Edwards pov:

I sighed as I leant against my Volvo door. I needed to go in to talk to Carlisle about Bella. Recently she's been having nightmares again but this time she's been wetting the bed. We had tried everything to try and get her to stop, I woke her up at the first signs of nightmares, I reminded her to have a human moment right before bedtime, she stopped having drinks an hour before bed but nothings working.

The worry had really gotten to Bella and she had been barely sleeping, always ending in a fitful sleep with a nightmare to wake her up. Bella had become very irritable with her lack of sleep, she snapped at Alice over shopping, yelled at Emmett over video games and even cried when Esme told her off for trying to talk to Jacob without one of us. Carlisle had been my last resort, Bella had been deadly embarrassed and had practically begged me to keep it quiet, but it was getting out of hand now. She was changing her sheets every morning before she went to school.

I had asked Carlisle to get some adult sized diapers from the hospital for Bella, I knew Bella would argue but I hoped Carlisle would be able to show her there was nothing to be embarrassed about and convince her to wear them for her own sake.

Carlisle had sent the others hunting so it'd just be me, him and Bella. I opened Bella's door for her and gave her a comforting smile. She had been sulking since we set off and was refusing to talk to me.

"Bella, love. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Carlisle deals with situations like this all the time"

She didn't reply.

I sighed and lifted her out of the car and raced her to Carlisle's study because it was raining, and I didn't want her to get any wetter then she had to. I knocked on Carlisle's door and he opened it not a second later.

"Edward, Bella, come in" He said with a warm smile.

"Hi Carlisle" I returned the greeting as I sat me and Bella down on the couch.

"So Bella, I assume Edward made you aware of the plan?" Carlisle asked as he sat down behind his desk.

'I'm not a baby Carlisle" She mumbled into her chest as she shrunk down even deeper into the leather couch.

"Were well aware you're not a baby Bella, and nothing that were doing is trying to imply you are. I have fully grown adults wearing these at the hospital for practical purposes. You don't need to be embarrassed, no one else will know apart from me, you and Edward." He soothed.

When he got no reply he pulled out the packet from his bag. "These are pretty simple, just step into them, make sure they're nice and tight and they will fit under your normal pyjamas, okay?" he passed me the packet and have her forehead a kiss.

"I'm going to go put these in our room okay? The others will be back soon" I told Bella as I stood up and made my way to put the packet away in our bathroom.

* time skip *

Bellas pov:

Stupid Bladder. Stupid Edward. Stupid Carlisle. Stupid pull ups. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I looked at the instructions on the back of the packaging.

With clean hands step through the leg holes with the longer side behind you.

Seems easy enough. I step into the pull up and pull it up till it reaches my hips and take a deep breath. Grabbing my pyjama pants I pulled them on over top and sighed. These so called 'invisible' things were not invisible. Everyone was gonna notice. I walk out of the bathroom and to mine and Edwards bed. He had pulled down the covers and drawn the curtains for me.

"did you have a good shower?" Edward asked me as I crawled into his arms.

I nodded to him and pushed my head into his neck. It was getting late and despite it being a Friday night I was drained by 11. I had had a few tests this week and projects had to turn in and had barely managed to do it all. Edward tucked the blanket in around me.

I turned around so I was on my back before grabbing his hand and fiddling with his fingers.

"what are you doing darling?" He asked and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"nothing. your fingers are big" I told his as I sized up his fingers.

"Well I need them big don't I? I'd look pretty odd with Alice sized fingers wouldn't I?" He told me and I heard Emmett laughing from somewhere downstairs.

"Yeah well at least they'd be manicured" I heard Alice reply, shouted for my sake. I hate their vampire hearing. The crinkling sound was evident to me as it would no doubt be to them. The crinkling kept me awake because whenever I'd move in the slightest the plastic layer would make itself known.

"Lay on your tummy darling, it'll stop it crinkling so much" Edward advised me when I rolled over for the 100th time.

I wanted to correct him on the tummy comment but between the warm fluffy sheets and him rubbing my back I could hardly stay awake any longer.

Edwards pov:

I watched as Bella slipped into the depths of unconsciousness as her breathing slowed and her heart rate evened. I hoped she'd sleep better tonight knowing that she hopefully wouldn't have to change her sheets tomorrow morning. She had been mortified when she wet the bed here a few weeks ago. Luckily no one brought it up but she had cried and profusely apologized to Esme, who ever the mother gave Bella a hug before washing the sheets.

I thought about tomorrow, we were going on a holiday to our house in Canada which Esme had been doing up. We had lived in it back in the 70's and was terribly outdated. Esme had bought many things for Bella. We had a plan we had all discussed but it would take all of us for it to work.

