This story is an AU one-shot. But, it is a part of my multiverse for the It Snows In Hell universe. And, it is a Snow X Loona story (Or Snow Hound if we go by couple names). I'm exploring what would've happened if Snow fell into the Greed Ring instead of the Pride Ring of Hell. And, instead of falling in love with Charlie. He falls for I.M.P.'s only hellhound. If this one-shot does well. I might release a multi-chapter for this AU of It Snows In Hell. And, if it does do well. It will be replacing the recently deleted third story I had run out of ideas for.

End of A/N.

New Year's Day 2020 (Snow P.O.V.)

Here I was. Killed by the woman I thought loved me. And, betrayed by the man I called my friend. But, I kinda deserved my fate. I was lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering. Yep, I was a pretty scummy human when I was alive. But, having survived angels trying to exterminate me on my first night in Hell? Now that, was some achievement.

So, how did I end up in the Greed Ring of Hell you may ask? Well, despite how proud of myself I was in my past life with how I was. My Greed outweighed my Pride. Leading to my landing in this particular ring of Hell. It wasn't all bad news for me.

"Hey shawty! Looking for a good time?"

I had passed by some sleaze bags catcalling a random demon walking by at the same time I was heading down the sidewalk. I had no idea where I was going. But, I would soon find myself in a position I'd never thought I'd find myself in.

"Not interested, fuck face."

"You sure, momma? Your face tells a different story!"

The demon made a grab for the hound. That was when I found my body moving on its own to stop the male about to make a big mistake. Gripping his arm while it was outstretched towards the female he was about to grab. That's when all eyes turned to face me. And, the demon I'd detained shouts at me.

"Who the fuck are you?! Let go of me you cunt!"

I hold my steeled glare on my face towards the demon. Something he noticed the minute I say lowly.

"The hound said she's not interested. Beat it, dickhead. Otherwise, see this arm I have a hold of?"

The demon nods in response. Deciding it was easy to finish my question. I say with a slight twist of the demon's arm.

"I'm going to tear it from your body to use as my ass scratcher. Then, once I've scratched my ass with it. I'm going to shove it so far down your throat. You'll be able to finger your asshole from the inside!"

Seeing the demon backing up in fear whilst still in my grip. I decide to throw him back into the awaiting arms of his crony. With a nod to the female, I defended. I chose to continue down the sidewalk. Only, I don't think the idiot got the message when I hear the shout.


I sigh softly. Moving slightly to the side, and watching the demon miss his lunge with the switchblade in hand, that's when I made my move. The moment he was right beside me after missing his chance to lynch me. I bring my knee up to crash full of the dumbass's face. An awful breaking sound could be heard after he was flung upwards from my knee strike. Seizing the opportunity. I kicked the demon square in the chest with the flat of my foot into the wooden door behind him. This was enough to cause the two to scurry away from me after the other guy scraped his friend out of the wreckage of the door. Leaving me alone with the Hell hound that had filmed what I had done on her phone. Nodding my head in acknowledgement after helping her out. I continue on my way. But, not before I hear her ask.

"HEY! You can't just walk away without giving me your name! Who are you?"

I smile warmly before turning my head to the side to answer the female I'd just defended.

"Name's Snow."

"I'm Loona."

I nod to acknowledge the hound named Loona. Turning back around to continue walking away. I give her a salute while walking before calling back to her.

"I'll see you around, Loona. Don't be a stranger now."

If I had looked back at the right moment. I'd see the female nod before she answered her phone whilst walking the other way. Where my feet would take me. I didn't know. But, what I did know. I had a feeling in my gut that this wouldn't be the last time I and Loona would cross paths.


Inside The Bar ('Cherry Pie' by Warrant is playing on the Jukebox).

I was walking into the place and, found it crawling with all sorts of monstrosities that roamed my new home. It made me ill. Swallowing my disgust, I manage to find my way over to the bar. I took a seat at the counter and tried not to draw attention to myself. I blow my snow-white hair out of my eyes before I catch the attention of the barmaid.

