Show: General Hospital

Title: Las Vidas de los Corinthos' II: Chapter 36

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"Twenty-six-year-old male, multiple stab wounds –!" the remainder of the paramedic's medical mumbo-jumbo faded into insignificance as they barrelled over the threshold into the Emergency Room of General Hospital. He was holding on to a saline line whilst his partner sat astride the patient, performing CPR.

Taggert followed quickly behind, watching as Bobbie Spencer and the doctor on call rushed to meet the gurney.

"Oh, God!" he thought he heard Bobbie exclaim, as he continued to stare nauseously. There was blood everywhere, but he could not look away.

"Detective? Taggert, what happened?" Bobbie asked, catching sight of him, staring entranced at the gurney. The PCPD was not far behind. The call had come in over the radio, so she had been prepared for the patient, but not for seeing the face of the man she loved like a son looking so pale and close to death.

"No time for those questions, now, Spencer," whoever the doctor was snapped impatiently.

"Right," she replied. Bobbie shoved away her personal interest and slipped into nurse mode, mechanically doing as the doctor instructed, all the while helping to roll the gurney into one of the ERs.

Taggert tried to follow. Bobbie caught sight of his attempt and immediately blocked him. "What're you doing?" she asked icily, knowing Taggert's propensity to start trouble. "You can't come in here," she said, placing a firm hand in the centre of his chest.

It was instinctive to argue, but he recognised that that was impossible and, with him hovering over their shoulders, he would be far more a nuisance than help. "Do you know when he'll regain consciousness, Bobbie? I have some questions that need to be answered."

"He's not going to be awake for a good while, Detective, and having your questions answered is the least of my priorities, right now. Wait outside," she insisted, pushing him away from the door.


It was the on call doctor who had cursed. They had cut off Jason's bloodstained T-shirt, fully revealing the three deep and festering stab wounds Destang had inflicted. Instantly, Bobbie's head whipped around to see what was the matter.

"How long ago was he stabbed?" the doctor demanded to know, looking around the paramedic who was still performing CPR.

"Taggert?" Bobbie asked, struggling to hold him back. "How long ago was he stabbed?"

"I don't know…. Jesus, what's happening?" he asked, straining to look around the nurse, as the medical equipment Jason was hooked up to shrieked around them.

"He doesn't know!" Bobbie yelled back to the doctor. "Listen to me, Detective, you need to step back," she ordered firmly. "Let me do my job."

Without further preliminaries, she shoved him away and let the automatic door slide shut between them before she hurried to Jason's side.

On the other side of the door, Taggert watched as the staff rushed around in the room, trying to keep Morgan alive. Resigned to his fate of waiting, he stepped away, scratching his baldhead as he headed for the nurse's station. He had reached for the telephone to call the station just as the other EMS team burst through the doors, Garcia not far behind. It was the gurney that held Delano Taggliatti, who was thrashing and shrieking with pain on it.

Another doctor rushed to his aid and Garcia instructed various uniformed officers to stake out Taggliatti and never let him out of their sight. That task complete, he headed over to his partner.

"How's Morgan?" he asked, turning his eyes to the crowded ER.

"We'll see," Taggert replied, turning to face the room as well.

"Corinthos is not happy. I can imagine when Alexis Davis gets wind of this, there'll be hell to pay."

He was referring to the fact that they had arrested Sonny and his bodyguards before Jason and Taggliatti were transported to the hospital. Sonny had exploded, after trying to be reasonable – he would turn himself over to their custody, after they allowed him to go with his friend to the hospital and make sure he was fine.

Needless to say, both Detectives had refused.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," was Taggert's reply. He crossed over to the other room, where Delano Taggliatti was being taken care of. "Right now, I'd prefer to keep Taggliatti alive."

Garcia came to stand next to him, his eyes trained on the figure of the man as he thrashed on the bed. "If Morgan dies, Taggliatti's a dead man."

Taggert's jaw clenched. "It doesn't matter if Morgan dies or not… Taggliatti already is."


"I couldn't make them stay." Max was quick to apologise to Ric and Benny as Elizabeth and Alexis barged into Sonny's office at the warehouse.

Benny looked nervous, and couldn't meet either woman's gaze. Her partner said nothing but nodded knowingly. Alexis surmised that Ric was definitely the better poker player.

"Where is he?" she asked Benny, the weaker of the two, her voice deceptively calm.

"Ah –" he was interrupted by the chirp of Alexis's cellphone.

She narrowed her eyes on her prey even as she fished out her phone and answered. "Alexis Davis."

"Ms. Davis, we have a bit of a problem."

It was Johnny.

The hair on the back of her neck immediately stood on end and she turned worried eyes on her daughter.

Elizabeth, too, could feel deep in her gut, that something was terribly, terribly wrong. "They found him, didn't they?" she asked, her voice whisper soft.

"Did you find him?" Alexis asked, keeping her eyes trained on Elizabeth.


In the near silence of the office, they could all hear Johnny's reply over the line.

"Then what's the problem? Where are you?"

Back at PCPD Headquarters, Johnny looked back to the holding cell where Adam, Francis and Gino were being held. Sonny was in the interrogation room. "PCPD, ma'am. We've been arrested."

