For the wolves having to rely on a bloodsucker to learn how to survive a battle against a bunch of bloodsuckers was rather painful for their ego.

But it had to be done in order to survive and protect both Bella and the town's people.

And the most unnerving thing was that the scarred vampire, Jasper , he was the definition of danger itself. He was a natural fighter who could be as brutal as he could be merciless while fighting his own coven mates. Sam didn't even want to know how he would get in a real fight.

He held himself high and authoritative when he spoke. His gaze hard and his face emotionless. All about his demeanor screamed for submission in exchange for one's life and Sam refused to admit that that leech intimidated him.

Even more so because it was loud and clear that the bloodsucker was an Alpha. One who seemed to have no troubles at all to be ordered around by someone as soft natured as the doctor.

Still .

Something about this bloodsucker wasn't right. His smell . The leeches' stench was for the most part bittersweet but this one's. .. He smelt like a rotting corpse under that heavy floral fake fragrance that seemed like an exact copy from the little vampire. His stench was absolutely acid and disgusting.

It screamed death and danger. Wrong . His instincts reeled whenever the leech got too close and while killing him would, should be his reaction this wasn't the case.

His instincts wanted him to run and protect his pack.

Because this. This was the kind of predator that hid in the shadows and slaughtered down other predators.

But he also could see he was weak. At first he had thought he was holding back but he wasn't.

And when the dreaded moment of training with each other came Sam had seen it. He had managed to take the bloodsucker down after this one got distracted with the sight of Paul bringing the little vampire down.

His eyes were also different.

There was silver in them.

And God from up close the amount of scar he had in him was almost bizarre. Littering his neck and jawline. Bite marks. And it was at that moment as he had seen his eyes darken that Sam had realized something.

The scarred bloodsucker wasn't as docile as the rest of the leeches. In fact. He was sure that the doctor wasn't even the one keeping him in line but that little harmless looking vampire he had for a mate.

That right there was a vampire. Not one driven by revenge or a domesticated one as the ones Sam had seen so far but an actual vampire who was driven by his thirst and desire for survival.

He was dangerous.

And the doctor didn't even seem to notice what he had at the other end of the leash.


-All I picked up was wolf stench.- Jasper announced as he emerged from the trees. Edward met his gaze and while he said nothing Jasper could feel his doubts and concern.

He felt more worried than Jasper had ever felt him and he couldn't help but sooth his anxieties to an extent.

-This will work.- He assured. He had taken great precautions and made sure to set up the perfect trap. Even told the shifters where to emerge from when the battle started. The element of surprise .

The newborns would never expect something as mortal as the wolf spirits to exist or that these would even come after them. Bella's blood would put them all over the place. Irrational and stupid. No control whatsoever and therefore easier to kill .

-Are you sure you want to fight?- Edward asked, he knew Carlisle and Esme had their doubts about letting Jasper participate in the fight against the newborns for it could bring bad memories.

Jasper frowned at him.

-Of course. You need me there.- Jasper told matter of fact. To be honest he was disappointed that Carlisle hadn't allowed him the use of his gift even now at such difficult times. He could bring those newborns down without having to send his family into battle. But Carlisle hadn't said anything.

"Ya should ask the coven leader ta use yer gift. None of this would even be necessary."


"We can kill 'em without havin' ta put the coven in danger. They aren't ready ta face such a thing as that of an army. They aren't enough."

"They are."

"No they ain't an' we both know it. Ya should let meh fight."

"So you can kill one of the dogs? No thank you."

"They're a pest. Ya shouldn't trust 'em. They'll betray ya sooner or later."

"Who says I trust 'em?"

"Ya let the puppy spar with the angel. Alone."

"Seth's different."

The Major scoffed.

As if.


Jasper. Indeed. Wished to not have gone to that fight.

All because of one single thing.

Bree .

That was the name of that little newborn Jasper turned his back to and allowed to be slaughtered.

He could have saved her.

Both because she was too small and confused to deserve such fate but also because Esme had longed for the little girl.

But he didn't.

