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Ship: Boost/Sinker

A night out with a few too many drinks consumed. A slight misstep causing a small misunderstanding leading into a, well jealous streak.

A repeat of sorts of something unsettled, something churning in the background realised not too long ago. Something which might just happen to any dedicated couple anywhere, right? We all have that green monster within us lurking, that jealous streak on some level making us doubt our partners, right? Set somewhere in the world of The Clone Wars, non-canonically but of course! Always! So, timeline, what timeline? This is fan fiction after all!

Part of the Boost/Sinker series

An invitation for a night out

'Jealousy is such an ugly word, except when you are the one experiencing all those insecure and ugly feelings all of a sudden.'

"So, why don't you both join us? It's been a while all of us have been out on the town together after all."

Hardcase was trying to sell the idea of the group of friends to spend some time on the town now that they all finally gotten some time off at the same time. Having already managed to coax several couples and a few singles too for a night out with drinks and dancing, just hanging out basically together.

Sinker gave Boost a glance, not sure if they wanted to spend their well earned time off going to bars, taking off world even.

Then again, it was true that they had all been working so hard, now that the war was over, the clones establishing their new home world with a lot to do to get the society up and running. And so, they barely had time off. Not that anyone was really complaining, as it was their home they were setting up with their own rules and whatnots.

"Well, it sounds nice and all, going out with the group."

Boost kept his eyes on Sinker as they had kind of made some tentative plans of their own already. Spending time together rather than taking off world, into a crowded city and get drunk with their buddies. Because that was what usually happened during these, so called outings with the bunch of clones they knew all too well. Usually.


Sinker was rubbing the back of his neck, seeing Boost kind of wanting to hang out with their friends too, at least one night during their mini vacation time. After all, they had been given the full week of from their current positions. And so, guess a day would not hurt? Flying out to the closest system with clubs and all as the clone home wold did not have any such establishments as of yet.

"Guess we could do that. I mean fly off, spend the night and then fly back home and go camping after that?"

Sinker was eyeing Boost whose eyes were lit up at his partner's suggestion. Because they both loved their friends and spending time with them. And they had worked really hard and earned their time off. And well, guess they could still have their private time and spend some with the other clones.

Hardcase looked at the two, knowing there was something there beneath the surface he could not pinpoint, even if he knew both of them quite well. Having shared most of their lives together, fighting in the war, being best of friends and now, after the war ended, still sticking together like glue to a soft surface. Perhaps, he should ask what it was he had detected at some point…

"Well, if you have other plans… I mean, a lot of people are coming… and I know they would love to spend time with you two too as much as I do."

Hardcase sounded a tad sad, as he was totally playing the neglected friend card, even if he wasn't too sure he should as clearly there was something going on with his two best friends he wasn't let on in. Something, which had most likely happened recently too and neither of them had spilled the beans about it.

"Jesse, Kix, Fives, Tup, Waxer and Boil, Gregor, the lot of them are joining in our little, shall we say shindig. We have the ship prepped and all for the trip."

Hardcase loved his friends, his family as they were that, extended for sure, but family. And so, trying to get these two to join using all the tricks in the book if necessary.

Sinker and Boost glance at each other again. And as if telepathically discussing their situation and whatever they should do, they simply nodded to each other before Boost spoke out.

"Yeah, I thing we can do that. Come along with the gang and all. It has been a while for us all to have some fun together."

Hardcase's eyes lit up.

"You're sure hon? I mean, we planned the outing of ours for a long time and…"

Sinker exchanged glances for the umpteenth time during this discussion and both of them smiling now and turning back to their friend.

"We are. Very sure and glad to join you all!"

It was Sinker assuring Hardcase they would be joining in the little trip with their friends after all. Seeing how much it meant for their friend in having the other two coming with.

"Alrighty then! I will make sure you have a spot on the ship!"

Hardcase was all smiles, having counted the duo already as part of their trip, so there was plenty of room. But, now that he had a formal agreement, Hardcase could not have been happier.

"So, we leave tomorrow afternoon, the planet is not far, only a few parsecs and we have a rented house for the night to stay in for all of us, so none of us have to worry about being the designated pilot!"

