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A/N: This is a reminder that everyone has their own interpretations of the Harry Potter books and their characters. As an avid reader, I have my own viewpoint that may differ from others and respect those that don't agree. As part of the Harry Potter fanbase, I rather not have one toxic person represent the majority and hope that others follow suit and be more welcoming and do their part to help this fanbase grow. This fic was a fun one to write where every sentence begins with the following sequence in the letter of the alphabet. It's a nonsensical revenge fic for the reviewers that have posted and will post in the future they're discouraging comments and vapid words.

A dark haired man jogged up the stairs to the entrance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, before slowing down to a prowl when he reached the top and peered through the open doors. Barely there, at the end of the corridor, was two pairs of shuffling feet appearing to be unattached to any one body, the only indication that it wasn't a magical mishap were the whispers of disgruntled boys telling the other not to step on their foot. Cheshire-like smile spread across the man's face, his eyes alight, mischievous, at the opportunity that presented itself to him; two young school boys under an invisibility cloak after hours making their way back through the castle. Dampening the sound of his footsteps with the wave of his wand, the man crept closer to the boys, his eager shadow reaching them first and curling over them as if to capture them in place, the two pairs of feet hidden under invisibility froze and slowly turned inward to face their professor. Elongated shadows cast by nearby torches noticeably shrunk in fear as the man bent to meet what he assumed to be the eyelevel of one of his students and unfurled his fingers to reach out and grasp the silvery cloak from over their heads. Feeling unkind, he pulled the invisibility cloak slowly revealing their horrified faces inch by inch until they were completely uncovered. Green eyes daringly met the man's dark ones which gained in intensity until the boy looked away.

"Harry Potter," said the man silkily as if he were pleased to find him caught breaking school rules.

"I-It was my idea," said the ginger boy next to him with his hand raised slightly as if he were waiting to be called on in class. "Just- leave him alone," he finished his voice tapering off along with his courage.

Knavishly looking at the boys in front of him, the professor straightened as he took a step back and effortlessly refrained from scowling at their blatant disrespect. "Looks to me that I see two students out of bed, don't you? Mr. Weasley!"

"N-no, sir," the boy stammered with a jolt at the volume of his name when he didn't respond to the question.

"Oh," inquired the Professor with a brow raised and circled them predatorily.

"Please, Professor Snape," said the green eyed boy named Harry.

"Quiet," he snapped and focused on the red-head. "Rarely do I see dunderheads that cannot fathom the importance of basic Maths."

"Sorry, sir," said Harry, expertly weaving in front of his friend protectively before he could get angry at the insult, "we won't do it again."

"Twenty points from Gryffindor," said Professor Snape towering over them as he spoke. "Unfortunately for you, Mr. Potter, you got caught; perhaps next time you would be more careful." Vindictively, the professor tucked the invisibility cloak under his arm and gave them a knowing look. "When I'm feeling more…Xenial, I will offer for you to come and collect your cloak," at this point the flames from the nearby torches shrank so much that only a plume of smoke were left in their place further darkening the corridor. "You're dismissed," he hissed.

Zooming audibly, both boys ran back to their dormitories, leaving a heavily amused Professor in the dark to meld back into the shadows and close the doors to the entrance hall as he passed.