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I'd Trade It All

PG-13: For Inuyasha's potty mouth and maybe Kagome's as well…hehe

Summary: Inuyasha is a rich prep, Kagome is a modern punk rocker. See what happens when these two worlds collide in the simple life of high school! You can't always believe in love at first sight. Inu/Kag Mir/San Ship?

Chapter 1: Introductions and accidents

Edited On: May 29, 2006

6:59 click 7:00 "Good morning Tokyo!" Said the announcer of a wake up clock. "It's going to be clear skies all-" Before the man could finish a strong arm struck down on it, turning the radio off.

"Damn thing." Said the person moving around. There then was a light knock on the door, followed by a woman's voice.

"Master Inuyasha? Your mother wants you down for breakfast in ten minutes and she said that's an order." Said the lady also known as one of the many maids in theTakahashi mansion. TheTakahashi family were one of the richest people in Tokyo. Thanks to the law skills of Inutahiso Takahashi, the best damn lawyer in the city. When the maid didn't hear anything she knocked on the door again. "Master Inuyasha? Master are you awake? Master?" The maid then backed away from the door quickly as it was flung open and there stood a very pissed off, amber eyed, baby blue haired, inu-hanyou. He growled deeply at the maid.

"If you don't stop knocking on this damn door, I swear I will rip your arms off and feed them to you!" He said coldly. The maid started to cry and ran away in horror. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and went back into his room to get ready for school. Ten minutes later there was another light knock on his door. At first Inuyasha ignored the first few, but they wouldn't stop and that got on his nerves. He rushed to the door and opened it,almost taking it off it's hinges. "What the fuck do you…want? Oops." He said as he noticed who was standing in front of him.

"Excuse me? What kind of language is that? Especially to you mother?" Inuyasha's mother said calmly. Inuyasha looked down.

"I'm sorry mother I didn't know it was you." He said embarrassed. His mother cupped his cheeks with her hands and lifted his head, so that he was looking straight at her. His mother was a very beautiful woman for her age of forty-one. She had long shiny black hair and brilliant violet eyes. Her face made her look younger then she was thanks to makeup and the private stylist they had in the house. Inuyasha smiled down at her.

"Inuyasha you know you shouldn't talk to anyone like that. One day that mouth of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble and maybe even heartache." She said to him as they went into his room. Inuyasha looked back at his mom.

"Heartache?" He asked wondering what she was talking about. She nodded.

"Yes heartache. Not many girls like taking young men with such language." She stated.

"But dad talks like that and you chose him." Inuyasha's mother laughed.

"Your right but he controlled it when he was around me or else." She laughed again and Inuyasha chuckled. "Well seeing how you took your sweet time up here, you won't have time for breakfast, so hurry up and get to school." She said pushing him out his door, much to his protest. They were in the hallway and Inuyasha's mother was still pushing him.

"Mom, you know, I can walk." He chuckled.

"What, can't I have a little fun with my son?" She giggled. Inuyasha sighed and dropped his head in defeat. He then leaned back, but then felt like he wasn't being held anymore and then... he met the floor from the back. He looked up and saw his mother laughing her head up. He growled playfully and stood up.

"What was that for?" He asked. His mother just couldn't stop laughing and kept on as they walked on. "You know your gonna lose your breath if you keep laughing." He said smirking. She looked over to him, wiping away some tears that fell from her eyes.

"I'm…hehe…sorry, it's just…haha…to funny, your face!" She said in between more laughs.

"Okay?" Inuyasha said as they got to the stairs that lead to the main floor. They walked down them, with Inuyasha holding his mother so she wouldn't fall from laughing. Finally at the bottom she stopped and looked at her son.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but thank you."

"For what?" He asked.

"For making me have a good laugh." Her smile beamed and he couldn't help but smile back. She then got on the tips of her toes and kissed his forehead softly. "Now go before your late for school."

"Thanks mom."

"For what?" She asked the same way he did.

"For just being you." She smiled again. He smiled back before disappearing through the garage to get his car. He walked by the many cars and finally got to his 2003 red Mercedes Benz. He unlocked it and hoppedonto the leather seats and closed the door loudly. The garage door opened automatically and he sped off down the street leading to his school.