Hardcase had already prepped everything. Having planned the outing as soon as he knew they would have the time off. Wolffe having tried to calm him down, but Hardcase was far too eager to do this whole thing, so Wolffe had let his partner do his thing.

And so now, the group of clones were about to embark on a mini vacation together and have the time of their life while doing so.

"That sounds like a perfect plan!"

Boost chimed. As it was, their little camping outing was planned for a few days and so, taking two off to get off world would be simply fine. No issues for their schedules at all.

"I know, that is why I planned it so carefully. For us."

Hardcase laughed as did Boost and Sinker too. It was perfect timing after all. To get out and have some fun with the boys and then, have their own special time together, in the middle of nowhere nature. Just the two of them. Simply perfect!

Settling in for the pending night out with friends

'Well planned is half done. Well, perhaps not for an outing with drinks, food and friends, but still, planning is key, unless the plan goes terribly wrong? As usually, there is no plan B.'

The flight over had been rather fun.

The clones had been chatting, joking and in general enjoying spending time together with each other after several weeks of hard work in getting their planet up and running. Not that any of them were complaining about that very fact. At all. It was their home after all they were setting up after all, finally. And so, putting their best effort in was no issue for any of them.

And so, soon to be landing on the planet with the several welcoming bars was upon.

"So, when we get to the house, we should have a few drinks to get in the mood before hitting the bars. There is food already there, hopefully in the house. A little something I've ordered before hand."

Hardcase had kind of planned the whole outing already, kind of getting the idea of what they all wanted to do after chatting with his closest friends before even making the plans for their mini outing together.

"Unless someone wants to go out there and do some sightseeing first?"

Hardcase glanced around the crowd of eleven, with Jesse, Kix, Fives, Tup, Waxer, Boil, Gregor, Wolffe, Sinker and Boost with himself included of course in the count. The only single of the group being Gregor. At least at the moment he was single. Even if there were some feelers out there for him on their home world. Having several options to choose from as Jesse had jokingly said.

"I think we have done enough of that to last a life time. Cruising the various worlds!"

Jesse snorted, as knowing they had all seen their share of places, planets, systems and local people to not really want to wander about too much, rather staying put in one place and simply spending relaxed time with each other rather than some outsiders.

"I agree. I think we should stick to the plan and simply go out and have some food, fun and dance and lotsa liquor and perhaps not in any specific order either."

Gregor chimed in, getting a high five from Jesse and agreeing murmurs from the rest of the crowd.

"I second or third that? We have seen enough of planets already and no amount of sightseeing is going to make a difference."

Fives was not about to waste time in getting the local tour. He wanted to get food and drinks and then do the singalong as promised by Hardcase. And then later some smooth slow dancing with his partner Tup on the dance floor.

"Yeah, I think most of us would gladly, forgo the side tours and go to the main event. I mean, some of us only have the two days off."

Kix reminded them also, as they had agreed with Rex and Cody. Their leaders as the two Commanders were now of their new home world, to have the time off in groups so not all of them would be off world or out there doing their own thing at the same time. A sound notion for sure as there was still a lot of work to be done and the daily grind in a manner of speaking had already started with the farms and factories and whatnots in progress.

"Well, then I guess if nobody wants to do any side tours, it is agreed. We'll get the transport to our home away from home and then grab some dinner before hitting the bars."

Hardcase was recapping the plan, having already kind of suspected they would do what he had suggested for them to do. Knowing his friends well enough and so, daring to already book both transport and dinner before hand. Just to make sure no time was wasted on waiting for the basic things in the galaxy.

After all, time was of the essence for these travelling clones. The time of fun!

"That sounds like the best plan!"

Kix, Jesse, Howzer and Gregor were all laughing at Hardcase, clearly taking this whole 'mission' of theirs rather seriously. Even getting an approving and loving smile from Wolffe, who had seen how much effort his partner had put into this event of theirs.

The ship finally landed onto the hangar with Waxer and Boil having offered to take the helm for the trip here and the trip home piloting still being open, having all decided it would depend on the condition they were all in the next day before going back.

Hardcase was already up and guiding the small team, being the hen mom of the lot. The role had proudly adopted for the duration of the trip. Well, at least, that would be the case, Wolffe knew until he got some liquor into him and then, it would be Wolffe and Gregor taking care of the younger clones.

