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Ship: Boost/Sinker

Obligatory Modern setting for Y'all!

After a night of passion, Boost and Sinker having met in a bar and well, guess you simply cannot do the walk of shame if there is no shame involved, right? Simply take a shower and borrow some clothing, from your new… Bo and then only hit the road?

Set somewhere in the world of The Clone Wars, modern times though, non-canonically but of course! Always! So, timeline - what timeline? It's all happening in the odd space time continuum anyways!

Part of the Boost/Sinker series

A chance encounter or divine fate?

'Sometimes, it is meant to be, finding that missing part of yourself, in the strangest of places'

The bar was crowded, packed really, but not surprising for this time of the night.

The bass of the music was bouncing off of the surfaces ending up and vibrating in the bodies in those now on the dance floor. Some of them on the lookout for someone, anyone to fill in the void deep within them, while others, the lucky ones, had already found their counterparts.

Sinker was at the bar, having a drink.

After taken a quick spin on the dance floor, with the 'encouragement' of his friends, all of them wanting him to have a good time understandably now that they had finally gotten him out of his funk and into the world of living once again.

But, after a few danced songs, Sinker had felt it was enough for the night.

As it had turned out in his mind at least, was the fact that perhaps it was too soon for him still, to have put himself out there. And so, to really enjoy himself, was difficult. Having been denying all of that for so long. It was, hard to start again. And at this point Sinker wasn't even too sure he wanted to start again.

Still, now, after this experience, Sinker knew better. That he was indeed not ready. Not now at least. And perhaps, he would never be so again. His biggest fear. But also, this was kind of a relief for him as well. To figure this out. Because Sinker really did not want to find anyone… new.

Because he really wasn't looking, was he?

"You can't mourn forever. It is time for you to move on." Comet had told Sinker, being his best friend in the wide world and wanting nothing but his buddy back and taking part in the activities the two of them and their small circle of friends were used to sharing.

"I hear ya!" Sinker had assured Comet. "It's just, well, really hard."

"Yeah, I know buddy. But it's been over a year and the only thing you do these days is work and stay at home." Comet hadn't blamed Sinker for anything, not really. But it was still unhealthy in his mind for Sinker to want to do nothing but be by himself and ignoring his friends. Well, mostly anyway.

"Well, would it make you feel better if I agreed to go out with you guys next Friday?" Sinker really had no more excuses left to give in refusing his friend's invite to join them in a night's outing.

Comet's grin was priceless, him positively beaming after finally managing to persuade Sinker to come out of his shell.

"It would indeed!"

Sinker had laughed and sounded relieved even, the decision finally made. And he was feeling, well, good about it. As perhaps this was what he needed after all. Put the past behind him and turn a new leaf in his life. Take the next step and go out there to the world. Making himself available. At least, he could send some feelers out, see how it was out there now, the social scene and all of that. And then, perhaps, while taking small steps, Sinker could finally start living again.

And so, here Sinker was, enjoying the first night out since, well, forever.

Sitting at the bar, having a drink by himself as he had felt the dance floor become too claustrophobic. All the people there, body against body, grinding into each other. No, it was simply too much for Sinker. None of them were for him. Not one single person there was for him. His friends for sure, but not in the way Sinker needed them to be.

Sinker had downed the last of his drink, having decided to call it a night and letting Comet and the others know he was leaving.

He was just about to get up when someone took the seat next to him. Someone, whom immediately caught Sinker's attention. Something which Sinker had not thought to be happening, ever again. But, it had. As a most gorgeous stranger, having taken a seat right next to him. A heaven's sent?

Sinker tried hard not to stare, but he could not tear his eyes off of the beautiful man beside him.

Sinker felt the shivers running through him. Sensations long since forgotten, now all of a sudden emerging from out of nowhere. Having thought they had all died a quick death a long time ago. But all of a sudden, they had all hit him at once. Just like lightning having stuck him, the electrical current present.

But no matter how hard he tried, Sinker could simply not take his eyes off the stranger.

