It was a day that seemed like it would never come, for Megumi Misaki. After months, possibly years trapped in a battle with Kugai Kudo and his army, several of them had been merged unwillingly into a large monster by a treacherous member. But this hadn't quite proved to be the boon that said treacherous member had hoped for. It had simply allowed for what few members not absorbed - which thankfully included Kugai - to be disposed of with ease, while the rest pooled all of their robots' power into destroying the chimera made of the majority of their foes. Now that the dust had settled, the realisation had set in for Megumi, and presumably the others who'd been watching all of this, that their long battle was finally over.

And in the aftermath, Megumi, along with Daichi Oozora and Hiroto Suto were the first to get to the Black Bohdi control room. "So, this is the machine he used to take us out of our respective universes and deposit us here?", Hiroto noted. "I expected it to look more complex."

"Never mind that.", Hase, who had been on the scene with his friend Jonouchi before anyone else had arrived, was quick to comment. "Can you geniuses figure out how to send us home with it?"

"It shouldn't take us more than a day, at the most.", Daichi answered him. "This system doesn't look like it would be that hard to use."

"Though it would help if we were able to run some tests first.", Megumi pointed out. "While it makes sense that this thing can bring objects into this universe from their native ones, we have no way of knowing if it can do the opposite for now." With that said, the three set to work on the machine.

But, in the middle of Zawame City, where the battle with the Kerib hybrid had been fought, a portal began to open, from which several hands and tendrils poked outwards, seeking entry.

And nearby, Juspion and Spielban were having a sparring match with each other outside of their suits. They proved just about evenly matched. "You're not bad.", the latter stated. "I can't say I've missed being out of the saddle, but I can say I have enjoyed being back."

"I'm the same.", Juspion nodded. "Getting to fight with you is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While I can't condone the circumstances, it did allow this for us."

"Hey, hey. Stop flirting you two.", Spielban's partner Diana commented playfully. "After all, you aren't going to be fighting with each other anymore. We'll be going back home to the peace we fought for." As she finished saying this, bolts of energy shot forward, knocking the three of them back. When they looked up, they saw a face that two of them recognised. "Pandora! How?"

"Hahaha!", the figure of Pandora laughed. "Spielban Boy, what a pleasant surprise. We all return from Hell to exact our revenge on the living, and you happen to be here for me to destroy."

"Wait, 'we'?", Juspion asked as he got up and stepped forward. "What are you talking about?"

"Mad Galactic!" Juspion was then knocked down as he saw a man in black approach him. "Yo, Juspion. My old man got pulled out of hell to be some kind of chimera monster. And because you guys blew that thing up, it opened a gate to Hell through which a few of us returned."

"Mad Gallant!", Juspion declared. "Looks like we'll have to defeat as many of these guys as we can again." He then initiated his transformation. "Metaltech Suit, All Set!" He donned his suit as Mad Gallant smiled, did likewise with his own.

"Kesshou!" Spielban and Diana then called for Gran Nazca to generate their High-Tech Crystal Suits as Bandora transformed into her Mechanoid Life-form appearance to match them.

As fights broke out between them, a middle-aged man in a suit, Dr. Giba, a white robed figure swapping between a Caucasian man with a beard and sunglasses and a dragon, a woman in a gaudy red costume with makeup, Jisp, an alien with an oval shaped head and a man in a dark overcoat and hat, wearing gloves. "So, we've all been given a new life to fight these guys.", the first of this group, one Kunio Muraki, commented. "I'm shrouding myself in the darkness of the night." He then gradually transformed, with his eyes turning blank, his skin deforming and his hair growing and turning white. Eventually, Muraki had become a shrivelled looking man in a grey robe, with cybernetic components on his chest and head. This was God Neros.

Then the man in black held out a small device, that resembled a Longhorn Beetle. This was the Black Commander, which he proceeded to open the cover of to reveal the Black Beet Insect Armour. "Jakkou!" He was surrounded by smoke, as the Black Commander vanished and he transformed into Black Beet, after which the smoke dissipated. "Alright, everyone. Let's go."

"Right.", the woman, one Reiko Ayanokouji nodded, as she assumed her Choujuushin form. "This world is ours for the taking."

"Just a minute." A Shuriken flew through the air, after which Rei Yagyuu, still in her full costume, appeared wielding her katana. "I hope you haven't forgotten about me in all of this."

"How could I forget about you?" Rei was then blown back by another arrival, a figure in a white ninja uniform with a black Oni mask. She recognised him as Doukusai, the head of the Youma Clan she had helped Jiraiya defeat. "I have a special place reserved for you, along with all of my enemies. Prepare yourself, Yagyuu clan heir!" He drew his sword and ran in to face her, as did all the other villains.

Closer to the site of Kerib's defeat, Daichi and Knight were investigating it. "What do you mean, 'a dimensional tear'?", Knight asked.

"Exactly what it sounds like I mean.", was Daichi's answer. "While we were checking Kugai's equipment, I noticed that something unusual was occurring as a result of our recent battle. While it may have had Kerib's personality, our opponent was Greeza. And its destruction seems to have torn a hole in reality, through which things are emerging."

"But where from is the question.", Knight pointed out. As he said this, the hole appeared and reacted again. This time, it produced Megalothor, Destrudos, Ultraman Belial, Maga-Orochi, Dark Lugiel, Alien Empera, Zogu and Kahn Digifer. "Well, I think that answers the question of where: the land of the dead."

"So, I have returned to invade the Human World once more.", Kahn Digifer declared, pulling out his sword. "And an army of powerful Kaiju has already been provided for me to devastate everything."

"Digifer!", Knight declared. "I've heard of him. It took Gridman a lot of power in order to defeat him."

"Well he's not here.", Daichi pointed out. "We're going to have to stop that army ourselves." He took out his Hyper Key. Ultraman X! He then inserted it into the GUTS Hyper Gun he had loaned. Boot Up! Xanadium! He then converted the weapon to Sparklence mode, raising it into the air. "X!" He pressed the trigger, transforming into his Ultra alter-ego. Ultraman X!

