June 16th, 1977

Walburga sighed as she and her youngest son, Regulus, left Malfoy Manor. They had been there to offer comfort and support to Narcissa as the anniversary of her first miscarriage had passed. "Why does she still grieve over the children she lost?" Regulus asked as Walburga summoned Kreacher to bring them tea.

"It's a variety of things, Regulus," Walburga sighed. "I still grieve my own losses… but, I didn't memorialize it as she had." Kreacher arrived with the tea and bowed deeply. Putting the tea tray in front of them.

"Sit down Kreacher," Regulus smiled, patting a spot beside him. "You can hear what's going on."

Kreacher looked to Walburga, who nodded. The elf sat down beside Regulus, before Walburga continued. "Of course, we wouldn't be in this situation if someone hadn't given Abraxas false information…"

"What?" Regulus asked.

Walburga realized she had said too much, her hand going to her mouth. Then she sighed. "I suppose it's time you know the truth about the first one… but you must swear never to tell Narcissa; if I find out you did, you will be begging for death, understood?"

Regulus gulped, but Kreacher spoke. "Master Regulus will obey Mistress," he croaked. "Master Regulus is good; understands the pure-blood ways."

"Thank you, Kreacher," Regulus smiled at elf, before nodding. "I promise, Mother."

"This news would utterly destroy her," Walburga sighed. "Abraxas Malfoy poisoned her a couple of weeks after she was sent home from Hogwarts, with a well-known herb that causes one to lose their children."

"But… why?" Regulus asked, tilting his head curiously. "And why would someone want to deliberately get rid of their child."

"Many reasons, Regulus," Walburga sighed. "But it's not important. As for why Abraxas would want to poison your cousin…" her voice became darker, and filled with venom. "He claims that there was an anonymous tip-off… claiming that the child wasn't Lucius's."

"They lied!" Regulus exclaimed. "Cissy told me the moment she knew she was carrying!"

"Abraxas was more than likely lying," Walburga snarled. "Despicable lech he is… he would say anything to make sure I didn't kill him… I still can't understand why… why he went so far… what's done is done, though. If it is true, and I find out who sent him the anonymous tip, I will kill them myself. Narcissa would have an heir by now if it weren't for them."

"Who would be foolish enough to do that…" Regulus mused, a vague memory of running into Sirius in the owlery. But… he had said he was sending a letter to their disowned cousin, Andromeda…

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was that Carrow girl," Walburga muttered. "Or that blood-traitor who was once her sister… although, I doubt she would go that far…"

Andromeda wouldn't… Regulus agreed silently. I don't know much about Carrow… except she could possibly do it… she was always jealous of Cissy… and a fellow Death Eater… but, she didn't have an owl at Hogwarts… the owlry memory kept pushing its way into his mind.

"Regulus…" Walburga said gently, bringing a Regulus out of his thoughts. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," Regulus nodded, smiling a bit. "I'm going to need to lie down, though. It's been an exhausting day… and I have no idea if the Dark Lord will summon me tonight."

Walburga smiled, standing up and placing a kiss on Regulus's head. "Go rest, my son," she said gently. "I'll see you later, I'm sure."

Regulus nodded, finishing his tea and going up to his room. "Kreacher," Regulus called.

"Yes, Master Regulus?" Kreacher asked, bowing lowly.

"Bring me Mother's pensieve," Regulus said. "Don't tell her anything… I need to look at something… and she can't know about it."

Kreacher nodded. Disapparating and appearing again a moment later. "Thank you, Kreacher…" he said softly. "You may stay, but you must never tell anyone in the family what I see here if I speak of it."

"Yes, Master Regulus," Kreacher replied, bowing and stepping back as Regulus pulled out his wand and placed the pensieve on his desk.

"Please… let it be the Carrow girl," Regulus murmured. "Or anyone else…" He pulled out the memory from his mind; placing it into the pensieve. "Or just have Abraxas lie…"

"It's okay, Sirius," Regulus smiled. "Who are you sending that letter to?"

"Andromeda," Sirius said quickly. The letter A could clearly be visible in his grasp. That's where Regulus focused on the memory. The letter next to the big 'A' looked too long to be an 'n'… and as he gazed at the envelop, he saw Sirius's shift a bit to where he could clearly see a smudged 'b'.

Regulus pulled himself out of the memory, quickly putting up a silencing charm before releasing a scream of anguish. "Master Regulus," Kreacher murmured after a moment, placing his hand on Regulus's shoulder.

Regulus pulled Kreacher into a tight hug. "Damn you, Sirius Black," he muttered. "I still loved you… as your brother I still loved you… but this… this is something I won't ever forgive you for… if I ever see you again… I may just kill you…"

"Master Regulus must not speak of the blood-traitor…" Kreacher shushed.

"Don't worry, Kreacher… I never will ever again."