The stranger waved for the bartender to order a drink, not even having looked around him yet.

After all, the bar was crowded and seats were even more scarce. So, getting one at this time of the evening had been a lucky chance. But he was tired, having been dragged to the bar after a long week at work by his coworkers. And now, after the rowdy crowd had disbursed around the establishment, some to dance, some elsewhere, Boost had made his excuses of leaving.

But not before getting one final drink before hitting the road.

The bartender brought Boost his drink and just as he was about to start drinking, he felt the eyes on his side, burning his skin. But in a good way. Not that Boost did not get glances from other patrons in a joint like this one. But somehow, the sensation of whomever was starting at him felt so much more, than the usual. Nothing he could explain though.

But usually while simply ignoring the glares as mostly there was nothing which interested him at the other end of those stares, this time, if felt, totally different.

Daring to take a glimpse, Boost turned to see whom it was looking at him in that hot kind skin on fire kind of way.

As Boost did, their eyes met. Seeing a pair of beautiful dark eyes with a golden hue to them staring right back at him. Boost kept his stance, his eyes on the stranger's, feeling his mouth fall agape. Surely not a good look on anyone, especially if there was drool there visible too. Which he hoped the hell it wasn't. But then again, could anyone blame him if he was drooling because the man looking back at him was simply put… perfect.

"H-hi." Was all Boost finally managed, a timid smile forming to his lips.

"Hey there." The man beside him greeted with a small smile on his face forming.

"I, um… I'm Boost."

"Pleased to meet you Boost. I am Sinker."

Bedtime stories to tell

'Always be prepared, be safe and take care of your partner in the best of ways'

They had barely managed to get inside of Sinker's flat, when Boost pushed Sinker against the nearest wall, his hungry lips on Sinker's immediately when his body thudded against the surface.

The heat, the passion, the want, the need… all of it was present for both of them. Even if it had been so long for either of them, having hooked up with someone new, the connection between them seemingly instant. The realisation of it hitting them both hard without any kind of warning.

"So, do you want to come in for some coffee maybe?"

It was a lame excuse for sure.

But Sinker really did not want this evening to end. After the two of them had met at the bar and started talking, it was like they had known each other forever. They had immediately hit it off.

And so, a few hours having gone by just on the fly, with the two men simply chatting, sharing things of themselves to the other. Perfect strangers, the emphasis on the word perfect, as they seemed to be just that. Perfect for each other.

Their past, their lives, the stories they had shared, so many things they had in common. It was as if fate had brought them together just at the moment either of them had thought there was no one for them out there anymore to find.

Boost had offered to walk Sinker home as they both lived close by the bar they had met in. With not small thanks to their respective friends, having chosen that exact establishment for their outing

of the evening.

"Isn't it a bit late for coffee?"

Boost had looked serious, like the gist of the suggestion had flown right past him. But then he laughed and Sinker knew Boost had understood the meaning behind his suggestion after all.

"Well, I have other things I can offer too."

Sinker had sounded rather lewd and perhaps a little bit rusty on the flirting part despite his best effort.

"Then I may just take up on *that* offer."

Boost smirked at the attempt of flirting, but he did not care if it was lame or not, as he did not want the evening to end either. Not wanting to let go of the feelings slowly but surely waking up inside of him.

"So, you wanna come up then?"

Sinker just had to be sure, not wanting to push things. But then again, playing games, well, he was way too old and past those kinds of things. So, saying what he wanted was a must.

Boost was quiet for a moment, as if assessing his situation, their situation for a moment there. But, he knew what he had found and what he wanted. Right at the very moment. Therefore…

"Yes, I do."

Boost's tongue was probing Sinker's mouth. Familiarising with the unknown yet somehow familiar territory. Feeling around its counterpart, as it darted out to greet the intruder.

It was surprising to Boost, how quickly he had moved. Not his usual MO, rather far from it, having become rather picky about his partners in the last few years. Having not dated in a long while. And perhaps, it never really had been his style, the one night stands.