"Why you!", Megalothor yelled, with Daichi showing shock that it had a female voice. "Why do you have his equipment, human?", she growled, sending out her tendrils to knock him aside.

He was then picked up by Belial. "I can smell the scent of that annoying guy's power on you.", he practically whispered. He then summoned his Giga Battlenizer to beat on his opponent.

"X!" Knight announced, summoning his Accepter. "Looks like, I'll have to get in there. Access Flash!" In an instant, he was transformed into Gridknight, rising into the battle…

Only to be knocked back by the remaining opponents. "You look like that accursed Gridman who killed me the first time.", Digifer growled. "Well then, I suppose you'll make a good practice dummy for my revenge." Lugiel and Empera joined in on beating down on Gridknight.

All of this was witnessed from the Black Bohdi Tower by Hiroto and Megumi. "What's happening?", the latter of the two gasped.

"According to this, all of these are coming through from a hole in our reality.", Hiroto answered. "The only way to close it is to defeat everyone who came through the portal within 24 hours."

"And if we can't?", Megumi asked.

"Then say goodbye to this universe, and everyone in it.", was Hiroto's answer. "I think I can get the system working enough to identify those who've crossed over and summon people who can deal with them."

A few minutes later, this plan had been communicated to Tsukasa, who was standing nearby to Gentaro and Mayu. "I've got it." He then hung up and turned to his situational partner. "Alright, we'll have to be ready for anything."

As if on cue, a series of explosions came hurtling forward, knocking the two backwards. From the smoke emerged several figures, including Kamen Rider Odin, the Gryllus Worm, the Bat Fangire, the Terror Dopant, the Kyoryu Greeed, the Sagittarius Zodiarts, Kamen Rider Wiseman, the Great Eyezer, Storious and Giff. "Gamou-san!", Gentaro announced. "Looks like I'll have to take you down again." He took out his Driver, equipping it and flipping the switches. 3, 2, 1! "Henshin!" Pressing on the lever, he transformed into Kamen Rider Fourze, before engaging in a fistfight with Gamou.

Meanwhile, Mayu faced down the figure of Wiseman. "Fueki-san.", she stated, preparing her belt, before donning her Change ring. "You may have made me who I am, but I'll still fight you. And defeat you." She then placed her ring against her belt, transforming into a Mage. Change, Now!

"Mayu.", Fueki responded, scanning a ring against his belt to summon his weapon, the Hamel Cane. Connect, Now! "You cannot hope to defeat me." He then engaged in battle with his former ward, who caught his weapon in her hand, before striking him with her claw.

"Looks like it's up to me to deal with the rest of you.", Tsukasa commented, as he donned his own Driver and inserted his Rider Card. "Henshin!" KamenRide: Decade! Now transformed, Tsukasa took out his RideBooker and began to slash through the villains.

Elsewhere, Yakumo, Hammie and Tsubasa were facing down a group of villains led by Brajil, among whom were some familiar faces. "Gengetsu Kibaoni!", Yakumo recognised.

"Don Armage!", Hammie commented, likewise picking out her old foe.

"N Ma!", Tsubasa declared. "So you three have come back along with a few others."

Said others included Dr. Hinelar in his Monster form, Hades Beastman Aboloth, alias Agent X, King Ryuwon, Doukuku Chimatsuri, Ackdos Gil, Messiah, Deboss, Ginis, Zamigo Delma, Yabasword and Emperor Boccowaus. "Indeed.", Brajil announced. "I have returned from Hell with an army of like-minded individuals with which to raze this world to the ground. We shall do so to this world, and then make use of Kugai's technology to do the same to others."

"Like we'll let you do that." Marvelous then came swinging in on the Gokai Galleon, firing a shot that Brajil handily stopped with his hand. "Alright, everyone. Looks like we're all going to be making this intense one more time."

"So it seems.", Yakumo nodded, as he prepared his weapon, along with the others. "Everyone, let's go!"

"Right.", Hammie and Tsubasa nodded as they ran into battle with the other two, all of them going for the one they were most familiar with.

And back at the tower, Hiroto had hit on something. "I think I've figured out how to bring things in.", he announced.

"Well, that's good news.", Megumi sighed with relief. "Where are we starting then?"

"Well Shinya isn't exactly holding up by himself." Hiroto brought up an image of Shinya transformed into Riser Gant, who as indicated, was being beaten down by Beelzeus, Kurogane and Black-Lio. "He can handle one of them, but the others have some help we can give." He then pressed a series of buttons on the console.

In that location, Shinya pointed and took a shot at the three. "Versus Cannon!" The shots hit his opponents, but only Kurogane seemed mildly inconvenienced. "Is this it?", he asked hismelf concerned.

"Falcon Bow!"

"Lio Saber!"

As the two cries sounded through the air, attacks came down to hit the two unfamiliar foes. Shinya looked backwards to see two newcomers, one in a red outfit with extensive body armour, the other resembling a yellow and Orange version of the black lion guy he was fighting. "Who are you guys?"

The two proceeded to introduce themselves. "Sazer Tarious!"

"Lio Sazer!"

"Leave these two to us.", the figure that called himself Lio Sazer stated. "You handle your enemy." The two then charged in to deal with the other two, while Kurogane leapt towards Shinya, who leapt out of the way.

"This is much easier.", Shinya tutted, with the odds now shifting in his favour. He threw a punch that knocked Kurogane back, before combining parts of his armour with his weapon. "Gant Rifle!" He fired a series of shots that managed to send his opponent staggering, before aiming and unleashing his ultimate attack. "Thrust Shoot!" Firing a bolt of lightning, Kurogane was quickly disposed of once more.

To the sides, Beelzeus was swiftly overpowered by Tarious, who summoned his weapon and finished his opponent with his ultimate attack. "Burning Falcon!"

