Frozen Rain

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Chapter Thirteen
Open Eyes

It was raining. And this time the barrier between my unconscious sense of reality and the memories seemed to blur into one. For instead of watching these memories like a spectator I awoke to the sound of rain pounding against the balcony windows just outside my room...or rather my former self's room. But what was strange was that even though I was in this body it seemed to move by it self as if something was guiding it through the routine of waking up, getting dressed into a light summer dress and then going through daily morning ritual while I could only stare at my own reflection in the mirror my hands brushed my hair, washed a face that looked so eerier like my own and yet wasn't.

I could feel the thin satin fabric of the blue sun dress that clothed my form, my fingers performed the task of buckling the small black shoes onto my feet but feeling outside of my immediate environment seemed to be dimmed almost as if I was having a outer body experience...while inside my body.

My form exited the small room, my feet carrying my zombie body down the winding staircase. At the foot of the stairs was a large sitting room filled with various chairs and even a few couches, bookshelves filled with of course books but a few had some pretty nick-knacks.

Out through the double oak doors and down a seemingly endless corridor lined with large arch windows colored by stained glass. I could hear the rain patting against the glass and occasionally glanced at a window through the corner of my eye while walking. Soon I stopped at a door to my left. A pale hand reached to open it but then stopped, my hand shaking. I bit my bottom lip and moved once again to open the door but then jerked my hand back as if the doorknob had suddenly grown teeth and was ready to bite my hand off.

A fine shutter ran through my spine as I took one last glance at the door and turned away. A small part of my consciousness keep telling me 'It's none of my business. I should keep my nose out of it' but at the same time I wanted to see him pay...whoever "he" was.

It didn't take me too long to figure it out though, for just as soon as I walked away from the door I could hear someone open it.

I could feel my form tremble but I dared not to look over my shoulder to see who it was.

After a few tense moments a voice, clearly male, spoke to me.

"Ami? What are you doing here?"

Without even stopping to look but I ran through the corridor. Racing through the marble halls and then launched myself out of a low window leading out to the rain soaked gardens. My feet nearly skidded underneath as the heels of my shoes got bogged down in a small mud puddle but I still keep running from the castle as if Hades himself were chasing me.

'He's Hades! How dare he do that to Minako?!'

Pausing briefly under a large oak tree for both shelter from the rain and a hiding place...but apparently the tree was able to only provide one of the two comforts because as soon as I caught my breath I was without out it again when I gasped after feeling a strong hand grasp my wrist. Crying out in panic I tried to pull away but another hand shot out and wrapped around my waist drawing me back.

Even as I felt myself being enveloped into a strong yet gingerly embrace I keep my eyes facing to the gardens as the rain continued to fall, covering the roses with necklaces of liquid pearls while other drops were absorbed into the thirsty ground.

"Ami. Ami look at me," the one holding me commanded but not in a gruff fact if I didn't know better I would think that it would almost be a plea.

Shaking I tried to find the words to say in response, something cutting, something that would make him bleed or at least feel a prick of guilt at what he had done...but nothing came. Maybe because I knew that I was just as guilty as he was.

"Don't call me with such familiarity Lord Kunzite. And would you be so kind as to release me?" I replied in a biting tone openly expressing my bitterness and anger.

"Not until you at least turn around and look at me," he snarled.

"Fine." I snapped in turn, moving my head to look at him.

It took everything I had to keep my stoic expression, he looked...handsome and for once sincere. I looked into his eyes but then quickly glanced away.

"Now will you let me go...please?" this time it was me pleading.

Slowly he relinquished his hold on me but only physically for already he was in my thoughts again. Damn him.

"Why?" I whispered as I turned to gaze out at the lake in front of the palace.

"I already told you the reason...I lo"

"No!" I snarled glaring back at him, he stared back at me dispassionately almost bored but I could almost see the wheels in his mind turning.

" can..." I snorted and then frowned, for once again he had left me at a lost for words, the only other time was rather recent and still painful.

"How can I just declare that I love you even after all that's happened? Between me and Mina...and you and Zoicite. Correct?" Kunzite filled in...god I hate it when he does that.

"Yes!" I replied in an exasperated tone.

"Like I said, you already know the reason but you don't want to believe it or even hear it."

I shuttered again, my chest feeling heavy as I could feel warm tears prick at the corner of my eyes.

"You can't love me." I denied.

"Why not?"