"Everyone, your carriage awaits you!"

Hardcase smilingly alerted the others after getting a ping on his wrist comms of their transport having arrived to the hangar and waiting for them to take the lot to their dwelling for the two days.

Hardcase then looked on like a drill sergeant making sure they were all picking up their bags and heading for the taxi before he joined them with Wolffe who had been waiting for his boyfriend to do his thing. Something which Wolffe found rather endearing of Hardcase to have done. But then again, Wolffe knew Hardcase had a big heart and loved taking care of his friends.

They group had found their seats on the transport, which would take a short trip to where they were staying.

"Hope you are all ready for some food as I have ordered some stuff for us to the house we are staying at. It is still a while before dinner gets there so, I figured we could use some small edibles before taking off."

Hardcase clearly having though about everything.

"We are!"

The crowd sounded rather cheerful, even if the trip had already started with them taking off their home world, the holiday mood was only now picking up for the most of them.

"Three cheers for Hardcase!"

It was Gregor who was in charge of the ruckus of the team it seemed. And soon enough, the others were joining in, cheering loudly for their friend for having arranged this little outing for them all.

There is an incident happening over here

'Drinks shared between friends can be relaxing and fun. Enter an unknown element and all hell might just break loose, just because of one slight misunderstanding?'

"Anyone ready for another round?"

Howzer was offering as even if they had a joint credit setup for their outing. Each of them having put their own contribution into the pot. And it was Howzer and Hardcase whom seemed to be the ones making sure their team mates would not go without a drink for too long at least.

"I think we could do one before we go for the singing round."

Hardcase eyed the table for any objections. As they had all agreed in taking to the small stage setup with microphones and selections of music to singalong with. Something the clones really loved to do. To sing. Especially after a few drinks of encouragement had been consumed. But they mostly did not need any alcohol to start a round.

"I think we can all agree on one more round. I at least don't feel courageous enough to get up there singing in front of everyone just yet."

Wolffe was joking of course, as he was usually the very first one starting the singalong or joining in if there was a one of any kind going on. Wolffe often even having been heard singing in the long hallways of the starships when the war was still going on and they were stuck in hyperspace. The echo of his voice carrying far and wide.

"Yeah, like you need one to get out there singing your wee heart out!"

Jesse laughed at his friend, not that he himself was the shy one either.

"I don't think any of us need any kind of encouragement to sing. Especially Vode An or any other tune someone is humming!"

Waxer joined the chorus, because this bunch currently seated at the table and having gone on this trip, were the most vocal clones of the lot. At least they liked to think so. And the good kind of vocal, naturally.

"Gregor is worse!"

Wolffe pointed at the man pointing at himself mounting the word 'me?' in mock surprise even if it was usually either of the two, Gregor or Wolffe starting the singing and then others simply joining in whatever shanty was going on.

"You both are!"

The ruckus soon escalated, all of them starting stories of one of the other having run amok with their singing. Especially in public spaces where Mando'a was not used as the spoken language and having a bunch of clones singing in said language certainly was a crowd gathering event. In both the good and the bad.

"I think we can all agree we are all as bad when it comes to singing in public."

Kix was trying to do the polite thing, even if there was no real argument going on between the group of clones. Rather a simple friendly banter of the singing sort and choices of music and even venue where to do it. They all agreed it did not matter what or where though, as long as they were allowed to sing!

The evening had progressed to the state where the singing 'contest' was over and the group had mostly moved to the dance floor. The couples dancing together but mostly the clones were doing their dancing in a group. Safety in numbers and all that, even if this was a clone friendly establishment. Still, old habits really died hard for all of them.

Sinker and Boost had been dancing in the group, with other people starting to gather around them as well. Some of the locals even having chatted with the clones earlier. Gregor clearly having had his share of admirers with several eligible men according to Jesse's assessment of them. Not that they could tell if they were attached or not, but at least for tonight they were all acting footloose and fancy free.

But there had also been a few unwanted moves made on a few of the clones. Even if those misunderstandings had been mostly settled, as it was, part from Gregor, they were all reserved. Still, there was one particular male, a human one, who seemed rather interested in Boost. And despite the kind words at first and some not so kind ones to follow as the stranger did not seem to get it, the man being nothing if not persistent in his pursuit of the pretty looking clone.

