Chapter 1: Surprise

It was a little after 7:30am on Saturday, September 13th when Globby awoke to find Felony Carl missing from the bottom bunk. Huh? Where's he gone off to? Globby sleepily pondered as he slid out of bed. After giving a brief yawn, he could hear some noises coming from the other room and decided to investigate.

"Hey Carl, what's…" the shapeshifter paused as he entered the living room to find pink and purple balloon bunches in the corners and an iridescently-wrapped present on the center table. He then turned to find Felony Carl coming from the kitchen in his beige pjs with two cups of coffee in his hands and a knowing smile on his face. "What's all this for?" Globby curiously asked with a small, surprised laugh.

"You may not be aware of the occasion, but it was precisely one year ago today that you underwent your gelatinous transformation," Felony Carl answered as he took a sip from his mug. Globby blinked and stared blankly for a few seconds, unable to fully believe it had been that long ago.

"Really? Wow. Well, I think it's safe to say I didn't imagine all of this would lead to such a happy life when it first happened," he admitted while gesturing vaguely to his body.

"Often times, one cannot anticipate everything their future holds," the husky biker replied as he handed Globby his coffee.

"Thanks and so true," the reformed mutant said as he now took a sip. "Mmmm. Fudge brownie creamer. You know me so well," he said with a wink as they both sat down on the couch. Globby then got a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Wait. Does an anniversary like this even count if I briefly changed back to normal?"

Felony Carl gave a small chuckle before answering with, "Regardless of the events that transpired throughout the year, this day was significant and forever changed the course of your life, so it must be designated as such."

The shapeshifter smiled warmly at the man sitting next to him and nodded in agreement. "Thanks Carl." He then took another sip of coffee before he looked at the present on the table and started staring at it pensively.

After a few seconds on silence, Felony Carl looked a little concern and inquired, "Something wrong?"

Globby shook his head no and let out a deep sigh. "I was just thinking, it may be true I was the one who underwent the freaky mutation and all that, but it wasn't something that just affected me; you and Big Hero 6 especially had your lives altered too and none of this would be the slightest bit meaningful without you all to share it with." He then looked at Felony Carl with a more tender smile as he put his magenta hand on top of Carl's. "So, you have as much right to this celebration as I do and it shouldn't just be about me. And before this day is done, I'll give you an anniversary present too," Globby said with sincerity.

The bandana-clad man took him at his word and returned the smile. "Then, would you prefer to open your celebratory gift at a later time?"

"Yeah, it can be later, if that's alright with you of course. That way we can see the look on each other's face as we both open them up," the gelatinous mutant answered and already having an idea of what to give Carl. "So, what did you have planned for the day?" he curiously (and excitedly) asked.

Felony Carl finished taking a swig of his coffee before replying, "Well, if anything is up in the air, I foresaw a delightful breakfast here; then, since there are a diminishing number of days left for peek options, I thought to explore the farmers' market. We can turn it into a scenic motorcycle ride if you were wanting to make this a full day celebration."

"That sounds great! I haven't been there in ages and you know I'm basically up for anything you want to do. I may ask though to make a request when it starts to get dark, but I'll surprise you with that later," Globby said as he teased his future plan.

The husky biker raised an eyebrow in suspicion as he pondered what the surprise was. He then stood up and politely inquired, "Do you want to get breakfast started?"

"Yeah, but first I've got to go into the other room for a few minutes and not do anything anniversary related," the pink and purple man responded not so subtly as he stood up too. "Just don't get cooking without me." He proceeded to plant a quick peck on Carl's cheek and gave a wink before exiting the living room to go back to their bedroom. While Felony Carl grinned knowingly at the true actions of Globby, he grabbed both coffee mugs and went into the kitchen to get everything out for breakfast; in light of what his boyfriend said, he also had an impromptu phone call to make.

