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Chapter One.

"You want what?"

Dumbledore looked at me from across his desk and sighed.

"Now Harry, you know that it's for you own protection. It won't be too bad."

I saw that Dumbledore was worried. Whatever he wanted me to do, no matter what it was – I would end up doing it anyway.

I look down at my hands and see the nails chewed from worry, the scars caused by that one fatal night. I turn them over and can see my palms. Unconsciously I flinch. They were only just starting to heal.

Dumbledore is giving me that look. The understanding one. He can see the pain and remembrance that reflect in my face and actions. I know that it pains him to do this to me. But it was the only way in his mind.

I look up at the headmaster. "Ok I'll do it then. One condition though..." I pause dramatically, "He has to agree wholeheartedly to it."

The headmaster nodded, "He already has. We'll start the preparations tomorrow morning since it's a Hogsmeade visit. Of course I can't allow you to tell your friends…" Dumbledore pauses, using the same tactic. I see the logic behind not telling them, but still, leaving Ron and Hermione behind worrying is something I would prefer not to do. And yet – I still nod my head in agreement with the headmaster.

"Your right sir. That would be putting them in an even more dangerous position and I don't want to do that."

A slight smile quirked upon Dumbledore's mouth. I bet he's thinking something like "Always thinking of others first". How quaint of him.

"Right then Harry. Tell your friends that you'll be serving detention with Mr. Filch tomorrow. Please be here just after nine tomorrow morning." Dumbledore nodded, "Till then Harry."

I knew when I was being dismissed. I rose out of the crimson chair and made my way out of the headmaster's office into the cold hallway beyond.


It was cozy and warm thanks to the fire that crackled happily in the hearth. I had just gotten word from Dumbledore that Potter had agreed to do it. I knew that he would agree.

He was much too scared - for his own safety and that of the people around him. Mainly for himself though. They didn't and wouldn't understand what Potter had gone through. But I do. Especially since I the one to rescue him from the clutches of Death Eaters. Even more so, because I had been in the same position as Potter was many times before.

Yes. This is the right thing to do. I may not like him, but scarily enough, I'm the only person who can help. Plus the Death Eaters wouldn't think twice of me living with another person. Back before teaching at Hogwarts, I was something of a sex god to them. Even if I did prefer men. No. Nobody will expect anything… Hopefully.


The hallways were quiet as he walked along to the headmaster's office. The only sound was his footsteps echoing off the walls.

It's so quiet without any students here. I turn around the corner into the corridor that Dumbledore's office was in. Seeing the large stone gargoyle, I realise that I don't know the password.

Oh well… I may as well give it a try.

Sighing I step forward, "Ummm…Freckles? Gummi-bears? Jolly Ranchers? Chrun-"

"As amusing as it would be to watch you floundering about, I do believe that Dumbledore is waiting for us." A silky voice cut in from behind me.

I spin round, to see Professor Snape leaning against the wall. His black muggle slacks and black button-up shirt draping luxuriously over his tall frame. Wisps of long midnight hair draped over his eyes.

"You seem to be very well versed in muggle sweets Mr. Potter. Spend all of your time and money on them instead of studying?" Snape raised one eyebrow.

I gave a slight smile but don't jump to the bait. It was much more interesting examining the line of Snape's body, usually hidden from sight, now exposed by the muggle clothing.

He sneers. Probably thinking that I had no come back for what he said. Oh well…His body is much more interesting.

"Potter, I would appreciate it if you stopped staring and moved along." He strode over to the gargoyle, "Appleslash."

"Umm…Apple-slash sir?" I questioned as the gargoyle slide open. Severus sighed, "According to Professor Dumbledore, it's some new muggle candy that…" he coughs, "Was made especially for the homosexual muggle community." Snape held up his hand, "No Potter, don't ask me what it does or how Dumbledore knows about it."

With that He turned on his heel and started up the stairwell. I had to bit my lip to stifle the laugh that was rising and follow him up.