Sinker was having none of it though as the stranger simply kept on popping to his and Boost's personal space while on the dance floor.

As it was, a not so dissimilar incident had happened some time back while the duo had been visiting a not so dissimilar establishment off world. And back then Sinker had gotten really jealous of the advancements made at Boost by another suitor.

As it was, Boost might just have given his supposed suitor some ideas while flirting with him rather openly too. Boost having been rather drunk during the time and causing a scene between then three of them because of Sinker acting poorly to the whole ordeal, having shoved the stranger in the end while trying to get him off of Boost.

All and all, it was an ugly scene and by now the matter was supposedly handled between the two lovers. But it seemed that a bad taste had been left behind from it all. At least for Sinker. And so now, those events were all coming back to him, hitting his mind with full force.

"Could you please, just leave us alone?"

Sinker was trying his hardest to not to blow up, while the man kept on dancing way too close to Boost.

"I don't see your 'partner' complaining about it."

The man simply retorted, sounding totally snide while using air quotes to make his point, that Boost was somehow available and Sinker did not act like the boyfriend he was supposed to be.

Sinker was not feeling it. At all.

As he looked at Boost who only raised his shoulders in a question, not sure what to do or comment. And clearly, Boost was not bothered by the stranger's advancements. At all.

Sinker was not getting why Boost was not bothered by it though. Then again, being once again reminded that this was not the first time Boost had been hit on by strangers and seemed to like flirting with them too. As clearly, this kind of attention seemed to boost his ego, on some level at least. Something which Sinker could not understand, why the need for it was there in the first place.

The tow of them were supposed to be committed, to each other. Or at least he had thought they were. But this behaviour of his partner seemed far from committed or even a partnership.

Sinker then made a decision and simply stepped between Boost and the stranger. Standing there with his body as the defensive line for the stranger not being able to pass.

"What the kriff are you doing?"

The man asked him annoyed of the intrusion.

"You shall not pass. If you want to flirt with someone, go find them elsewhere. Otherwise, you have to deal with me."

Sinker loomed over the other man, his face having a dangerous plastered on it. Wanting his message to be understood loud and clear. That of Boost being reserved.


The man was trying to move around Sinker, but he was unyielding. And in the end, the stranger gave up. With arms raised in the air in surrender as he then stomped away.

But, as the matter with the stranger was solved, Sinker was still not a happy camper.

Rather turning to look at Boost, whom seemed rather confused about the whole ordeal. Trying to look all innocent even if Boost had been flirting with the strange man.

They glared at each other for a brief moment. Neither of them saying anything.

And then, Sinker simply left Boost on the dance floor with the other vode without any kind of explanation.

After being too frustrated of his partner not seeing what he was doing to him, to them. No realising Sinker did not like it. At all. A repeating occurrence for sure and something which left Sinker rethink their relationship as he walked away.

Talking about things usually helps, right?

'Sometimes, communication is the key. Well, it is the case most of the times, right?'

"Sinker! Please! Wait!"

Boost had ran after Sinker seeing him leave the bar rather than go back to their table having left the dance floor and Boost standing there alone.

Boost was worried now. Having seen first hand how jealous Sinker could be and then, having ignored it while kind of flirting with the man who had joined them on the dance floor. Kind of. Well, Boost had, flirted. But in his mind, it was all harmless. Right? After all, there was no harm in looking even if one was reserved. Was there?

Before leaving the dance floor, he had gotten a few glares and head shakes from the rest of the group, Jesse and Hardcase having been witnessing the scene happening on the floor just before Sinker had left. They weren't happy of course, but in a manner they could understand both men's point of view. Still wanting to keep neutral for now, Jesse had only motioned with this head for Boost to go after Sinker. Which he was about to do anyway.

Boost had not even realised he was doing it. The flirting. While having a bathroom break and running into the patron, who had immediately chatted Boost up in the queue. Boost, feeling good for getting admiration from strangers on some level. Even if Sinker never left him out, never not acknowledging how great Boost was and how fortunate he was in having Boost in his life. Still, guess it was Boost's nature to simple have a need for more, even if he was never going to betray his partner in any kind of way.