"One whiskey."

If I was going to spend my eternity in Hell. I needed to start my first day off correctly. And, with something substantial to drink too. After placing my order. I turned around in my seat whilst leaning against the bar while I was still seated.

Being curious about my surroundings. I began to scan the bar room. Hookers, druggies and their dealers. You name it, they were here in this very establishment. Denizens fighting in the back, drunk demons chatting up the females. Just your typical sleaze bar.

"Here you go cutie. One whiskey. Enjoy."

When the demon handed me my drink. I had caught the flirting in her looking my way when I smile at her and sipped my drink. It wasn't that she was bad looking. Oh no. She wasn't too bad to look at from my point of view. I'd fuck her over the bar counter if I was given the chance.

My thoughts about sex aside. My attention is soon caught by the TVs in the bar airing, what I assumed, was their version of the news. On the screen, I see what, I assumed, looked like a hotel being advertised on the news.

How in the hell did this girl? No, this woman. Come up with an idea for homing maniacs and, try to rehabilitate them. Learning this was a business strategy just so they could go to Heaven.

'She's fucking delusional if she thinks she can rehabilitate demons like me.'

I think in my mind while watching the news. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch a break.

Before I could take my leave from the counter after downing my drink. It was almost as if I knew my exit was going to be blocked off by one of the drunk demons. I'd have tried to sidestep him. But, said drunk demon was now about to speak. I really couldn't be arsed dealing with this dickhead right now.

"So, you're the new guy who thought it was funny to harm my little brother this morning. You don't look like much to me, new guy. So, tell me. How did a schmuck like you think you could survive in Hell by harming others without consequence?!"

"Leave him alone, Jerry. Can't you see the guy looks like he needs a place to stay!"

I sigh heavily. Looking back at the demoness that came to my rescue, smiled gratefully. I try to move around the demon again. Only for the burly thing to continue to annoy me and continue to block my exit. He was persistent, I'll give him that. But, my fuse was slowly waning from his persistence.

"I asked you a question fucker!"

The behemoth was getting madder at my constant need to exit the building. Perfect.

In a few short moments if he tried to stop me again. I would reach for the holy weapon in my jacket and, blow this asshole's head clean off its ugly shoulders. Well, the thing didn't know the gun was empty. Another advantage to me.

Deciding I'd had enough and, this was the last straw. I try to walk away again. This time, the thing grabbed me and spun me around roughly. Only to have said holy shotgun pointed right between his eyes the moment he spun me around to face him.

Seeing the look of fear on someone who was used to intimidating and, pretending to be tough look so weak. It amused me to see the thing back up with his hands up and, finally, allow me to exit the building. making me smirk when I put the gun back inside my jacket. I say once a certain foul smell catches my nostrils.

"Thanks, friend. Also, I'd change your pants if I was you. I can still smell the shit you were spewing from both ends from over here."

All of the demons and, even the barmaid in the establishment burst out laughing. Causing the demon to hide at the embarrassment I had just caused him.

Before I exited through the door. I saw another advertisement on the TV that caught my interest. Three imps were now on the TV advertising an assassination business that took place on Earth. And, they were hiring. Though I wasn't exactly in Hell for 'good behaviour', I decided this could be worth my time exploring.

So, once I was through the door after winking at the waitress I wouldn't have minded fucking there and then. I set off again. This time I knew where I was going. I was going to go work for I.M.P. Or, the immediate Murder Professionals.


And that's the one shot. Hopefully, this leads to me being able to write another AU story. This time. I wanted to experiment with the pairings in my multiverse. This time, as shown here, I'm exploring the ship I was originally going to go with in Snow X Loona. But, I'd gone down a different route and made Balthazar X Loona one of my main couples alongside Snow X Charlie in my main universe's canon.

I hope you all enjoy it. And, if this doesn't flop. I may make this a full Loona X Snow story.

Thanks for reading.

End of A/N.