But the lure of Sinker's had been instant and without any hesitation, Boost had sunk into the moment, letting go and following only the flow and where it would lead him.

Sinker was no worse for wear. Having become completely enthralled in the other man and being totally submerged in the heat of the moment.

Letting Boost take control of the situation was something new though. As usually Sinker was the one in control. Always. But, even if they had known each other for only a few hours, it seemed like a life time and Sinker trusted Boost for whatever unexplainable reason.

The kisses growing ever more heated and soon enough, they both needed more. Needed to feel the other, much more intimately.

The way to the upstair's bedroom was littered with pieces of discarded clothing left behind the two new lovers. How they had managed to end up in bed, never letting go of the other's body was a miracle.

Now, totally naked for the other to see, touch and feel, Sinker and Boost were lying on the bed caressing each other. With an almost competition going on as to whom of them could touch more of the other's body.

Licking, nipping, sucking, Boost was on top, marking his way down Sinker's body.

He was on fire as was his partner. They were totally in synch. Like they had done this a thousand times before. Perhaps, they had. In another life time possibly. A long time ago. It was like Boost knew the body below him, each and every inch of it, even if they were still perfect strangers to each other.

Sinker felt it too. The connection.

Something which had been there since the very first minute they had laid eyes on each other. The very first moment they had met. It was odd to even think of such things. But now, it felt so real. So tangible. Especially while lying under Boost, his ministrations so good, pushing all the right buttons of Sinker's. Just as if he knew Sinker and what he liked. Working up and down his body, bringing him to very edge.

Boost having mapped every inch of nakedness of Sinker's. Tasting, sampling, printing it all to memory, just in case…. But Boost had hoped this was just the start of something. Not a one time chance. Much more than a simple one night hook-up. But that was not the thing he should have been thinking at the moment. Rather concentrating on bringing all the pleasure to his new partner.

"Tell me what you want."

Boost's coarse voice asked as he was back kissing Sinker on the lips.

"I want to feel you. Inside of me. Please."

Sinker's equally hoarse voice was a soft whisper in the silent room.

"Your wish is my command."

Boost smiled softly at Sinker, wanting nothing more than the same, having felt the need to be with this, gorgeous man, Sinker, ever since their eyes had met in the bar. The yearning to be with him so deep, like something from the ancient past, as Boost felt had felt the pull of the other man.

And now, here they were, together.

"The lube and condoms are in the drawer."

Sinker nodded towards the bedside table. As despite his lack of interest in dating, Sinker was nothing if not prepared. Perhaps, it was the ember of hope having remained inside of him after everything still.

Boost half saluted Sinker and reached for the drawer, finding everything he needed there. Settling himself between Sinker's legs, caressing the lean thighs, while prepping them both.

"Please Boost, I need you. Now!"

Sinker was surprisingly impatient. Something he never was or had been before. But it had been a long time for him having a partner in his bed. And the whispered promises of what was to come from his new partner had him all riled up. And Sinker really needed Boost like nothing he had needed before.

"Almost there, sweetheart. Almost there."

Boost had not even realised using endearments. But it felt, comfortable, right even and despite his little faux-pas, Boost did not correct himself, rather kept on using them, while preparing Sinker for their very first time. In this life time. Together.

You really look great in my clothes!

'Something borrowed, the colour not really defined, but yeah, sometimes, someone else looks mighty fine in your clothing, perhaps even divine?'

"Good morning!"

Sinker sounded cheerful enough, bringing a tray to the upstairs bedroom.

Having already been up with the sun, feeling happier than he had been in a long while and having prepared breakfast for his… lover?

It was a term Sinker had used, while thinking of Boost, even if this would be just a one night stand. After all, it seems to have been more than just a chance encounter for sex, right? At least, Sinker hoped so.

"Sleep well?"

The two of them had fallen asleep sometime in the early morning hours only after having the most passionate sex Sinker could remember having in a long while. It had felt all too familiar as if the two of them had known each other for a long time, even if they had only met in the bar the night before.