It was the exact same thing which had happened before. The last time the two of them had been out and about.

A few parties had shown interest in Boost, even coming up to chat with him, offering drinks and other suggestions as well. Sinker had gone totally bonkers when it had happened, almost having ended up in a fight with them men. Luckily the situation had been diffused before it had gotten out of hand. And clearly, Sinker had learnt his lesson and rather than fighting, he had simply walked away from the situation.

But, because of that, lack of fighting spirit, Boost was beginning to suspect Sinker had started having doubts about Boost's loyalty towards him.

Boost had reached the outside, but part of a few patrons having smokes and drinks on the street there, Sinker was nowhere to be seen. That made Boost worry. Because the last time, Sinker had picked the fight, showing in a some fashion he cared for Boost enough to fight for him. At least that was how Boost had seen the situation.

Now? Well, now it seemed Sinker did not care at all. Having simply shoved off after a brief moment of arguing. Leaving Boost on his own, well, at least without Sinker there fending for himself. Not that Boost or any of the others really needed someone standing up for them. But it was a nice feeling. Being adored and cared for. Having someone standup for them.

And Boost was starting to think that it was the root of the problem for him. Wanting said adoration and care. From strangers it was as he had never felt anything but from Sinker. Feeling conflicted of his inner turmoil, the mixed feelings of what he wanted, Boost needed to find Sinker and fast.

Boost had looked around the immediate area, the surroundings and even the alleyway close by. But Sinker was nowhere to be found. Boost could only deduce he had gone back to the house. At least, Boost hoped Sinker had done that rather than ran off to Force knew where as this was a strange place for them after all. And who knew what was lurking under the supposedly peaceful surfaces of any planet really.

Deciding to go back to the house, Boost made good time in getting there.

Only hoping his suspicions had been right and Sinker had gone back to the there. Because Boost knew now, after a few selected thoughts on the matter and having sobered up plenty too, that he had not behaved in a manner becoming to someone's partner. Even if Sinker was the jealous one.

As Boost totally had some 'splaining to do or grovelling more likely if he was to get back to Sinker's good graces. But Boost was willing to do whatever it took.

Boost arrived at the house, seeing that Sinker was indeed there.

The breath of relief was let out when he saw his partner present. Boost having worried that Sinker would take off to some half cocked walkabout of his own because he had been so mad and letting out the fumes was his way of coping with anger usually.

Boost could see though, that Sinker was in a bad mood, which was nothing good.

The last effects of the consumed alcohol all gone for Boost at this point, but clearly Sinker had decided he needed to drown his sorrow in the stuff. The bottle beside him with the half downed glass, the man already well on his way to the land of forget and regret in the morning.

Boost stood there, at the door, carefully observing Sinker, thinking of a best strategy for himself and how to approach him at this point in time. Of course jealousy was not a good colour of anyone to wear. But neither was prancing around and creating false situations for strangers in bars just to get some, well, appreciation.

Deciding to at least try, something, Boost stepped close to Sinker, not really reaching him, but close enough he could at least talk with Sinker.


There was no answer.

Sinker sat in perfect silence, staring at the half empty glass in front of him. He was hardly moving, and Boost could sense how tense he was. Not that Boost wasn't tense too. The situation between them far from ideal, having been the instigator for it all himself.

Threading lightly, Boost crossed the last steps before reaching the table where Sinker was seated at. Taking a seat opposite of Sinker, as he wanted to be face to face with him. But also not daring to get close enough, seeing the invisible walls been erected around Sinker once again.

There was a long pause, neither of them speaking.

Sinker did not look up or at Boost, rather simply glaring into his glass. Picking it up and taking another swig from it. Then swirling the liquid inside the container, clearly deep in thought. Or at least that was what he wanted it to look like, as inside his mind, Sinker was fuming.

Boost glared at Sinker for a moment longer, not really sure as to what to say or do to get his partner's attention. Because he really needed it. Feeling the pressure of the situation, the worry of what had happened. As the silence Sinker was now submerged in was far worse than the fight they had had the last time.

"Sinker, please talk to me."