"Lio-1, set!" Lio Sazer inserted the Cosmo Capsule into his weapon, managing to cause some damage to Black Lio with the extra energy. He then launched his own ultimate attack. "Lio Fire!" The flames spread out and took the shape of a lion, before consuming and destroying Black Lio.

"Thanks, you guys.", Shinya said as he did a hand clasp with both of them.

"That's three down.", Megumi reported in.

"Good.", Hiroto nodded. "Now then, there's a few familiar patterns in the system that can face some of these villains. I'll throw them in as something of a bonus."

Back with Tsukasa's team, he had managed to hold the gathered villains to a standstill, until the Great Eyezer's fire, the Terror Dopant's fear clouds, and Storious' sword strike proved more than he could handle. Ultimate Despair! "Looks like I'm at my limit.", he wheezed. "Is this where it ends for me?"

"Indeed.", Storious commented. "But don't feel too bad. It was indeed a beautiful ending." Everyone then prepared to attack, with Odin inserting a card into his Visor, that set him on fire. Final Vent!

Confine Vent! But then Odin felt this power being suppressed, as the flames were extinguished. "What?"

The source of this interference soon made itself known. "Tezuka!", Tsukasa gasped.

"Alive, well and back with you.", was his answer, as Eiji also joined him. "And so is the rest of our team."

Sure enough, elsewhere in the city, Metalder appeared to assist Spielban's party in their battle. "So you're also here, Metalder.", God Neros wheezed. "Now I have the opportunity I need to destroy you."

"Neros. So you've also returned once more.", Metalder commented. "But as before, stopping you is my priority."

The Super Beast God laughed as she walked forward. "You are but one robot. How can you make a difference?"

"Not a robot, a Choujinki.", Metalder insisted. "An existence that transcends man and machine. And I am hardly alone."

As he finished talking, a card flew through the air, which Dr. Giba picked up to see the words "Janperson: For Justice" written on it in English. He then looked ahead to see a robot wearing a tracksuit, that proceeded to remove said tracksuit, before donning a visor that covered its eye. "Janperson: For Justice!", the robot declared.

He was soon after joined by a man in a suit, who held up a notebook with a star mark, which glowed to transform him into a robotic form. "Kidou Keiji Jiban!"

Then came a man in a blue,a rumoured suit wielding a gun. "You're… Blue Swat's Show!", Jisp gasped with terror.

Black Beet meanwhile, found himself up against a young man in a blue collared shirt with a tie and a waistcoat, and a teenage boy in a high school uniform. "Takuya Kai!", he stated. "And I see you've brought an unfamiliar friend."

"Hey, I'm Kouhei!", the other one declared. "Kouhei Toba, B-Fighter Kabuto!"

"'B-Fighter'?", Takuya said with some confusion, before shaking it off. "I'm sure I'll find out the circumstances when I get back home, but for now, how about teaming up to defeat my clone?"

"You can bet I'm in on it.", Kouhei nodded, as he took out his transformation item, the Command Voicer.

"Right.", Takuya nodded as he took out his item, the B Commander. It resembled Black Beet's Black Commander, but was silver and the horns had more of a resemblance to a rhino beetle. "Jukkou!" The shell of the B Commander opened to reveal a blue figurine, which turned into energy that surrounded his body, generating a large version of the figurine's appearance. "Blue Beet!"

Kouhei took out a data card labelled "X-X" and inserted it into his Command Voicer, causing a similarly shaped rhino beetle horn to pop out. "Chou Jukkou!" With that command, Kouhei's own Insect Suit was generated around his body. "B-Fighter Kabuto!"

As Doukusai was about to finish off Rei, a Shuriken flew through the air, which both recognised the owner of when he made his appearance. "Jiraiya!", Doukusai declared.

"Touha!", Rei stated. "What are you-?"

"Explanations later.", was Touha's answer. "For now, let's take Doukusai down again." As Rei nodded, the two pulled out their swords and went charging.

And elsewhere, Kaoru, GoseiKnight and Tsukasa Myojin had all appeared against the group Brajil was leading, bringing with them a few others.

"Mega Red!"

"To hate cruel wickedness, DekaRed!"

"The Burning Fire Element! Magician of the Red, MagiRed!"

"The Fiery Adventurer, BoukenRed!"

"The Storming Skick Power! Gosei Red!"

"Red Buster!"

"The Fanged Brave, KyoryuRed!"

"The Monarch of the Vast Skies, ZyuohEagle!"

"Super Star, Shishi Red!"


"The Valiant Knight, RyusoulRed!"

"Secret Power, Zenkaizer!"

Both Hammie and Tsubasa were shocked by who they saw among this crowd. "Lucky!"


"You didn't think you could have this party without me, right? Tsubasa-nii.", Kai said as he went over to his brother. "We've already taken this guy down once, and we can do it again."

"Big talk.", N Ma growled as he unleashed his tentacles towards them. "Let's see if you can back it up." The two drew their MagiSticks and set off running towards their enemy.

Lucky then leapt in and pointed at Don Armage, stating "It's time to test your luck." He and Hammie then drew their weapons and went in running.

As the other summoned Reds went to face their opponents, with PatrenSangou and GoseiKnight teaming up with the ones from their worlds, Yakumo was left to face Gengetsu Kibaoni alone. "Looks like it's just you and me. This'll be easy." The two then ran in, locking their weapons together.

Back with the Riders, in addition to Tezuka and Eiji, a Dragonic Rider appeared to tackle Odin and reach for the three Survive Cards in his Visor, managing only to grab the leftmost Survive Rekka card. "Shinji-san.", Tezuka recognised him.

"Riders should help each other out.", was the response from his friend.

Then the Gryllus Worm growled and charged, before a noise sounded through the air. Clock Up! He then found himself being slashed through several times by a figure that soon revealed itself as a red humanoid with features resembling a rhino beetle. Clock Over! "Grandma said this.", the figure stated as he pointed a finger to the air. "Even across worlds, friends can come to aid in times of need."

