This Girl

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Author's Note: This is my first story that I actually finished. Anyways, I realized that there are very few to no Kamio and Ann fanfictions, so I decided to change that. I think the coupling is cute, and I'm not against MomoxAnn either. Just think Kamio's protective exterior towards Ann is kawaii desu.


Sumen / Gomen nasai - Sorry

Konbon wa - Good Evening

Baka - Idiot/Dummy

Arigatou- Thanks

Oniisan- Big Brother

Imouto- Little Sister

Daijobou-ka? - Are you okay?


Ann watched as the quick serve zoomed pass her and landed on the line before bouncing off court. Turning her head back, she waved at the boy on the other side with her free left hand, complimenting him.

"Eh! Kamio-kun! That was an excellent bullet serve just now!" she shouted from across the court.

"Arigatou Ann-chan! You're not doing so bad yourself!" Grinning, the auburn-hair Fudomine player waved back, his dark brown eyes shimmering with satisfaction.

Ann grinned back. Kamio-kun is definitely improving, she noted to herself. Fudomine is getting stronger. She raised her right arm to read the time and sighed, quickly pacing herself off the court to the benches where her belongings lay.

"Gomen-nasai, Kamio-kun, but I have to go! I'll make it up to you next time!" she cried from the benches while she packed.

"Eh? You have to go? Where?" Kamio asked as he walked over to where Ann was packing.

The young light-brown brunette looked up at her friend and smiled. "I have a date with Oniisan today. I promised to meet him at the park."

Kamio's dark brows knotted as he frowned down on Ann. "Yei Yei, Ann-chan. You shouldn't be calling certain things as dates when they're not, Ann!" he lectured, resting his racket over his right shoulder.

She giggled and tossed her pink racket into the matching duffel bag, chocolate brown eyes staring up at the speedy Fudomine player again. "As long as I think it is, I guess there's no harm in it, right?"

Lifting the pink duffel bag up and carrying it with her right shoulder, Ann walked pass the auburn haired regular of Fudomine and waved goodbye with her free left hand, disappearing as she descended from the street tennis' court.

Kamio lowered his head and sighed with closed eyes. It hadn't always been this way, he thought idly. He wasn't always so sensitive to Ann's careless selection of words until a few weeks ago, when he realized that he might like her, a lot. Soon after that, he became more irate and short-tempered when people of the opposite sex, with the exception of Ann's brother, got too close or too friendly with her.

The auburn haired boy sat on the bench and rested as thoughts played in his head. After a few minutes, and a few cans of delectable fizzy-drinks to help him recover his stamina, Kamio also decided it was time to leave. Packing his tennis rackets and balls in his own duffel bag, he used his right hand to try and brush the long bangs away from his right eye, and like always, it would fall back in place and cover it again.


After a few hours worth of walking around the neighbourhoods and malls around the area, Kamio finally decided that it was time for him to head home. The sun was already setting, and his stomach was growling. Shouldn't have spent all my money on those pricey drinks in the vending machine, he thought while he walked down the usual road, which would lead him home.

Walking down the populated sidewalk, Kamio's feet stopped as he admired some flowers displayed outside the flower shop. The beautiful daffodils were fresh and lively, mixing its scent with the lilies that were placed beside it. Looking up from the flowers and into the large glass window, he saw Ann at the other side of the counter, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Hmm," the young boy murmured as he wondered whom those flowers could be for. It couldn't be for Tachibana, it wasn't his birthday nor was it any special day for him other than a regular Tuesday. Maybe it was for Tezuka? He just came back from Frankfurt, Germany, but Ann barely knows him, so it couldn't it be for him. Could it be that she has

Standing outside and thinking silently, Kamio forgot that he was still staring at Ann and was still making humming noises. It was when Ann turned and waved at him that he snapped back to reality, and waved back as he watched her pay the cashier and walk out of the shop towards him.

"Konbon wa, Kamio-kun!" she greeted him with a wave. Standing outside of the flower shop, the scents from the flowers were still magnificent and beautiful.

'Konbon wa," the speed demon smiled. "Yei..." he tilted his head slightly to the left and looked at the bouquet of flowers, trying to seem uninterested and calm at the same time. What a liar. "Looks like an expensive arrangement you got there," he said.

"Ah! This?" Ann looked down at the neatly wrapped bouquet she was holding. There were yellow, vibrant daffodils and white lilies scattered around the bushel. Lily of the Valleys were everywhere, neatly decorated as the vibrant red, white, and blue roses outshone all the others. She looked up at Kamio and smiled.

"They didn't cost that much, actually. Mr. Yanami and I are friends, so he helped me arrange it and gave me a discount. It does look extravagant though, doesn't it?"

