Episode One - Mission City

Location: Ocean Planet, Alpha-Q's universe

Earthdate: 24th December 2020

In one of the many elemental planets of a particular dimension bathing under a newborn red sun, two female humans stepped out of a tower of high tech and sterile steel, watching as life was already beginning to take on a new chapter. The first, slightly younger of age, with bright short orangey hair and wide green eyes, wore a blue T-shirt with a pink hoodie jacket and a short yellow skirt. The other, slightly older of age, with dark brunette hair and greyish-blue eyes, was donned in a tight yellow suit and a white belt that loosely hung from her hips.

"Misha!" the slightly younger ginger-haired girl cheered back at the other woman.

"Yes, Sally," the slightly older brunette girl agreed. "The planets are coming back to life, they're going to live". The two women stood together and leant on the guardrail, both closing their eyes to bathe under the fresh and warm sunlight.

"Feels just like back at home," Sally exhaled before looking at Misha.

"Indeed it does," Misha agreed as she gazed back at Sally, admiring the spunky girl before gently taking and holding her hand. "This might just be the beginning of something new".

"You think so?" Sally spoke, immediately noticing Misha's hand over her own.

"I know so," Misha assured with a nod and smile just as their fingers were starting to link up and intertwine together.

Misha and Sally had known each other for quite a long while, even as far back as childhood years. And over time, whether they knew so or not, the two were starting to develop something of a bond between them, even when fate had them far apart from each other. Surrounding mostly by seemingly the stillness and tranquil silence of the planetwide ocean, the two girls slowly moved their faces towards one another, as if magnetised and gravitised, until soon enough, their eyes closed and their lips finally touched.

Their kiss lasted for what seemed like almost a minute, as they were silhouetted by the newborn sun, a sign of a slow burn now becoming a strong flame that could never be put out or pulled apart, ever again.

Location: Mission City, Planet Earth

Earthdate: 9th January 2025, Five years later after the Powerlinx battles and second Unicron battle

Up in the skies above the futuristic city, a giant transmetal falcon of darkest purple with bright red trims and a Cybertronic jet of ebony-steel-black with yellow trims swept across the skyline, high enough as to not at least be a nuisance or a risk to anyone else.

"Still having to flap your wings, eh Airazor?" The male jet bantered.

"At least it's to show that I'm still online and concentrating, Air Raid," The female falcon sassed back.

Atop one of the taller skyscrapers, three other Autobots watched the two fliers at a close enough spot and position to observe the sight proper: Animus, a chrome-brown ape-like Autobot, a blue and white baja buggy Autobot, and a white and black longnose lorry Autobot.

"Well, this is still just prime," the ape-like autobot huffed, rubbing his metal temple.

"You and me both, Animus," the lorry Autobot agreed. "You'd think those two aerialbots would at least think about actually watching over the city in case of any rogue Decepticons or even any bad humans up to absolutely no good".

"I know, right, Checkpoint? There's gotta be a mission in this here city," the buggy Autobot shrugged. "Heheh, get it, mission? City? 'cause it's... Mission Ci- Nevermind".

"Yes, yes, Beachcomber, we get it," the lorry Autobot, Checkpoint, rolled his optics. "You should properly balance out your training in combat and in bad puns".

"Hey at least I try," Beachcomber pointed.

"Sure you do," Checkpoint muttered.

"Allright, let's cool it, you two," the ape-like Autobot, Animus, stepped in. "I know you two wanna see some legit action, but the point is to preserve peace and order, not look for any excuse to start any more wars or mayhem".

"And if anyone does try to start another war, I'll give them a peace of mind," Beachcomber continued to joke. "Get it?"

"Oh Primus," Animus slightly shook his head at the bad pun. "I have to wonder what the other bots are doing".

Location: Nomad V

Meanwhile, up aboard the space station orbiting the planet Earth, within what seemed to be a vast enough hall for personal combat training, a black, red, and purple transmetal cheetah was duelling between a bright blue female car Autobot and a yellow and sandy-brown male jeep Autobot. The two vehicular Autobots charged towards their share target, only for the cheetah to leap out of line and the two ended up slamming onto each other.

"C'mon you two," the cheetah Autobot said. "Quit trying to catch me, and catch me!"

"If only you let us," the femme car huffed. "No wonder they call you Cheetor".

"Do you try to impress Ironhide with that kind of attitude, Chromia?" Cheetor teased.

"Oh shut up!" Chromia shouted back before charging again. "We gotta pin him down, Crosshairs".

"On it, my lady," the jeep mech nodded.

As the three carried on their playful fighting and banter, another Autobot, a transmetal manta-ray-like mech, Depth Charge, leaned back near a large window, between watching his friends practice and staring out through the window, literally into space where Earth stood seemingly still below.

Location: Planet T

Deep in a jet-black darkness, within a far-off planet in some forgotten corner of space that could be called a graveyard of the universe, another new horror was about to awaken. Atop within a mighty and tall spire among a wasteland of cold derelict metal, sitting quietly upon a throne and bathing in the shadows of night, a hidden figure with glowing eyes of orange pondered for a good long while.

"Chromhorn, Doom-Lock," the figure called out as a green rhinoceras beetle transformer and a rusty-orange and grey raptor transformer walked forth and kneeled down before their master. "Leave for the planet Earth, hunt down Solus and Micronus, as well as their artefacts".

"And what of the Cybertronians and humans?" The beetle transformer, Chromhorn, questioned.

"If they ever find out and dare stand and get in your way..." The mastermind paused. "...kill them if you must, and bring forth your swarms with you".

"Anything you may wish, we shall achieve..." The raptor transformer, Doom-Lock, spoke. "Our liege..."

To be continued...