During this time, the shapeshifter was in the other room concentrating on making the present. This ought to show how much he helped me this past year, he lovingly thought as something rectangular and sparkly began to form in his hands. Globby proceeded to hide his gift in his pillow case when finished and returned to Felony Carl to help cook.

For their morning meal, the unibrowed man had gotten various ingredients to make omelettes today, including vegetables, ham, cheese, and eggs; he also got some bacon out for frying. After Globby shifted to look like Dibs, he began prepping the veggies while Felony Carl started cooking the bacon in a large pan and whisking the eggs. Once the strips were nice and crispy, they were removed and the pan was given a quick wipe to remove some of the grease before pouring in the eggs. For constructing the omelettes, Dibs put in ham and cheddar on his half while putting tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and mozzarella on the other. With a few minutes of waiting, a quick fold and a clean cut down the middle of the eggs, the two former felons soon had their stuffed meals.

Changing back to his normal self, Globby sat across from Felony Carl at their small table and was about to eat when he went, "Oh, I almost forgot. Want any orange juice?"

"I could go for a glass."

"Okay. I'll get it." The gelatinous mutant didn't get up, but instead stretched his left arm to the fridge, where he pulled the jug of OJ out and brought it to the table. Then, he fabricated two glass tumblers and poured the juice in before putting it back up again. "Here you go," Globby offered with a small smile before taking a sip from his own glass.

"Thank you."

"Oh, anytime. Admittedly, it does raise the question though if it counts as being lazy since I didn't get up from my seat to do it," Globby pondered as he began to take a bite of his omelette.

Felony Carl gave a small snort in response, making the other smile at the reaction he got. "You did not push this task off onto me nor did you procrastinate, so I say it does not qualify as lazy," the husky biker finally answered.

The shapeshifter nodded and said, "Good. Being called lazy or a quitter are the kinds of labels I don't like being used to describe me." The two then went back to their meals, not making much noise beyond chewing, sipping and the occasional crunch of bacon. Once they were both done, as if on cue, their cat Jasmine came in and started rubbing against Felony Carl's leg as she gave off a loud "mreow."

"It appears someone else wants their breakfast," Felony Carl stated as he bent over to pet her.

"Well, since it looks like she wants you to do it, how about I take care of cleanup?" Globby offered with a sly smile as he stood up and already began to gather the dishes.

"No arguments here," Felony Carl replied as he got up to take care of their white feline.

For the gelatinous mutant, after he collected all the stuff from the table and stove, he put them in the sink and changed his arms' composition to water. Then, he began to fill the sink up and added in some dish soap before washing them by hand; in no time at all, everything was clean and ready for the drying rack. Well, if I ever need to put my résumé out there again, I can add dishwasher to the lists of skills, Globby thought with a small laugh. He returned to the living room a minute later to find Felony Carl had just turned on the TV to look at the news.

"Anything worth reporting?" Globby asked as he sat next to him on the couch.

"Nothing but the weather. It appears to be a balmy mid to upper 70s today. It will be perfect for our outdoor excursion," the motorcyclist answered.

"Sweet! So, did you want to head out soon?" the pink and purple man inquired.

"Soon is preferable, but I am okay with waiting until the end of the broadcast to get ready." Felony Carl replied as he put an arm behind the couch.

"Well in that case…" Globby trailed off as he leaned on the still pajama clad man to get comfortable. The two former felons proceeded to enjoy the rest of the news as they got to have a little down time before the rest of the day's events unfolded.


So, this is my 5-chapter story encompassing the anniversary that Dibs became Globby. Yes, this is another FelonyGlob work, but you should know what I'm about by now and I hope you like it. :) I just love to write about these two because they are so sweet, cute and wholesome, making their moments together all the better. :) While this chapter is shorter, the others are longer and will feature new places (as well as a little trouble to showcase what can happen on a daily basis in San Fransokyo ;) ). Also, feel free to speculate what phone call Felony Carl had to make. ;)

The next chapter will have Felony Carl and Globby head uptown to the Farmers Market (as well as a surprise stop ;) ).