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I'd Trade It All


Chapter 26: A Very Happy Ending!

Inuyasha rubbed his hands together as he thought about what he was going to do. Right now he felt like he was going to shit in his pants at any moment, that's how afraid he was. He didn't know where to start or where to end and the day wasn't helping much either. The group had decided to go out for dinner, the parents buying of course! (hehe ) And Inuyasha thought this the perfect time. He had hoped to do it at graduation, but it seemed that Shippou had stolen that spot light, so dinner was "plan B".

"Okay I can do this." He whispered to himself. "I CAN do this….damn it, I can't." He said louder, running a shaky hand through his long mane. "Why the hell am I so nervous?"

"Maybe because your about to ask the woman you love the most hardest question in the world." Inuyasha looked up to see none other then….Sesshomaru. "Don't worry about it to much, when I was going to ask Rin, I was just like you, a nervous wreck. I guess it comes with being a youkai and man."

"Are you actually talking to me?" Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.

"I know we don't share the same mother, but your still my half-brother. And well this is something you need advice on." Inuyasha nodded slowly. (yeah right…like fluffy would ever)

"Ok…well I am nervous, I think more then nervous. I hope she won't reject me." Inuyasha looked to his brother when he heard a snort from him. (Fluffy=OOC)

"That wench of yours is very in love with you and if you can't see that, then your no brother of mine." And with that said he left. Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders.

"Some help he was." Inuyasha thought still pacing about the bathroom.

Outside the group were waiting for their food. They had decided or more like the parents had decided on eating a very expensive rich restaurant, that sold everything in French. It took awhile but the teens order much thanks to Akira and Inutaisho.

"So Shippou when are you and Kirara going to have the wedding?" Shippou smiled over at Akira.

"Well we're still thinking. We don't know if we just want to have a youkai ceremony or both youkai and human." Kirara nodded at that.

"Oh well I think you should do both. Youkai are pretty much the same except for it's more spiritual." The two youkai's nodded at the miko.

"What about you guys?" Kirara asked over to Kouga and Ayame.

"Same here for us, though I think we're moving more over to having just a youkai one. I mean a Wolf joining is a really big thing. Both my and Ayame's whole family have to be there, and the packs are pretty huge." Kouga paused for a minute. "Man that sure is gonna be a lot of money." Ayame giggled at his face and kissed his cheek. "But anything for my mate!" The group laughed at his display.

Kagome looked around as she couldn't seem to see Inuyasha anywhere. After about 5 minutes and still nothing she decided to just go look for him. She quickly got and excused herself to the bathroom. The first place she headed. She looked between the women and men's.

"All what the hell." She thought and went into the men's. Inside it was pretty neat, Kagome had pictured it to be a pig sty with toilet paper every where and guys walking around with their fly's open. Thanking God that there was no one, she walked farther down the hall and took a right, there she found who she was looking for. He had his back to her, so Kagome decided to scare him. Slowly she creped up to him, just when she was about to touch his shoulder he turned around and grabbed her around the waist pulling her close to him.

"You know this is the men's bathroom, and last time I checked…" He paused looking down at her chest, earning a blush from Kag. "You were a woman." Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Like you guys have anything that I want to see." Inuyasha growled playfully and captured her lips in a long passionate kiss. After a while they separated for air. "Wow." Kagome breathed. "Now their must be a reason for a kiss like that." Inuyasha blushed as he remembered why he was in the bathroom for almost a hour in the first place.

"True there is a reason. A very good and important reason."

"Well anytime soon would be nice." Inuyasha nodded but went silent. Kagome was just about to say something but he beat her to it.

"Kagomewillyoubemymateandwife?" He said in one quick sentence. Kag raised a brow.

"Er? Say that again." He nodded and this time took in a huge breath. Slowly taking what he had in his pocket out. Kagome looked at what it was and almost gasped, but nothing ever came out. "Oh…My…Gawd….is that?"

"Shh…let me talk first." Swiftly he got onto one knee and looked up at the shell-shocked Kagome. "I know we haven't known each other as long as the others, and at first we didn't hit it off to well, but from the moment I met you, I knew you were something special. I knew that there was just something about that I couldn't just pass up, and now that I've gotten to know you, I'm happy that I didn't let you go. Kagome you've been there for me, through thick and thin and you know sure as hell that I'll always be there for you, no matter what.

