A/N: First of all, we would like to apologize. We once promised that we'd never go four months without posting EVER AGAIN. I believe we've exceeded that. With flying colors.

Second of all, we'd like to apologize again, because we've realized that this is over. The story that was such a huge part of our minds suddenly didn't seem to fit in. Somehow, it diminished in importance to us, and we didn't even mention it for a long time. Then, Clara turned to Ariana and said out of the blue, "We're never going to finish it, are we?" To which Ariana replied, "No, I don't think so." And with that, it was sealed.

"Lily," formerly known as "The Lily Series," is over. Thank you to all our readers who have so faithfully put up with our delays and caprices. You've made every moment (snort hour) of writer's block well worth the while.

We have, you may remember, already written the last chapter… it was made to fit right after L&J's death and Sirius's subsequent arrest. The specific time, as you'll see explained here, is not well-defined, but it's told from Sirius's point of view inside his Azkaban cell.

Thanks again, everyone. :O)


Last Chapter - "Transformations"

No chains
No strait jacket
Nothing but the cell
And the dementors.

The dementors.
They don't need chains
They don't even need the cell
They could keep anyone in one place
Totally dead with fear of themselves.

When they come by
Easier to be mad
Easier to be crazy
Than to listen to the fear
The screaming from the past
The owl fluttering through the window
The big brown owl holding an envelope
And the letter
Dear Mr. Black
We regret to inform you...
Your father
And sister
are all dead.

I wish I had been too.

The dementor went past again
But I don't feel any better

How long ago did I get here?
Years maybe.
Feels like it.
Where is here?
A tundra?
So cold.
An ocean maybe.
I feel like I'm drowning
Drowning in fear
And horrible memories

Another one!

Running down the stairs
Into the common room
Something's wrong
What's that in the middle of the floor?
She's dead!


Who killed her?
It was someone else
But who?
Lily never said!
Lily couldn't say!
No matter
She's dead now too.
With Chantel

More than I can say for me.

The dementor's gone now
Feel better?
I feel worse.
Lily's dead
So James is dead.
Lily and James are dead
Is that why I'm here?
Did I kill them?
I killed Peter.


No I didn't.

The fog's starting to lift.
I'm in Azkaban.

Peter's the rat.
He isn't dead.
Everyone is dead but Peter.
And Remus.
But Peter is the one who got me here.
Peter cut off his finger and ran away.
Peter's alive.
I didn't kill Peter.
But I'm here because I killed Peter.
If Peter isn't dead...

I am innocent.

I DID NOT kill anyone.

It is NOT my fault that Lily and James are dead.

That was Peter.