Decade tutted. "I see you're still as pretentious as ever, Kabuto.", he commented. "And you've got the whole affair in order."

"Where are these guys coming from?", the Bat Fangire growled as the sky turned to that of a full moon at night, before a crimson figure with yellow eyes came down and kicked him back. He recognised him. "You're… Kiva!"

The Terror Dopant was then confronted by the familiar green and black figure of Kamen Rider W. "Now, count up your sins.", the two voices of the figure stated, as the right hand pointed forward.

The Great Eyezer, Storious and Giff soon found themselves facing their old enemies, Ghost, Saber and Revi. "I'm going to let my life burn bright.", the first of the three stated.

"I will decide this story's ending.", Saber followed with.

Then Revi concluded with "I'm boiling up now." The three then charged in, engaging their enemies.

As Eiji began grappling with the Kyoryu Greeed, Mayu was knocked down by Fueki, who initiated his final attack. Yes, Finish Strike! Understand? "You fought well, but it's over for you now, Mayu."

But before his attack could hit, Mayu was saved by a newcomer using his own magic spell. Defend, Please! The newcomer revealed himself as a ruby faced figure in a black overcoat. "Now, it's showtime.", he stated.

"Haruto-san.", Mayu recognised him as she picked herself up. "Allow me to fight with you."

"You can fight with whoever you wish.", Fueki stated as he scanned another ring. "It won't make a difference." Explosion, Now!

Both leapt away from the resulting blast, before Haruto took out his WizarSwordGun and scanned a ring against it. Copy, Please! He then threw the copy to his ally. "Mayu, use this."

"Okay.", Mayu nodded as she grabbed it, charging into battle with Haruto.

And up in the sky, both X and Knight were at their limits. "Only one chance.", the latter decided. "Access Mode: Dyna Soldier!" The robotic warrior appeared, transforming into his weapon mode. "Dynamic Cannon!"

But before he could fire it, Digifer noticed and launched his own attack. "Destruction Ray: Digifer Beam!" The blast knocked Knight back, while also causing the Dynamic Cannon to explode. "You can't hope to defeat all of us by yourself." As if on cue, a portal opened through which a primarily red figure emerged, hitting Digifer with a kick that knocked him back. "You're…"

"Gridman.", Knight reacted with equal shock. "How are you here?"

Nearby, another figure came down and cut the tendrils that were holding X in place. Ultraman Trigger: Multi Type! The figure, an Ultra with a golden chest and a diamond shaped colour timer, holding a sword with a circular hilt helped X up. "It's okay. We've come to help you.", he said.

Megalothor responded to the presence of this newcomer with the same anger she had shown so far. "Kengo Manaka!" She fired beams of energy, that Trigger blocked with his sword, before charging in to deliver slashes to the monster.

"Zestium Maser!" Destrudos was blown back by the arrival of another newcomer. Ultraman Z: Alpha Edge! This newcomer then ran in to engage in battle with the creature, using his sluggers.

More new Ultras soon appeared, who several of the gathered aliens recognised. "Gaia.", Zogu uttered.

"Mebius.", Empera growled.

"Ginga. And Victory.", Lugiel commented towards two of them.

"Ah, if it isn't my precious son, Geed.", Belial commented. "My, this is turning into quite the reunion."

"Father.", Geed commented. "I'm here to stop you from causing any more trouble."

"Well, that's too bad." Belial leapt forward and grabbed his son's chest, drawing out energy. "You've given me the power I need to cause more trouble." He then zapped both Empera and Lugiel, drawing both of them into himself. Demonic Fusion, Unleash! The three were merged into a mostly black version of Belial, with a silver face. Alien Empera! Dark Lugiel! Ultraman Belial Atrocious! "Now, I have regained my ultimate power." He then aimed his Giga Battlenizer, firing lasers that blew the Ultras apart.

Awaken, Orb Origin! The figure of Ultraman Orb flew down from the sky and locked his Orb Calibur with Belial's weapon. "Orb Aqua Calibur!" The attacks collided, creating a force that knocked both of the combatants back. Orb then took sight of Maga-Orochi. "So that's why I'm here."

"You handle that problem.", Mebius insisted. "Belial's taken on traits from all of our enemies, so he's ours."

"Let's go, everyone.", Ginga announced, as he led Victory, Geed and Mebius in attacking Belial. "Ginga Saber!" He summoned a blade of energy, which he used to grapple with Belial.

Victory soon joined in. "Victorium Slash!" He delivered a kicking motion that Belial barely defended from, before Mebius leapt in to deliver his flaming Mebium Punch attack.

"Wrecking Ripper!" Geed leapt into the air and unleashed a set of red energy blasts towards his father, who staggered backwards.

"We've got people to react to everyone who emerged from the hole in dimensions.", Hiroto stated. "And I think I can figure out how to send them back once they've finished up here."

"That's good news.", Megumi sighed with relief. "I just hope they can do it."

Back in Spielban's corner of the city, he and Diana had successfully overpowered Pandora, and now he was preparing his weapon to finish her off. "Twin Blade!" He summoned a second blade, before charging both with energy. "Arc Impulse!" He stabbed his foe with both blades, destroying her.

To the side, Juspion and Mad Gallant charged their swords and launched their attacks. "Cosmic Halley!"

"Mad Galactic!" As the two attacks collided, Juspion's proved the more powerful fo the two, managing to break through and strike Mad Gallant, destroying his armour. "I guess you wanted it more.", he wheezed out before collapsing and fading away.

Metalder powered his way through God Neros' attacks, before summoning up his full power. "Laser Arm!" He leapt forward and delivered a karate chop to his foe, decapitating him. "It's over."