Boost had already woken up, finding the other side of the bed empty and making him wonder as to what he should do. Was it a sign he should make a haste exit or what? They had been talking in the bar for a longer while before coming back to Sinker's place, but Boost could not be sure if this was it. A chat, some drinks and then wham bam thank you sir kind of a thing?

Boost would have preferred this not to be the case as he felt the deep connection to Sinker. It was uncanny, but it was like they had known each other always and if last night was any indication, they were a perfect match, at least in the bunk. But as he heard the footfalls from the stairs, Boost was sure he would soon find out what the fate of this, new relationship(?) was all about.

Boost looked at the direction of the door and waited. As the door opened, he could see Sinker's chipper face emerging from behind it and he was carrying, a tray. Guess this was the sign Boost had been looking for after all. Breakfast was hardly served for those someone wanted out of their house, and quickly at that?

"Yes, well, not long, but good."

Boost let out a small chuckle just then. As he had slept tight and well, it seemed even if it had only been a few hours. But still, he had not been tossing and turning like he usually did these days due to stress at work and also, loneliness.

"I am glad."

Sinker reached the bed in no time and placed the tray on top of the night stand.

"I'm sure you must be peckish."

Boost could see the scrambled eggs, the thinly cut meaty stuff on the side of the plates and steaming cups of coffee with assorted fruits on the side. Indeed, the smells were making the man salivate as Sinker had been a totally gracious host.

"I, I hope you didn't go into too much trouble."

Boost got into a sitting position in the bed and looked at his host, who joined him, sitting on the side of the bed.

"Well, I don't get to cook very often, so it is a treat for me to have someone I can do that for."

Sinker's eyes were on Boost, looking for something specific there. Perhaps he felt afraid in overstepping, not sure if Boost was the stay for breakfast type or not. But as there was nothing but appreciation and something else there too, something pleasant Sinker could not pinpoint at the very moment, he let out a soft sigh of relief.

"So, please, dig in!"

Boost took into the offerings, seeing the two plates there, giving Sinker his own and taking one for himself. Sampling into the deliciously smelling food, Boost eyes grew wide as the tastes hit his buds.

"This is all… excellent!"

He had not even realised, that scrambled eggs could taste so good. But clearly, Sinker had some secret recipe of his own.

Sinker smiled widely, only too happy to see Boost enjoying the meal.

"I have a secret ingredient I like to use."

Sinker laughed out loud, and watched for a moment as his guest was enjoying his cookings, then digging into the stuff himself.

After breakfast, the two, new lovers had taken back to the bed, cuddling and chatting for a bit. After all, neither had any other place to be on the lazy Saturday morning. As it turned out, they had both been looking for something. Something more than a simple one night stand and well, sharing their thoughts with each other, they realised they had a similar sensation to the other.

The familiarity, the connection they both felt between them, without a doubt.

Finally getting up from the bed, just before noon, Sinker had invited Boost to take a bath with him, which of course had led to more than simply offering to wash the other's back. Naturally!

They had agreed on getting out on a proper date. Which after some discussion had been agreed as a picnic on Sunday afternoon in the nearby park. It was convenient for both, living so close to each other, surely another fluke? But they both enjoyed the surroundings and loved the park too.

When they had emerged from the bathroom, Sinker offered Boost to dig into his wardrobe. They were almost the same hight and size after all. And Sinker did not feel it was proper to let his new, boyfriend(?), even if there were no labels set to this budding relationship just yet, to leave the house in the clothing from the night before.

Boost had checked out the rather generous offering, as clearly, Sinker was a man of good taste in clothing as well and found something for himself to wear.

Getting out from the walk-in closet after donning on the clothing of his choosing, Boost made a show of parading across the bedroom floor in Sinker's threads, making the other man gulp in awe.

"Damn! But you do look great in my threads!"

Boost being all smiles of the comment. While Sinker was feeling a sense of ownership, now that Boost was wearing his clothes. Indeed it had turned out to become a great beginning, of their budding relationship!