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5 years old.

A lone girl, with no name, had no idea that she was this old, and would only later realize what today was. She sat on the bed, and waited. There was no use in making noise, nothing would come of it.

There was nothing in the room to occupy her. All she could do was wait.The room had black or dark brown colors for every surface. The only things of interest were a bookshelf and wardrobe. The wardrobe held clothes she had already changed into, and took her nighttime clothes to be cleaned. The bookshelf had a lock with a time. She read the timer as seven hundred and thirty-five days.

The door popped open with a soft creak- unleashing a draft of cold air into the room. She quickly rose to her feet and walked out, careful not to brush against the door. Touching the door hurt. Not just when she touched it, but for hours after.

She walked the familiar path towards him. By the time she reached his door, she had to put in effort to suppress her shivering. This door did not hurt her, but she entered cautiously all the same. The door closed on its own as she stood straight, awaiting his words.

His raspy voice called out from a chair facing away from her, ordering her to sit on the floor for food. She scarfed down the meal with as little sound as possible.

As soon as it had appeared in front of her, the food was gone. She had never managed to finish the plate before it disappeared. As it did, he stood up, glaring at her with red, slitted eyes."You will make the change today."

She knew the change was his goal, but not what the change was, or how to give it to him.


She screamed in pain, her attempts to stifle her screams failing. After a moment it ended, oddly not lasting as long as it typically did.

"Your name is Hinochi Potter. Several months after your birth, I took your mother from you. I Murdered her. She is dead, and I am happy to be the cause of it."

Hinochi looked him in the eye, knowing not to look away. She fought the tears in her eye, though she barely understood his words. He had taught her what a mother was, but she hadn't considered the fate of her own mother.

She feared this man, but more than that, she Hated him.

"I killed your Father, too. You should have seen how much he loved you. How much care he showed. I Struck him down in his naive displays of devotion, as he begged me not for his life, but for yours."

Tears flowed freely now, but Hinochi refused to endure the pain again that would surely strike her if her gaze dared to leave his.

"One day I'm going to kill you, too. However, something your mother did before Dying, hurt me very much. I do not appreciate the attempt. Since dead bodies don't make for good torture, You have suffered in your mother's place."

The young girl felt her anger burning. Her eyes burned with her tears.

"Much like your father, she begged for your safety. I struck her down without even slightly entertaining the idea. I was only there to kill you. She could've lived, and I could've still done what I went there to do. I Wanted to kill her because she stood in my way. After slaughtering her, I moved to you.."

Hinochi was unsure of what she was feeling. Amidst her Pain, and her Anger, she felt a pressure rising within her.

"..but you got lucky. Not lucky Enough it would seem. Because now you are here, destined to die a horrible, painful death. Your life will mean nothing, and I will be the only one to remember your name."

He rushed forward, grabbing her by her short black hair and throwing her down. She slid to the other side of the room.He kept coming after her and beating her. Kicking, Hitting, Throwing. Saying that Painful Word.

"After I kill you; I will go out, and find another who reminds me of you. Then, I shall repeat this process. I'll even tell her she has your name. Just so Hinochi Potter can suffer and die by my hand once mo-"

He was cut off by an Explosion of Red and Green light.

Shock covered his snake-like features as Hinochi rushed towards him, eyes shining. She froze above him, as he laughed in her face. She had never seen anyone laugh, and the new experience paralyzed her.

"Finally.. Your Eyes..."


8 years old

She rushed forward striking each target again and again, Breathing steadily and counting her marks. Viviel was promised a reward if she hit ten in one minute, and she intended to receive that reward.

"Time. How many did you count?"

"Nine, sir."

"Correct. Go again."

The targets spun, fixed upon wooden stands that would hold still no matter how hard she hit. She felt herself slowing, and panicked. Clenching her teeth, she tried to regain her fire, but she ended up floundering. After a punch failed to connect entirely, he called for her to stop.

"Enough. Let's try something different."

With a wave of his hand the dummy flew back, and he stood in its place, legs apart, hands by his lap.

"I am your target. Again."

She knew better than to question him. She also Wanted to hit him, quite hard, over and over.

Her fire restored, She swung and swung and swung. Fist meeting flesh was very different from fist meeting wood.

"Time. How many did you count?"

"Seventeen, Sir."

"Eighteen, Hinochi." He said softly.

She found the tone Uncomfortable. His eyes bore into hers, a strange expression upon his face, he spoke.

"Sit in the chair."

She slowly took a seat in a conjured armchair. It's cloth was extremely intricate, threaded designs running all along its backrest.

"You are currently eight years old. You are quite small for your age, and could pass for much younger. I need you to believe that you are truly younger, say, five years old again."

She calmy spoke, "I am five years old sir."

"Good. I will be sending you to school. At this school they will train you further. You are Not to show anyone your Sharingan. You are Not to talk about your childhood. Your name will be Tenshin Peverell. Do you understand?"

"I am Tenshin Peverell, five years old. I am excited to be going to school. I've had a boring childhood, and I am nothing special."

"This school is simply known as the Academy. I will show you the way from here, and the way to your classroom. You will introduce yourself as Tenshin Peverell. You will address others with the same respect you address me"

He pulled out his wand, and entered her mind. She had never seen the outside before, but now she had a path to the Academy burned into her memory. A part of her fluttered with excitement at being able to leave this house.

"At the end of the School day, you have one hour to return home. If you are not here by then, I will assume you have betrayed me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Riddle."

"Inky has prepared new clothes for you, and will be visiting you shortly. Back to your room."

She sped back her room, feeling something new. A warm sensation she could only define as excitement.


Tenshin's Academy clothes were simple. A black, tunic-like shirt over a mesh one. Plain shorts that fit with the shirts simplicity. Bandages that Inky the house-elf had to show her how to put around her hands and arms. A small pouch of Kunai to sit on her belt. Lastly, a wrist holster for her practice wand, under the bandages of her left wrist.

She'd had the wand for almost a year now. Riddle had told her a few details of its craft; Intentionally small to fit her hands, formed with aged cedar wood. Too small for a proper core, the wand had been soaked in the blood of various magic creatures. It was not intended to perform well, and had been spelled to have no effect on Riddle should she turn on him.

She closely inspected the kunai Inky had provided her, as they had slight differences to the ones she had previously seen and practiced with. The blade appeared to be made of a darker metal, and its tip had three serrations on the edge, serrations that turned into lines, forming a whirpool symbol in about the center of the blade.

"Thank you, Inky."

"Not a problem, Miss. Inky found them where Inky was instructed to get you things. Inkys performed dutifully."

She had felt a sort of kinship with the elf. Inky was her friend, and that bond was much stronger that the bond of Subservience to Riddle.

Tenshin felt it was time to leave for the Academy and set out to follow the path Riddle had shown her. Opening the large, reinforced front door unleashed a blast of light -natural light- that pained her eyes. Rubbing them, she felt the heat the light gave off, and felt the Hope the light seemed to inpired. She trudged off, into said light.



A man screamed out, then lay silently on the ground. A paler, taller man walked past him, up the stairs. A red haired woman stood in his way, but not for long.

He aimed his wand at the child she had been hiding, and intoned, "Avada Kedavra"

An explosion Rocked his senses and ripped his soul from his corpse. The child cried out in pain, a lightning shaped scar burned into her forehead.

His soul, no more than a wraith, flew off into the night.


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