"Anti-Biolon Law Article 1.", Jiban said as he delivered a beatdown to Dr. Giba. "Kidou Keiji Jiban, regardless of the circumstances, can arrest criminals without a warrant." He threw his opponent back. "Article 2: If the suspect is involved with Biolon, Kidou Keiji Jiban can administer whatever punishment he deems fit." He then pulled out his ultimate weapon. "Final Cannon!" He launched the attack, destroying Dr. Giba once more.

Toha and Rei managed to deliver slashes to Doukusai, before Rei threw a Shuriken to nail his foot to the floor. "Do it now, Touha."

"Ok.", Touha then donned assumed his Second Equipment by donning the Jiraiya Protector. "Jinkou Shinkuu Ken!" Pulling out his sword, he charged it with energy before leaping forward. "Jinkou Shingan Kiri!" With this attack, Doukusai was finished.

"Knee Kick Missile!" Janperson launched the projectile at the Super Beast God, before going over and punching her back.

"Janperson, you truly are a marvel of science.", Reika commented. "If only you and I were on the same side, then I could've taken the world."

"Your morals aren't aligned with justice.", Janperson stated, taking out the JanVulcan and calling for additional aid. "R-Zico, let's combine."

The small figure of R-Zico made his appearance. "Combine, combine, combine.", he chanted excitedly.

R-Zico then locked onto the JanVulcan, upgrading it. "Zig Cannon!" The full force of the attack hit the Super Beast God, reverting her to Reika, before disintegrating her.

Show then pushed through Jisp's telekinesis, though not without getting angry. "Jisp, as long as you're still alive, I won't forgive you!" His anger reached out into space, summoning the figure of Gold Platinum to Earth, who then provided Show with both the Silvernic Gear and the Gun Drummer, which he combined with his own Dictator, before firing on Jisp to destroy him. "Drumgun Fire!"

Both Kouhei and Takuya faced down Black Beet, who took out his weapon, the Jamming Magnum, firing at the pair with it. "Beam Mode!"

As the pair dodged the attacks narrowly, Kouhei took out his own weapon. "Input Cardgun: Jamming Beam!" He fired the laser at the Jamming Magnum, causing it seize up.

"Thank you, Kouhei.", Takuya nodded as he took out his equivalent to the Jamming Magnum, the Input Magnum. "8-1-8, go! Flame Mode!" He fired a beam of fire at his opponent to buffet him. "Alright, let's press the attack. Stinger Weapon!"

"Finish Weapon!" Both fighters materialised their weapons in their hand. "Kabuto Lancer!"

"Stinger Blade!"

Black Beet looked on at both of them, laughing. "You two can't possibly hope to overcome my Stinger Bute!" He pointed his weapon forward, launching the end off towards his foes.

Kouhei was the first to launch his attack at his foe. "Liner Blast!" The attack severed the cable on the Stinger Bute, in addition to knocking Black Beet backwards.

"Alright, it's a chance.", Takuya nodded before initiating his own attack. "Beetle Break!" This attack knocked Black Beet down, a chance Takuya used to pull out the Beet Ingram and transform into his Super form. "Metalphosé!" He then converted part of the Beet Ingram so he could insert his Pulsaber. "Beet Ingram: Final Mode!"

Kouhei then took out the Tonbou Gun, Bright Pointer and Semission Magazine, connecting them onto his Input Cardgun. "Input Rifle!" He pointed at the recovering Black Beet and fired at the same time as Takuya.

"Super Final Blow!"

"Kabutonic Buster!"

The combined force of these attacks hit Black Beet, destroying him.

And up in the sky, Gridman and Knight managed to overpower Digifer, before calling upon their respective Assist Weapons. Grid,an combined with Thunder Jet, God Tank and Twin Driller to become Thunder Gridman, while Knight combined with DynaWing, DynaDiver and DynaStriker with the aid of Goldburn, becoming Kaiser Gridknight. The two then combined heir attacks. "Thunder Grid Beam!"

"Kaiser Knight Circular!"

The two attacks hit Kahn Digifer, fatally wounding him. "It can't be! My power should've been greater than yours!" And with that, he was dispersed.

Soon afterwards, as Zogu shifted into her second form, Gaia likewise assumed his Supreme Version, allowing him to match her strength, and then overpower it with his bare hands. He then hit her with the enhanced version of his Photon Edge attack, finishing her off.

Orb was about to be beaten down, when X came in to block Maga-Orochi's blow. "Orb. Allow me to lend you my power." He then summoned his copies of the Beta Capsule and the Sparklence, combining them into the Beta Spark Sword and generating the appropriate armour.

"Right.", Orb nodded as he took out his Orb Ring, inserting the appropriate Fusion Cards. "Ginga-san," Ultraman Ginga! "Victory-san," Ultraman Victory! "X-San…" Ultraman X! Trinity Fusion! This generated a new weapon, the Orb Slasher, which he dragged his finger along to transform. "I'm borrowing the power of your three lights! Orb Trinity!" Now transformed into a hybrid of the three New Generation Ultras before him, Orb initiated an attack with the Orb Slasher. "Trinitium Shoot!"

X joined in for a similar attack with his weapon, turning it into a gun. "Beta Spark Arrow!" The two attacks combined to hit Maga-Orochi, destroying it.

Against Destrudos, Z also decided to go for his strongest option, taking out the loaned GUTS Sparklence and the appropriate Hyper Key. Ultraman Z: Delta Rise Claw! "Swallow the Darkness, Golden Storm!" He then inserted the Hyper Key into the Sparklence, opening the barrel. Boot Up! Delta! Pressing the button, he shifted into a gold, silver and red form. Ultraman Z: Delta Rise Claw!

The Ultraman's sentient sword, the Beliarok, came flying in. "Heh. I remember being defeated by this thing before. Perhaps payback is in due order."

"I knew you'd agree to help me.", Z nodded, as the two synchronised their energies, causing him to turn black. "Ultraman Z: Deathcium Rise Claw!" He then faced down Destrudos, charging his sword with energy, before creating a slash of energy that destroyed his foe. "Zestium Death Burst!"

