Absconding Sorrow

Prologue: Maybe I Know

Author: profiler120

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Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Naraku/Kagome (main), Sesshoumaru/Kagome (secondary – main sequel pairing), Inuyasha/Kagome (minor)

Genre: Romance/General

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, characters, names, etc used without permission.

Credits: "Maybe I know" is a song by Lesley Gore. You should listen to it, great song. ^_^

. . . Maybe I know that he's been a cheatin'. . .

Kagome sighed dropping her book into her bag. He canceled again. She swallowed hard tilting her head forward slightly turning her eyes down to avoid meeting anyone's gaze. How much longer could this go on?

. . . Maybe I know that he's been untrue . . .

She picked her head up as she headed out. The crowds were thinning by this time. She'd hung out for a bit in Senaka-san's classroom before she'd come out here in the hall.

But her charismatic professor wasn't on her mind today where he might have been usually. No, today her thoughts drifted to him again.

. . .But what can I do. . .

Her boyfriend. The guy she'd been with for the past couple years. His name was Masaharu Inuyasha. She hadn't immediately fallen in love with him. It wasn't love at first sight. There weren't sparks that flew or anything. Nothing like that.

They'd met through a friend of his, Miroku something or other, when he'd groped her on a street corner. She'd whirled around ready to kill and mistakenly thought Inuyasha was the culprit.

They hadn't fallen in love after that either. No, the path to their relationship was a bit of a rocky one. They'd been reluctant friends for a long time, it seemed before anything had developed'. Of course, she hadn't known then.

. . .I hear them whispering when I walk by. . .

She hadn't known about the bewitching beauty in Inuyasha's past. The unattainable perfection that embodied Yamada Kikyo. The woman that under different circumstances might have been her twin.

. . .He's gonna break her heart and make her cry. . .

Everything she knew of Kikyo she'd discovered through Sango mostly. Sango was the off and on girlfriend of Miroku, the guy who'd groped her on that street corner so long ago. Sango had known Kikyo distantly through her relationship with Inuyasha because she'd been dating Miroku at the time.

. . .I know it's me they're talking about. . .

She was everything Kagome wasn't. She was beautiful, smart, a trained miko, and a masterful archer. She was an improved version of Kagome and the news had crushed her.

. . .I bet they all think I'll never find out. . .

Kikyo had moved away though, several years ago. So for a while, she'd just let it go and tried to be happy with Inuyasha, trying to pretend she was the same happy girl she'd been before.

. . .My friends are telling me that he's no good. . .

Trying to pretend she wasn't wondering if the only reason he was with her was because of Kikyo. Wondering if every touch, every glance, every kiss was really for the Kikyo he'd lost. She'd let it all go. She'd let it slide. She moved on believing herself obsessed with it and chided herself.

. . .He isn't treating me the way he should. . .

She'd finally believed herself to be over it until six months ago. Six months! She could hardly believe she'd tolerated it this long. Six long months ago things had started to change.

. . .He really loves me that's all I can say. . .

Inuyasha had started canceling. He'd begun to shift dates around, changing times, and once or twice had failed to show entirely. He called less, much less than he had before and often seemed distracted. She'd ignored it. He was busy, she told herself. Busy.

. . .Before my tears fall I just walk away. . .

Then Miroku and Sango had started acting strangely too. They began to encourage her to break it off, to find someone with more time for her. She deserved better than Inuyasha, they'd said. They'd said everything except the truth. They'd told her all but that which was really going on. They hadn't so much as breathed her name, but it wasn't necessary. Others had.

. . .Ohh but maybe I know that he's been a cheatin'. . .

So she'd looked. She'd researched. She'd had her close friends at school find out everything they could about Yamada Kikyo'. When the news came that she'd moved back to town, she hadn't been totally surprised, but she'd been hurt.

. . .Maybe I know that he's been untrue. . .

All the old doubts resurfaced. Her torturous subconscious had whispered to her each day you're nothing but her replacement'. Then after Kikyo it had twisted it in her gut a different way. He has her now, he's only keeping you around as a backup'.

