Chapter 11:  Epilogue

            Crissic shrieked as the laser blasts pounded the fragile structure that formed his home.  He desperately scrabbled at the com, trying to raise whoever was bent upon his destruction. 

            It wasn't easy for him to determine who it might be.  Though his career thus far hadn't been that long he had already made a substantial list of enemies.  A groan ran through the entire structure, making it shift beneath his feet.  The insect like creature moaned in fear. 

            Finally just when it seemed like the structure could take no more abuse silence came except for the blinking green light of the com.  Crissic though had been thrown to the floor.  He curled into a ball whimpering.  An omnipresent voice rang from the speakers interspaced over the ship. 

            "Crissc, it seems you've been hiding things from me." 

            The harsh voice of the Dark Lord rang out over the passages.  Crissic scrambled to his feet, his dark eyes wild.  

            "Never my Lord!  Never would loyal Crissic do such a thing!  Who would have told you this?"  he gibbered, speaking to the walls. 

            The dark voice laughed, "There is one who you also lied to.  It seems I now owe him a favor for telling me of your treachery."  The voice paused for a moment. 

            "I do not like owing others, Crissic." 

            "Please young master!  Please!"  But the presence was gone and the light on the com went out.  Crissic didn't have time for anything else as the powerful lasers of the super-star-destroyer lanced through the already deteriorating structure. 


            Quatar glanced nervously over his shoulder as he scurried across the street to his shop.  Cradossk's failure to resurface told him that the Trandoshan had failed.  Fett would be looking for him, he was sure, but he hadn't heard anything about Fett recently either.  Both of them seemed to have disappeared from the galaxy.  He closed the door to his shop and turned around. 

            A cold sense of horror spread through him as he saw Cradossk's leering grin from the opposite side of the shop.  His hands scrabbled helplessly at the door handle. 

            "Long time no see, Quatar."  He leaned forward in anticipation as the Quarren recoiled in terror, knowing no escape was possible. 


            Across the galaxy stories ended and new tales began.  Rumors circulated and sentients formed plots to benefit themselves and ruin others.  Far from the darkness and the shadows that covered most of the galaxy was a world still quite and free of the politics of the galaxy's underworld. 

            Syntas stood close to Fett on the edge of the wide ocean, watching the sunrise, as it lit up the waves making them appear to be on fire.  In a way it reminded her of the ocean of Force that had poured through her.  For now though she was content just to stand next to Fett, and enjoy the relative peace they had enjoyed since destroying the Jedi Record. 

            She put his her hand on his arm, turning him towards her.  Bandages now covered his arms, concealing the healing wounds from Cradossk's claws.  She had woken up on the Slave 1, groggy from the exhaustion of letting so much of the Force flow through her to find him unconscious with only makeshift bandages on the injuries left by his fight with Cradossk, which she only vaguely remembered.  For once though, she had been able to take care of his injuries without having to argue with him first. 

            Fett tentatively put his arm around her.   She leaned against him, amazed at how much her view of the galaxy had changed in a very short time.  She would never have imagined she could – well, to use a word with so many clichés attached to it –love, a man who -- as a fellow Jedi had so aptly put -- had the morals of a hungry Kryat dragon.  As she leaned against him, she knew that either they were wrong, or she simply did not care. 

            "Can you feel the Force now?"  Fett asked, his voice quiet, still rough despite the treatment they had gotten for him as soon as they had left the Rim. 

            "Only vaguely, as if it were behind a curtain." Syntas shook her head, her hair brushing his chest.  The amount of Force that had poured through her had nearly burned out her ability to sense the Force.  It was slowly returning, but she didn't know if she would ever be able to touch the Force as she once had. 

            "Boba?"  Syntas' voice was serious when she spoke.  "What about the future?"

            He shifted slightly, "What about it?" 

            "Where do we go from here?  The universe is dangerous for us both."  She reminded him.  For a moment he frowned at her, he knew that even better than she did. 

            "I don't know how long we'll have", he admitted. 

            "And I don't care."  She twisted around so she could look into his eyes, with the tone of having made a decision.  It was almost strange seeing his face.  It was a deep tan, with short-cropped dark hair that was never neat despite how careful he was with everything else.  His eyes, which were as dark as hers told her all she needed to know.  For a moment, he looked at her askance, wondering what might come of that, but then Fett smiled slowly, one of the smiles Syntas loved best. 

            "Partners?"  He asked.

            Syntas laughed, "Is that a proposal, Boba Fett?"  Syntas drew his hand to her mouth, kissing it as she looked at him. 

            "So things change for the mighty Boba Fett?" 

            "Everything changes."

            He pulled her close, and leaning closer kissed her gently, Syntas responded happily, drawing him down toward her face. 

            "No amount of time will be enough," She whispered into his ear. 

            "Let's make the most of what time we have then", he suggested.  Syntas returned his grin mischievously, drawing Fett back toward the house. 

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