Boost's voice was coarse, as well as pleading and filled with raw emotion, almost tearful. His eyes fixed on Sinker.

Sinker continued the silence for a moment longer before letting out a long sigh, taking the last drink from his glass and then, with a rather theatrical manner, his motions controlled as he changed his position before even turning to look at Boost.

"What is it exactly that you want me to tell you?"

Sinker's voice was overly cool and calm, his glare totally emotionless, as if he really did not care anymore. Sinker was good at hiding his feelings, after all. Not that it was easy for him to do so at the very moment to do so.

Sinker felt as if he had been stabbed in the back. His partner doing the stabbing.

As this was the same thing happening all over again. Despite they having sort of discussed the situation back then, Sinker never really having pushed Boost too much on the issue. Still, Sinker had thought they had come to an understanding. How wrong had he been!

Boost's behaviour, especially when drunk and around other people, not clones, as Sinker was not jealous of their friends or kin, was inexcusable. As Boost was clearly getting his kicks from strangers showing any kind of interest in him. Letting them on after it started rather than putting them in their places. At least that was how Sinker saw the situation.

And Sinker was not the one to share a partner. Not unless they had agreed on some other relationship arrangement. They had not. And os now Boost was raising these, jealous feelings in Sinker. Rubbing him in the totally wrong way by acting like he did. Sinker having no idea as to why, as he did not feel like a bad partner to Boost.

Boost looked lost. not really sure as to the why he was behaving in the way he was. Even if he knew deep down it would hurt Sinker. Change, was never easy. After having been a certain way for so long… and now, that Boost was in a committed relationship, adjusting to the fact, that he was not available for others, nor that he really needed validation from anyone except his partner? Well, it was all, difficult.

As to the fight before, having realised that Sinker had a jealous streak?

Boost had no explanation why he had ignored the warning signs. But now, seeing Sinker in this state. Having simply walked away from the situation than actually, started a fight? Boost felt both offended but also relieved. As on some level he had wanted Sinker to fight for him. But also knowing it was really stupid and juvenile to want it. Still, there was some kind of twisted thing deep inside of Boost which caused him to act the way he did. And now, he was afraid, that Sinker was starting to lose all interest in him.

Guess telling the truth, was the best policy? Starting with that, with his voice hardly sounding out, the lump in his throat and the tears filling his eyes, Boost's voice was just a tad above a whisper.

"Sinker, I don't want you to leave me. I would be devastated if I lost you."

Sinker simply glared at Boost his eyes wide.

Not that the whole 'I don't think we should stay together because we are too different' had not entered his mind. But hearing the words spoken out loud? And by Boost no less. Having harboured the thoughts in his mind that the other man perhaps did not even want to be together anymore. That Boost wasn't as invested or interested in their relationship as Sinker was.

But, hearing the words made Sinker rethink everything he had dwelled on moments before Boost had arrived. Suddenly, all the things, all the questions, all the doubts Sinker might just have hard. were simply pushed to the back. And all Sink could think about at the moment, was how much he loved Boost and did not want to hurt him.

Talk about a quick change of mindset, as just moments earlier, Sinker had been sure they were going to break up!

"I, I don't want to leave you. That is the only thing I really don't want to do."

Sinker's tone was low and filled with emotion. Near to tears as he was too.

Getting up from his seat, and moving to his lover's side. Sinker took the empty seat beside Boost, placing a hand on his arm as he looked into Boost, his eyes filled with emotion and visible tears.

Holding his lovers gaze as Sinker spoke to Boost.

"I love you Boost. And I don't want to lose you either."

Can we at least try again, is all I ask?

'Making up? Trying to understand? To get along with the one you love, no matter what happened before? Is it really so much to ask?'

The silence between the two partners stretched for the longest moment. Neither of them moving.

Not away from each other nor were they trying to close the small gap between them either. The simple words spoken out loud hanging in the air, but it had not been enough though, to sew together the wide crevice between them.

Even if the outspoken truth was there, that they did not want to loose the other, the root cause still existed and whether simply loving someone was enough to get over it all was enough, remained to be seen.

"Why did you do it?"

Sinker finally the one to break the silence, keeping Boost's gaze, his hand never leaving the others hold.

