The Blood of A Virgin

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Summary: Draco has a hidden childhood obsession. It has taken control of his mind; and has lead him to emphasize a Gryffindor as a victim. But what happens when the victim tries to change him?


"When did it start?"

"When I was thirteen, I got my first sense. I didn't act on it until I was fifteen."

"Ah. When do you feel this particular emotion, Draco?" the doctor's voice was dead-prone as he scribble furiously on the small notepad.

"Everyday. I can sense when one is near - it makes me feel as if I am a monster or somewhat."

"This school that you go to...?"

"Hogwarts, sir."

"Yes, yes. Very well. And do you sense anything there, Draco?" the doctor asked.

"I can't sense very much since there are so many...but sometimes when I am close to one I feel as if I am about to go crazy..."

"How does it feel, Draco? How does it feel?" the doctor's voice urged him forward.

"It feels hideous, sir. But how can I know? I barely remember the next morning."


"Please give a fair welcome to Ginny Weasley to our class. Miss Weasley has been working exceptionally hard on her Transfiguration, and we welcome her to the higher level because she is a very special student," Professor McGongall said with pride.

Ginny flushed as the clattered clapping reached her ears; Harry and Ron were grinning, and Hermione was nodding her head approvingly.

"The only seat left is next to Mr. Malfoy. However, you may sit where you wish next class," Professor McGongall added, noting the horrified look on her face.

Restraining a sigh, she walked numbly to the Slytherin's side of the room and sat down next to him without a word, avoiding his eyes.

"Now, please all begin with working with your partners on page 345, where we are working on advancing our skills and turning solid objects into animal form."

They all obeyed, and Ginny hurriedly opened her book, glancing at Draco at the corner of her eye. They did not speak, but merely followed the instructions silently.

Suddenly, Draco looked at Ginny with wide eyes. He had a look of discovery; it frightened her greatly.

"What?" she asked nervously.

"Your...nothing," he said quickly, looking away. Ginny tried to ignore this moment and grew more interested in her book...


"I can always sense it. I don't know how."

"Care to describe this a bit better?"

"Like when I am near one, I can just smell it, like a vampire or somewhat. There's this ringing in my ears and I feel the need to..."

"Act? When was the last time you acted on it, Draco? When? We must know. Otherwise you may not be safe to live in this very universe."

Draco gulped. "The last one was a girl named Kathy."

"Did you..."

"Yes, I did. But I can't remember doing it. Kathy never reported me, she just stayed away."

"What exactly do you do Draco, before it happens?"

"It feels like I am bursting...and then there's darkness...darkness everywhere."


By the end of the class, Ginny and Draco were the last ones left, packing up.

Draco grabbed her shoulder abruptly. She shivered, looking his way. His grip got more tighter around her shoulder.

"What're you doing?" she whispered, her eyes boring into his. She could see the pools of gray dissolve into many icy blocks of blue as he leaned over, gripping her other shoulder. What was happening? There was a power, a heatness sort radiating from him; his cheeks were turning red, as if he was out of control. There was power...

"Mr. Malfoy, Miss Weasley!" Professor McGongall barked.

They both turned swiftly, and Draco let go off of her, letting a sigh of relief out.

"Please go to your next class. No use standing here."

"Yes, Professor," they both replied at the same time, heading off to their classes. Ginny rushed out, careful not to be beside Draco. There was definitely something strange about him.


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