Alexis cringed, and wiped the fatigue from her face. "Why? Where's Jason."

"Mr. Corinthos is out for blood, Ms. Davis," he explained hastily, completely ignoring her request to know where Jason was. "Taggert, as usual, wouldn't listen to reason. He slapped a charge of resisting arrest on Mr. Corinthos on top of the rest."

"Johnny –"

"Mr. Corinthos is going to go ballistic if we don't get outta here soon, Ms. Davis."

"He's hurt, isn't he?" Elizabeth's voice cracked on the last and her eyes were shiny with tears threatening to spill over, as she waited for a reply to her mother's question.

"I will be there," she replied forcefully, "but I'm going to ask you one more time, Johnny. Where is Jason?" Alexis asked again, tears stinging her own eyes as she watched her daughter start to unravel before her eyes.

The guard hesitated before answering her question. "General Hospital."

"Elizabeth!" Ric yelled as his niece whirled on her heels and out the door.


They all sprung into action as Elizabeth's rapid footsteps could be heard pounding down the stairs that led to the warehouse floor. Ric was the first to reach her, leaping the final four steps and vaulting in front of her, catching her shoulders in his hands and forcing her to stop.

"No!" Elizabeth protested, hot tears of fear streaming down her face as she struggled to get away from her uncle's hold. "Let go of me, Ric!"

"Elizabeth, calm down!"

"Don't tell me to calm down! He's hurt! I have to get to him! I have to make sure he's safe! Oh, God –" she broke off on a ragged sob and Ric pulled her fully into his arms just as the others reached them.

"It's okay, querida," he crooned softly into her hair, as she literally soaked his shirt with her tears.

"No… it's not okay," Elizabeth moaned, clutching his shirt in her fists. "Something's wrong, Ric, I can feel it!"

"We aren't going to accomplish anything if you fall to pieces," Ric said, in a painfully logical tone.

Alexis sighed heavily and laid a hand on her daughter's shoulder in comfort. "Ric's right, Elizabeth…."

Elizabeth took a deep censuring breath and stepped away from her uncle, wiping the tears from her face in the process, all the while knowing that they were right. She closed her eyes and turned to Max, who'd been waiting expectantly. "Take me to him."


The world slowed to a crawl for Elizabeth as Max pulled the limo up to the ER entrance of General Hospital and opened the door for her. With each step she took toward the automatic entrance, her heart became leaded with fear. All the sounds faded into the background and the rest of her senses were attuned to one thing only: find Jason.

Lucky, who had known Elizabeth for so many years, saw her first and instantly recognised the signs. Elizabeth was in full-on actress mode. To the world, she seemed unruffled but, with one look into her blue eyes, he knew that she was really terrified.

Scanning the area, she realised it was crawling with the PCPD. She spotted Alex Garcia at the nurse's station and numerous nameless faceless uniformed officers were stationed at various points, including Lucky, who was stationed outside the entrance to one of the ERs. Thankfully, Taggert was nowhere in sight.

Garcia spotted her at the same time. She stood near to the entrance, flanked on side by a beefy bodyguard, her uncle on the other. Her mother was not with her – he assumed that she was down at the PCPD already giving Taggert hell.

Unlike the other night, she didn't look like a deer caught in the headlights. Her roving gaze was purposeful and she stood tall as she looked around the busy rooms. Catching sight of him, she headed toward him, and Garcia internally braced himself.

"Ms. Corinthos," he greeted, as pleasantly as he could, considering the situation.

"Where is he?" she asked, without the false pleasantries.

Before he could reply, the elevator dinged and Bobbie Spencer stepped off. Abandoning her interrogation of Garcia, Elizabeth hurried over to the older woman. "Bobbie! Bobbie!" she hailed.

Bobbie turned at the sound of her name, not surprised to see Elizabeth rushing towards her.

"Elizabeth," she greeted tiredly, hugging the petite woman to her.

"Do you know what happened?" Elizabeth asked, not surprised that she could feel tears gathering in her eyes. "Where's Jason?"

By that time Ric and Max had made it to her side. Ric wrapped an arm around his niece's shoulder, equally as concerned. Garcia hung in the back.

"Jason stopped breathing en route to the hospital," she explained clinically to the small group. He crashed again in the ER, but the doctor was able to stabilise him for the moment. We just sent him up to the ER, and they'll try to repair the damage."

Elizabeth had blanched as the nurse explained Jason's condition and she could feel her knees weakening.

"What the hell happened?" Ric demanded to know, clutching Elizabeth's slumping body to his side.

"When we found him, Morgan was in pretty bad shape," Garcia explained, thinking that his description was the understatement of the year. "He was stabbed three times and was bleeding out."

Ric's jaw clenched, as he imagined the torture Jason had gone through.

"Who did this?" Elizabeth whispered in horror, struggling to stay upright on her own.

Ric's eyes met Garcia's and both men knew this would hit her hard. Ric, of course, knew the true relationship Elizabeth had with both men.

"Tell me!" she demanded, taking note of the police officer's obvious hesitation.

"The hit on your aunt and Jason's abduction was ordered by Delano Taggliatti. A man you know as Daniel Toreno."


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