Authors note: I know, I know, I've started yet another story when I still have, what is it? At least three other stories to finish.

I've just had this idea for ages, more than a year at least (even if I've just started publishing stories I've been writing different ones for ages) anyway I've had this idea for more than a year now and I had to write it.

This story's chapters will be much shorter than my other stories, I find it easier writing that way sooooo...

The Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K Rowling. YEET! Sorry I had a weird urge to throw my phone across the room, so I did. Sorry getting off topic here, Have a great time reading! :)

Sophie Potter sat in a train compartment with her twin brother, Harry, and a random boy named Ronald Weasley.

Harry Potter was, in a few words, a show off.

He hadn't always been one but after he'd found out he was famous; he had become an idiot.

Sophie on the other hand was always forgotten about, like an extra in a movie.

When Sophie and Harry had been just one year old Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort and survived without even scratch, on the other hand Sophie had come out with a scar, a lightning bolt shaped scar.

The scar was the only part of her appearance she actually liked. Her hazel eyes had seemed boring compared to Harry's brilliant green eyes and her black hair was the same as Harry's so it wasn't anything special.

She did have a few freckles on her nose which Harry had always teased her about, she didn't dislike her freckles but she didn't find them amazing either, they were just there.

Sophie smirked up at the pale blond boy standing in the door way.

"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

Before anyone could say anything, Sophie spoke, "Sophie Potter, you've probably heard of my idiotic brother before." She tilted her head in Harry's direction.

Draco Malfoy smirked at her before turning to Harry, "Your sister obviously inherited the brains of the family."

Both Harry and Ronald stood up angrily while Sophie sat in silent amusement watching.

"How dare you." Ronald spat. "Leave our compartment, now." Harry said glaring.

Draco Malfoy grinned at Sophie before turning and leaving.

"What was that for?" Harry snapped at her. "I was being truthful." Sophie shrugged leaning back in her seat, satisfied with the outcome of the conversation.

"Go away." Harry glared at her.

"I've been waiting all day for you to say that!" Sophie said happily. She jumped out of her seat and skipped out the compartment.

"Oh, hello again Hermione." Sophie smiled at the girl in front of her.

"Hello, did you manage to escape your brother?" "Yes," Sophie grinned, "Wanna find a compartment together?" "Of course! We can go back to Neville, me and him are sharing one." Hermione said sounding excited.

The two girls entered a compartment to find Neville sitting alone looking rather depressed.

"You'll find Trevor eventually." Sophie smiled kindly at him. "Maybe." Neville said quietly.

All three of them were already in their robes so they just sat down and talked about Hogwarts.

Hermione and Sophie hardly knew anything about the wizarding world so they were hanging onto Neville's every word.