Far From Perfect

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Last chapter:

"GOHAN!!! OH MY GOD IS HE OKAY?" Bulma screamed as she ran over to him.

"He seems fine, it looks like he just passed out," Krillin stated.

"Do you think it was him that made all the glass shatter and the chandelier to smash?" Yamcha asked.

"Don't be stupid, of course it wasn't. His ki didn't even change, only that once when you mentioned Goku being a hero and how courageous he was. What are you crazy the poor boy was sitting right there!" Krillin yelled.

"Guys, now isn't the time. Get him to the emergency ward right NOW!!" Bulma demanded as Vegeta picked up Gohan, after dusting of all the glass, and carried him to the emergency ward.

They all rushed to the emergency ward, and after an hour of waiting for answers on how Gohan was, they finally got them.


They waited for an entire hour before they finally found out if Gohan was going to be okay.

"After several tests and examinations, it seems that there is nothing physically wrong with Gohan. It seems that he passed out, possibly from stress overload. Can you think of any situations lately that have been particuly stressful for him?" the nurse asked.

"Well, little over a month ago his mother died, and in just under a month it is the anniversary of his fathers death," Bulma informed.

"Yes, well, I would definately say that could be reason enough," the nurse informed.

"Will he be okay?" asked Krillin.

"Yes, he should be fine after a weeks rest, if he takes it easy," the nurse instructed.

"Well, can we see him?" Bulma asked.

"He's still unconsious, but you are welcome to go in if you wish," the nurse replied walking into the room.

They all walked in, except for Eighteen and Vegeta who stayed outside. Although Vegeta felt like he should be there, he would never admit he cared enough for the brat to see if he was okay.

When the walked in they saw Gohan sleeping peacefully on the bed. They all sat down in a seat nearby the bed and watched Gohan, waiting for him to wake up. After half an hour of waiting, Gohan's eyelids began to twitch, just before he opened them fully.

"Gohan. Are you okay, how do you feel?" Bulma asked as she helped Gohan sit up.

"Tired, I feel exausted, and saw very sore," Gohan replied.

"I'm not surprised with the amount of glass that fell," Yamcha stated.

"What happened?" Gohan asked as he layed back down.

"We were all sitting down talking, when all of a sudden, glass started to shatter all over the place. We all moved away from the table when we heard the chandilier falling, but you stayed there. We all thought you were really badly hurt, but then you started glowing!" Krillin explained.

"Yeah, it was really cool, but then you past out. That wasn't so cool," added Yamcha.

"I glowed?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah, a really bright red, but only for a few seconds," Bulma announced.

"That's weird," replied Gohan.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have to ask you all to leave the room and let Gohan get some rest. In the morning you can take him up to his room," announced a doctor as he entered the room.

"Alright bye Gohan, see you in the morning," Bulma said as she left the room.

"Bye, Gohan see you next time I hope you get better," stated Krillin.

"Yeah, me too," Yamcha replied as they both left the room.

Gohan was lying in his room for little over a minute before he fell into a deep sleep. A dreamless, but peacefull sleep.

*~~~~Next day - 10:00am~~~~~*

"...but Bulma I don't want to stay in bed!" Gohan announced.

"That's too bad, what you want and what you get are too different things!" Bulma argued.

Bulma had been fighting with Gohan all morning to get him to stay in bed. He wanted to go outside and train, or join Vegeta in the GR, not be locked up in his room.

"I'm not even sick anymore!" Gohan complained.

"I don't care, it's doctors orders that you stay in bed for the rest of the week!" Bulma informed.

"A WHOLE WEEK!!! NO WAY, NOT HAPPENING!!!" Gohan yelled outraged.

"Grrr you'll stay in bed if I have to lock you in here to do so," Bulma announced stubbornly.

"Then I'll just use my pinky to open the door again won't I?" Gohan asked smuggly.

"I'll get Vegeta to hold it shut!" Bulma shouted.

"You think he'll choose to lock me in here over supposedly 'kicking my ass'," Gohan replied.

"Grrr, Go out and train then collapse again see if I care!!!" Bulma yelled as she stormed out of the room.

"I WIN!!!" He yelled after Bulma.

As soon he finished arguing with Bulma, he got straight out of his bed and got changed into one of his new gi's. Gohan was able to find an exact double of his old gi at the shops, a couple of sizes bigger though of course.

After he got changed he headed downstairs to play with Goten and Trunks. When he went down into the lounge, where he asumed they would be, he didn't find them. Not being bothered to look for them, he just sensed out their ki. He found them to be miles away from the house. Okay, so now he was confused.

He walked into the kitchen in hopes of finding Mrs Breifs to see if she could direct him to Bulma or the chibi's. Sure enough there she was baking cookies by the oven.

"Gohan, honey, did you want some of my homemade cookies? They'll be ready any minute now," Mrs Briefs asked.

"No, that's okay. I was wondering if you could tell me where Bulma, Goten and Trunks are?" he asked.

"Oh yes, they left a couple of minutes ago," she replied.

"Do you know where?" Gohan asked.