Three streets down from where Inuyasha lived, just on top of a high hill in a shrine lived an average girl named…

"Kagome! Mom says to hurry up and get out of bed. Geez Kag, you'd think after your alarm rang three times that you would finally get up." Said Kagome's younger brother Sota. He put his ear to the door and heard nothing, so he banged on it until the door was flung open and there stood a pissed off brown eyed, raven-black haired, miko-in-training.

"Sota I heard you the first time. You didn't need to bang like you were going to bust it open." She said trying not to be angry at him. Sota looked at her weird before walking away. Kagome stared after him and shook her head as she closed her door. She then looked at her over herself one more time. She wore a black belly shirt that in red said 'Something Corporate' with black and grayDickies shorts, and black Bam snickers. Her hair was split in half into two buns that were just below her ear. For any other accessories, she wore 15 rainbow colored bracelets on her left wrist and a plan black leather bracelet on her right. She had three holes in her right ear and two in her left, which were filled with studs. She smiled and got her bag and board and headed down stairs.

"Hey mom. Sorry I woke late but you know me." She said quickly giving her mom a kiss on the cheek and taking some toast in her mouth as she ran for the door.

"Alright hunnie! Be careful and tell your friends I said hi!" Her mother yelled. Kagome just waved and closed the door. Her mother shook her head and went to go get ready for a meeting she was having later that day.

Kagome ran down the shrine steps as fast as she could with out tripping. Once on the bottom she threw her board on the ground and sped off. 'Shit, I'm gonna be late again.' The girl thought trying to go faster.

"KAGOME!" Yelled someone from across the street. She looked to see who it was and grinned as she saw her three best friends skating on the other side of her.

"Hey you guys, wait up for me!" She yelled over to them. They nodded and she proceeded to cross the street not noticing the Benz coming up fast on her. Her friends saw it though and tried to warn her.

"Kagome watch out!" Her friend Sango yelled. Kagome looked to the side of her as the car was to close for comfort. She then felt strong arms grab her and push her out of the way. Her board freeing from her hand and landing right under the car as it stopped to a halt.

Inuyasha sped down the street, knowing he was going to be late if he didn't hurry. That's when his cell phone rang and he went to get. As he went to get it out of his bag he didn't notice the girl crossing the street. He then heard a scream and looked back up to the street to see the girl right in front of his car not moving at all.

"What the hell!" He yelled pressing hard on the breaks. He then saw a guy run from across the street and push her out of the way before his car met her body. He was relieved at first but then felt a huge jolt from his right wheel, almost like he ran over something. His car finally stopped and he ran out of it, to check what he had actually ran over. When he saw no damage to his wheel he sighed and picked up the now broken in half board. He looked over to it's owner and walked over to her.

"Oh my gosh Kagome, are you okay?" Sango asked concerned as she rushed over to her side with her other friend Shippou.

"Yeah I'm fine." She said getting up and brushing herself off. She looked at her savoir and smiled. She went up to him and hugged him. "Thanks Miroku. If it wasn't for you, I would have died." He hugged her back, rubbing her back as his hand slid further down then it was supposed to.


"Miroku really, this was a touchy moment and you do have a girlfriend." Kagome said shaking her head. She looked over to her friends who both sighed at Miroku's actions. Then something clicked in Kagome's mind. "Oh my gosh! My board!" She yelled running over to the parked car. There next to it stood the most cutest guy Kagome had ever seen, but then when she took a closer look, her face went from dreamy to disgust. "Ugh…a prep." she mumbled walking over to him and snatching her poor broken board from his grasp. "Damn it…it took me two allowances to get this." She sighed.

"Stupid bitch, what was your problem getting in the middle of the street like that?" Inuyasha asked coldly. Kagome snapped her head up, fuming from him calling her that.

"You were the one not paying attention to the road, you dumb ass." She yelled about to attack him but her friends held her back. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and got back in his car. He put it into drive and rolled down the window.

"Next time look both ways before crossing…bitch!" With that said he sped down the road. Kagome threw her board at his car, missing it by a foot.

"Damn prep." Kagome said last going back to her friends. "Hey Shippou you have your spare skates?" He nodded and took them out of his bag.

"Here ya go Kag."

"Thanks." She put them on quickly.

"We better hurry before they lock the doors on us again." Sango said already skating in front with her boyfriend Miroku. Kagome and Shippou later caught up.

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