She watched as her conversing companion nodded, and there were a few seconds of silence before the question popped into her head.

"Ah! I almost forgot," Ann snickered. "So what are you doing here, Kamio-kun?" She looked at him with her chocolate brown eyes, piercing at his own.

:"Eh...Um..." he stuttered. Looking at the flowers again, why was he here? He should've been home a good twenty minutes ago! He frowned as he tried to come up with words, but they weren't in service. Damnit, he cursed silently.

Ann, still oblivious to Kamio's inner turmoil, followed his gaze to the wonderfully decorated flowers outside of the shop again. She smiled. "Ah! So you were looking at the flowers?" she asked, still with a grin on her face.

Kamio looked back at her, feeling a faint blush rise from his cheeks. He could've answered it for himself, but he wasn't able to. Nodding and smiling, he was beating himself with a stick mentally.

"Saa...That's right, that's right. I was looking at the flowers." he let out a sheepish grin.

Ann smiled back in return, realizing how many smiles she was delivering to the 2nd year Fudomine regular. She shook it off inside, and laughed. "Ah. Well, I better get going and deliver these flowers! It's getting dark and Oniisan might get worried if I come home too late!" Slowly, she turned around began to walk towards the bus coming their way.

"Yei--Matte! Ann! Can I come with you? I'll keep you safe," Kamio offered. He also wanted to see who the flowers were for, so he could make a new enemy and beat him up as well.

Ann shook her head and waved as she climbed up the three steps on the bus. "Ahh...It's okay Kamio. Since you two don't get along that well, I would probably end up protecting you!" she stuck her tongue out, carrying out her soft joke as she laughed to herself and waved goodbye. "I'll tell him you said Hi!" she cried out of one of the many windows as it drove off to Kamio's opposite direction.

The 2nd year speed demon of Fudomine froze as the missing pieces were placed together in his mind. He didn't have a lot of foes, Kamio thought to himself. Especially ones that get along with Ann, but not him. If anything, there was probably only one, and--no, it couldn't be...

"Momoshiro?!?" he cried out, and before he knew it, was racing after the bus that left only a minute ago with Ann in it.


Speeding down the sidewalk, Kamio was thankful that Seigaku was only ten stops away from his house, though it still drained a large amount of energy out of him. He was panting and walking groggily towards the entrance of the school. He saw Ann walking in just a few minutes ago, but was much too tired to run and catch up with her. He was tired, and the tennis bag he was carrying over his right shoulder didn't help, especially when it was banging the daylights out of him while he was running.

Making a note to put some ointment on his soar back later, the auburn speed demon slumped against the wall enclosing Seigaku Middle School, overlooking the tennis courts at the far right end of the buildings. Something caught his eye and charged him with a second dosage of adrenaline as his eyes gawked for a few moments, letting his mind put the pieces together.

He sped down the school lawn, avoiding the sprinklers as droplets of water continued to spray down on him, but he was on a rampage, and nothing could stop him. Well, sorta. Now closer up, he could clearly make out Ann and Momoshiro, sitting beside each other as she handed the bouquet of flowers to him and smiled. No, his eyes weren't deceiving him. Curling his fingers tightly against a tennis cage, he sprang away from it and ran to the couple, oblivious that a pair of eyes were watching the three, amused, and taking notes.

The tennis meeting had ended a while ago, seeing that only a few people were scattered around the courts, mostly Seigaku members and the rabid fangirls trailing behind them. He stood in front of the bench, his short height somewhat towering over the two people sitting on the bench. Kamio's eyes glared wickedly at Momoshiro, who seemed a bit drunk and mumbling gibberish to himself while Kamio stood in front of him.

Ann looked up and was the first to greet him. Her eyes lit up and a smile formed from her lips. "Kamio-kun! What are you doing here?" she grinned and closed her eyes. The next thing she saw was her friend dragging the larger one up, his red hair dancing in the wind. She looked at him. "Kamio-kun, what's wrong? Kamio!"

The auburn hair Fudomine was blinded by anger as he delivered an uppercut on the wary Momoshiro with his right arm, letting the duffel bag slide down his arm and onto the pavement. He balled up a fistful of cloth on each hand as he shook Momoshiro, screaming.

"You Bastard!" he cried, bruising Momo as his fist met with the other boy's cheek, quite intimately, I might add. "How dare you do this to her? I won't let you! You thief, I bet you were planning on stealing her heart like you stole my bike, and then wreck it by throwing it down a flight of stairs, right? Right?!?"

"Egyahga-Da-da-woosh?" was all that Momoshiro could mumble out of his mouth. His tongue had turned to liquid. His eyes were swollen as well, so he merely laid there with his head tilted to the side, mumbling nonsense in every direction which no one could make out.