"Because...this "confession" yours has hurt too many people already. You've offended Minako's parents', Mina, hasn't been the same, and you're are one lucky bastard that Zoicite wasn't there or he would have started a duel with you on the spot...and you know that I him and would never betray him."

"You love him?" Kunzite questioned mockingly.

"I do!" I screamed, this time the tears did fall down my face, I was so not of Kunzite, I knew that he would never hurt me. I was afraid of how these strong reactions to what he said could cause me to do something I would woefully regret.

What was I doing even talking to this man? A man whom had publicly humiliated one of my friends by denouncing the fact that she was now his legal fiancée whether he agreed to it or not. A man whom had in that same time, same place, with the same large gathering of people, told everyone that he would rather marry me. I shouldn't even be anywhere near him after the way he scandalized both me and Minako, luckily Zoicite wasn't there or he would have tried to kill Kunzite and then question me in earnest if I had done anything to encourage this fable "attraction" from his best friend and brother in arms.

Still shaking I suddenly noticed that he had closed the distance between us again, too close. His right hand moved to gently smooth a stray wet lock of my hair behind my ear.

"Please don't touch me..." I started to say but in an act of defiance he brushed his fingertips down the side of my face resting his thumb on my bottom lip, which trembled at his touch.

"You say that you love Zoicite. Give me a reason. A good solid reason as to why and I'll leave you alone."

My eyes widened slightly, "That's it. One reason and you'll leave me alone."

Kunzite nodded and then finally backed away a good distance to give me personal space again.

Looking him in the eye I honestly thought that this would be a piece of cake.

"Well I love him because...he's very intelligent so in that way we are similar."

"Ah. So what does that make me? A village idiot?" he replied in a dark tone.

"Well no but..."

"Another reason. Hmm let me guess...he's pleasing to look upon. Many women have said that about him so I suppose that would be your next thing to say in defense of your love for him."

"No. He's very sweet, no one has ever cared about me as much as he does.."

"Whom was your only friend for years Ami? Who defended you against those whom made you upset, who tried to hurt you?"

"He would do that for me..."

"How can he when he's never around?"

"Stop antagonizing me! I see what you're trying to do and I don't appreciate being talked down to like I am some child! I am a grown woman who can make my own decisions for crying out loud!"

"...If you are, as you say, a women then why are you throwing a temper tantrum like a child?" Kunzite replied coldly.

"Because...because you make me so angry sometimes. You make me cry other times and...most of the times I don't know how I feel about you or even what to think." I finished with a nervous laugh.

Glancing up I replied, "You have one good reason, I feel safe around him. I know just what I feel about him and what I think and believe. With you I am always second-guessing myself, I am afraid of you because just being around you makes me feel nervous and uncertain. With Zoicite I know just who I am and how I think and feel. With you I am..."

"You're your own person.' Kunzite interrupted.

Blinking I could only openly stare at him, my mouth slightly open, "That's not true. See you're doing it again! You're twisting things around so that you can have your way..."

"Think about it Ami. Every time I see you with him do you know what I see? A beautiful doll; lovely to look at, soft-spoken and charming but not a real person. You only say what you know he would approve of. You only think the way he thinks because you want to please him. You've gained his love by being perfect and hallow so he could fill in that empty space with him and only him; everything he believes in have become your beliefs, what he feels about something is what you feel too..."

"Liar! Zoicite isn't like that! He would never manipulate me into being his puppet. He loves me."

"I never said that Zoicite manipulated you Ami. You let him take complete control over you."

"So you're better than him?! Look at what you're doing. Just listen for a second and hear what you've been saying! You're trying to bully me into a relationship with you that is down right adulterous for both of us."

"We're not married just yet. And I think I can find a loophole through these arranged marriages. I just need time..."

"You're not listening to me! I will not betray Zoicite. No matter what you may think about our relationship. Do us both a favor and stop deluding yourself into thinking that we could..."

Without warning my tirade was cut short when Kunzite bent down and caught my lips in a kiss.

"....You son of a bitch!" My hand flung around and struck him around the side of his face in a stratifying smack.

But at this moment, missing the expression on his face, or even better the red hand mark on his face, I was awoken back into reality.

Slowly I blinked, my vision a bit blurry but then everything started to come into focus. I was laying on the small bed in a now familiar room. And the form sitting beside me was more than familiar since I had just seen him...or rather him several years in the past. He was exactly the same, his gray-blue eyes, his long silver hair even the dark red hand mark on the side of his...face.

"Did I?"

"Wake up and immediately bitch slap me? Yes you did."