It hurt, but it was true.

. . .But what can I do. . .

She knew it. She stayed anyway.

. . .Deep down inside he loves me. . .

Six long months of it were about to come to an end. Six months of unhappiness, doubt, suspicion, fear

. . .Though he may run around. . .

Still yet there was someone else. One other person that had warned of her Inuyasha, and it was by far the most surprising. She'd never forget it, that day. That rainy day.

. . .Deep down inside he loves me. . .

They were supposed to be meeting at his house. Despite the fact it was raining, he hadn't called to cancel so she assumed the plans were still on. She'd gone to his house, only to find Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother, was the only person home.

He'd allowed her in without a word and left her there in the doorway. She waited an hour, alone, in that corridor. She paced, she sat, she shifted, anything to keep busy.

Then he suddenly appeared again. At first she hadn't noticed him, but then when she turned in her pacing she saw him in all his strangely effeminate glory leaning against the doorframe. He silently motioned her to him, and led her up a set of stairs.

. . .Some day he'll settle down. . .

She followed silently. He led her to an upstairs window at the back of the house. He stopped, pushing her in front of him toward the window. She'd stared out of the wet glass confused.

"What am I-"

He pressed her forward again, flush against the frame, his body against hers. He dipped his head.

"The gazebo," he whispered, running his hands down her shoulders to rest on her waist.

It was hard to think with him touching her, but her blood ran cold when she spotted the gazebo, and the people in it.

Inuyasha and a dark haired female locked in a passionate embrace. It had to be Kikyo even though she couldn't really tell from where she was standing.

. . .He really loves me that's all I can say. . .

The gentle pressure of his hands tightened suddenly, convulsively as he turned her around. He pulled her to him, crushing his lips against hers with a frenzy that confused her, but hadn't kept her from responding.

She returned the feverous passion shamelessly, clinging to him like some lovesick puppy. But the moment had ended abruptly when he yanked back from her, pushing her unceremoniously toward the door.

. . .Before my tears fall I just walk away. . .

She'd left. The memory remained through. Sesshoumaru didn't seem to like her, but sometimes he seemed perplexed about it.

. . .Ohh but maybe I know that he's been a cheatin'. . .

She shook her head, pushing aside the memory. Now she had other things to do. She believed Inuyasha was seeing Kikyo and her simultaneously. Sesshoumaru had shown her as much, but a shadow of doubt remained. What if that wasn't Kikyo? What if it was someone else?

. . .Maybe I know that he's been untrue. . .

What did it even matter who it was, only that he was cheating, she told herself.

. . .But what can I do. . .

But it did matter. It mattered a lot. She had to know with her own eyes, up close. She had to know if everything had been a lie. If from the very beginning he'd wanted her because of Kikyo.

As she reached the shrine stairs she turned her gaze up at the overcast sky. It had been thundering all the way home, and rain couldn't be far off. She walked across the courtyard sadly, lost in thought as she had been all day.

When she reached the stairs her unhappiness had melted in light of her anger.

Jerk. Selfish. Uncaring. Simple-minded fool. Immature. Greedy. What had she ever seen in him?

She threw open the door stomping inside. She was done being the victim. She was done pretending and fooling herself into believing things that weren't true. She would go tomorrow like she planned. She'd catch him, she'd talk to him, and it was over.

He could have the little bitch he wanted so badly from his past. He could have her forever. She

Her anger suddenly left her. She felt like a popped balloon.


She would be left alone to wander through the mess she'd allowed him to make of her life. But it had to be done.

Tomorrow, she determined. Tomorrow was the beginning of a new life. One without her beloved Inuyasha.

-End Prologue.

Author's Notes: This was written after Chapter One, so they'll both sort of be opening' chapters. After I heard the song "Maybe I know" earlier by Lesley Gore, I just had to write something with it, and this story fit perfectly.

This story's chapters are half the length I normally write, but I plan on it being a relatively short story. ^_^ Keyword: "plan". I haven't actually finished this, but I'm close.