Far from Perfect

Fic number 2 for Kia Kawaii Princess. I am not discontinuing Um...Help, it's just that I thought I may as well, start another one seeing as it is the school holidays, and I got plenty of time. My imagination is going wild, so I'll get it down before I forget.

This is another Gohan fic, he is my favourite character. This story takes place just after Gohan defeated Cell. That's all ya need ta know.

Far from Perfect
Chapter 1 - When it all went wrong!

It's over.

That's all that was going through the mind of a certain 11 year old, Son Gohan, earth's saviour.

It was over, the tyrant had fallen, and all seemed to have returned to peace. It seemed too long, too long since the earth was at rest. It wasn't as happy as seemed however, not for this 11 year old and the many fighters around him. This is the day they lost their best friend, and although they didn't know it, they lost him for good.

Suddenly without warning the young boy broke down, tears streaming down his face. It was as if reality had slapped him in the face, his father was gone. Sure he knew that they could wish him back but having to watch him sacrifice himself, once more was horrifying. For any child seeing their father die would be terrifying, but watching it for the third time over was three times too many.

" Gohan, it's over. You did just great! We are all real proud of you. For what you did for us today," Krillin said trying his best to act cheerful, to break the gloomy mood.

" Yeah, you should be proud. Now how would you like to go to the look out and wish your dad back?" Yamcha asked.

Gohan didn't say anything, he just nodded in silence, once again bringing back the painfully quiet mood. Everybody took off to the look out, everybody except Son Gohan and his best friend.

" They're right you know kid," Piccolo said as he placed his hand on Gohan's shoulder. " Uh huh," He replied, showing no attempt to be appreciative. " Well as long as you understand. You know you can talk to me anytime okay kid," Piccolo said before taking flight.

Gohan took one last look at the battleground behind him. He never wanted to come here again and he made a promise that he wouldn't. A promise he was determined to keep. He sighed and flew off in the direction of the look out.

He arrived there not much later, and saw everybody waiting for him.

" You didn't have to wait for me you know," Gohan said. " That's okay, we wanted you to be here when we wish your dad back," Tien replied, while handing Gohan a sensu bean, which he accepted gratefully.

Within seconds the sky went a dark black in colour, and all that could be seen for miles was a dragon. A dragon with the power to grant wishes. Shenron, the eternal dragon.

" You have awaken me, from my slumber, I shall grant you two wishes," The dragon chanted. " Yes. We wish all those killed by Cell to be brought back to life," Krillin stated

For a brief second the dragon's eyes flashed a blood red.

" It has been done. Your second wish?" The dragon continued. " We wish for Son Goku to be brought back to life," Krillin answered. " Wait!" A strange voice called. It only took a matter of seconds to guess who it belonged to. The one and only Son Goku.

" Goku!" Was heard from the group surrounding the fabulous site, that was Shenron. That was of course except Piccolo, Vegeta and even Gohan, who looked up but didn't reply.

" Yeah, hi it's me. I just wanted to tell you all the new plan," Goku said. " What new plan Goku?" Yamcha asked. " Well, I've decided to stay here, in the otherworld," Goku stated

A series of gasps could be heard from the group. Even those who chose not to respond before.

" Why?" Krillin managed to squeeze out. " Well, all of the past monsters have came for me, so I think it would be best for me to stay here," Goku answered. " Bullshit!!!" Was heard from the back of the group. Everybody turned around and found that the voice belonged to none other than Son Gohan himself. " What was that Gohan?" Goku said in his cheery, nothings wrong, voice. Boy was he wrong. " Bullshit!!! That's rubbish, and you know it. Garlic Jr didn't come for you, he came for me, but do you see me running off. Raditz might have come for you, but if he didn't, then Vegeta wouldn't be here right now. You're being selfish!" Gohan shouted.

Goku was at a loss for words, his son had never yelled at him before. He had thought everyone would be grateful, not be yelling at him.

" But, I'm not being selfish, I'm just helping," Goku stuttered. " Yes you are being selfish! I bet my life that there is a tournament or fighting or something like that going on, isn't there," Gohan countered. " Well, maybe, but just a little one," Goku replied " Grr, that's all you ever think about, that and food. You say your helping, well do you think your helping me and mum, by sitting on your ass up there and eating!!!" Gohan yelled. " I, uh, well, um," Goku stuttered. " You know what, do me a favour, and stay up there, see if I care!" Gohan shouted just before he flew off.

He flew, not knowing where he was flying. He just, flew, felt the wind against his face, and tried to let his anger fly away. It didn't work though, it just made him feel more angry, replaying what just happened. He thought he would regret what he did, but it felt good to let out everything that he had been feeling for so long.

He saw a lake and flew down towards it. It looked peaceful, and gentle. He walked over and looked in, finding only his reflection.

" Am I really that bad of a son that he would chose fighting in a crumby tournament over me. I guess so," Gohan said to himself in a depressed voice, he felt sorry for himself.

Gohan sat down on the wet grass near the lake, and cried. He didn't know how long he had been crying for, but next thing he knew, he was in one of the beds at Dende's look out. He guessed that Piccolo had brought him here. If anybody else had found him, he would be at home. He was thankful he wasn't at home, he wanted to be at home to comfort his mother, but he needed time to cool off.

That was what Gohan liked about Piccolo, he thought about what Gohan wanted. Anybody else would have taken him home, so that they wouldn't be killed by Chi - Chi. Piccolo however, knew Gohan and thought it best for him to stay at the lookout for a while. So that's what he did, not for long, only until that evening.

It was seven at night, a week after the Cell games, Mirai Trunks had gone back to his own time, and despite Gohan's rants, Goku was still in the otherworld. The past week had been hard, and for Gohan, it wasn't about to get easier.

" Gohan, dear, can you come down here?" Chi - Chi called. " Be right there mum," Gohan replied as he rush down the hall. " What is it?" Gohan asked. " Sit down, it important. I haven't told anybody yet, I wanted you to know first," Chi - Chi explained. " Spit it out already, talk about suspense," Gohan said as he sat on a nearby chair. " Alright, well, this isn't easy to say. Here goes, I'm, well, I'm pregnant," Chi - Chi finally managed to get out.

Gohan choked a bit, at this part. His mother was pregnant. He was eleven, with a baby sister or brother on the way. It would take a while to get use to, but Gohan decided on congratulating his mother, in the meantime.

" Wow, that's, um, great," Gohan said. " You don't sound all that excited," Chi-Chi said unconvinced. " Sorry, it's just a lot to take in, with dad just gone and all, but I am happy for you really. Now why don't you go brag to everybody, like I know you want to," Gohan replied as he got up to leave. " Good idea, oh and Gohan," She said causing him to turn around. " Yeah mum?" Gohan asked. " Thank you," She replied sincerely.

Gohan knew it meant a lot to him mother, that he accepted this new development. He was happy, it was just a lot to take in, like he said. He would get use to it, and he knew that he would soon be just as excited as his mum.

" Your welcome," Gohan replied as he went back to his room.

He sat down at his desk, and started thinking of how a baby would change his and his mother's lives. He decided on a lot. It was then that he realised this baby, was going to grow up without a father. Although not much different to him, at least he had a father for the first four years of his life. His sibling however would never have a father, ever. So Gohan decided then and there that he would do everything in his power to let his brother or sister have a better life than he has.