"What the...? Why the hell did you slap me again?!"

"Something tells me that you deserved it." I muttered darkly sitting up.

Kunzite glared at me in turn, now both sides of his face marred with red handprints," I really should have killed you on sight."

I stuck out my tongue at him, "Your loss."

For the longest moment we just sat there looking at each other. I have no idea how much time had lapsed between my "death" and sudden awakening but I had a lingering suspicion that something important had taken place.

"So are things?" I asked awkwardly.

"Hmm. Oh nothing much. Talked with a supposedly dead princess for awhile, lead her to Beryl to find her long lost boyfriend, ended up killing Beryl and then came back here."

"Oh that's nice....What?! What do you mean that you killed Beryl?!" I screamed grabbing a fist full of his hair.

"Let go!" Kunzite snapped jerking away from me then replied, "I didn't kill her myself. Serenity penned her to the floor with some of your daggers....and then the youma came in and mistook their "leader" for a midday snack."

"...That's it? No epic battle of good...well sort of good versus evil/ No fancy transformations or sparkling long-winded attacks? No tear jerking death then waking back up with no memories of the past few months whatsoever?"


"...No offence but I sort of feel like I've been cheated."

"At least it's over. She's out of our way. Now the only resistance that we'll have are your...'friends' but I am sure that you can take care of them..."

"What?" I breathed. "You mean that you still want to go through with the plan?"

"And why not? This is a prime opportunity Ami. You're friends are now down two of their number since that blonde one was damaged pretty badly possibly near death and now we have the princess...or Sailor Moon as you refer to her..."

"Usagi? She's here?!"

"Her and her ' former lover' Enydimon." Kunzite stated calmly and then with an odd degree of affection tilted my chin to face him, "With you on my side I can win. Things can be the way there were a thousand years ago. Only no one could tell us what is right, what's acceptable and proper. We would be the ones in charge. Wouldn't you like that? To for once be revered for your intelligence instead of being abused because of that talent."

Quickly I jerked away, "You're abusing that "talent"!" I screamed, not even feeling the scolding and bitter escaping from the corner of my eyes until they streamed down my face.

"You think that I just want to go back to a world where I have to play the part of someone who died years ago? I am not her! Our physical forms may look the same but we don't have the same soul. We are two separate beings!" I raged, pausing to catch my breath not daring to look at him, knowing that a single glance at his face would be my undoing.

My hands curled up into tight fists, "Besides what makes you think that even if we were the same...that I would willingly waltz back into your arms?"

There was a long silence before Kunzite replied, "Because you did come back to me."

"I did no such thing!" I snarled.

"You did!" Kunzite growled in response and grabbed my hand and for one horrible moment I thought he was going to break it.

But then he surprised me by drawing me closer to him in an embrace, resting his head against my hair. For what seemed like eternity I held my breath, wondering just what was going through his mind, but for some reason I couldn't read any of his thoughts. Maybe he blocked himself from me but I doubted it because even when he blocked me away from his thoughts I would "hear" broken words and even sentences sometimes, this time I heard nothing.

Without warning the silence was broken by Kunzite, "I missed you."

'What?' was my first thought at that statement but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to say it. As he held me closer to him the only thing I could think of was getting as far away from him as humanly possible as fast as I could..

Sure I was kind of interested...okay very into the idea of us being together despite the odds but that I've seen the way things use to be. The actual world that he wants to bring back...I would have to be that woman whom had his heart over a millennium ago. I would have to be her all the time, he wouldn't love me unless I was her.

I violently jerked out of his embrace, stiffening my spine I glared at him, "You said Usagi is here."


"I want her to go that she doesn't get sick from the negative energy in this place."

At first Kunzite looked at me as if I had suddenly grown a second head but then shrugged, "Fine. She's not really worth keeping here anyway"

"I want to go back to Earth with her Kunzite. I can't stay here."

That got his attention.

"Why do you want to leave?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want to reunite with my friends. It was a mistake to stay with you so even think that it would eventually work out to something good. That I ever believed a word you said..."

Before I knew what was happening I was drawn back into a close, almost choking embrace, my head against his chest, so close that I could hear his heartbeat.

"You know that if you go back to Earth you will slowly starve to death."

"Do you honestly think I care anymore?!" I screamed, even as I curled the fingers of my right hand into the fabric of his shirt, honestly not wanting to pull away.

Gently Kunzite pried my finger off of his shirt and got up from the bed, I moved to follow him but he pushed me back, "Stay here," he commanded.