He let her be killed. And while Edward told him that it wasn't his fault for there was nothing he could do without attracting attention from the Volturi he couldn't help but feel like he should have done something.

She had reminded him of Eric. Youngest newborn to ever be turned. Had looked around 12-13 and while the kid hadn't been that skilled he had been... a nice one to be around. He liked to watch the starred night and seemed quite eager to improve.

He was the last newborn he killed for Maria before the world came crashing down on him. Before the emotions suffocated him to the point of no return. Fear. Panic. Betrayal. Confusion. Desperation. Eric had struggled against him but at the end it was a fruitless struggle for his head ended up meeting the ground.

Bree had been filled with such fear and confusion. Loneliness. Pain. Desperation.

But before the Volturi arrived there had been the faintest glimmer of hope in her.

He had kept her calm with his gift when the Volturi acknowledged her presence and had craved to shatter her pain to pieces when Jane attacked her.

But he didn't.

If he did he would bring attention to himself and Alice had long ago warned him to not use his gift around the Volturi if he was to ever encounter them. Don't attract attention. If Aro recognized him things could go horrible.

Feeling Jane's gift had been as interesting as it had been skin crawling. He wondered if he could send that pain back to her.

But Bree .

Esme had been so heartbroken upon their return. It was clear she had hoped to find in Bree the child that she would never be able to have.

He could have saved her.

His mind came to a hiccup as he shifted and his arm flared. He had almost forgotten about the newborn that bit him. He had tore her jaw off of course, he didn't care much for the bite was proof that he didn't fail to keep his pixie safe.

And it wasn't as if it hurt. Or well. It did hurt but he could take it for that wasn't the worst thing to ever happen to him. And while licking it would work for other vampires it didn't for him. The venom in his mouth wasn't strong enough to help counteract the foreign venom in his body and coating his mouth with enough venom to do so was a hassle and a waste.

He sighed and stared at the bite. He could feel it throbbing and while the pain was familiar it did nothing but make him nauseous. And before he knew it he was hyperventilating, grabbing at his chest and hiding his head between his knees, hands gripping his shoes as he fought to take deep breaths. Deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out.

But whenever he thought he would succeed at getting his breathing back in control the bite would burn twice as hard. He could still feel the remaining pain from Bree clinging to him like a sticky mantle, thick, suffocating, hot, her fear, her anger.

He could hear her screams. The sound of her neck being snapped. Ceramic shattering. Could remember how her limbs twisted due the pain. Her small form writhing on the grass.

He could remember the sound of bodies colliding against each other. Thunder reverberating across the place. Could smell the blood lingering in the newborn's tissues. Bitter. He could feel the raging bloodlust and wrath. The death.

And he couldn't breathe. His arm burnt and he couldn't breathe. He was gasping for air and his chest was collapsing in on itself. His lungs were at the verge of bursting and he couldn't fucking breathe. His fingers grasped his hair as a sound stuck at the back of his throat.

He was suffocating and his arm burnt. Burnt. He could feel the sweat trickling down his temple as a choked gasp leaves him. And all of a sudden the once comforting darkness of the closet is too much for his overworked mind. He's shaking as he gets up but the action brings with it a jolt of fire in his arm.

And he still can't breathe. Why can't he breathe? He's choking, he can't breathe, he's choking he's choking, he can't breathe.

̶T̶̶h̶̶u̶̶n̶̶d̶̶e̶̶r̶ ̶r̶̶u̶̶m̶̶b̶̶l̶̶e̶̶s̶ ̶o̶̶u̶̶t̶̶s̶̶i̶̶d̶̶e̶̶.̶ Newborns crash outside. A house collapses under the thunder.

There's blood.

There's blood covering his hands and the air is burning around him and his chest feels like it's about to explode. There's venom covering his hands and people screaming behind the thunder.

His arm burns and he drops to his knees. The newborns are fighting. Fighting. Blood and venom pierces the air staining it in nothing but in an overwhelming bittersweet elixir. The house has come down. Fire. There's screams behind the thunder. Wails of red hot rage and burning hatred.

The newborns are killing each other.

The newborns are killing each other.

