Frozen Rain

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The Mistake

Fate. She is our goddess, our mother, our servant, and our child. She is the teacher and the student, the lover and the destroyer. She is everything, all and more, less and nothing. She gives out favors to her children hand over fist then later demands for a pound of flesh in payment. We serve and curse ye fickle mistress. We adore than loath her; for she is the constant reminder that man is not in complete control of his own affairs. Fate.

In honesty I think that it is safe to say that I was stupid for not expecting this to happen. We, myself and the other scouts, thought that we had this all planed out. We would lead Kunzite on by pulling off this grand hoax of the Sailor Scouts splitting up while at the same time playing along with his plot and "allow" Sailor Moon to follow him to the Negaverse to rescue Mamoru from Queen Beryl. But there was a hitch in our plan, or plans I should say; okay several hitches. One of them was that we certainly didn't expect Kunzite to bring in more than one yoma with him; being good little girls we just figured that he would play by our so called "honor code". Translation, we thought "okay even though he is a villain, he wouldn't low enough to bring along about two or so more yoma, that's three if anyone is counting by the way, with him; when all we had on the "good side" was a single blonde teenager Right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong on so many levels.

And did I forget to mention that the four of us were hiding in the bushes. Yep five girls, counting Sailor Moon as well for again those of you who are doing the math; against a guy and three very stupid, and very ugly, yoma; but did we win? Hell no! Instead we got our butts kicked! And if that wasn't enough to roast your turkey we, actually yours truly, discovered that he had planted not one ports into the Negaverse, not two holes, or even three holes. No! Tall, dark, and blond just had to plant seven portals around us! Seven freakn' holes! Now what is he going to do with seven holes you ask. Well duh, go senshi fishing.

Now even though I don't claim to know the mind of a villain, who would want to, I suppose he figured, 'Alright I've got seven holes here. If I can place them all around the scouts maybe just maybe I might be able to catch one, and if lady luck is really shining on me I'll be able to catch all five!' Well apparently "lady luck" met him only half way because out of the five of us only one was caught while the rest fled to safety not realizing that their comrade was captured. Just take a guess at which of one of the "infamous Sailor Scouts end up being caught."

Usagi? Good guess, but you missed the target; though she would seem a very likely candidate what with all of her wailing and fraying about an area before she even thinks of attacking.

Usagi sweetie that staff you have has more of a purpose to it than to be a replacement for your broken back scratchier.

Gun-ho Jupiter? Nope.

Hotheaded Mars. Ha! Don't I wish!

Minako, Sailor Venus/Sailor V, our intrepid "leader". No way.


Yep that's right me. Shy, quiet, wouldn't' harm a flea, studious, mousy, timid, 'you get the picture' Ami-chan.

And do you what the irony of this situation is? Remember when I told you that I had discovered the presence of the holes. Well I had also located them using my mini-computer so I knew where they were and how to avoid them. I was about to warn the others when.WHAM! I got the brunt of a Jupiter head butt via the other side of the youma she was attacking. I stumbled backwards.right into one of the invisible portals. It closed up on me, sealing me inside the darkness and here I remain.

Even though I was trapped inside the "hole" I could hear the battle still going on outside, however as fate would have it, I could hear them but they couldn't hear me, because I screamed. Yes. Calm, cool, and sometimes collected Ami-chan screamed, I was scared to death, sue me! I called for help at the top of my voice; even an hour afterward my throat is still throbbing from the pain, but they either couldn't hear me or they were too wrapped up in the battle to notice.

Story of my life I guess.

None one really notices me. Unless I score amazingly high on a test or school projects that is. "Yeah go Ami the A-class nerd!" Yeah go me, the poster geek child and mistress of the books, a.k.a bookworm. Okay maybe all of this stuff normally doesn't bother me as much as I say it is, but hey you would rant too if you found yourself cramped into some dark space with no one to talk the.ever-enclosing darkness.when you have a history of.claustrophobia.


Excuse me while I pause to give myself a proper smack across the face. Smack.

Ah! I feel so much better now. Now how to get out of here. Don't give me that look, of course I have tried to attempt escape in the last two hours but none of them work so now that I have cleared my mind of my little rant I should be able to find a way out of her.hey what's this light? It's so tiny, almost smaller than a pinprick but it is there, or maybe it isn't and I am just having a hallucination as well as hyperventilating. I blink my eyes, as the "light" is steadily growing larger right before my eyes.

Yep I am hallucinating.

However this light doesn't seem to believe in my statement so it not only does it NOT disappear but it grows even bigger. It grows to the point that I could slide through it. Now you're probably thinking "Oh goody an escape!" Nah uh, no way sister, I am not even sure if that "light hole looking thing" is even real so there is no way in hell I am going to go through it. Or at least that was the plan until two arms shot inside my nice safe, dark hole and literally drag me out of it.

A small yelp escapes my lips as the arms that had dragged me out of my hole abruptly drop me to the ground, very hard ground I might add. So as I am rubbing my backside to make sure that I haven't broken anything I foolishly tilt my head upward to find myself locked in the gaze of the most gorgeous gray-violet eyes I have ever seen. Unfittingly those lovely eyes were attached to the head of one of the many henchmen of my sworn enemy. Evil men should not have pretty eyes; there should be a law against it, but then again since he's evil I guess he would just break it anyway.

Whilst I was reclining on the ground he loomed over me like some overgrown and freakishly human looking vulture. I'll admit for some one, he had a very handsome and somewhat intimidating. 'Damn you Ami, now is the time you chose to think about guys! Just when you're about to be killed here you sit on your rump contemplating on how handsome he looks!'

I am drawn out of my self-berating by something he said. I didn't quite catch it but I think it was a curse. A bitter smile cross my lips knowing that he must be disappointed in his capture, he was probably aiming for Venus, Jupiter or Mars since they are the most powerful out of the five of us and the most adapt to battles. Without one of them we would become an easier target. Heck even Usagi would be a prize since she holds some special powers and it is our duty to protect her so naturally we would have rushed in to the Negaverse to rescue her without a second thought, giving him time to plan a wonderful ambush for us. But since he captured just me, who holds no strategically placement in the scheme of things or even gifted in fighting I am practically worthless to him. A chill runs down my spine, sure it is nice to know that my friends are out of harm I realize that since I am useless to him, then he more than likely had no qualms about killing me where I stand.

By now he standing on the other side of.the room I think. but it looks rather odd to be called a room. More like a very artistically carved out cave only with furniture like chairs, a table, a desk and even a few bookcases, this and that, but the walls and floor is nothing but solid rock; if you don't believe me just ask my bottom. I try to remain as quiet and as still a possible as I allow my eyes to follow him as he quickly paces on his side of the room. I gulp wondering what horrors he has in store for me. Will he torture me before he kills me? Kami I hope not. Sorry folks but I am no martyr and I don't plan to be so if he kills me I hope it is quick and as painless as possible. He doesn't give away his intentions though, he just stays on his side of the room, pacing. After a good five minutes of this I become bored, not to mention slightly irritated, so against common sense I speak up.

"Um excuse me." my timid voice trails off into a tremble. God I hope he didn't hear me.

He turned to face me and he doesn't look too happy that I interrupted his pacing.

Damn him. Damn me.

Notes: Uh sorry about that, I didn't mean for it come off as funny or stupid as it did. Yes I know that Ami is out of character but trust me even though I didn't plan it this way, I kind of like it so this chapter says as it is. So what did you guys think? I normally try not begging but this is my first Sailor Moon fic, my favorite series, so please review. Don't worry the rest of the chapters won't be as dumb or silly as this one was.