I'm just mad that we didn't get to meet sooner, though this past year and a half has been enough, and I'm glad to say that you're the one Kagome. No one has ever made me feel this way, no one. You're my soul mate, Kag and My life belongs to you, just as yours is mine. And with this ring.." He started to open the velvet box and revealed a 24 carrot gold ring with three diamonds in the middle, the very middle one being the largest. "I ask you to be my wife and life long mate?" Kagome at this point had a water fall of tears. Her heart racing a mile a minute. Slowly she reached out for the ring and with Inu's help placed on her left ring finger.

"Y-yes…YES!" She yelled happily giving him the biggest hug. Inuyasha hugged her back, both giving each other squeezes every now and then.

"Thank you, Mrs. Yokoda."

The minute the two got back, the group knew instantly that something good had happened and when Kagome flashed her left hand, that's all the girls needed before they got up and rushed over to her. Giving her a bone-crushing hug. Her mother was the only to not let go. Kagome patted her back, soothing her from her tears.

"Oh Kagome I can't believe it, my little girl has finally grown up and now she's engaged. If only your father could see you." She said and went into another sob fit. Kagome couldn't help and a few tears of her own fell. The guys just stood to the side, all giving Inuyasha a handshake or pat to the back.

"I'm proud of you son. You've made me complete now. Well maybe just a bit, now I want some grandchildren you hear. You too Sesshomaru, don't think your off the hook, just because Inuyasha finally found a mate." He said bringing both his sons into a hug." Both sighed as this was a bit embarrassing for them. Rin laughed as she popped out of nowhere and next to Sessho. (hehe I just had to)

"Um excuse me…father…but may I have my husband back?" She asked sweetly. Inutaisho gave a warm smile and let go of Sesshomaru, much to Inuyasha's protests.

"Thank you love." Sess said to Rin who smiled up to him.

"No prob." The two sat down away from all the shouting and congratulating. "Aw it's so good to see those two finally engaged. I knew it was meant to be, when I first met her in the woods. Remember when you had to restrain Yasha in his demon form?" She asked looking up into her love's face. Sesshomaru smirked.

"How could I forget, it was the day you and I decided to start having kids…and then Akira had to ruin it saying she had a feeling that Inuyasha was in trouble." Rin laughed at the scowl he made.

"Well no one says we start now!" Rin giggled raise her brows up and down. Sesshomaru smirked again, making Rin get up quickly. She ran over to Akira and whispered something in her, instantly the miko brightened and nodded in understanding to the two. And with that they left, not wanting to disrupt much with goodbyes.

10 minutes later…

The group were once again seated around their table. The food had arrived and also the manager had threatened to throw them out if they didn't quite down, good thing they had Inutaisho or they would have been able to scare him off with lawsuits.

"You know what I think we should all get married together." Ayame said. The others looked at her and nodded in agreement.

"That's a wonderful idea, we could save a lot of money with making one big ceremony." Kirara's mother chirped up.

"Oh this is going to be so perfect." Kirara said squeezing the living daylights out of Shippou. Sango who watched every couple happily talk about marriage felt jealous. She was happy for her friends but she just wished that, her special someone would ask her like they did. Ever since she was young she always wanted to marry Miroku, but wasn't sure if he even liked her. When he had finally asked her out she was siked, she didn't think it would happen, and now that she had him, she wanted to marry him more then anything.

She knew from the start he was the one, the one all people around the world spend years looking for, but right she was having tiny doubts. Sighing sadly she looked up and smiled when someone looked her way. Suddenly she looked to her right when she felt someone grab her hand and squeeze it.

"Miroku?" He didn't look at her but did get up from his chair, momentarily letting go of her hand. Picking up a glass and fork he clinked it together, getting the attention of everyone there.

"Thank you." He said once everyone was quite. "I would like to make a very important annoucement that may add more cheer to this family." He turned to Sango and took her hand, pulling her to stand up. She obeyed and stood, looking at everyone nervously, then back to Miroku. The two held their gaze, both showing each other so much emotion. "Sango Taijya I love you with all my heart and have since we first met." He paused. "Sango will you marry me?" He asked pulling out a heart shaped box, and placing it in her hand. Sango opened it and gasped. Inside was a 24 carrot gold ring with a heart shaped diamond in the middle with little diamonds engraved all around the outside of the band. She slowly slid it onto her finger and examined it.

"Oh Roku." And with that she dived into him, giving him a strong kiss. Everyone again cheered. Today was one happy and eventful day indeed.

The teens had decided to take the night out and walk around the city. The parents agreed saying they earned their privacy.