The newborns are killing each other.

He can't breathe and the world is burning down around him. Red stains his hands. Silver stains his hands. Red. Silver. Red. Red. Silver. His arm throbs with the force of a human's heartbeat. Maria isn't gonna like that. He should stop them. Stop them before their numbers decrease too much. Much. He should stop them. Break them. Break them before Maria comes.

But he can't breathe and if he can't breathe he can't focus and if he can't focus he can't do anything right . He is choking and his head is starting to hurt, he can't breath, but he is choking but he can't stop, he's gonna die, he's gonna die like all those newborns he had killed. Humans. Vampires. Maria's gonna be furious. He is choking he is choking he can't breathe he is-

-Jasper.- Someone's calling him, a woman, she's calling him. He scrambles back with a whimper.- Jasper, Jazz, darling listen to me, it's just me, Esme. You need to calm down, everything is okay, you are having a flashback, everything is okay, you are okay, you are safe .- There's a soft hand against his cheek, not grabbing, just resting there.

And still, his entire being screamed and with it he snapped as he sprung up despite knowing that by doing so he was just making things worse.

The hands didn't come back but he still growled. His panting was harsh and he felt like passing out.

But he didn't want to give in.

He wouldn't give in.

But the emotions in the air weren't cold but warm. Familiar. Soothing . Even past his state his instincts recognized it as a safe haven and he couldn't help but feel his shoulder relax the slightest bit.

The emotions were stronger. Warm. Good .

Gentle arms wrapped around him as his legs gave in but he didn't care for her arms were there to catch and hold him. He buried his face into the crook of her neck. He couldn't remember her name. Couldn't remember it but he knew it was important.

She was important.

He couldn't focus on much but he knew that he was safe. As long as she was around he was safe.

But he still couldn't breathe.

-You need to breathe sweetheart, can you do that for me? You need to take deep breaths, come on breathe with me.- His hand is against a chest that moves at a slow pace. Calm. Breathe. Breathe. He tries to mimic the rhythm of the way the chest moves against his hand.- That's it, just breathe with me, you're okay, you are okay, can you please tell me at least three things you can feel or see around you?- The soft voice his brain finally managed to recognise as Esme's asked.

-Yer hand... s' cold...

-Good, good, what else?- Esme encouraged. This was usually the best method to help him ground himself.

-I can smell the dogs' lingerin' stench.

There weren't mutts in the South.

-Excellent, you are doing good, what else? Just one more.

-You ain't mad.- He breathed out finally opening his eyes and pulling back from her hold.

-Are you alright?- Esme asked softly, he had been perfectly fine earlier, she had kept an eye on him for this sole reason, she had been worried that bringing him into a fight against so many newborns could trigger this kind of reaction.

Carlisle and her had even considered sending him to guard Bella and Edward the same as the wolves had kept Seth out of the fight. But Alice had told them that he would be fine and that keeping him from fighting would do nothing but make him believe that he wasn't trusted enough to be able to fight.

So with concern in their hearts Carlisle and Esme had let him go.

And he had been as ravenous as he had been lethal.

-I'm fine.- He mumbled stepping back and sliding down the wall. Sitting on the ground and keeping his head bowed.

Esme sat at his side and they spend a while in silence.

-I'm sorry I couldn't save her.

It took Esme a moment to realize who " her " was.

-You don't need to apologize for that. You weren't at fault. The Volturi... they are cruel and would do whatever it takes to get to whatever they wish. You can't go against them.- Esme told. To be honest she had been quite anxious at having the Volturi so close to Alice and Jasper after Aro apparently showed great interest at wanting Alice.

And if he was to see the scars on Jasper... Was to find out he was the reason they all even managed to face that newborn army without casualties...

Esme feared what that could bring.

Aro was known to erase entire covens to get whatever he wants.

He had Edward and Alice on his list. Were he to add Jasper Esme knew he would find a way to take them three from them. Three were too many to ignore. A mind reader, a precognitive vampire and a fighter from the South; the God Of War.

He would do anything to get his hands on them.

