Chapter 6

"So you're still in love with him"

Robin's eyes connected with AJ's as she walked out of the nursery "Don't start AJ"

"What no I think it makes perfect sense to be in love with a guy that basically threw you out of town what 3 years ago, 4?"

"He did not throw me out of town."

"How often have you come back to town?"

She rolled her eyes "AJ"

"Please just humor me" he said following her down the stairs

She turned halfway down the stairs, anger in her eyes she told him "4 times AJ, a whopping total of four times. And I can admit I was stupid to stay away, I can admit I was even stupider to let her win."

His eyes glowed, "Her win? Why Robin, so much hatred for Carly? I can't imagine you talking about winning a person."

"Oh it was about more than Jason; with Carly it was good versus evil. I was a kid; I thought that after we broke up I had no choice but to leave. But I know something now that I wished I was able to understand then," she paused for a moment and let her eyes drop and then reconnect to his, softly she continued, "he still loved me and I hate her even more for that."

He was dumbstruck for a moment What did she mean? What was she after? He then realized she had taken off towards the living room, his long stride caught up to her just as she reached the doorway. "What are you planning on doing?"

She turned and looked into his shocked expression and laughed breaking the heavy mood "Don't worry AJ, I won't be breaking up any marriages, I won't be locking anyone in secret rooms, but this is where I grew up. This is where my parents raised me, this is the final home my father had before he died, this is where I have family, this is where I want to raise Amanda and I will not be afraid of hurting Jason by my being in this town. I belong here as much as they do."

"How are you going to live day after day seeing them?"

"I'm not saying it's not going to hurt AJ, but the hurt will ease, it always does. I lost a stepfather, my father, my first love, real permanent things that don't come back. I may have lost Jason as my lover and my friend, but he is still here and for that simple reason I will learn to deal with it, if I could go on living in the town after I lost and I mean really lost everyone else, I can deal with this."

He shook his head "That's just the thing Robin, they were gone, there was nothing you could do about it…"

She cut him off, her normally soft brown eyes almost black "There's nothing I can or will do about Jason, he's married, I'm married, those are permanent things. So just drop it."

And so he did…For now