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Summary: Denton is writing a series of articles about the Manhattan newsies, and he is one by one trying to draw their past out of them by interview and spying. But this is going to be a bigger hassle than he expected, because some of the newsies aren't that willing to open up…and some of the newsies will have big surprises hidden in the story of their live…


Chapter 1- Denton's Grand Idea

            "A series of articles about newsies? Do you really think it would sell, Denton?"

            I looked my employer in the eye as his face twisted into disbelief. "I know it would sell, sir. All I need is a week's vacation to get their stories, and I could pull this off. Imagine having a different heartbreaking story in the paper for a whole month- circulation would rise by ten percent, at least!"

            "Who would read an article about an orphan or a runaway?" he asked, and I felt my upper hand slipping. I had to convince him of this!

            "Imagine all the housewives out there who love the sappy stories about the kids with no families. Along with anyone involved with the government- they would have to read it, just for their election runs to look better rounded. Lots of people would read it sir, I know it!"

            "And you're willing to give up a week's worth of pay to do this?"

            "Yes sir, more than willing. I really think it could work."

            "Do you really expect these newsboys to spill their life story out to any reporter who asks?"

            Wow. I hadn't thought of that. The question made me a bit uneasy, but I kept pushing. "Yes, sir. I helped them out all through their strike. They owe me, if you know what I mean."

            He tugged on his beard for a moment, deep in thought. Then he leaned back in his chair and smiled. "You know what, Denton? I like this idea. I'm going to put you on minimal pay for the next week, and we'll see how it goes."

            "Thank you! I won't let you down, sir!" I said, and I made a beeline for the door to go buy a new notebook just for this purpose.

            Now I had a decision to make; which newsie would I start with?


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