Boost had no answer to give though, not really. As the more he thought about the reasons for his actions, the more they were starting to sound totally silly in his mind. But perhaps, trying to explain them? What and how he felt? Perhaps Sinker could understand, at least in some level why Boost had done what he had done?

"I guess, I feel… I dunno, like if people approach me, flirt with me, that I am wanted?"

It was difficult to explain, the reasons behind his own behaviour though. As Boost could not even be sure himself as to why he was doing the things he was. Even if he knew Sinker loved him and wanted him, despite not been prepared to fight for him this time.

Sinker was thoughtful for a moment. Seeing how difficult it was for Boost to explain the why behind his somewhat bad behaviour. Doing it even if he knew it was hurting his partner.

"But you know how I feel about you? That I want to be with you and only you? Right?"

Sinker tried his best to probe. To get to the root of the thought process of Boost's and trying to understand why he would need the validation from strangers when he already had a loving partner at his side.

Boost was in turn trying to read Sinker, seeing only love in the other man's eyes. The fear and doubt Boost seemed to have deep inside of him, was clearly in unbalance with the reality of things. Because there really had been no reason for him to feel insecure. Sinker was his and there was no doubt on Sinker's side about any of it.

Except maybe the fact, that it was Boost, who was the doubtful one after all, not Sinker.

"I do. And I have been a fool thinking you were not sincere about our relationship."

Boost moved, getting closer to Sinker, close enough they were sharing the same air.

"I, am so sorry."

Boost closed the final gap, his lips meeting Sinker's. A soft kiss on the lips which was immediately reciprocated. The love shared in the brief touch before breaking a part.

"I have been so totally wrong. And I have no excuse for my behaviour. The only thing I can do, is to promise never to do it ever again. Can you, please, ever forgive me?"

Boost's eyes darted on Sinker's. Looking for something, assurance, doubt, anything really indicating he still cared for Boost enough to forgive him and to believe him, he was willing to change. Because he wanted to, change.

Sinker stared into Boost's eyes, a small smile emerging then.

As if reading his partners thoughts, his self doubt, the sincerity of his words. Decision was made, as it wasn't really that hard either to decide. Sinker loved Boost. Boost loved Sinker. They had issues, for sure, but nothing they could not overcome, right? And now, they had started talking. Really talking and simply not making excuses either. Rather admitting they had flaws, issues with themselves. But together they could work on them.

"Of course my love. You are mine and I am yours, if you can trust in that fact, then I have nothing but forgiveness in me. If…"

Sinker paused and Boost inhaled, half holding that breath, the last word unexpected again. But…

"Only if you forgive me."

Sinker leaned in, his forehead against Boost's.

"I was as stupid in all of this as you were. For different reasons, but still, I could have handled things better this time around."

Sinker admitted as much, knowing he could have tried to pry into the thought process behind Boost's behaviour the first time it had happened. And this, spat, they had just had, could have easily been avoided.

"No, it was my fault. I should not have gone flirting with that man because I could see it upset you."

Boost tried to take the blame then.

Sinker let out a small laugh and pressed his finger on Boost lips to stop the pleading words from pouring out.

"Hon, we are both to blame so let's just agree on that. Otherwise we will be debating this until the very future. We can work on this. But, right now, I want to end this conversation with that notion."

Sinker placed a soft kiss on Boost's lips, before getting up and offering his hand to Boost in support.

"Now, let's go and make up, put this sadness behind us for now. And when we are just the two of us, back home, we'll talk about this, about how we feel. Really feel, if someone else makes a move on either of us, agreed?"

Boost felt more at ease, more relaxed. Only too happy Sinker was not about to leave him and that he trusted Boost enough to trust his word, that this was the last time and that they were at a truce.

"I would love nothing more, my love."

After all, this was supposed to be a trip filled with fun and happiness, not sour fights and betrayal.

"Come with me then, and I will show you how much I adore you, sweetheart."

Boost let Sinker lead him to their bedroom. Because there was nothing more he wanted in the very moment than for his lover to worship him.

Stumbling down, no matter how secure the relationship might just have been, is only human after all. Getting back up again and admitting to having been wrong, is the courageous part of the process.

As it is, we all make mistakes, right?