Lately, Bella's lack in parental guidance had become obvious and we thought that maybe if we were to nurture Bella's inner child then Bella would accept her role in this family as the baby she's meant to be. Carlisle had found a way to change Bella into a vampire, however the only thing she would lose was her ageing. She would stay partially human, needing to sleep eat and all that with only needing to hunt a few times a month to keep her healthy.

Esme had made Bella her own nursery and Alice had been online shopping her heart out for adult sized baby items like car seats, highchair and even playpens and walkers. Everyone had been taking turns over the past few weeks going and setting the house up ready for our arrival. We were going to get Bella used to the house by going there a few times a month for a couple months until graduation when we would eventually move in for good.

Alice and Rosalie had had a ball going over clothes and toy shops to get Bella just about everything under the sun. Although it had taken a lot of time Rosalie was liking the idea of Bella being the family baby. Whenever we discussed this she had talked about all the fun they were going to have, she had bought Bella bath toys for the bubble baths Rosalie was planning on giving Bella and you could tell she was planning on showering all the motherly love she never got to give her own child to Bella.

Edward I heard Jasper think Bella's feeling scared, you need to calm her down

I looked down to Bella to see she had started sweating and was gripping the blankets in between her hands.

"Bella, it's only a dream, your in our room at my house" 3r DC xcxx told her, hoping that somehow it would change her bad dream to a good one. Alice came bursting into our room.

"rub circles on her stomach" Alice instructed me. "the cold will wake her up"

I gave her a questioning look but pulled Bella's shirt up a little but to expose the lower half of her stomach. I was afraid that she might wake up and hate me if she saw i had lifted her shirt up. I looked back up at Alice go made a rubbing motion in a spot on her left side of her stomach. I rested my hand on the side of her stomach and made small circling motions with my fingers.

Bella's heartrate slowed a little but before her eyes flew open and darted between me and Alice. When our eyes locked she sat up and flung herself into my arms. I rubbed her back as she started to calm herself down. Alice smiled and sat down on the side of our bed and tucked some of Bella's damp hair out of her eyes. My love gave her a grateful look and grabbed Alice's hand.

She looked at me before grabbing my hand and fold it into a fist. She held mine in front of Alice's and let out a giggle.

"Your hands look funny" she whispered. I understood after that, from our conversation about mine and Alice's hands before she went to sleep the first time. Alice looked up at me before making my hand pull the finger causing Bella to laugh again from my chest.

I looked over at the clock. 12:53 it read. "Bella, do you think you can go back to sleep soon its pretty early" I asked her. She looked at the clock very bleary eyed before shaking her head. "Be back" She murmured before waddling to the bathroom. Alice looked over at me and gave me a knowing look before disappearing back downstairs again.

I waited for Bella to come back while I straightened her covers. When she came back her cheeks were flushed scarlet.

"Alice knows, doesn't she" She said as she got herself into bed.

"She went downstairs because you should be sleeping actually" I said, avoiding the subject. She came and sat down in bed before turning to me.

"I'm not tired anymore" She told me. I glanced at the clock.

"Bella its one o'clock in the morning. You need to be awake and ready in a few hours. You're going to sleep" I told her. I may not be human but i know she needs more than a few hours sleep.

"No. I'm going downstairs" She told me before she flounced downstairs, slamming the door behind her. I fisted the sheets in my hands to stop myself from following after her. The sooner Carlisle got her on a bedtime schedule the better.

I sat upstairs for about an hour before I heard someone knock on the door. Esme walked in with Bella asleep on her hip.

"She passed out cold about 10 minutes ago" She informed me as she lay Bella down on the bed. I watched her sleep for the rest of the uneventful night.

Carlisle's pov:

Once Edward and Bella had gone to bed I sat down on the loveseat next to Esme. I didn't need Jaspers gift to tell how excited everyone was. While online shopping Rosalie had been practically vibrating with excitement. Esme rested her head on her shoulder as she watched our children battle in a tense game of Nintendo switch.

"Do you think she'll settle well?" Esme asked me not taking her eyes off the screen.

"I hope so. She certainly deserves a proper childhood, the poor girl" I replied, grabbing her hand in mine.

After a few more rounds Alice suddenly dropped her controller and froze. Jasper was -as usual- the first to go near her and quickly grabbed her head and held it gently. After a moment Alice came back around blinking a lot, a human trait she never did properly shake, and looked upstairs.

"I'll be back, Bella's going to have a nightmare" She explained as she ran upstairs. As she said that Bella's heartrate spiked and her breathing became harsher. It was a good thing I gave her those pull ups tonight, she was so ashamed when she had an accident here. After a while Alice came back downstairs and to all our surprise, Bella a little while later.

"Bella? You should be in bed darling, we need to leave in a few hours" Esme, ever the mother figure advised our youngest daughter.

"I'm aware Esme." Bella replied flatly.

Everyone looked between Bella and Esme surprised. No one ever talked back to Esme without reason. She was a head of authority in our family. Esme however, bit her tongue and raised her eyebrows at Bella as she sat in a chair.