"Like hell I will!" I snapped as I got up only to have him swiftly jerk around and pen me down to the bed.

I gasped as our eyes locked, his gaze was wide and wild, his hands pressing hard against the bone of my shoulders, long strands of his silver hair falling to brush against my face. Gazing up at him now feeling the same complete terror that came upon me when he first pulled me into this realm and yet...even when I was too scared to even speak my right hand move to touch his sculpted face. My fingertips gently moving down his brow, the side of his face, and following the exact movement from my dream I gently pressed my thumb against his lips.

"Please tell me that it's not too late to stop this. It's not too late to walk away... is it? " I asked softly.

Even as I said this I knew that yes it was too late. From the moment that I first touched on those memories of the past I knew it was too late to turn back. No before then, through the three months that we were together, training, planning, and just being in each other presence forced me to realize that if my friends could rescue me from the dark realms and it's hold on me I wouldn't be able to leave him behind.

What a lovely poison he has become. A drug force-feed into my system that I have become addicted. Every moment spent with him causes me to hunger, to thirst for more. And for that I loathe and might him.

Despite the fact that I was in a temporary sleep...most call "death" I felt so exhausted. With a grumbled complaint of him crushing me Kunzite release his hold of me only to have me wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull him back to lay beside me.

"Stay please?" I asked.

His expression didn't change, he still had the stoic yet deadly appearance etched in his face but instead of roughly pushing me aside he pried himself lose of my embrace and got off of the bed and stalked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

Goose pimples formed on my skin as the room suddenly felt several degrees colder. Curling up onto the bed with my feet tucked under the sheets I glanced around through sleepy heavy lids all the while wondering just how things could get so...insane.

I want to do what's right, which would be returning to my friends and then valiantly die from lack of dark energy...but at the same time, this place has become my secret home, my dark paradise. A world where I am more than the "brains". And no matter how hard I try to deny it...I need him in my life. Not necessarily as my lover in fact that would be the farthest possibility from my mind because it would never work between us and even attempting such would only end in more drama than either of us want or need to deal with; and secondly how could I explain him to my anyone for that matter? He's ten years my senior, people get thrown into jail for such trysts.

Yet one wouldn't think that by the way I was acting. Coiling up into a smaller form I gave the room a almost fearful glance, it just seemed so big and empty without him not to mention cold and unforgiving. Gritting my teeth I buried my face into a nearby pillow, as I felt hot tears fall down my face.

It could have been several minutes or even several hours later but I was rudely awoken by someone shaking my shoulders; groaning in protest I swat at the offending hand and rolled over trying to fall back asleep but the "offending" hand brought a partner in crime to grab me around the waist and lift me off of the bed. My eyes flew open when I was scooped up and being carried out of the door.

"Huh? What?" I mumbled still half asleep.

I glanced up to see that it was Kunzite carrying me but he refused to look at me. We, or rather he, walked down the short corridor between our two rooms and the main room. As soon as we entered the main room I saw Usagi sitting in a chair. She glanced up at our approach and smiled brightly when Kunzite set me to my feet. Before I could even get a firm footing Usagi pounced on me with fierce hug.

"Oh Ami! I am so glad you're alive," the blonde cried, tears streaming down her face.

While she bawled her eyes out I desperately tried to regain my breath, which was very difficult considering that Usagi was crushing my lungs.

Glancing over her shoulder I saw that Kunzite had moved to the other side of the room, leaning against the wall, still refusing to look my way.

I bit my bottom lip, this was getting us nowhere...on second though did we really need to "go" anywhere? Maybe I had been misreading him all along and he just wants a little minion by his side to do the dirty work for him.

This doubt didn't stop me from trying to mentally plea with him to at least glance at me.

Almost as if he had heard my plea Kunzite pushed himself away from the wall and slowly walked towards me and Usagi, who was still hugging the life out of me.

But something was wrong. I could almost taste it. Then before I even saw it coming I "heard" it.

'If there is no princess for you to serve Ami, then you will finally be free from Fate's hold on you,'

I gasped aloud as a sword suddenly appeared in his hand; he grasped the hilt tightly and made a swift move to raise it above Usagi's head.

With a startled cry I pushed Usagi aside and foolishly stood between them with my eyes shut tight.

Expecting to be hacked in half within in a second I was surprised that I could take another breath. Pausing again, as if death were a delayed reaction I breathed again and this time opened my eyes just in time to see Kunzite drop the sword aside holding his head in his hands, sinking to the ground as his knees gave way.