Dumbledore was sitting behind his desk; a teapot and three cups sat by his elbow.

"Come in, come in. Have a seat. Harry, Severus. Tea?"

I place myself in the seat furthest from the fire, while Harry takes the one closest.

Both of us shake our heads in the negative to the tea. Dumbledore just grins and looks at Harry, "Are you ready for this Harry?"

"More ready than I'll ever be Headmaster," he replied, "Could we just get this over and done with."

The old man smiles, "Of course. But first I insist on telling you a bit about what will be happening."

We both nodded their heads for him to continue. Here it comes. I bet that he's leaving out important parts. Parts that we'll find out sooner or later and he'll say that he 'overlooked' them.

"Harry, you will be placed under a terrifically powerful glamour spell. The spell will make you appear as you would if you had been female and also increase your age to others by eight years - meaning you would look like a twenty-five year old female woman. Nobody but the person who initiates the spell will be able to take it off or break through it." Dumbledore pauses, and takes a sip of his tea.

"The only down-side to the spell is that to yourself and the caster of the spell you'll still appear as a male. Meaning that, even though you see yourself as a male, you'll have to wear female clothing because of everybody else's view."

Harry's eyes opened wide. He blinks a couple of times, and looks round. "I have to wear female clothing?"

I sniggered. It was an amusing thought, and the look on Potter's face at the moment was priceless. For once I actually wish that Creevey brat was here with his camera. I look over to Dumbledore and find him nodding to Harry's question.

Potter narrows his eyes and gestured towards me with a fling of his hand. I should probably be insulted at that, but the amusement of Potter wearing female clothes is still with me. "And where does Professor Snape come into this sir?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkle, a very bad sign, "Why, Professor Snape will be the one casting the spell. Because of this, you'll have to live with him for the time being."

I smirk. Potter's mouth is hanging open like a lank fish. "I can't believe this. I have to cross-dress and live with Professor Snape?"

"Don't worry Mr. Potter; I assure you that I don't want this anymore than you do." I say from my seat. Harry turns his head and looks towards me.

I sigh. Stupid boy, can't he figure it out on his own. "The only reason why I was approached for this is because I am the only eligible professor teaching here who even in the slightest chance would have someone stay with them."

Potter's mouth was still open, "Ohh…"

"Unless of course you wish to stay with Professor Trelawney?" I give him one of my trademark smirks.

The boy's eyes widen even more, and a scared expression crosses his face, "No thank you Professor. If that happened, I'd probably die of suffocation from all of the incense smoke."

My lips twitch. Hmm…Maybe this won't be too bad. At least we have one thing in common. A dislike of that fraud Trelawney.

Dumbledore rose from his seat.

"It's settled then. Harry, I've asked the house-elves to move your books and such into Severus' quarters. Don't worry; I'll make up a suitable excuse for your friends so that they don't worry."

He looks at us and smiles. "Now, all that needs to be done is the spell. Then Severus, it might be wise to take Harry shopping at Diagon Alley for the rest of day. I'm fairly sure that he wouldn't have any female clothes." Dumbledore turns his head towards Potter, who blushes and shakes his head. Heh – I bet he does have some lacy black underwear hidden at the bottom of his trunk.

"Good. I'll leave you two alone to perform the spell then. I believe that I have to speak to Professor McGonagall about something." Dumbledore quickly leaves his office.

Now there's just the two of us.

We both stay seated. I can tell that the silence was starting to bother Potter. He keeps on tapping his fingers on the chair arm.  "So… What are we meant to do for this spell?" I look at him. Stare more like. The tapping gets faster.

"Ok then. Stand up," I stand and Potter follows suit.

I slip my wand out of my sleeve and pointed it at Harry. I move my lips silently, only making the lightest of sounds.  

Suddenly Potter falls. It seems like it's happening in slow motion. I lunge forward to try to catch him. I didn't know this was meant to happen.