I Lay Dying

By Ferae Naturae

AN: A sequel, but not in the traditional sense, a slightly different story. Don't jump to conclusions. This is Tourniquet.

Emma looked on as she slept. A silence, cold and dark, burned in her. He had nearly killed her, his hands carving into her skin, leaving her for them to find unconscious and bloody. She was not his first victim, there had been many before her, but she hadn't been a simple bystander. She had fought him with all she had, and more. She had fought him. And he had won. Her body rested but her mind struggled on, nightmares plaguing her, making her stir and pull at her wounds. Making her cry out. Emma lay a hand on her shoulder, begging her forgiveness as she hit her with a psionic blast. She needed to rest, if this was the only way then this was the way it would be. Emma had things to do.


She found him in a house, standing over his next victim. She called his attention as she begged the woman to run. The woman stood slowly, cuts already shown on her body. But she would live. It wasn't his way to kill. She was here to kill.

His hands were deadly, the power he held in them, the power that had been given him, lashing out at his command. Like an invisible whip he flailed his power, but she was stronger, her mind was stronger. He would break, in time.

She screamed her defiance to the heavens, blood flowing from the cuts on her body as the noise did her throat. She had won. Gravity pulled her to the ground and she lay there, feeling the ebb and flow of her own emotions, the flare and quiet of her power. She could feel it leaking from her body, the power and the blood. It seeped and dripped.

She wondered, as her thoughts drifted away from her body, if she had a place in heaven, the ungodly thing that she was. God had a place in his home for all his creations. But she wasn't his. She didn't belong to him. She was taken, owned by another entity. Man's curiosity, his intrigue. Did this entity have a home to where she could go once the blood stopped flowing? Once the power had seeped to its end?

There was a moment like the snap of a tensioned elastic band. She felt like she had been thrown away from herself. Her mind span for a moment, uncontrolled. She felt betrayed. Had she been betrayed? She was alone perhaps that was betrayal. She felt like she was falling, speeding to the ground, a sting of sadness, a longing for company. She reached out and found another.

I lay dying
I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal
I'm dying praying bleeding and screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

"Don't worry Emma. I found you. I'll save you. Hold on to me."

As her decent slowed and she began to rise once more, she knew. The angel with the halo of yellow, body thick with bandages, had completed her mission. She was saved. She was no longer alone. She was saved.

"Forgive me."

Do you remember me
Lost for so long
Will you be on the other side
Or will you forget me
I'm dying praying bleeding and screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

A lone woman stood beside a simple gravestone, scars on her arms and stomach shown clear by the brief top she wore, the light clean stone declared the stone as a loved one more recently lost. The woman spoke with tears in her eyes and her voice. "I'll never forget you. Wait for me."