Ann stood beside the green bench they were just sitting on. Her chocolate eyes, now dipped with a clash of dazzling gradients of brown from the setting sun's rays, watched with horror, knees and hands trembling, she brought her palms up to her face and screamed.

"Kamio-kun! What the heck are you doing?" she cried.

But the auburn hair boy could only hear the abnormal gurgles coming out of Momoshiro as he delivered punch after punch. Seeing that he earned the name as the powerhouse of Seigaku, this fight was pretty easy for him. Maybe I was just too fast for him? His pride bit at him.

"Kamio-kun!" Ann screamed again, eyes clenched as her voice projected throughout the school. She huffed up again, prepared for another ear-popping scream when out of the bushes came Inui, scribbling data in his trusty notebook as he stood beside Ann and his brows knitted.

"Momoshiro still has a fever. Probability of inactivity during a fight: ninety-three percent." the brains of Seigaku said out loud, then, after a few pauses, scribbled data into his notebook. "Good data. Good data," he murmured repeatedly.

After another punch, Kamio freed Momoshiro from his grip and turned to Inui, eyes filled with shock. "Fe-Fever?..." he breathed in disbelief. Her turned around and watched as the big 2nd year Seigaku player began to tip over and fall. Using his quick reflexes, Kamio missed the student and instead, hugged air as Momo made a painful crash onto the concrete.

"Momo-chan!!!" Ann ran to the fallen form and kneeled down, cradling his head with her arms, she made soothing noises to mesh with the helpless gibberish coming out of the boy's mouth. "Daijobou-ka?" she whispered gently, and ran a soft, right palm across the powerhouse's face.

"Gagugyeh..." was all that came out of the guy. His eyes drooped, purple orbs slowly covered by his own eyelids, he made a loud snort before falling into sleep in Ann's arms.

There was a moment of silence, then it was gone, changed by the different glare in Ann's eyes now as she stared up at Kamio, obviously too angry to speak.

"What on earth were you doing?" She managed to keep it in a soft hiss, careful not to disturb Momoshiro's sleep, but the vileness and anger was still noticeable in her tone. "You baka! You could've injured him, badly! Lucky he was big enough to take your hits. What were you thinking?" she growled before turning back to the sleeping boy and caressed a bruise gently on his left cheek, brought to him by the loving, Kamio.

"I...I didn't know. Sumen. I didn't know he was sick--"

"That still doesn't clear things up. What you did was stupid, Kamio." Ann stared into Kamio's eyes with a direct, and undertone of rudeness.

The auburn hair Fudomine player flinched, but quickly recovered before anyone could notice. She had purposely left the "kun" in his name out, when referring to him. That meant he was no longer a good friend of hers, and all the feelings and emotions developed in the past two years that they knew each other were demolished, forgotten, or put aside, at least.

He sucked up a breath and lowered his head, staring down at the ground, too ashamed to look up at the girl he thought so fondly of. "I was only trying to protect you, from being hurt," he explained.

The frown on her adorable face didn't match her, it made her seem more sinister, but it certainly fitted her mood right now, so she decided to keep it, and they both knew. "I don't recall ever giving you permission to trespass into my own, personal business, Kamio; especially my love life, and I believe that what I do in my life is only my decision. Don't try to change me, Kamio." she snapped.

The Fudomine regular winced, and nodded. "I understand. Gomen nasai," he bowed before picking up his duffel bag, swinging it over his right shoulder as he walked away without another word.

Ann watched him leave, still cradling Momoshiro's head while he nuzzled closer towards her. Sighing, she looked up and realized that Inui was still standing beside the bench, busily scribbling on his notebook, Ann frowned.

"This will be placed into my further collection of data," he paused, then began scribbling again, gaining a sweatdrop from Ann.

"You know, Inui-san, that not all things can be placed or solved by data," she laughed half-heartedly, feeling her top lip twitch slightly upwards as she continued to observe the brains of Seigaku.

He paused, possibly thinking about the comment before looking down again and began jotting down notes on his bound paper booklet.

"Good Data." He fixed his glasses properly on the bridge of his nose again before continuing. "Good Data."


Kamio opened the glass panel door as the bells hung over the door jingled with a high ringing tune. Taking a deep breath, he shrugged his shoulder again to adjust the weight of the duffel bag and lowered his head. He's never really been to a flower shop before, especially one with so many daffodils and feminine touches which made him even more nervous. It didn't help when the elderly man behind the counter rose from what he was doing and smiled at the auburn haired boy with analyzing eyes.

He remembered him, that boy. He was outside of his shop earlier, talking to Ann-chan. A slight frown built up from his brows as he welcomed the boy to his shop. He was old, but knew how the boy's feelings all too well. It was, of course, how he first courted his wife too. Taking an educated guess on the situation, he smiled again, forming a grin.

