That day had ended with Veredian crying herself to sleep in his arms. Even after she'd fallen asleep he ran his fingertips softly over her hair. They slept in a deserted room in the palace that seemed miraculously untouched by the wreckage. Aloe slept at their feet. They could have slept on The Enterprise but it had been too much for one day already and he knew she wanted to be close to home.

Morning came as it often did, he prayed the streaks on her cheeks had faded. She looked at him with a weary smile. "Our people need leadership. Our land needs order, I can't grieve yet. I owe it to them.", she whispered.

He nodded trusting her words. Despite what she said he would be there for her ten times more than he already was to make sure if her tears ever fell he would be there to catch them.

As they got ready for the day they looked through the rooms left standing in the palace. They looked for wardrobes finally finding something to wear.

Wesley wore a long sleeve tight olive green shirt under a simple black open tunic. Black pants and forest green boots accompanied. Veredian found a dress with one shoulder wrapping from her upper torso and chest going up over her left shoulder meeting down her back at her waist on the right flowing into a skirt. It left her mid torso open in a bare triangle shape. It was light green almost white reaching down to her ankles revealing beautiful heels that were thin and had lace ivy straps wrapping up and around her ankles. A veil matched the dress sitting over her curls that were down flowing over her back. The end of the veil reached both her middle fingers on each side, held by a simple loop around her knuckle. Wesley gently connected the clasp on the hip with safe hands. She wondered where she would be without his stability.

She turned around smoothing her hands down the front of the dress. It had been so long since she had worn the regal attire. She missed the feeling though it shook her nerves ever so slightly.

"You're beautiful.", he almost stuttered.

She looked down with a smile that didn't fully believe his words.

"No I mean you're too beautiful I gotta look away.", he said turning.

She hit him playfully as they giggled.

"Come on we'd better go, we have to meet them in, wait what time is it?", asked Wesley.

"We're gonna be late!", said Veredian grabbing Wesley and Aloe's hands as they all hurried with a few giggles along the way.

Soon they arrived in the courtyard where they were quickly beamed up to the ship. Their eyes landed on the comforting enterprise with it's purplish grey walls and a smell that was warm like freshly cleaned carpet or afternoon sun rays.

His chest was flooded with unexpected happiness and comfort. He took a sigh as they stepped off the platform. He vaguely wondered if there was ever a place he felt as safe than The Enterprise.

The briefing room was a brisk walk away though it felt longer as Veredian and Aloe looked around amazed. It was nothing like they'd ever seen and Wesley found it pretty fun to watch.

As they entered the room hellos were passed back and forth. It was so strange to see Wesley like this. Standing back in this room that used to wrack his nerves. Now he held the hands of his wife and child. His hair was just a little longer, his muscles a little more toned, maybe he was even a little taller. It didn't seem like that much time had passed, but he was sure of himself now, that was obvious. Not in a cocky way, but the love in his eyes told them it was because of her. He looked at her movements like he was studying her, afraid she would fade away. Maybe he was used to losing people and she seemed too good to be true, or maybe he feared she was just an illusion of a mirage among the chaotic universe.

The meeting brought even more surprises as Wesley, Veredian and Crimson conducted a very successfull negotiation. (While impressive words were passed across the room Aloe sat on the table in front of Data investigating a petri dish Data had brought him with a little bug in it seemingly very fascinating.). The three young leaders seemed to have a lot in common sharing many of the same goals as well. Crimson's sorrowful apologies for what his father did were sincere and incredibly appreciated. He was fervent in conveying that many of his people felt the same. Talk of trade in goods, water of course, builders, tools and resources were tossed back in forth ending in a great plan for a system between the east and the west. The officers hardly had much to add and that made them proud. A treaty was signed as a new ecosystem of cultures was born.

"After over one hundred and twenty years our people's will finally have peace. I have a feeling that the next few centuries are going to be an incredible change. Together we've created a new age.", said Veredian.

"Indeed. This moment will forever change history. Not just a new treaty, but a new friendship between two civilizations, two histories, two traditions and two lands joining together to create peace and change.", said Crimson with an endearing smile of genuine happiness.

"By becoming allies I believe full heartedly that our people's will thrive. Sultan Crimson we would be honored if you would join us for the coronation in one weeks time. I can think of no better way to celebrate this friendship and treaty than by having you sit by us, and our peoples stand side by side in harmony.", suggested Wesley in his kind and charming way.

"Sagen's and Seethen's standing side by side, what a beautiful idea.", Crimson responded with a glisten of watery peace in his eyes.

The day ended with a wonderful dinner and the same company.

In the morning Veredian and Wesley delivered a speech to the people from the highest shelter in the rainforest so all could hear. Words of regret, hope and change ensued the forest as the people very gladly listened to their leaders words. The Sage were sparked with encouragement for a better land. Quicker than they could have imagined the Sagen's began to rebuild what had been broken.

Halfway through the week Wesley and Veredian had invited over Crimson for lunch. They had become fast friends.

They talked and laughed while they could hear commotion of building in the forest. It suddenly began to get louder as Veredian and Wesley looked at each other curious. They got up to look seeing many Seethen's mixed in with their people, building together.

It was a more beautiful site than they could have ever imagined. All three leaders had tears sparkling in their happy irises.

Now a week had passed and it was the hour of coronation. The great hall in the palace was completely fixed and restored. Ivy strung down holding white flowers on their vine. The most beautiful leaf in the forest layed on the floor and two thrones sat at the head of the room.

Red's, tans, greens, and whites all meshed together in harmony. Euphoric evening light carressed every body with calming intent. Regal words were spoken as Veredian and Wesley made promises of loyalty and honesty to their people as they stood in front of the thrones.

They were told to finally sit by the elder who conducted the coronation. Rings of silver ivy with humble emeralds were placed on their heads with grace.

"May Empress Veredian of kindness and mercy, and Emporer Wesley of strength and wisdom, live long to serve our fruitful land.", said the elder as the crowd cheered and clapped. Aloe wiggled from Data's hand as he ran up to Wesley sitting on his knee. The people laughed as he gladly held an arm around his son.

The night ended in a dinner and dancing like her parents would have wanted.

The next night Veredian and Aloe tagged along with Wesley as he went through his old quarters on the ship gathering a few of his untouched things. It was late and Aloe was soon asleep on her shoulder, she set him carefully on the bed. The dark room was illuminated only by the distant stars and the planets three moons outside the window. Wesley sat at the window sill with his chin resting on his elbows dousing him in nostalgia. Veredian curled up next to him as they both looked out into space.

"This used to be my haven. I loved being on The Enterprise but sometimes it was hard. I didn't feel grounded. The days were long and busy, always people everywhere all the time. I spent so many nights in front of this window just so I could have time alone with my thoughts. It's so peaceful isn't it?", said Wesley in a whisper not to wake Aloe.

"I don't think I have ever been so at peace. It's so majestic and still.", responsed Veredian.

"I used to think it was perfect, just me, space, and the still of the night. I didn't realize you were missing.", said Wesley breathing softly into the motionless room.

She sighed grabbing his hand never breaking her eyes from the stars.

"Are you still sure this isn't a dream?", she asked.

"I'm still deciding.", he whispered with a kiss to her neck.

The blue moonlight silhouetted their forms with sapphire serenity as they contemplated the question once again.