Emmett grabbed the remote and switched it to a movie. We had given a talking to on Bella-bedtime appropriate movies after he had tried to play Friday The 13th right before Bella had tried to go to bed.

We all stared at the tv as the movie began to play. After a while Bella began to fall asleep until she eventually was out cold.

"Ill take her to bed" Esme volunteered as she grabbed Bella under the arms. Bella instinctively curled into Esme, wrapping her legs around her waist. I watched as they disappeared upstairs and turned to my other children.

"How come she doesn't get torn into?" Emmett whined.

"Because she's cuter than you" Rosalie answered him with a smirk.

I shook my head as they bickered and went upstairs to join my love who had turned herself to packing.

"Okay so I've got the sleepsuit and stuff you'll need for Bella in the car.. where's the rash cream?" She asked turning to me.

I threw her the small tube from where it lay on the dresser. She shot me a grateful look before packing it into a compartment.

"All packed?" I questioned.

"All packed." She confirmed.

* time skip *

We all heard Edward start to wake up Bella and Esme shot through to the kitchen.

"what do you think Bella will want to eat?" She asked as she looked through the pantry.

"Applesauce" Alice replied from the living room.

My wife nodded and started preparing the applesauce when Edward came downstairs. He sat down on the bar stool and leaned over the bench and raised his eyebrows.

"Bella is not a morning person" he muttered as he shook his head.

"well it only 5 in the morning, poor Bella's probably exhausted." Esme defended Bella as she poured the freshly made applesauce into a bowl. After another 5 minutes Bella appeared in the kitchen, wearing a new outfit Alice had bought her not a few days ago.

"Good morning Bella, I made you some applesauce for breakfast" Esme told her as she lay the bowl in front of her.

Bella thanked her and was about to begin eating before Esme butted in again.

"Is that the new shirt Alice just got you Bella?" Esme questioned her.

"Yeah, why?" Bella asked, looking up from the bowl confused.

"Well it's just that its new and you have a tendency to spill things" Esme explained as she began to root around in a drawer.

"But applesauce doesn't stain does it?" Bella replied.

'Well no but we don't have time to get you changed if you were to spill so here, I'd feel better if you wore this" Esme handed her a bib.

"A bib? Seriously Esme. I'm not a stupid baby" Bella told her as she threw the bib back.

"Isabella. Do not take that tone with your mother. It is not okay to throw things" I scolded her. If she was upset it was no reason to throw things at Esme.

"Look Bella, just wear it and we can get going afterwards. Me and Edward will leave if it'll make you more comfortable" I said, starting to get up and beckoning for Edward to follow. Begrudgingly Edward followed after me and we heard Bella put up a few words of protest before we heard the clinking of her spoon meeting her bowl.

We all set out to pack our bags into the 2 cars. Me, Esme, Edward and Bella were in my Mercedes and the other 4 were in Emmett's Rubicon Jeep. Emmett was taking most of the bags as he had the most room and we had to have the car seat in the back of our boot, which would be a squeeze as it is.

Alice and Rosalie had packed Bella a little bag full of things to keep her entertained the things I knew they had packed her included a fully charged tablet of games and videos, a couple books and some car window toys. I grabbed the bag which i had saved for last and made my way outside to my car. I came back in and sat with my children as we waited for Bella to finish her breakfast.

As the sun started to rise Bella made her way through to the living room with a sour look on her face and her arms crossed.

"What, the sun not orange enough for ya Bells?" Emmett joked as she sat herself down next to Edward, her pants crinkling as she sat. Edward must of talked her into wearing protection in case she fell asleep in the car today.

"Alright, I think were good to go, everyone packed?" Esme asked as she walked into the room. Her question was followed by murmurs of yes's and the sound of everyone rising to their feet.

"Bella, Edward, your riding with Carlisle and Esme. The rest of us are stinking it up in the back of Emmett's death trap" Jasper explained as he flicked the lights off in the house.

We all climbed into our seats and raced off out of Forks. We were following Emmett and the rest as we were driving slower for Bella's sake. She was leaning on Edward and staring out the window.

"It'll be ages before we arrive, take a nap if you need to" Esme said, looking at Bella through the mirror.

"We also have a bag of stuff for you to do if you get bored, Alice and Rosalie packed you it. There should be things to keep you entertained" I told Bella, not taking my eyes off the road for her sake.

"They didn't have to" Bella muttered as she lifted her head off of Edward as he took the bag from Esme. He unzipped it and started rummaging around for something.

When found it he handed the tablet and handed it to Bella "The passwords your birthday, 1309 and there should be a bunch of games on there" He said as he handed it to her.

She turned it round and looked at the back of the case "Dinosaurs, nice" She muttered as she looked at the cover Emmett had chosen for her.

"Emmett's choice of course" I smiled at her.

She settled down next to Edward and started to play games with him