"No, Bulma just said she was going out. She seemed a bit mad about something. She took Vegeta with her," Mrs Breifs informed.

"Grr, if she wanted to make a point she didn't have to run out like that!" Gohan said to himself as he walked away.

"Where are you going dear?" Mrs Breifs asked in her cheery manner.

"GR," he replied as he walked out the room.

"Such as sweet kid," Mrs Breifs said as she pulled out the cookies.


"As long as I've got the house alone, well basically. I think I'll see if I can do this red glowy thing again," Gohan said to himself.

Gohan walked over to the control panel and set the Gravity on 500g's and transformed to super saiyan. He started to do some basic kata's, warming up. When he started to get bored, he pushed the gravity up to 750g's and transformed to super saiyan 2.

He started to do some intense training, kicks punches and ki blasts. Bulma had re-modelled the GR so that the walls absorbed ki blasts. He performed a few Ka me ha me ha's and masenko beams, before slowing down to a stop. Gohan stopped for a few minutes, catching his breath before he sat down on the ground and began meditating.

He was consantrating really hard, focusing on everything that had happened in the last year and a half. All the people he lost, everything and everybody that's left him behind. Everything that makes him angry...Goku. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to re-transform. He didn't even feel any sign of a new level of Super Saiyan close. It didn't make sense.

He was just about to continue doing another round of kata's when he sensed Bulma, Vegeta and the chibi's nearby. Not wanting Bulma to know he had been training, he quickly turned of the gravity and ran back up to his room. He quickly got changed out of his sweaty and bloody gi and into some of his new clothes.

He was just about to open the door when he heard a knocking from the other side of it.

"What is it?" Gohan asked as he opened the door.

"I just wanted to make sure you hadn't been training while we were gone," Bulma replied.

"You were gone? I didn't even notice," Gohan replied playing innocent.

"Yes, I went decided to take Vegeta and the kids to the park," Bulma stated.

"Oh, well, I'm sure Vegeta had just a lovely time playing on the swings," Gohan replied sarcastically.

"You're getting an attitude. Did you know that?" Bulma asked angrily.

"I have no such thing," Gohan replied as he closed the door to his room and walked right past Bulma.

"Grr, alright, I admit that was kinda mean not asking you to come, but you deserved it!" Bulma stated catching up to Gohan.

"What do you mean ask me to come, you only went in the first place despite me!" Gohan countered.

"Well I had all right to!" Bulma announced.

"Not like I cared anyway, I got the GR all to myself," Gohan replied smuggly.


"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not," Gohan stated as he ran down the halls away from Bulma, turning the arguement into a game.

"Grrrr, GET BACK HERE!!!" Bulma screamed as she ran after him.

*~~~~3 weeks later!~~~~~*

Three whole weeks had gone by since the incident. Gohan had fully recovered, just in time for him to be injured again after Vegeta found out he had been training in the GR behind his back.

Everything had gone back to normal, well as normal as the past two months had been. It was May 15th, four days until the anniversary of Goku's death. Yamcha still wanted to go ahead with the monument to Goku idea. Despite Bulma's attempts to persuade him for Gohan's sake.

Gohan was depressed, thinking that this time last year, he was relaxing with his family, his mother and father, counting down the days til his birthday. Gohan's birthday was in two days, and he wasn't in the least bit excited. Right now, at 1:00am, he was in his room, laying on his bed thinking about the cell games, Goku, and his mother's, no, Chi-Chi's death.

"Go...han?" came a soft voice from the doorway. Gohan turned around to see Trunks standing by the door with his teddy bear in one hand and his blanket in the other.

"What's wrong Trunks?" Gohan asked as he walked over to Trunks and picked him up.

"I'm scared," Trunks admitted snuggling into Gohan's shoulder.

"Aww, how come? Did you have a bad dream?" Gohan asked as Trunks nodded his head furiously.

"Can I sweep wif you?" Trunks asked.

"I guess," Gohan replied as he lay back on his bed and Trunks snuggled into him.

Gohan looked down at the chibi next to him and couldn't help but smile at the cute expression on his face as his tried to sleep. No matter how sad or depressed Gohan felt, Trunks and Goten always seemed to lighten his mood. Gohan closed his eyes and it wasn't long before both were asleep.


"Ahhh, where's Trunks? He's missing, VEGETA!!!" Bulma yelled running around in a panic.

"What the hell is the matter onna?" Vegeta asked grumpily.

"It's Trunks, he's missing! You've got to help me find him! Oh my poor baby, he's been kidnapped!!! Look, his blanket's gone too! Oh my poor Trunks!!!" Bulma yelled running around in a panic.

"Calm down woman, the brat's in the oldest brat's room," Vegeta stated as he went downstairs to get his breakfast.

"Oh," Bulma said as she walked into Gohan's room.

When she walked in, she saw Gohan asleep with Trunks snuggled up to him, with Trunks blanket half covering them both. Bear, Trunks' teddy, had been most unfortunate and was kicked of the floor.

"How CUTE!!!" Bulma squealed.

"Huh, what's cute?" Gohan asked tiredly as he opened his eyes.

"You and Trunks!" Bulma said as she came over and picked up Trunks.