In the fight with Belial, as he'd managed to overpower the 4 Ultras, Ginga turned to Victory, showing off the Ultra Fusion Brace. "Let's do this, Shou."

"Alright.", Victory nodded. "Let's go, Hikaru."

Victory's Victory Lancer was combined with the Fusion Brace, causing the two to become an entity that had Victory's appearance, Ginga's features and the voices of both. "Ginga Victory!"

"Alright, if you're going to power up, then I'm going to do the same.", Mebius stated, as he transformed into his Burning Brave form.

Geed then took out another Ultra Capsule, inserting it into his Giga Finalizer. "Ultimate Final, Connect the Wishes!" He then scanned the bottom of the weapon with his Geed Riser. Ultimate Evolution! He then pressed on the handle of the weapon, initiating his transformation. "Geed!" Ultraman Geed: Ultimate Final!

Belial merely tutted at this. "It doesn't matter what any of you look like. I still have to simply defeat you." He charged in, locking his Giga Battlenizer with the Giga Finalizer.

Ginga Victory then called upon the abilities of one of their predecessors. "Power of Ultraman Zero: Emerium Slash!" They performed the eponymous Ultra's attack, managing to buffet Belial, before they went for another attack. "Power of Ultraman Nexus: Over-Ray Schtrom!" With Belial fully downed, they then went for their ultimate attack. "This is the power of humans and Ultraman: Ultra Fusion Shoot!" As they did this, Mebius instigated his Mebium Burst attack, launching a ball of fire at his enemy.

"Father, it's time I put you at peace once more.", Geed stated as he scanned the Giga Finalizer with the Geed Riser once more to trigger his ultimate attack. Mezameyo, Saikyo no Idenshi! "Crescent Final Geed!"

This attack, combined with those of the other two, managed to finish off Belial after one last cry from the fallen Ultra. "Geed!"

This only left Megalothor, who had Trigger on the ropes, even without the power of the Eternity Core. "Trigger, soon you and I will be together as one in a passionate fusion. And then together, we shall rule the universe."

"Power of Ultraman Dyna: Solgent Beam!"

"Beta Spark Blaster!"

Gaia joined in with his Photon Edge attack, the three of them managing to distract Megalothor enough for Trigger to get up. "Do it now.", Z urged. "Finish her off."

Trigger hesitated for a moment, before nodding. "I've got it." He then transformed into a golden form with three colour timers. "Illuminate the universe, the ultra-ancient light! Ultraman Trigger!" Glitter Trigger Eternity! He then summoned a blade on his arm, which he used to slash at his opponent. Glitter Blade! He then spun the wheel built into the Glitter Blade around twice. Violet! He then split into three copies, which charged at the creature to slash it. Eternity Zerades!

Mortally wounded, Megalothor reverted to her original form of Carmeara before declaring "Kengo Manaka!", and collapsing and exploding.

"It's over.", Trigger said, slightly bitter.

And in Tsukasa's location, all the other Riders had managed to get the better of their respective opponents. They then proceeded to assume their ultimate forms. Survive!

Hyper Cast Off! Change, Hyper Beetle!


"Alright! Tension Fortissimo!"

Decade then assumed his Strongest Complete Form using the K-Touch 21. Mugen! Super TaToBa! Infinity Dragon Gold! Special! Fusion! Kiwami! Xtreme Gold! RabbitDragon! Creator! Hell Rising! Ohma! Final KamenRide: Decade Complete 21! All of the other Riders transformed into the corresponding forms, while copies of the others materialised next to him. "Everyone, finish it."

W proceeded to close their belt and reopen it, while the Drive copy triggered the motions for his finisher. Xtreme! Maximum Drive!/Hissatsu! Full Throttle! Special! The two hit the Terror Dopant together, managing to destroy him.

"Mayu, use this." Haruto threw Mayu his Infinity Ring.

"This is…?", Mayu said with some shock, before donning and using it. Boundless, Now! Hi Sui Fu Do! Bou Jabba Byu Dogon! She had transformed into a female variant of Wizard's regular Infinity Style, complete with AxCalibur. "Alright, let's finish this." She pressed on the weapon. High Touch! She then prepared an attack with the weapon. As Haruto leapt in to deliver a kick to Fueki. Chou ii ne, Final Strike! Saiko!/Shining Strike!

The two attacks hit Fueki near simultaneously, mortally wounding him. "Mayu, you really have grown to be strong.", he uttered as he returned to human. "Far stronger than I." And with that, he disintegrated.

After this, Eiji and the summoned Build double-teamed the Kyoryu Greeed with their attacks. Scanning Charge!/Voltech Attack! "Seiya!" The two hit their target, causing him to explode into the medals that made him up.

Jupiter, Ready! Okay Jupiter! Using the Module granted by the Meteor Astroswitch, Gentaro knocked Gamou back with a large projection of Jupiter, before pressing on the lever in his belt. Fusion!/Meteor! Limit Break! The copy of Zi-O soon joined in, with his own attack. King Finish Time! He spun the belt around, before leaping forward with Gentaro to strike the finishing blow. King Time Break! The two hit Gamou, causing him to explode.

Kabuto and the Zero-One copy then faced down the Gryllus Worm, initiating their attacks. Hell Charge! Hell Rising Impact!/All Zecter Combine! Maximum Hyper Cyclone! The two attacks hit and destroyed the target. "Weak.", was all Kabuto had to comment.

Ryuki inserted a card into his Visor to initiate an attack. Final Vent! He leapt into the air to initiate it.

Tezuka then inserted his own card, one that would allow him to mimic this. Copy Vent!

Finally, the Ex-Aid copy placed his Gashat into his Kimewaza Slot Holder. Gashatto! He then pressed on the button. Kimewaza! He then leapt into the air, pressing it again. Mighty Critical Strike!

The three attacks were blocked by Odin, but fortunately only for a moment before he took the full brunt, disintegrating.

