Chapter 12

It was nearly daylight, but it was still fairly dark through the woodland that covered the Sunrise Mountain. Search teams had been deployed and twenty minutes into the search, scent dogs arrived and progress was increased.

Grissom was forced, literally to stay by his car. He had convinced Sara to stay at the lab with Catherine, Nick and Warrick, but he had to be out doing something. When he arrived, a group of police officers surrounded him to keep him away from the area. Ecklie spoke with him briefly to calm him down slightly. He promised to keep him informed.


Nothing yet

Roger that

Scent Dogs have a trail

Repeat that

Scent Dogs have a trail



Anything yet


Do you have anything?

Scent Dogs are barking, standby


We have faint tracks

Can you be more specific?

Drag lines or crawling lines

A crawling baby perhaps?

Roger that, control

What's your destination?

Great view of Nellis Air Force Base, 36minutes east of your position

On our way

Found her


Grissom's head snapped up at the sound of dogs and static radio chatter. His heart was racing so face he could stand up straight. His body was slumped against the bonnet of his car as three officers kept a close watch on him. Three officers he kept insisting to help with the search, but they didn't move.

An ambulance pulled up and EMT's climbed out. One was a young female and the other was a middle aged male. He watched in numb silence as they prepped themselves for any outcome.

Hearing noise from the path, his head whipped round to see a group of police walking back with relieved looks and through the crowd he saw Ecklie. Looking closer, he noticed a rescue blanket in his arms.

"Gil!" Ecklie shouted with a huge smiled.

Grissom walked towards him slowly to see the blanket move. He grinned and increased his pace to take his child in his arms and only when he saw her did he release a relieved sigh and a tear. "Maddy." He whispered and held her.

"Let's get her to hospital Gil." Ecklie suggested as he guided him towards the ambulance.


Sara shifted uncomfortably on the couch in the break room for the hundredth time. Fenton sat on the floor with his book and building blocks, gurgling quietly as he watched the lab techs wondering the corridors. Sara watched him, but when she saw his head turn towards the door, he dropped the block that was in his mouth and held out his arms.

"Da!" He squealed.

Sara's head turned to see Grissom standing in the doorway with a crowd behind him and a sleeping Madison in his arms. "Maddy." She whispered and quickly scooped Fenton up as she met them halfway. "Baby." She smiled adoringly at the sleeping bundle.

"She's got diaper rash, a cold and is hungry, other than that, she's fine. The doctors checked her over and promised me she would be fine after a warm bottle of milk and her mom." Grissom turned to Catherine, who stood behind him.

She smiled and took Fenton from Sara so Grissom could give Madison to her mother. "I'll get the house cleaned up." Catherine offered as she let Grissom take Fenton.

"Thanks Cath." He smiled and shifted Fenton slightly to kiss his cheek. "Hey buddy, look whose home." He inched closer to Sara and slipped his arm around her waist to hug her sideways. Fenton grasped Madison's blanket then her hand.

"God Gil." Sara looked into his eyes as she cried. He kissed her forehead lightly before pulling Fenton tighter to him.

Doctor Jake Taker was sentenced to two life sentences, kidnapping, child endangerment, break and entering, assault, attempted murder, his licence revoked. safe to say, he'd never see the outside of a prison wall for the rest of his life.

Samuel Adam, Nancy Docks and Andrea Loft's parents would finally have closure and any families that Taker had failed to confess to. Madison was back with her family and Fenton was reunited with his sister. Both were safe and were witness to their parent's marriage at the age of 2 years old.

The kidnapping of Madison Grissom had reached the news along with Fenton's near death experience. They were famous in different ways as they grew up. Each knew what had happened and the amount of people that loved them was always a daily reminder.


Sara tucked Madison into bed one quiet night. She had fallen asleep on the couch watching Pingu on sky. Fenton was with his father like every Saturday night. It was tradition that the boys would go to baseball practise for two hours every Saturday while mother and daughter watch TV and did the shopping. It was routine and each weekend was the same, but being Vegas, it didn't matter what time baseball practise was or what time the shops stayed open. It varied and gave choice, which they sometimes didn't do either and would spend the entire day together.

Grissom carried his son in and quietly put him to bed. He'd fallen asleep in the car and by the time they'd pulled into the drive, he was already in dreamland. After kissing both his children a goodnight, he left them with the door slightly ajar and the hall light on. He knew Fenton wouldn't admit it, but the boy was afraid of the dark, he was when he was 10.

Slipping into the bedroom, he headed into the bathroom to wash up. Running his hands through his grey curls, he noticed some slight brown still visible. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he left his clothes in the hamper and retreated to the warm bed that cried out to him.

"You're late." She mumbled sleepily.

Grissom slid under the covers and pulled her back against his naked chest. "Sorry." He kissed her neck. "Fenton hit a curve ball and we wen to celebrate." His words were paused as he trailed kisses over her shoulder.

"He hit a curve ball?" She asked proudly.

"Mhmm. Long way too." He moaned as he pulled her tighter against him and the feel of her naked back turned his mind to mush.

Sara slipped her hand behind her and rubbed thigh lightly as she turned her head and kissed his lips once before rolling over to face him. "You missed Pingu and the ice monster." She pulled back to look into his eyes.

He opened his mouth, but narrowed his eye suddenly and pulled her roughly against him. "I preferred Pingu and the seal myself." He said softly as his mouth covered hers.

"You would." She knew he watched the videos with the kids when they were younger and Madison's Pingu was like Grissom's bugs, they were obsessed. The seal was Grissom's favourite, although he would never willingly admit it.

Breaking the kiss suddenly, she smiled at his frustrated grumbling. "My son really hit a curve ball?" She inquired.

Rolling his eyes, he released her and turned onto his back. "Yes, 'our' son 'really' hit a curve ball." He made each word clear as he folded his arms behind his head and closed his eyes.

Sara smirked and inched closer. "Really?" She asked teasingly, kissing his stomach and repeating the kiss as he sucked in his stomach.

"He'll be playing pro in college." He promised playfully as his arms came down to pull her on top of him.

She straddle his stomach and placed her hands either side of his head. "Good." She smiled and kissed him softly. "You lock the front door?" She asked out of habit. They both lock the doors, but both knew they needed to tell each other.

"Yes. I checked the kids and I lowered the seat to the toilet too." He added cheekily, deeming himself a smack on the arm.

"Anything else?" She raised her eyebrows when his hands slowly moved up her thighs. "I'll take that as an answer." She didn't have the chance to say anything else as he turned them and pinned her beneath him.

"I'll think about it." He murmured as he lowered himself onto his wife.


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