and his new posse."

"Agreed.", Marvelous nodded. "Sougo, you take the ugly guy, while Insarn's mine."

"And I'll go after Erin-san.", Gentaro insisted as he placed his Fourze Driver on his waist. "Alright, let's do this."

Ziku-Driver! "I think we can do this.", Sougo announced as he took out his Ridewatch. Zi-O! He then inserted it into his belt, as Marvelous took out his Mobilates and Ranger Key, joining hem in the posting.




"Henshin!" Rider Time! Kamen Rider Zi-O!

"Gokai Change!" Gokaiger!

"Huh. We know how this will end.", Erin commented. "Get them."

The three grunt groups charged in to face the martial artists, while the heroes took on the villains. Jin fought his way through the Fighters, managing to make quick work of them with only a few blows. Miku kicked one of the Dustards in the waist to steal his katana, which she used to cut her way through the rest of the group. Finally, Makoto managed to knock on the Gormin back, causing its laser to rebound and take a large number of them out. The rest were too surprised to take him on in any way that was effective.

Marvelous on the other hand, struggled with Insarn, who locked her firearm with his sword, before pulling back and firing it at him. He then proceed to change forms again. Bioman! "You think a change of suit will assist you against me?", she asked, as she managed to fire off more shots, that Marvelous used the Bio Sword to deflect. "I've observed everyone fo your battles, in our world and this one. I know every move you could possibly make."

"Maybe.", Marvelous stated. "But how about those of the Legend Sentai I took these powers from? After all, I've held back on more than a few of them." He then surrounded the Bio Sword with flames. "Red One Fire Sword!" He brought it down on Insarn, knocking her backwards.

Gentaro's fight with Erin however had proved to be more of a stalemate. By now, she had figured out his main strategy would be to use the Claw Switch in Cosmic States to break the two jugs on her shoulders, and she had trained herself to counter that technique. So now, Gentaro had to try new techniques, such as changing to Magnet States. N Magnet!/S Magnet! N/S Magnet On! "Erin-san, please wake up!" He launched the two magnet halves at his opponent's shoulders.

"I'm wide awake.", Erin declared as she created a barrier made of water to deflect from this attack, before sending it towards Gentaro's belt, causing it to short out and blow him back. "And all I see is a hawk (Taka) in punk's clothing."

"I think you mean 'idiot' (Baka).", Gentaro managed to wheeze before he lost consciousness from the shock.

Meanwhile, Sougo swung his Zikan Girade at Ryouken, who used his extra arms to block, before summoning his red aura around them to throw a flurry of punches that Sougo took head on, knocking him back. "Give up.", Ryouken announced. "I'm twice as powerful as you like this. You don't stand a chance."

"If you're twice as strong as me.", Sougo began as he took out another Ridewatch. "Then I need to double my power." Zi-O II! He split the watch in half, inserting it into both ends of his Ziku-Driver. Zi-O! He then spun the belt, changing form. Rider Time! Kamen Rider! (Rider!) Zi-O! (Zi-O!) Zi-O! II! In his new form, Sougo converted the Zikan Girade into a gun. Juu! He then took a long glance at Ryouken, seeing a mirage of the latter using his yellow aura to move to the right. "I can see it. Your future."

"'My future'?", Ryouken asked, confused. Then he angrily declared "Don't confuse me." He then used the yellow aura to scan the gun and jumped to the right… where he was hit when Sougo took advantage of him loosening his guard to fire a shot that knocked him back. He then summoned a second weapon by placing his hand in front of his face. Zi-O Saikyo! While Ryouken was still disoriented, he was unable to protect against the next hit. Maoh Giri! "It can't be!", he declared. I am the ultimate martial artist! I SHOULDN'T LOSE!"

"You're wrong.", Sougo announced, as he combined his weapons. Saikyo Finish Time! "Your friends managed to do better than you in the tournament because they kept going to improve themselves." He then launched a slash that knocked Ryouken into the air. King Giri Giri Slash! "Whereas you gave up and expected to do better than them." Sougo then pressed onto his Ridewatch and leapt into the air. Rider Finish Time! He then set the Ziku-Driver spinning before crashing into Another Super-1, subsuming him in an explosion. Twice Time Break!

As Ryouken crashed to the ground, a silver Ridewatch with a black face, dated "1980", landed near him. Before Sougo could go and pick it up, it was picked up by a familiar looking woman. "That female taxi driver."

"That's right.", was her answer. She shouted at Insarn and Erin next. "Hey, you two. I've got what you're after right here. Let's go."

"Hey, who made you our boss?", Erin asked as she and Insarn approached the woman. "But if you have that thing, then we can get out of here." She then pressed her Horoscope Switch, creating a black hole into which the three disappeared, as Gentaro and Marvelous tried and failed to grab them beforehand.

The trio reappeared at the warehouse, where the mysterious woman handed the Super-1 Ridewatch over to Hiryu. "Consider this my payment for entry to your little club."

Hiryu took the Ridewatch and placed it next to similar watches for Kamen Riders Ichigou and Black. Now he had 4 Showa Ridewatches, while Sougo Tokiwa had one, that of V3. "This is acceptable proof of loyalty, if you want to join my army.", he said in response. "But who exactly are you?"

"Well, that's certainly the question on everyone's lips. Sometimes I'm a taxi driver." The woman then transformed into the blonde foreigner that Sougo had encountered earlier. "Sometimes I'm a blonde foreigner." Then she transformed into the businessman that had interfered with Gentaro. "And sometimes I'm a regular office worker. But my real identity is…" She then threw off her clothes to reveal a woman with pink hair, yellow sunglasses and a leather, nazi-esque outfit. "The Delusion Empire's President of Redevelopment, Marusheena. The same man who brought you here sent me to aid you."

"I see.", Hiryu commented. "If you can help me defeat those three, then you'll have a place at the table once we rule the world."

"Believe me, I have experience dealing with annoying trios.", Marusheena assured him. "Now then, if you'll excuse me, I want to see what your bathing facilities are like, before I can get around to making plans." She then turned and left the room.

Back at the Urobuchi Estate, everyone watched as Ryouken was led away by armed police. "You know, he only has himself to blame for falling behind." Makoto commented. "But he did prove something about us."

"Right.", Miku nodded. "We're allowing ourselves to get sloppy. If we want to win the national championships, then all of us will have to go and train harder."

But Jin wasn't having this conversation. "I'm grateful to you people for saving us from being killed.", he told Team Celebration. "If there's anyway I can repay you for helping me…"

"Now that you mention it, we have been living in a fairly run down warehouse.", Marvelous spoke up. "Perhaps you could pay for us to live in fancier digs."

"Well I'm sure my staff would be fully willing to tend to your needs, if you were to move into our guest quarters.", Jin answered him. "It's fairly extensive and covers much of the house."

"That's very considerate of you.", Sougo responded to this. "But we might not need to stay here for very long. And there'll be others like us, capable of transforming into armoured forms that can fight monsters."

"In that case, I'll instruct my head of staff to extend the same courtesy to them as well, when they appear." Jin then looked at the hill. "As for me, I'll be going with my friends, to aim for the international championships. While I'm gone, this mansion will serve as a guesthouse for you and those like you."

"Thank you.", Gentaro said, shaking Jin's hand. "Because I think we're going to be getting some new friends in our battle sometime soon."

Next time, on Before the Fractures: Which one will be next?