drabble fic with very short chapters. title from 'more than it hurts you' from the front bottoms. this is the closest thing i've gotten to an actual self insert

Realizing I was reincarnated in 1989 sucked way more than realizing I was living in the Twilight books. By the time I was in high school I'd learned to cope with both, but the whole no iPhone thing crushed me daily.

The Twilight books thing didn't bother me. I was two years younger than Bella (who I had meant several times — small town realness) and we were neither close nor enemies, so I had no reason to assume I would fall into the plot. Hell, I even tried to avoid La Push, since I knew what was starting to cook up there.

I forgot one key detail.

When the Cullens moved into town, I was in the eighth grade. Their arrival caused a flurry of excitement, and it seemed, for months, they were all my small town could talk about. Even my older sister got caught up in it.

"He's just so dreamy."

Abigail was referring to Jasper Hale. He was a Confederate soldier, so I had marked him down as 'maybe racist' in my head. I've been informed by her, who was a sophomore in high school, that every girl had picked their Cullen-Hale to be totally infatuated with.

"Not that it matters, they're all taken."

Not Edward, but I wasn't supposed to know that, so I didn't fill her in. She said he wasn't her type, so she would have cared little, if at all.

When the talk of the new family in town died down, I figured I was in the clear. Bella stopped visiting her dad, and instead Charlie went to see her — my mom was a fan of gossip, and heard this from our neighbor Shelby who heard it from her sister-in-law Maddie who heard it from another source. Normally, gossip like his was extremely over exaggerated, but I knew this one to be true.

I graduated middle school. Posed for photos with Abigail, my parents, the full family. My mom was sobbing. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Seattle with their three kids to witness it. All very strange behavior, and Abigail agreed, even if she was sucking up the attention only three years prior.

I entered freshman year. My best friend, a girl named Nicole, had this mom with a really annoying high pitched voice. She made us take six thousand photos for the first day of high school, and then my mom took a hundred more.

"Smile, Kate!" My mom cooed, snapping another photo.

Everything was normal. I was normal. Nothing to give me away to the group of vampires sitting desolate at the lunch table on the other side of the cafeteria.

I kept thinking that, as I made my way from class to class, walking with Nicole and her new boyfriend.

The one key detail came back to bite me in the ass.

Edward Cullen could read minds.