Chapter 1

It was spring break for the Military Academy Jake Davis had been sent to, and he was looking forward to coming home and especially looking forward to getting even with the kid who caused him to be at the Academy. He would look up to his old friends Tommy Bennett and Joey Stevens, who had also suffered because of Face.

He had gotten home late Thursday evening and was enjoying supper with his mother. His dad was out of town for a business trip that would last a week.

He and his Mom made small talk during supper. "Is there any way you can talk Dad into allowing me to come back home? My grades have put me on the Headmaster's list for the last two semesters," Jake bragged. He knew that it was his poor grades plus the bullying which got him on that fast train to the Military Academy. He blamed Face for all of this because it was Face's plan that got him expelled for bullying.

"I don't know, Jake. You were expelled. If it was just a suspension, we probably could get you back in this school, but expulsion is something totally different!"

Jake just nodded, but inside he was seething, and as will all bullies, he was blaming the one who brought him down instead of himself for causing the whole problem.

He planned on making his move as Face walked to the bakery on his way home the next day.


Jake found a place to waylay Face and waited, and when he didn't show after thirty minutes started walking to school to find out what was delaying him. He heard the cheering crowds before he saw that a baseball game was going on and paused to watch when he saw who was playing shortstop—the better kid he wanted to pound into the ground.

"It will be even better if I wait until the end of the game. I will catch him by surprise, and he'll be too tired to run away," he thought to himself.

To Jake's dismay, when the game ended, Face followed a group of people into a black van and drove away. This only made his anger grow. He would need another plan, and when he got home called his old friends, Tommy Bennett and Joey Stevens. He proposed that they get together and map out a plan to get back at Pretty Boy, who had caused them so much trouble.

Jake was surprised when both boys turned him down. "Jake leave Face alone; I always told you to stop bullying those kids. You have the smarts to do your homework yourself. You just got lazy and insisted that Timmy or Neal do it for you instead," Joey said. "If you will try and get back at Face, I want no part in it!"

Jake hung up and immediately called Tommy Bennett, hoping he would be easier to sway to his plan for revenge. "Tommy, this is Jake. I'm on spring break and want to get together after school and rehash old things."

"What do you want, Jake?"

He didn't sound very friendly, thought Jake before asking, "I need your help in settling my affairs with Pretty Boy. It is because of him that got expelled, and we both got paddled; I want to give him some payback!"

"Count me out! Jake, you got yourself in trouble with your bullying of others. I know that Joey tried to get you to change before Face even moved here. He was the only one who succeeded in stopping you. I admit that I was mad after getting paddled, but since you've been gone, I've had time to rethink it over and realized that it is you who I should be mad at for putting me in the situation to begin with. I advise you to leave the boy alone and make something good of yourself."

Jake slammed the phone down in disgust! He would have to get outside help to take care of Pretty Boy, and although it would have been nice to give him a black eye, having someone not connected to him would probably be for the best; then, he would be in the clear if he was accused of hurting his enemy.

He put in a call to his cousin, Sam. He was fortunate to find him in the barracks after returning from a ten-mile run. "Sam, this is Jake. I need your help in getting even with the Pretty Boy who arranged your four-year tour."

"What do you need? I've never been so tired in my life," replied the exhausted cousin.

"I wanted to be the one to give him a black eye, but my supposedly friends have turned me down when I've asked for their help. Then I thought that it would be better if I got help from someone not connected to me, just in case. I was hoping you could give me names of some of your buddies that wouldn't mind?" he finally asked.

Yeah, I know of a couple that could do the will have to pay them. But they would take great pleasure in bullying a kid like your enemy. One, in particular, would have fun playing with him," replied Sam as he named the two and gave Jake their phone numbers.

Jake wasn't sure what Sam meant about "playing with Face," but as long as his enemy was hurt, he thought it would be okay.


The next day before classes, Tommy and Joey approached Face while walking to his homeroom with Tony. "Face, hold up; we have something important to tell you. Jake is back in town, and he's out for revenge against you for getting him expelled and into the military academy, he is attending. He called us for help, and we turned him down. But just because we turned him down doesn't mean that he has given up."

"Jake? Who is that, and why is he after you?" asked Tony.

"Taking down bullies is not just something my mom was good at. I did it to Jake during my first year at school. He was bulling Timmy and Neal into doing his homework. My plan brought it to light and got him expelled and sent to a military academy. I guess the beating he and his cousins gave me plus wrecking my car is enough revenge for he wants more," explained


"Well, I'll be watching your back from now on," declared Tony. "Be sure to tell your folks."

"Don't worry, as soon as baseball practice is over with; I will be telling whoever picks me up.

Face gave Tony a pretty good description of Jake, and both boys looked so closely at anyone who might be him that they didn't notice the two men who seemed to materialize next to them as they walked to baseball practice. The larger one grabbed Face with little trouble while the smaller one pushed Tony away. "Beat it, kid; our beef is with Pretty Boy, here!"

Tony charged the one holding Face. He reacted so quickly that he got past the smaller one before hitting the one holding his friend. His attack caused him to lose his hold on Face enough for his friend to slip away. But not for long as Mitch and Walter combined and struck out, knocking Tony out with a blow to his jaw and backhanded Face stunning him long enough so they could tie his hands and carry him away. Tony regained consciousness about five minutes later and staggered to his feet before walking unsteadily towards the baseball field. He was met by Jack, who had come looking for him and Face.

"What happened?" Jack asked as he looked around for Face. "Where is the kid?"

"We were attacked," cried Tony. "They knocked me out, and when I came to, they and Face were gone."

Jack quickly ran to the field, looking for the families of Face and Tony. He found both Hannibal and Rod Decker. "Tony and Face were attacked coming to the field. Tony has a bruise on his jaw, but Face is gone!" he shouted as soon as he came within hearing range of the two men.

Tony had made it to his father's side by then and said, "We tried to fight back, but they were too strong."

"Tony do you know who they were?" asked Hannibal.

"No, but I bet they had something to do with Jake's plan on revenging himself on Face," replied Tony as he told them what Joey and Tommy had told them earlier. "Face was going to tell you after practice, but we got jumped before he could. It had to be Jake who was behind this attack; it couldn't have been a coincidence!"

"I agree. We need to call the Sheriff, and I want to talk to Jake!" Said Hannibal as he hurried to the corvette to call home. "BA! Face has been taken. I need for you and Murdock to take to the skies and see if you see anything suspicious. Be sure to take Charlie with you, but make sure he can't jump out while you are flying. He has found Face before."

Hannibal was talking with the Sheriff demanding to be able to interrogate Jake. "Hannibal, I can't allow you to speak to the boy; that is my job! What proof do you have that he is responsible for Face being kidnapped?"

"Only the words of two of his friends. Jake tried to get them to help him in his revenge against my son. From what Tony said about those who attacked him and Face, neither one of them was Jake, but I bet my last dollar that he organized it."

"I'll speak with Jake about this," replied the Sheriff.

"Can I be there when you question the boy?"

"Hannibal, only if you promise not to touch him!"

Hannibal nodded his agreement!