Absconding Sorrow

Part Six: The Step

Author: Profiler120/TamashaToko

Author Notes: Once again Profiler120 was the one who wrote most of this chapter, all I did was add a paragraph or two and did a bit of the ending, but next time this poor little Tamasha will be all on her own, so be gentle.

Kagome woke to a darkened room and sweat slicked skin. The place beside her was still occupied by a slumbering Naraku, laid flat out on his stomach, dark locks pooling over the bedding.

He looked so serene and disturbingly beautiful, his hair with almost kinky waves spread out over the linens and pale skin.

She sat up, pulling off white color linens away from her over-heated skin. The dim room was humid and she could almost feel the sweet in the air. She stood up slowly, not wanting to wake Naraku, but he didn't stir. Grabbing the white robes she'd spotted earlier hanging on the back of the door; she slipped out of the room into the hall.

She felt her way along the hall toward a back room, thankful the air was cooler. She stopped at the sink and leaned against the counter, looking out the small window above the sink. Spotting the little latch, she reached for it and pulled it open, more than a little relieved when a cool breeze swept in, touching her hands, sweeping up her arms and caressing her face gently.

She sighed contentedly.

She hadn't been terrified, but she'd been significantly worried. He looked so dangerous, those dark eyes glinting at her. Of course, her fears had been unfounded. He had surprised her again, being uncharacteristically sweet, loving almost.

He had gone off to work now, but she could still remember the feel of his sweat glossed body next to hers. It would be his first day at the new campus. She couldn't remember him rising and leaving her that morning but she really wasn't thinking of it. They didn't have to play the traditional role of awaking at the same time in the morning to bid each other a good day, and every time she thought about that she felt relieved, because those were the kind of roles she would have been expected to play with Sesshoumaru.

She pulled herself up slowly for the second time now ready to join the waking world for good, pushing the sheets away. Her clothes were still out…in his car! Naraku had taken her clothes to work with him!?

Her clothes had been placed in the back seat, so he must have known they were there before driving off. He probably did it for amusement, Naraku was the kind who liked to play games sometimes.

She frowned reaching for the clothes she'd discarded last night. They would have to do for the moment. She pulled them on and moved to the door. What to do now? Explore?

She nodded determinately. She would explore her new residence. She was as excited about the concept as much as she dreaded it. She felt free and trapped all at the same time, it was really quite unpleasant, to be caught between emotions the way she presently was.

Everything was moving so quickly. One day she was agonizing over Inuyasha, the next she was in bed with his brother, only to end up pregnant and then in bed with her professor.

She frowned. She didn't like the way that sounded?

What on earth was she supposed to do now?

It then finally hit her. She was married now, and he had told her she didn't have to worry about money; meaning she was a homemaker. She had to serve her husband and care for the house, and when not doing that she could always find a project. Doing a jigsaw puzzle would kill some time.

It was wrong. It was inexplicably selfish and crude of him. How could he ever have allowed her to darken his sight the way she had? He wouldn't take any of her nonsensical chatter.

It had been a month. An agonizingly painful month. A month without her. He chided himself for sounding love sick, he didn't love her at all even if he was helplessly attracted to her.

Even if that wasn't a factor she was still carrying his child. He rushed up the shrine stairs, determined to 'right his wrong' and make this all work.

It could.

It could work.

She could love him, he…he…he would make her love him. Whether or not he loved her well…maybe loving her would be enough.


He looked up at the chirped voice and saw a woman standing by the house waving. Waving…at him? He approached wordlessly only to be smiled at warmly.

"May I help you?" she asked sweetly.

"I'm looking for Kagome."

She nodded.

"I have some news for you…I wish Kagome would have done this herself, but I couldn't stop her from making decisions the way she has."

The woman immediately set him on guard. He steeled himself for whatever bit of bad news he was about to get. What had that stupid girl done now? She…she hadn't gotten an abortion had she? She wouldn't really…

"Kagome has moved to Kyoto with her new husband."

That stupid girl indeed! He offered her the world, and she chose someone else.

After only thinking about her for the past month, he took the time to find all the information out about her that he could. Inuyasha had been her only romantic interest since middle school, so whomever she chose she couldn't have known that well. Did she even care about the welfare of that child? Denying it it's own father to have another, who obviously had problems if that person was willing to wed a pregnant Kagome so quickly.

"Husband." he was forced to not out loud. "She wouldn't marry me but she married someone else?"

He snarled, angry.

She nodded solemnly. "I'll tell you about it, if you'd like to come inside."

He wasn't sure what to do at first, but ultimately went inside following her to a small, comfortable sitting room.

"Kagome decided quite suddenly to accept a marriage proposal by her former instructor, Senaka Naraku. She left with him a few weeks ago. They are now settled in Kyoto where he teaches at a new university and Kagome waits for the baby to be born."

So that professor was the one who proposed? She-How dare she? That was why she'd wanted him to move on? So she could accept a proposal from a teacher?

"Do you have her address?"

The woman jumped at his voice; apparently, he'd startled her out of her quiet reverie.

She nodded. "Of course."

It took a minute or two of fumbling through her address book but she ultimately found it and scribbled it onto a piece of paper. He examined the small slip silently before thanking her and leaving. He had classes for several more days but he could make the trip next Monday.

Living with Naraku was…just short of horrible.

He was pleasant enough when he was around but when he wasn't, she was all alone. She'd discovered that first day the closest she was getting to the beach when he wasn't home was the window.

The doors were locked. All of them. She was hardly about to sneak out of her own house window, at least, not that first day. She'd discovered a week later she couldn't get out the windows. Even if she could she scolded herself for trying something that might end up hurting the baby.

