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Mikey's feet hit the sewers' ground at a fast-paced rhythm. He wasn't being as stealthy as he could have, but he didn't care about stealth right now. Speed was all that mattered, speed and going back to his father in the hope that Splinter could somehow fix this giant mess that Mikey had created.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why didn't he listen to Leo and Donnie when they said to be careful and not to touch anything?

But he had been in such a good mood. It was October 1st, it was spooky season again, and pumpkins blossomed in the streets.

So Mikey hadn't listened, and then it had been too late.

He jumped the turnstiles of his home and dumped the pile he was carrying on the floor.

"Master Splinter!"

His father was here in a second.

"Michelangelo! Where are your brothers?"

Splinter took note of every little detail, so of course he would notice something as blatant as the absence of three teenage mutant ninja turtles. Or the fact Leo, Donnie and Raph's equipment was on the floor, from their kneepads to their weapons, and at the notable exception of their masks.

Mikey kept these wrapped around his arm. He was going to give them back to their rightful owners, along with his most heartfelt apologies, as soon as he would see them again.

So soon. Very soon.

The pile of equipment and weapons looked messy, and if his brothers had been here they would probably have yelled at Mikey to clean it. But then, if his brothers had been here their equipment would have been on them, not on the floor.

The fact that they couldn't yell at him right now was a problem. Not because Mikey enjoyed being yelled at, more because his brothers weren't here when they really, really should have been.

Instead Mikey was trying hard not to panic because Leo wasn't here, and Raph wasn't here, and Donnie wasn't here, and it was all his fault.


Mikey realized that he had failed to answer his father in a timely manner. Now the giant rat had tightened his hold on the pommel of his cane, and was watching his son like he expected Mikey to tell him the Kraang had come back.

"The Kraang didn't come back," Mikey said.

Splinter blinked once. "I was asking about your brothers," he reminded Mikey, his voice calm and patient if a little strained.

"They're not here!" Mikey's eyes filled with tears. He didn't want to cry, he really didn't, but it was a lot to take in and it was hard, even for him who never had a problem believing in what Donnie called "the supernatural", even before they had proof that it existed.

"I can see that." Splinter's hands had tightened even more on his cane. At this rate, he was going to break its pommel soon. "My son, tell me what happened."

Words jostled on Mikey's tongue. He wanted so much to tell his father everything. They had been patrolling, and when Mikey had wanted to investigate a new Halloween shop in a dark alleyway, his brothers had agreed to come with him. Or maybe Mikey had gone first and they had run after him, he didn't remember.

The point was that they had entered the shop–through the roof, because of course it was closed, Mikey wasn't stupid–and it was everything that Mikey had ever dreamed of! Every Halloween item a turtle could think of, from the really spooky stuff to first-class prank material. Mikey had played with everything, while Donnie had been frowning and saying stuff like "this shop isn't registered anywhere", and Leo had said "Mikey, be careful!"–but then Leo said that all the time, how was Mikey supposed to know that it was important this time?–and Raph had crossed his arms and muttered "I have a bad feeling about this."

Mikey had started yelling stuff like "Look at this!" and "Watch that!" so they would lighten up and he didn't even remember what had triggered it, but then pink smoke was everywhere and an evil genie–even though Mikey hadn't known they were evil at the time–had appeared. They had thanked Mikey for freeing them, and then they had said that he had one wish.

At that point Donnie had said "Mikey, don't say anything," and Mikey had thought that his brother was being unfair.

He had started explaining this to Donnie, and of course Leo and Raph had chimed in because Mikey hadn't exactly a clean record when it came to making messes, and it had all gone downhill from here until Mikey had finally said "I wish you three would forget about that" and he had meant his mistakes, because it wasn't fun being reminded that you messed up even if you did, but then the pink genie had said "Wish granted" and Mikey's brothers had disappeared, leaving all their equipment behind, and the pink genie themselves had disappeared, and the whole shop had disappeared, and Mikey had tried hard not to panic.

"Patrol. Smoke. Wish! Poof! Brothers gone," he told Splinter, waving his arms to emphasize his point.

Splinter took a deep breath, apparently not satisfied with Mikey's explanation.

Half an hour later, and after Splinter had rubbed his temples an impressive number of times, it looked like Mikey's father had finally understood what had happened.

"Sensei, what do we do? What do we do?" Mikey wrung his hands as he paced across the dojo, unable to stay still.

"I will meditate on this," Splinter said. "Maybe I'll find hints in the Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, go look for your brothers. I'm worried they might have forgotten who they are, and will put themselves in danger."

Pictures of his brothers as zombies wandering the streets crossed Mikey's mind. "But Sensei, what if they are already in danger?"

"Then you must hurry, my son," Splinter said. "I'm counting on you."

Mikey gulped and nodded. He had hoped that Splinter would fix everything, but apparently Splinter wanted Mikey to fix this.

"Call our allies," Splinter added. "Let everybody know that we're looking for Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael. Then find them and bring them home."

"I will!" Mikey was so glad that his father didn't seem to be mad at him that he forgot to panic for a second. "See you!"

As he ran away from the lair, he grabbed his T-Phone. He would call April first, then Casey, then the Mutanimals.

Together, they would find Mikey's brothers. When they would see Mikey, of course they would remember everything–Mikey was unforgettable. Then he would give them the most pitiful puppy-dog eyes ever and he would hug them squid-style, and they would forget to be mad.

Yes, everything was going to be fine. He just knew it.

Author's Note: Everybody who thinks that Splinter is really resistant to heart attacks, raise your hand.