Next up, the Gaim copy joined Saber in fighting off Storious, managing to hold the Megid off. "Alright, now I can go for my full power.", Saber stated, taking out a different sword. Haouken Xross Saber! He then inserted it into his belt, in lieu of his regular Kaenken Rekka, before removing it. Saber Battou! "Henshin!" Images of 10 swords surrounded him, before merging into him to give him a star pattern. Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Majiwaru Jupon no Ken! Now transformed, he used the sword to slash at Storious, before pressing the button on the hilt. Haou Hissatsu Read! He then dragged the hilt to the top of the sword. Kidoku Jyu Seiken! He then dragged the hilt down. Haou Hissatsu Dokuha!

The Gaim copy then pressed on his Kiwami Lockseed. Musou Saber! He then pressed down on his Sengoku Driver. Kiwami Squash!

Haou Xross Sei-Retsu-Zan! The two attacks hit Storious, overwhelming and destroying him.

Nearby, Revi took out another Vistamp so he could defeat Giff. "It's Ikki time.", he announced as he pressed on the stamp. Giffard Rex! He then used it to transform, gaining translucent purple armour over his suit. Ultimate Up! Giffa-Giffa-Giffard Rex! He then pulled on the stamp to perform a powerful kick that exploded Giff. Revi Giffard Finish!

Finally, Kiva took out the Zanbat Sword, delivering a few slashes to the Bat Fangire, before taking the accompanying Fuestle and having Kivat blow in it. "Wake Up!" He then moved the hilt up and down the handle of the sword, charging it with energy, before swinging the now red blade at his foe, literally shattering him to pieces.

"That's it on our end.", Tsukasa reported to the tower. "For now, I'm heading over to you to monitor the situation."

And over where Yakumo's group were fighting, the gathered heroes had likewise gained the advantage with their attacks, deciding to go all out. "Battle Riser!", Mega Red punched Dr. Hinelar back, before combining his Drill Saber with his Mega Sniper, and pressing a button on the initial device. "Mode 03!" He then pointed the combined weapon, funnelling power into it, before firing. "Drill Sniper Custom, Full Power! Shoot!" The force of this blast was enough to destroy Hinelar once more.

"Red Fire!"

"Yellow Thunder!" After both Kai and Tsubasa hit N Ma with their attacks, they proceeded to transform again. "Chou Mahou Henshin! Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro!" Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro! Now transformed into their Legend Mode, they put their staffs together to cast a spell to destroy N Ma. "Gi Golu Magiiro! Legend Finish!"

DekaRed managed to knock Agent X around before combining his two D-Magnums. "Hybrid Magnum!" He aimed at the target, before firing. "Moonsault Galaxy Shot!" The resulting fireball hit Aboloth, completely destroying his body.

BoukenRed knocked Ryuwon down using his own attack. "Bouken Javelin: Red Zone Crash!" After downing his opponent, he summoned armour onto his chest. "AccelTecter!" He then summoned the Dual Crusher in Drill Mode and fired at Ryuwon to finish him off. "Adventure Crash!"

Kaoru managed to push Doukuku's sword back, before slashing him on his weak spot. "I may have failed to stop you before, but I can redeem myself now." She placed a disc passed down from her ancestors on her Shinkenmaru, spinning it. "Kyoryumaru!" As the sword transformed and she gained a vest to go with it, she then executed her ultimate attack. "Makka Issen!" The attack bisected Doukuku, destroying his two halves.

Marvelous then threw Ackdos Gill back, before inserting a special Ranger Key into his Mobilates, turning it twice. Gokai Cross! Ten Gokaiger! Congratulations! Now with weapons on all his limbs, he pointed them at his foe. Full Cross Charge! "Gokai Ultimate Blast and Slash!" He launched a flurry of bullets and swords at Ackdos, destroying him in one shot. Final Galleon Strike!

"It can't be!", Brajil gasped as both Goseigers he was facing overpowered him. "I can't lose, not again."

Gosei Red transformed into his Super form, while GoseiKnight prepared his weapon. Super Change!/Summon, Vulcan Headder! "Condemning Knight Power!", GoseiKnight announced as he aimed the weapon. "Banish!"

Gosei Red joined in with his own attack to finish off Brajil. "Super Red Break!" The two collided with Brajil, rendering him dead once more.

Powered Custom! It's Morphin' Time! "Powered Morphin'!" Red Buster assumed his super form, using the Lio Attache Bazooka to fire a shot that caused Messiah to stagger. He then pressed on his Brace to initiate his ultimate attack. It's Time for Buster! "Volcanick Attack!" He turned into a cheetah made of data and crashed into his opponent, destroying it utterly.

KyoryuRed summoned his partner Gabutyra and turned him into Minityra. He then converted him into a gun, initiating his powered-up transformation. Oh, Matsurincho! Carnival! "Fire!" Now transformed, KyoryuRed beat back Deboss with his dancing moves, before pointing and firing his weapon. "Zyuden Carnival Finish!" He fired a blast that destroyed Deboss with its full force.

Whale! Taking out the Whale Change Gun, ZyuohEagle pulled back on it. "Honno Kakusei!" He transformed into ZyuohWhale, he used a whip made of water to attack Ginis, before initiating his final attack. Zyuoh Final! He charged his energy, before launching a wave of primal power that destroyed Ginis utterly.

Next up was Lucky and Hammie, who took out the Saiko and Hikari Kyutama respectively to face Don Armage. What's Up? Lucky placed the former Kyutama in his Seiza Blaster. Saiko Kyutama! He then pressed the button on top of the Kyutama. Super Seiza Change! He then set the wheel spinning, initiating his transformation. "Miracle Star, Shishi Red Orion!"

Hammie likewise inserted the Hikari Kyutama yellow end first. Great! Hikari Kyutama: Taiyo Mode! She then pressed it backwards. Seiza Change! Pulling the trigger, she gained an attachment resembling the sun on her helmet. "Shining Star, Taiyo Chameleon Green!"

