Noroi shot up from the bed and panicked, the last thing they remember is escaping from that place, and killing a few people, and they remembered at a strange bar.

Ughhh... did I get drunk, and blackout.

They got up and looked in the mirror.

They really did look like they escaped a prison, with long, brown unkempt hair, and plain white pants and a shirt.

They started walking out of the room and left to see a man covered in purple mist.

"Oh Noroi, you're awake."

"How do you know my name."

"One you told me when you proceeded to drink 15 shots, and blackout also you're wanted nationwide, for mass murder"

"So... since you are not calling the pros right now, your villains."

"Well, yes we are the league of villains, I'm kurogiri, and the person behind you is Tomura Shigaraki."

"Why is this NPC here... what use do they have," Shigaraki said angrily "Hey, kid... what's you're quirk."

"Well... Crusty, dusty shigaraki, I did muder about 10 people, escaping from a mental instutution, as well as 3 people, when I was like 4, but you altready know that, I guess. And my quirk is unknown, the commision did try to figure out, but they couldn't."

"I AM NOT CRUSTY OR DUSTY...Also why are did you let them stay here if they have an unknown quirk."

Kurogiri sighed, "Well, I thoight they would be a good addition to the Leauge so did sensei."

"Fine, Noroi, or whoever you are you can join if you want"

"I'll join, I am on the run, and I'm pretty bored." Noroi agreed.

Later Noroi Had changed into new clothes and dyed their hair to a light purple, while hiding their eyes, as that would be a dead giveaway to their identity.

A/N: Sorry if this 1st chapter is really bad and seems rushed, I was just trying get Noroi's part done. New UA students will be introduced next chapter.