I do not own Star Trek Next Generation or any of it's characters but remember that time where the writers did Wesley super dirty and turned his character to crap? Yeah well this is what his story would have looked like if I did own Wesley(:

Based in later seasons maybe he hasn't gone to the academy yet and it's when he's skinny and tall and cute and strapping


Blueish green gas clouds swam behind silver stars sending their light all the way through the window flooding the room with a very dim glow.

Wesley sat with his chin on his folded arms as he stared out of his quarters window. It was 0500 hours, three hours before he had to report for duty. He thought maybe it was the away mission scheduled for the day or the always intimidating chief officers meeting planned for that morning, but he didn't exactly feel anxious. He chuckled softly at that thought, he was always anxious. But it wasn't that. He'd always loved the nighttime. When everyone was asleep there were no duties to fulfill or expectations to meet. There was no chance of someone coming in or hailing him in the middle of the night and that feeling was comforting to say the least. The still of the night was both freeing and deeply calming. It was just his thoughts, silence, and the night sky.

Most of these early mornings or late nights, or sometimes midnight hours were spent in front of the large window. The ship was often traveling at at least warp 2.0 considering the enterprise was always needed somewhere, so his view was usually streaks of passing stars and planets. If he was lucky a nebula or even a close up star cluster could be seen for barely a millisecond as it passed by. The circumstances were special this time though as the ship had already arrived at it's destination though it was late and her officers were deep in sleep...well most of them.

Now he looked out, lost in thought at the still space. The gaseous clouds swirled ever so slowly, unaware of their own majesty among the galaxy.

Before he knew it he heard footsteps in the corridors and a steady beeping that told him it was time to get up.

"Chamomile tea, one teaspoon of milk, warm.", said Wesleys fresh voice to the replicator.

The tea slowly disapeared as he went over notes for the day on a padd in front of him while he made edits and corrections.

A morning sigh escaped his lips as he stood up with a stretch. One sonic shower and a very tidy uniform later and Wesley was headed down the corridor towards the turbolift. The uniform meant something every time he put it on whether good or bad. The red made him feel more confident and a feeling of being part of the crew. It also helped him to feel worthy of his place in the room and at the helm. Something about that made him wince. Why did he require their validation like it was his only reason for putting it on? Part of him was tired of needing theirs so much and wanted some of his own. He didn't exactly resent them for it or blame them very much at all, he just wanted to know why his own self approval couldn't be enough.

"Morning Wes.", said Geordi as Wesley walked into the room.

"Good morning Wesley.", followed Data.

"Morning guys.", he said with a smile before sitting down.

"The captain is on his way.", said Riker who walked in just then with Deanna following.

"Good morning everyone.", she said in her normal kind and caring tone.

She sat next to Wesley who gave her a sweet smile. She always gave him a comforting feeling when she was around with her empathetic soul. With his mom away on an mission where her expertise was needed for a while, it was nice having a maternaly warm presence nearby.

Deanna noted the genuine smile and thoughts he sent to her. She frowned slightly though at his tired eyes.

"Getting enough sleep Wesley?", she asked with an unkowingly motherly tone.

He smiled softly at that, it was quite endearing. "Yeah I think so.", he replied.

She looked at him for a moment. "You know I can sense when you're telling the truth Wes. You're a terrible liar.".

Wesley sighed wishing that weren't true. "I know.", he said with a reassuringly charming grin.

"Good morning.", said Picard in his normal meeting voice as he sat down at the head of the table.

"Now I know you're all very anxious to finally learn the details about this mission though this is a sensitive one. The people on the planet below are in the beginnings of a civil war. There are two halves of the planet with polar opposite climates and landscapes.", he began as he clicked through images on the screen displaying the worlds intriguing surface.

"The side that has asked for our assistance are called The Sage. The other half are called The Seethe. The geographical and ecological aspects are actually quite fascinating. The people of The Sage live in rainforest in shelters built above the trees on the east side. The Seethe live on sand made of dunes and desert on the west. The two cultures used to live in harmony until The Seethe's only source of water dried up. For some reason the emperor of The Sage refused to share their supply and the two sides have been at odds ever since. The incident occurred over 120 years ago and The Sage have long since apologized and offered to share their water supply, but The Seethe are a stubborn people. They have been Trading with the nearest planet in the system Drazun for water but The Drazun have recently cut trade with them. The reason being a drought on their own planet, though this new development as you may have guessed sparked even more uprising among the people. The Seethe are in need of a new water supply but are refusing to take the emperor's offer of sharing the supply. We are going to see if we can help conduct a treaty between the east and the west. I am thinking perhaps that we can ease their stubbornness by creating a good trade system. If The Seethe have something to give in return then perhaps they will not see it as accepting a gift from The Sage but as a beneficial system.", finished Picard.

The officers nodded in understanding and agreeance.

"We will be beaming down to the sand side where the royal court of The Sage will be waiting at their embassy. The Empress tells us it will only be safe for a little while longer, it has been under threat for years. Regardless we hope it will be the perfect place for negotiations on somewhat neutral ground. Report to the transporter room at 0900 hours.", said Riker to the group.

The team nodded as they stood concluding the meeting.

Each officer was previously given outfits pertaining to the fashion of the east side as to not arise questions and early upset over outside assistance. The west side might not get the right impression from foreign visitors right off the bat.

Wesley walked the familiar route back to his quarters. Normally his strivingly efficient mind would be going over the meeting in his head while planning out the time between now and the mission, though now he thought a little more freely for some reason. His mind wandered back to the images of the planet, half rain forest half sand dunes. The beauty of it plagued his thoughts. He looked forward to seeing it upclose as he imagined what it would look like in his mind.

Now somehow he was in his quarters as he removed each garment that read of starfleet, replaceing them with softer fabric that slid over his skin with ease and a different meaning. One he hadn't pinpointed yet but it felt strong. He wore a tight long sleeved light green shirt under a pitch black sleeveless cloak that was open revealing the curves of his slender toned torso, falling just above his ankles. The cloak went over his shoulders reaching just above his forearms as they pointed out with thick fabric and powerful lines. It's hood sat on his back as an unused tool. His pants were black and sleek, similar to his regular uniform slacks though slimmer. His feet wore black laceless boots giving him a little more height that he certainly didn't need already being quite tall. Thin black rope weaved around the boot in a random spaced out pattern for no real purpose he could find though he liked the way it looked. His trusty gold badge sat contrasted beautifully against the charcoal cloak.

Soon enough Wesley found himself walking through the doorway of the transporter room with only half as much anxiety as usual. Okay maybe a little more than half.

Data, Deanna, Riker and of course Picard soon arrived as Obrien waited patiently for all parties. They all wore similar outfits as Wesley, yet he wore it differently. Something about him seemed different, a striking elegance that he seemed possibly unaware of.

"Ready Mr. Obrien?", asked the captain standing with the rest of the others on the transporter pad.

"Aye captain.", said the engineer.

"Energize.", stated Picard.