Story Idea by Maho and Karuya.

Written by Maho.

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Pairing: YukixKyou
Warning: Yaoi! AU. Some OOC-ness and a fan girl Tohru

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Chapter 3

Mrs. Remi Rockbelle-Sohma considered herself to be a woman of experience and if experience taught her anything it was; be suspicious when your teenage son is brought home by an up and coming pop star. Yes, she remembered what it was like to be alone, in a car, with - Remi's cheeks flushed - that she knew all too well.

Kyou had never been very good at confrontation. At least not the civilised kind. Yes, if confronted in a fight he would kick and punch until he out on top and the other guy offered up an apology and a "please don't hurt me". But when faced with someone who was calm and rational and only wanted to talk however, Kyou was always unprepared. Unfortunately for Kyou he wasn't very good with words; he always felt that actions were better. Even more unfortunate was that after seventeen years Mrs. Remi Sohma had figured out just how to confront her son rationally and get the answers she wanted. So as the door clicked shut behind Kyou he was only mildly surprised to see his mother waiting in the front hall.

"Uh, hi," Kyou said.

"Wasn't that a nice car that just left? I wonder, was it as nice on the inside?"

"Um." Kyou began to nervously shift from foot to foot.

"I remember, when I was your age, I had a boyfriend who had a nice car like. His name was Dan, I think, and the car wasn't the only nice thing about him. Though the spacious backseat of the car was admirable-"

"Mom!" Kyou's eyes had nearly bugged out of his head and it looked as if he were about to be sick all over the carpet. "Please, is there something you want?"

Mrs. Sohma regarded her son with barely concealed mirth. "I was only telling you about my younger years. What I got up to when young men would offer to drive me home."

It seemed to Kyou that what his mother was telling him should be filed under "Forget" and that should it ever come up in conversation again he would be forced to take drastic measures such as pouring bleach into his ears in hopes that it would be erased from his memory.

"There is nothing going on like that at all between Yuki and Me!" Kyou said. In the back of his mind he tried to calculate the distance of his bedroom from the front hallway where they were standing and whether or not his mom could still run as fast as when she was on the track team during college. The outcome looked grim.

"'Yuki and I'" Mrs. Sohma corrected automatically. Then added, "a boy?"

Kyou nodded. He decided he was going to take his chances and try to bolt toward his bedroom, hoping that if he caught his mother off-guard he could make it before she caught him.

Another unfortunate thing in Kyou's life was that Mrs. Remi Sohma was never off-guard. Which is why as soon as Kyou looked about ready to bolt she asked, "Is this the same Yuki that you went to see in concert and whom I assume Tohru took you to see again today?"

"Are you having me followed?"

Mrs. Sohma waved her son's question away. "Next time invite him over for dinner, I want to have my CD signed." With that Mrs. Remi Rockbelle-Sohma headed back in to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

It wasn't until Kyou was sprawled out on his bed, phone in hand about to dial Tohru, that he realised two things: he may have let slip something no member of his family needed knowing and that his mother might possibly be another one of Yuki's fan girls. Ew. He groaned and finished dialling Tohru's home.

"Hello, Honda residence, Kyoko speaking."

Kyou sighed, "Hey Mrs. Honda. Is Tohru there?"

"Kyou? Dear is that you?" Kyoko asked.

"Yes ma'am."

"How is your mother?"

"She's okay, uh-"

"That's good to hear. Does she know anything about "feng shui"?"

"I don't know. Mrs. Honda -"

"Oh Kyou, really, you can call me Kyoko. I've known you since you were in diapers; hell I even changed a few of yours myself."

"Ergh! Please, Mrs. Honda - Kyoko - ma'am - can I talk to Tohru?"

"No, sorry, she's not home right now but I'll tell her you called."

"O - okay. Thanks."

"Bye Kyou. Oh and tell your mom I said hi."


Kyou hung up the phone and rolled onto his back. ErghHe slapped his palm to he forehead.


Monday found Kyou, or rather not as days of the week don't have the capacity for conscious thought and therefore cannot find anything. Also, Kyou had not found Monday either as he had not lost it in the first place, which could be rather difficult - it's not a watch you know.

Regardless, it was Monday, Kyou existed during this time, and it was the first chance Kyou had got to speak to Tohru since the weekend.

"Oi, Tohru," Kyou pulled the girl aside in front of the school's main entrance.

"Ah, Kyou! Where were you this morning? I went to pick you up and Nanami said you had already left. I didn't believe her but then your Dad came down and said you'd woken up early and -" she paused to place her hand on Kyou's forehead. "This just isn't like you! Are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up?"

Kyou swatted Tohru's hand away. "I'm fine, just couldn't sleep is all."

Tohru gave him a look like she didn't believe him or he had sprouted a second head. Or both.

"Okay," she said as one would to a small child.

Kyou gave an exasperated sigh. "I'm fine. Look I have been trying to get a hold of you all weekend.

"Mom said you called."

"Then why didn't you call back? Never mind it's not important. You like this 'Yuki' guy, right?"

"Kyou," Tohru said, "I've had you help me bake a cake in celebration of Yuki's birthday for the past three years."




"So if he invited the two of us to some movie premier with him, this would make you . . . Happy?" Kyou stopped talking. He looked over at Tohru who had gone very, very still. Then she began to hyperventilate.

"Uh, Tohru?"

". . . Yuki . . ." Tohru whispered. Her eyes had become glossy and there was a bit of drool forming at the corner of her mouth.

"Yuki. . ." She said again.

Kyou didn't know what to say. "Yes, Yuk," he supplied.

Without warning Tohru grabbed on to his shirt collar with both hands. "How did you do that? How did - why? When?" She was close to frothing at the mouth.

"When you left me at the mall. Yuki, er, he drove me home."

He tried to pry her hands away.

"Wow, Kyou. I could kiss you right now."

"Could you not?"

Tohru laughed, "Have it your way."

As they headed inside the building Tohru stopped and put her hand on Kyou's shoulder. "You did tell Yuki we'd go, right?"

"I said I'd call 'im once I had your answer." Kyou replied.

Tohru's eyes widened. "You have Yuki's phone number?"

It was then that Kyou realised he was missing one crucial thing, "Uh, no." He had no way of getting in contact with Yuki.


Maho: Yeah, I realise this chapter was considerably shorter but you'll live, I'm sure. Maybe possibly the next chapter will be longer and with more Yuki. Maybe possibly.