-They aren't the bosses of this world, just 'cause they're powerful doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. They aren't even the oldest vampires around. The Major could've killed Aro if it hadn't been for that stupid brat with a blindin' gift.

Same brat The Major tore to pieces.

-I know it can be a bit stressing but it's how things are. So the best for us is to never bring their attention to us. And you young man, you better not do something reckless.- Esme warned, his words filling her with uneasiness. It wasn't a secret how much hatred he seemed to have acquired towards Aro after Edward said that Aro wanted Alice to join the Volturi.

The last thing Esme wanted was for her son to go and get himself killed.

He scowled but said nothing. Esme squeezed his arm and he flinched. Concern flared in her and as he tried to take his arm away Esme grabbed his wrist.

-Don't you try to hide an injury from your mother.- Esme warned pulling at his sleeve. There was a bite on his forearm that looked far from having started healing and as she noticed the glimmering silver she understood why wasn't it healing in the first place.

The fact alone that he was acting so normal when he had been bitten was rather disturbing. It did nothing but break her heart.

-I'm fine.- Jasper told freeing his arm from her hold.

Or at least he tried to for Esme didn't let him.

-Why haven't you gotten rid of the venom?

Jasper didn't answer. What was he suppose to tell? 'I'm sorry I'm not poisonous enough to rid myself of a venom that I can consume but can't stand when bitten.'

At least the newborn hadn't bitten hard enough to draw blood. Small mercies.

-I once got bitten so hard by a newborn he ripped half of my wrist off.- Jasper told as a statement of fact and while he felt the flicker of sadness and horror in Esme's emotions she didn't let him talk her out of this by luring her with something more concerning.

-Don't change the subject Jasper Whitlock, why haven't you tended to this? More importantly, why didn't you tell anyone that you were hurt?

He shrugged. He had gone great lengths to keep Alice from finding out. He knew she would be furious if she was to find out he got hurt for protecting her. She didn't understand that he didn't mind getting hurt as long as she was safe. A scar was nothing compared to the agony he would feel were he to lose her.

Esme for her side couldn't help but sigh. Was this some kind of way for him to punish himself?

-You are to tend to that right now or I'll do it myself.

Jasper tensed at that for a lot of reasons.

The main one being the fact that Esme couldn't get that close to him. Because what if she caught a whiff of his scent now that he had such a wound? Or what if she tasted something off?

So sighing he brought his arm up and focusing with all his might on coating his mouth with venom he licked his arm. He felt dizzy by doing so which shouldn't be possible, he had had way too much venom today.

The burn diminished but in exchange a headache bloomed at the back of his head.

-Done, happy?- He asked showing his arm. Esme grabbed it and inspected it for a moment before releasing it. She smiled at him.

-Yes, I'm happy.- She then grew sad and brought her hand up to caress his cheek.- I'm sorry you had to go through this today.

-It's fine. I couldn't stand back and let y'all fight alone, my sister needs as many protectors as possible while she's still so vulnerable and I'm more than happy to fight for her and the rest of you. After all, y'all are my family.

He felt the jolt of surprise from Esme before joy hit, he could understand her reaction, this was the first time he had ever referred to them as his "family".

Esme pulled him into a hug.

-I'm sorry I couldn't save her, I know you were hopin' to keep her.- He couldn't help but mutter.

-I told you, it's alright, there's no need to apologize sweetheart, you weren't at fault. I'm just happy that you are all safe.

Jasper said nothing at that. What would Esme think if she was to find out that she could be a mother? But that in exchange she would be risking giving this peaceful life up? Female black bloods could get pregnant. Yeah. If the male was a poisonous vampire it would be a feat but she could get pregnant.

Male and female black bloods being together without protection left the female with a 100% chance of getting pregnant.

Or at least that's what he was able to find out during his intense research after leaving Maria. He had needed to know more about what he was.

Were Esme and Rosalie to find out that the answer to their deepest wishes was under their roof... he wondered if he would be resented.

Asked to turn them.

He dreaded that more than he had ever dreaded anything.

He couldn't nor wanted to curse them to this life.


And there it was.