She'd brought it up at dinner once. It was hard to explain her need to be outside, so she tried telling him her chores would be more efficient if she could run to the stores and such in the afternoon instead of him wasting his precious paper grading time to accompany her.

When he said that he liked shopping with her and such she said flat out that there were issues with keeping her locked instead like an animal, but that conversation had taken place the night she was given the diamond ring.

Since their wedding had been nothing special he bought it for her just incase she had any regrets about it.

The curse of getting such a great gift was that it was hard to show anything but affection after receiving it, but the next night when she brought her imprisonment up again she was given another gift, and then another the next time…

Finally the gifts had stopped. Naraku didn't care anymore when she would bring it up and would just dismiss her. She was a prisoner in her own home that was that.

It had only been a month and two weeks. Two…she couldn't even think of an adjective to describe it. How did she feel about it? She was married to Senaka Naraku, and five months pregnant with Masaharu Sesshoumaru's baby. How did she get involved with situations like this?

She sighed heavily.

She had never really been much of a domestic person and certainly not a cook, but now she had a husband and she cooked for him. It wasn't an easy transition really and she had faced her creations many nights red faced with embarrassment. Naraku had taken it a in stride though, smirking off her dishes, before sweeping her out the door to get something out.

It was strange and exciting though, to be brooding over something boiling away at the stove and then swept back into a passionate embrace. Naraku liked to sneak up behind her…and…eh…fondle her. She guessed that was the right word.

When not with her and not working, he was closed off in a side room. He read a lot or stared out into the ocean over the horizon. She'd wondered often what he thought about; she'd asked him once or twice. He had merely replied evasively asking her what she saw staring out at the ocean. She'd give him a silly reply and somehow they ended up running down the beach.

Was she happy? It was a question that posed her often. Her mother asked, and she'd said yes. Other family members had asked in letters since she was now quite a distance away. Even when it was not someone else asking, she asked herself.

She was getting rounder, but maybe it wasn't as notable a she thought it was. She sat up in her bed as she heard the phone ring and reached for the cordless by her- their bed.

"Hello?" she murmured expecting it to be her mother like it always was when she wanted updates or just to talk.


The voice thoroughly chilled her and she bundled up in her blankets. Naraku's scent lingered in the bed with her. The thought of Naraku and her in that bed was a sudden, heavy weight on her.

"Sesshoumaru," she breathed. How did he do that? Make her feel hot and bothered and shamed all at the same time when saying nothing but her name.

"I came to the door fifteen minutes ago Higurashi, why didn't you answer?"

"Y-you did? Why? I mean, I was asleep. What on earth are you even doing in this town?"

He scoffed. "You know perfectly well I'm looking for you. You're mother told me you've gotten married."

"Yeah," she muttered. It had been harder than she thought it would be at first. Sleeping with Naraku, he was a virtual stranger to her. She'd only known him in class and now speaking to Sesshoumaru she was struck with the glaring differences between them.

She'd gone to bed with Sesshoumaru willingly. Sesshoumaru had been gentle, guiding and encouraging whereas Naraku was stiff and demanding. He was also rough, something she couldn't quite get used to, but she deserved it for getting herself into this situation that she couldn't get out of.

Sesshoumaru wouldn't violently guard her this way. But she didn't have a choice. She was married now.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I am sorry it all happened this way. I really am. I don't know how this happened, everything is so messed up." She felt tears but bit them back not wanting Sesshoumaru to hear them in her voice.

"Spare me."

By that she guessed he was not swayed by her words before continuing on about how Naraku was chosen over him. He sounded resentful and insulted. A wound to his pride, she thought bitterly.

"It wasn't a matter of choosing someone else over you. You simply weren't an option." She replied. "I wish you would have been though."

He snorted. "All that nonsense trying to get rid of me so easily. How fitting."

Kagome hung her head not willing to explain. "What did you call for?"

"You have my child; don't think for a moment that I will leave you alone."

"Please don't!" She almost choked on the words. "Just stay away. It will only make things harder."

"You dare to tell me I can't see my own child!?"

"Sess-" she attempted to speak, but he cut her off.

"It's fortunate then that I have no intention of paying any regard to your opinion."

She opened her mouth to reply, but he had already hung up. She ended the call and tossed the phone to the side of the bed. Maybe when the baby was born things could get better.

Yeah right.

She could hope, but she knew, deep down, things would only get worse.

"He was here?"

Kagome hadn't previously bothered to look up, but did so at the venomous tone in his voice.

"I guess. I was in the bedroom all day so I didn't hear anyone knocking – but he said he was when he called."

At first she had no intention of calling of him, but Sesshoumaru's name had come up the caller ID on both phones. The one on the cordless could have easily have been erased, but the other phone was in Naraku's private office. His locked office, the man was insanely paranoid.

"What did he want?"

Kagome marked the page of her book with a sigh. "The same annoying Sesshoumaru talk – 'you're carrying my child, you can't get away that easy'. He hung up on me before I warn him to stay away again, jerk."

He smirked, but not the somewhat amused twitch of the lips she was used to seeing. This one was dangerous, and not a part of the Naraku who use to teach her. That look somehow diminished any kind of façade he was wearing before. The true monster of this story had now been revealed.

He walked behind the chair Kagome had been sitting in moved his fingers through her ebony locks once more enjoying his pet. "Do you fear me?"

"Do I-" she was pretending as though she didn't hear his devious question when the answer was a yes.

"You know Masaharu would be an unwelcome guest here, so don't disappoint me."

There never was an answer to his question, but things were obvious now. If she disobeyed him all her fears of him would be realized.

Yeah she had been right. Nothing was going to get better.

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