As Lucky unleashed copies of all the weapons used by the Kyurangers, before pressing down on his Kyutama again. All Star! He then set the wheel spinning and pointed at the weakened Don Armage, as Hammie likewise initiated her final attack. Galaxy! "Infinish Blast!" All Star Galaxy! The two unleashed their blasts simultaneously, eradicating Don Armage.

Facing off against Zamigo, LupinRed and PatrenSangou had proven an effective pair. "We make a good pair, don't we? Officer-san.", LupinRed commented.

"Don't get too comfortable.", she insisted. "We're simply working to take down a common enemy." She took out a certain VS Vehicle. "And I believe we should go all out in doing so." Siren Striker!

"I see.", LupinRed inserted his own equivalent VS Vehicle. Victory Striker! "Let's go all out." He then began spinning the dial. 1-1-1! Miracle Masqueraise! He then restated the barrel of the VS Changer so it was on top. Super Kaitou Change! Tsukasa went through similar motions. Great Patrize! Chou Keisatsu Change! Both then pointed their weapons, transforming. Lupinranger!/Patranger! LupinRed then adjusted the dials on his shoulders. 1-8-1! He then pointed his VS Changer, combining it with the LupinMagnum. Lupin Fever! He then twisted the dial three times, before pointing and firing. Un, Deux, Trois!

PatrenSangou did likewise with Siren Striker's cannons. "Super Superieur Strike!" Her blast fired at the same time as LupinRed's, destroying Zamigo handily. Itadaki Do Do Do Strike!

Max Que Bom! "Max Change!" RyusoulRed slashed at Yabasword with his Ryusoulken, before pressing on the MaxChanger, transforming. Oh, Max! "The Valiant Knight, Max RyusoulRed!" After slashing at Yabasword, he pressed on the item again. Excellent! "Everlasting Claw!" Summoning his energy, Max RyusoulRed crashed into his foe, destroying him. Max Ikesoul!

Finally, Zenkaizer faced down Boccowaus, buffeting him with shots fired from his Geartlinger, before almost literally calling for help. "Come, Zenkaiju Gear!" The eponymous item soon made its appearance. Zenkaiju Gear! He then transformed it and placed the item in his Geartlinger, before turning the handle. Kaiju! Kaiju! Kaiju! Kaiju! Super! He then pointed and fired. Babang, Babang, Babang, Babababang! Chou Zenkai! He now had a more armoured appearance resembling Dragon Ranger's Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar. "Secret Power-Up, Super Zenkaizer!" He then threw the drills taff he was carrying into his opponents chest, before turning the Geartlinger again. Chou Super Zenkai Time! He leapt up and kicked the staff through his opponent's body, blowing him up. Dai Zenkai!

Finally, Yakumo transformed into Chouzetsu AoNinger. "Chouzetsu Henge!" The Chouzetsu! Chouzetsu Ninja! He then took out the Gekiatsutou and inserted the Chouzetsu NinShuriken. The Shoubu! "Gekiatsu Chouzetsu Shuriken Zan!" He set the Shuriken spinning, before running forward and slashing Gengetsu Kibaoni to destroy him. Ichiban Shoubu! "That's the last of them, right?", he asked Hiroto over a comm-link.

"I'm afraid not.", Hiroto informed him. "There's at least one more signal, and it's coming from underground." Then the blip on the screen grew fiercer. "No wait, it's coming to the surface."

The Ultras barely had time to react before the new enemy showed itself, unleashing a wave of dark energy that knocked all of them over, with only Trigger managing to put up any kind of resistance, before ultimately being felled. It was a threat that none of the people on the ground recognised.

Well, almost no-one. "Mother Melzard!", Kouhei blurted at the giant monster. "So you're why I'm here."

"I have been given a new opportunity to enforce the Will of Darkness upon every dimensions.", the figure of Mother Melzard announced. "And as luck would have it, one of the insects that destroyed my initial invasion came to this universe while I was absorbing the darkness permeating this world in order to evolve into the Jadoh Mothera once more."

"I won't let you.", Kouhei insisted as he held out the Astral Saber. "Kabuterios!" The sword's held opened and a scarab emerged and grew giant, absorbing Kouhei and the Astral Saber inside itself, before transforming into the humanoid figure of Kabuterios. It engaged Mother Melzard in battle, but soon found itself overwhelmed, in spite of managing to land some hits with its sword.

"It's pointless.", Mother Melzard declared. "Without the aid of Kuwaga Titan's Titanic Thunder, Kabuterios is no match for my full might. You cannot hope to pull out a victory by yourself."

As if on cue, the figure of Jiraiya's guardian Jiraishin appeared. "Kongou Jirai Ken!" The giant figure brought its sword down on Jadoh Mothera, managing to cut one of her tendrils off, before knocking her backwards.

Takuya was the next to join the fray. "Mega Heracles!" The eponymous robot, which resembled a Hercules Beetle, appeared and combined with the three Beet Machines - Beetloader, Stagger Tank and Red Gyro. "Mega Beet Cannon!" The robot fired a blast that sent Melzard staggering. "Kouhei, do it now."

"Got it.", Kouhei nodded, as he initiated his ultimate attack. "Glorious Thunder!" Charging its sword with energy, Kabuterios slashed through Mother Melzard, destroying her once again. And with her death, the hole in dimensions closed.

"They've done it.", Megumi cheered. "Reality is safe again."

"Good.", Hiroto nodded in acknowledgment. "Now I can send all of these people back before they create a reality destroying paradox." Operating the machine, all of the heroes brought in to close the hole vanished back to their own universe before they could register what was happening. "It turns out that we need at least 4 people with an identical transport signature to send them back."

"Meaning?", Megumi asked.

"We can only go back in the groups we came in from.", Hiroto answered as he moved to leave. "I'd better start gathering everyone back into those lineups. You stay here and wait for Daichi and Tsukasa to show up.

Next time on Before the Fractures: Which team will it be?