So this is going to be the Final Chapter of "You Want What?" since Harry and Severus' story doesn't really go much further then this. I actually planned Chapter Twelve to be the last, but figured that the story needed some more closure.

I might write a sequel for Harry and Severus, after I finish. But "You've Got to be Joking", is a spin-off fic focusing on Hermione and Pansy which has two chapters at the moment – and I've decided I'm only continuing it if I get some considerable amounts of interest shown – which has been good so far.

Actually "You've Got to be Joking" explains a lot of stuff that I've left unsaid in "You Want What", including what happened after Severus proposed and Harry accepted. And yes – other stuff did happen. The story doesn't end there – it just goes on a different tangent.

I hope that everybody has enjoyed reading "You Want What". It was the first fanfiction that I ever started to write – nearly two years ago actually. Which is pretty pathetic, considering roughly, that's a chapter every two months. So it was time for it to come to an end.

Thank you for all of your lovely reviews and ideas – especially the ideas and encouragement. When I get stuck, I go back and re-read the reviews hoping for the inspiration to continue. And that's basically what's gotten "You Want What" even up to where it is.

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Final Chapter



I wonder if this is what Dumbledore wanted.

Dumbledore stretched back into his chair. It had been a busy night, with Harry and Severus' engagement and young Draco Malfoy's confession. Looking round his office he spots a mirror hanging on the far wall. Far from being totally omnipresent, the mirror showed wherever and whatever he wanted as long as it was on school grounds. He also had a terrific handheld one he could carry as well.

Thank god for the mirrors, was a thought Albus Dumbledore had every second day of his life since he became Headmaster.

Without them, Harry and Severus would have never gotten together. And such a pity that would be – they look terrific together as Jamari and Severus, but they would look fantastic and extraordinary together as Harry and Severus.


Dumbledore just wished this war was over so the children could be the children, and the young ones turning into adults didn't have to worry about being killed the second they stepped out of Hogwarts.

Now, since young Draco Malfoy in his fit of passion for 'Jamari' deflected to the Light, and named several other students who had as well… Those students will need to go into some sort of protection.

The old man with twinkling eyes smiled with glee and rubbed his hands together evilly. With a click of his fingers he summed a house elf, "Twinkle would you be so kind as to ask Miss Granger and Miss Parkinson up to my office? Thank you."

And so Professor Albus Dumbledore lent back and waited for more fun to continue.

The End

Sorry this is so short - but really there isn't much more to say for this story at the moment. Hope you liked it, I loved writing it (even if it has taken me forever). There are also going to be more spin-offs, or at least I had more planned ages ago. Since I started Uni this year, schoolwork has been bloody heavy, and I haven't had time to write. If anybody would like to see a spin-off with their favourite or unusual pairing, either email me (address at top) or pop it into a review, and I'll see what I can do depending on time.

Either way - there will be more coming. Maybe a sequel for this? Who knows.