What Am I?

A.N. I have no idea what possessed me to write this. I've been sitting up writing at the crack of dawn and this idea just came to me. Please R/R. Warning - This fic contains hints of rape and suicide.

I told myself I would never let him hurt me again.

But he did.

I ran away to where he would never find me.

But he did.

I told him not to take away my innocence.

But he did.

Now what is left of the innocent kid I once was.


He took everything away from me.

Well, not everything.

I still have life.

But I don't want it.

He took away everything worth having and left me with what I don't want.

But I can fix that.

I can finish what that man started.

I can finish taking away everything.


That is my salvation.

All it takes is a few cuts,

And it would be all over, forever.

I want it to be over.

I don't want life with nothing else.

Why not take my life?

What can be saved along with it?


I have nothing.

I want nothing.

I'll soon be nothing.

Just a memory

Something for people to laugh at

That's all I ever was.

I was a toy for that man to play with.

I was a clown for people to laugh at.

But no more