I glanced briefly at Usagi whom seemed scared, with good reason, but otherwise unhurt and then moved to Kunzite's side.

"Kunzite, what's wrong?" I asked sounding a hell of a lot calmer than I felt as I moved to pull his hair away from his face.

Wild eyes of violet-gray stared back at me, the intensity of those eyes once captured my fully attention now quickly earned my sympathy because I could see the chaos and confusion going through his mind. He looked like a wounded animal, helpless yet dangerous for any moment he could strike. I carefully watched him for any hint of violent intentions but with each second he seemed to regain his composure and calm but something in his eyes warned me that this wouldn't last.

"Ami?" he questioned.

I nodded, "Yes, I am here."

Opening my mouth to question him I was suddenly jerked by my arm.

"You have to get out of here, now!" Kunzite snapped harshly.

"What? Kunzite what's going on?"

"There's no time to explain just get out of here!" Kunzite yelled getting to his feet but nearly fell over as if he was fighting against some unseen force.

"I am not leaving until you tell me what's going on!" I stubbornly insisted.

Our eyes locked for a brief moment but then Kunzite glanced at the floor, uttering one name that made this sudden mystery make sense.


"I thought you said that you and Usagi killed her?" I inquired.

A hallow and embittered laugh escaped Kunzite, "Apparently I have fallen into the same trap of cocky stupidity that destroyed my comrades. I should have known that Beryl couldn't have been defeated that easily... Not without making sure that the incarnation of the prince and princess suffer."

Stopping in the middle of his rant he glanced at me, "I don't know how she did it but she's gained control over me. The first few years that I "served" her I was merely a puppet, only taking action when she forced me to; after a few years she withdrew her control over me certain that I would be obedient to her. Now she has established that link between us again. I have some control but..." his eyes trailed over to the abandoned sword then turned his gaze back to me.

"You can't stay here. She'll force me to kill you and the incarnation of the princess."

"No!" a voice strongly protested.

Turning my head I was surprised to see the once whiney and timid Usagi stand up, glancing at me and Kunzite with confidence and courage.

"We will defeat her' Usagi stated, "I've had enough of having my life being ruined just because she wants to rule the world. I am tired of fighting her monster! I am tired of having to "save the world" every single day. And if finding and killing Beryl is what it takes for mine, Ami, and the other's lives to get back to normal than I am willing to fight."

My jaw dropped in awe as I just stared at this...person whom had snatched Usagi's form.

Kunzite just glared at her, "You foolish girl," he scoffed, "Your former self was powerful enough to use ancient illusion and white magic and even then that didn't destroy Beryl what makes you think that you can defeat her with just the three of us, when out of the three one of us is currently fighting her mind control?"

"We have to try!" Usagi stated, slowly losing her bravado now that Kunzite had mocked her. In all honestly I didn't find this situation all to hopeful either.

"Oh yes we can try, we can also die trying." Kunzite said in a dark tone, glancing at us, "I've been around for over a millennium, I am not afraid to fact I would almost welcome it. You two on the other hand..."

He paused and before I could blink he opened a large portal in the middle of the room.

"Go. This will take you back to Earth."

Usagi glanced at me and then back at Kunzite, "We're staying to fight," she said in a smaller tone of voice.

"No! Both of you have to leave now!" Kunzite barked, "I can fight Beryl's mind control but I can't risk going in to kill her with the two of you with me. And this portal will close in a three minutes so both of you need to leave now."

Not to sound snobbish but I think that Kunzite couldn't have a cared less on whether Usagi got out of the Dark Kingdom alive or not. He was worried about me.

Making a big show of it I took Usagi's hand and walked into the portal and pulled Usagi in with me. Once I was sure we were both inside I waited for the portal to close on us, looking back at Kunzite I tried not to let my expression betray the plan formulating in the back of my mind.

Just as Kunzite had promised the portal took us back to Earth, Jubban district of Japan actually. I took Usagi home, all the while trying to assure that yes Kunzite could take care of Beryl.

As soon as I left her doorstep I raced down the street and ducked into the first alleyway that I came across and teleported back into Kunzite's chambers in the Dark Kingdom.

Standing in front of him I smiled while he glared at me.

"I knew you would be back," he grumbled.

Smirking in reply I took up the sword he dropped and held it with both hands clasped around the hilt, "So got any idea on how we take the bitch down?" I asked.

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