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"Satin sheets? Is that really necessary?" Catherine shook her head as she took more shots of the bed in which their latest dead body had been found.

"Well you know, satin sheets have been known to enhance sexual experiences."

Catherine immediately stopped snapping and turned to Grissom with a raised eyebrow, "Really?"

"Yes, since one's senses are heightened during sexual intercourse, the feel of satin against bare skin can be..."

"Orgasmic?" She grinned.

"Something like that." He gave her a look that meant to make him seem unamused but he could barely contain his smile.

"Cite your source."

"You don't believe me?"

"No, I just don't believe you would read something like that in one of your stuffy scientific journals. How much time before a corpse is eaten by bugs? Maybe. How satin sheets enhance sex? I don't think so."

"Well, you'd be surprised." When she didn't budge, he shrugged, "Plus, who says I read it somewhere?"

"Oh, so this is from personal experience?"

"Hey, I just talked to the wife, she's been away on a business trip for the past week. She had just gotten off the plane when the maid called her with the news. You guys find anything in here?" Nick walked in before Grissom could answer.

"Not much, just a few hairs and fibers." Catherine held up a few envelopes with evidence in them.

"I'll take those. I'm gonna head back to the lab." Nick took the envelopes and exited the room.

"So?" Catherine turned back to Grissom.


"You think this is a bad time to ask the wife for her opinion on the satin sheets?"

"Cath, if you wanted to know whether or not satin sheets made sex better, all you had to do was come to my place." He grinned as she gave him a shocked look, "You've never been in my bedroom, have you?"