"Man, does it feel good to be an adult." Kouga said grinning to the others.

"I know, and does it feel good to be engaged to the women we love." Miroku added in.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" Kagome asked, swinging her and Inuyasha's hands back and forth.

"Hey lets go to our spot. I haven't been there since I got back." Kouga said. Inuyasha, Kirara, and Ayame gave them a weird look.

"What's the spot?" Ayame asked.

"Well the spot was a place that Kouga and I found one day when playing tag with Sango, Roku, and Ship and ever since then we made it our "spot". Where we would always meet and stuff." Kagome informed them. They oh-ed. "And the only where to get there is if we link each others arms.

"Okay?" Inuyasha said linking his with Kag on his right and Kirara on his left. So basically it went like this…Kagome, Inuyasha, Kirara, Shippou, Ayame, Kouga, Sango, and last but not least Miroku. The teens struggled to keep the chain together, laughing hysterically every now and then.

"Ok we're all most there." Kagome yelled to everyone behind her. They were now walking along a path threw the woods the only light around them was the fire flies that flew about.

"Wow this is so pretty." Kirara said admiring the view.

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet." Shippou whispered to her. Kirara giggled and followed on. After a few more feet into the woods. The group came into a clearing that had in the middle what looked to a small house and around this house were tons of fire flies, making the whole place look magical.

"At first we had thought this place to be creepy at night, but when we noticed that the fire flies liked to hang out here, we thought differently." Miroku said holding Sango closer once everyone un-hooked themselves. They walked closer to the house and when they got there, Sango pulled out her keys, on them were a bunch of key chains and the key to there "club" house.

"The first time we built this place was when we were 12 years old, as we got older we made it better, almost all of our money that we worked for went into this house…we were so dedicated." Kagome said with a fake sniffle. Sango laughed as she got unlocked and pushed the door open. Turning on the lights, everything was now visible and the others who didn't know were amazed at how nice the place looked.

"For 12 year olds you guys sure did a good job." Inuyasha said, checking out the mini sofas and bean bag chairs in the "living room"

"Hey there's even a kitchen." Ayame said coming out from behind a curtain. On the other side of it was a small stove with a refrigerator and two cupboards above a small counter. (you'll really have to use your imagination to picture that)

"So its just one big living room?" Kirara asked plopping down on a blue bean bag chair. Shippou seated next to her.

"I guess so, I mean we weren't that rich!" Shippou said to her. "We thought about making rooms but never came around to doing it."

"Hey, I know what about if we do it now! I mean we are adults and free to do what we want. We got the money and the time!" Kouga suggested. The group looked between each other before nodding in agreement. "Then it's settled this is going be our getaway home!"

Kagome smiled as she came out to the back yard of there soon-to-be "getaway" home. The light breeze passed through her hair making her look in anyone's eyes like a magical being. (err, she is one already right?)

"Hey." Kagome turned to see Inuyasha next to her.

"Hey." They stood in silence both comfortable looking at the glowing fire flies.

"Remember when I brought you to that cliff side?" Kagome nodded.

"Yea it was just like this only with a pond and a fantastic view of the city." She added with a laugh. Inuyasha chuckled.

"Can you believe all this has happened to us?" Kag shook her head and turned fully to him.

"No, You?"

"Nope. I mean at first I thought you and your friends were just a bunch of brats who thought going to jail was cool." Kagome raised her brow.

"Okay?" Inuyasha sighed.

"Blame Kikyo for that." Kagome cringed at the name and Inuyasha noticed. He stepped closer to her and brought her back to his chest, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I traded it all for you Kagome." He whispered into her ear. Kagome looked up to him, the fire flies making a glow in his amber gold eyes. She smiled warmly.

"Thank you." She whispered back before both shared a passionate kiss. The stars above them twinkling with a known shine. The moon brighter then ever, lighting them with a faint glow.


"Alright line up ladies! Ok here we go!"






Shikon!… Where the hell is Kikyo Shikon?!" Yelled the officer. No one spoke and she got aggravated. "Has anyone seen Kikyo!?" The ladies all pointed to the left, where there in a dark corner sat Kikyo herself. The officer walked over to her. Kikyo looked up to her, her pale face smiling a crazy smile. I all entering the building. Kikyo looked one last time outside before she was shoved in side.

"I will have my revenge!"

(Side note to Kikyo: Make sure not to drop the soap…hahahahahaha!)


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