"Oh that, he had a nightmare and came into my room about 1:00am," Gohan explained.

"You were still up at 1:00am?" Bulma asked as they both made their way downstairs.

"Yeah, y'know thinking," Gohan explained looking down at the floor.

"Yeah, I know but hey it's your birthday in two days! Are you excited?" Bulma asked as they sat down at the breakfast table.

"No," he asnswered bluntly.

"Well, you should be. I bet you'll get a bunch of great presents!" Bulma replied.

Gohan didn't reply, he just ate his breakfast and headed of with Trunks and Goten to watch cartoons in the lounge.

"What should we do about Gohan, he seems so depressed I want to do something to make him feel better?" Bulma asked.

"How the hell should I know? Just get him a present or something, everybody likes presents," Vegeta answered as he left for the gravity room.

"Hey that's an idea, presents. He may already be getting presents for his birthday, but I've got a great idea!" Bulma announced to herself as she ran over to the phone and began to type in numbers.

Bulma was on the phone for over half an hour before she was finally done, all she had to do now was ask a BIG favour from Vegeta. He wasn't going to do it willingly either.

"VEGETA!!!" Bulma called only to find Vegeta was still behind her.

"Ahh onna I'm right here no need to scream!" Vegeta replied.

"Hehehe sorry 'bout that, but I need you to do me a favour," she asked.

"No," Vegeta replied as he walked towards the GR.

"Please Vegeta just this once...I won't cook your dinner," Bulma negosiated.

"Who will be?" Vegeta questioned.

"Whoever you want," she answered.

"Alright what do I have to do onna," he answered.

"Yes! Alright thanks heaps Vegeta!!! All I need you to do is....."


"...and 20 burgers oh and don't forget fries 50 large fries ta. Oh wait extra cheese on the burgers and onions. Um...yep that's all thanks," Gohan announced.

The waiter looked at Gohan like he was crazy as a large sweatdrop poured down her face.

"Are you like, sure you can, like eat all that?" she asked unsure.

"Yep," he replied.

"Like, I don't think you'll be, like able to eat all that!" she stated again.

"THE BRAT WANTS THAT, HE WILL EAT IT ALL AND I'LL HAVE THE SAME SO GO...NOW!!!!" Vegeta yelled at her getting the attention of all the people in the store.

Gohan and Vegeta, along with Trunks and Goten who insisted on joining Gohan, were at a local fast food store ordering there small lunch. Bulma told them not to go to over the top with the food so they only ordered half of an appropriate sayian meal.

"Ah yes sir," the poor terrified waiter said running of to the counter to place the orders.

Gohan looked at Vegeta with a look that shouted out disapproval, but just as Vegeta was awaiting the lecture Gohan burst into laughter.

"What is your problem brat," Vegeta asked but without the usual venom in his voice.

"Ha ha ha...nothing...ha ha ha...it's just...ha ha ha...did you see the look on her face," Gohan managed to get out before cracking up laughing again.

"She looked like she was about to p*** in her pants," Vegeta stated calmly.

"Hahahahaha...I...hahahahaah...know!!!" Gohan replied finally starting to regain his composure.

"I, ah, um...sir?" came a voice from behind them.

"WHAT!" Vegeta replied as Gohan sniggered.

"Well, I uh...it just that...ihaveyourmealreadysir!" the same waiter replied as fast as she could while place the food on the table in front of Gohan and Vegeta.

"Thanks," Gohan replied before he joined Vegeta, Goten and Trunks in making a mess while trying to eat your way to the table.

It took them less than five minutes to devour the entire mountain of food placed in front of them.

"Yum!" Trunks announced. Goten would have probably done the same had it not been for the fact he can't talk.

" Couldn't agree more, not much though," Gohan stated.

"Was it you?" Vegeta asked changing the subject.

"Was what me?" Gohan asked confused.

"Don't play dumb, back the last time we saw scarface and baldy!" Vegeta explained.

"You mean when I passed out?" Gohan asked still confused.

"Yes then. Was it you that caused everything to happen?!"Vegeta demanded.

"I don't know. I remember bits and pieces of what happened, like Yamcha going on about how great Goku is and about some monument crap, but I don't remember much else," Gohan explained, "Why?"

"'Cause I felt like asking that's why!!!" Vegeta yelled back causing Goten to cry. It took Gohan another ten minutes just to get him to be quiet.

"Hey Vegeta, I was wondering something," Gohan said.

"What?" he replied in his not caring attitude.

"Well, have you always spoke English or did Vegeta-sei have like a different language?" Gohan asked.

"Don't be stupid of course Sayians don't speak English," Vegeta replied.

"Well then why do you speak such good English?" Gohan asked curious now.

"Does it really matter?" Vegeta questioned, "it's time to go."

"I guess not," Gohan replied disapointed.


The four finally arrived back at Capsule Corp, or rather 'home', about half an hour later. As they walked through the front door, Gohan could have sworn he heard people talking, but it stopped suddenly. He was probably hearing things. Just as he was about to go up to his room and Vegeta to the GR. The four got the biggest scare of there life!

End of chapter


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