Kamio was nervously tapping his fingers on the glass counter, his face lowered so he couldn't see the expression the old man was giving. His normal skin tone perked up a few notches as his cheeks flustered, dying them with red when the man behind the counter asked what he needed.

"I wa-want to...Spe-Special arrangement. For Ann Tachibana. Thanks." he bowed his head and as he wrote a cheque to pay for the special arrangement, he couldn't help but look up at the smiling man before he leaves. the old man chuckled to himself as the boy walked out of his shop.

His educated guess was right.


She sat down across the dining table with a cup of tea that Momo-chan's mother kindly offered her. She sipped it politely, making sure not to slurp as she looked up and saw those opaque glasses staring back at her. The owner of them would never have to fear having his emotions read through his eyes since you can't see them.

"What is it, Inui-san?" she asked, the teacup still propped up to her lip for another sip. Her frown deepened when he flipped open his notebook and skimmed through to his desired page. He cleared his throat and read it out loud.

"Data. Calculations prove that Kamio of Fudomine may have developed a slight fondness towards Tachibana's sister, Ann-chan. Probability of data to be correct, ninety-two percent accurate."

Ann shook her head and managed to stifle a laugh, turning it into a slight cough while she excused herself. She looked up at Inui, but wasn't to able read anything, part of it the glasses' fault. It amazed her how he can calculate so many things in data. She grinned.

"Yei...Inui-san, you can calculate emotions and feelings as well?" She watched the spike-haired boy nod with knitted brows. "Interesting," she smirked.

"It's more complicated than skill data, but I like the challenge." He glanced into his book again. "93% Kamio likes you, Ann Tachibana."

She placed her cup back onto the saucer and her expression changed to a wary one. "I heard you the first time," she sighed and looked up and him. "What about the missing seven percent?"

Inui shrugged. "Data is data. It just calculated that way." For the first time, Inui lifted his glasses up and looked at Ann-chan dead in the eye, sending her back a little, but she regained her composure. "This may be one of the only times I will say this to anyone, Ann," he set an undertone in his voice to make the emphasis of the matter stand out.

Ann leaned forward, her chocolate brown eyes meeting Inui's. They were beautiful, yes they were. Maybe not as wonderful and intense as Fuji's, but Inui's were still wonderful and magnificent, depicting years of knowledge, wisdom, and dedication. It was then that Ann realized why so many people look up to his calculations, and so many go against it. His knowledge was either worshipped, or discarded, but seeing into the older man's eyes, she knew all disregards would change when they look into those orbs full of wisdom.

It was a little too amazing and a shock for her. Ann blinked once and opened her ears as she listened intently, to every word that would come out of his mouth.

He hesitated a bit before speaking. "Rarely do my personal beliefs disagree or overpower my data, but here I am, readying myself to tell you that I'm one-hundred percent positive that Kamio does like you; enough to go against the powerhouse of the Seigaku Tennis Club because he cares about you. Sometime, data can be wrong-- no, miscalculated, and when that happens, it takes more than data to fix the problem. It takes a mind, Ann, and mine is telling me that he really likes you. The missing seven percent will be corrected later."

Ann sipped the remaining of her tea as the information slipped into her head and she stood up, taking a peak at her watch. "I better get going. Oniisan might get worried, seeing that it's already so late, and he's saving me dinner. Thank you for your insight and helping me lug Momo-chan home."

Bowing, she reached for her duffel bag under her chair and picked it up. "Ja," she waved while her feet directed her out of Momoshiro's kitchen and heading downstairs to the door.

"Ja ne," Inui murmured, picking up his teacup and saucer in one hand as he lifted the fine china drank the herbal tea inside it. "I'll tell Mrs. Momoshiro you said goodbye, and Ann?"

The girl turned her head, half of her back facing Inui while the rest was covered by her duffel bag, slung on her shoulder. "Yes?"

The Seigaku member smirked. "You were right. Some things can't be used or stored as data."

She watched as his pair of glasses fell back onto the bridge of his nose again, eyes covered with opaque lenses. She couldn't help but smile at how calculated the young man's life is, even without him knowing. Turning her head back, she began to descend from the top of the staircase.

"That's great," she grinned, right foot barely landing on the second step as she carried her question out. "But how'd you figure it out?"

He lifted the fine china up again and took a long, leisurely sip. "I calculated it on my database, of course."

She nearly fell down the flight of stairs.


Conversing with the rest of the regulars in Fudomine Middle School, Kamio had been quite comfortable until he caught a familiar movement at the corner of his left eye.

Ann Tachibana came to school as usual, a smile pasted on her face with her bangs clipped to the side, eyes chocolate brown with sparkling intelligence that only a few know about. Kamio stopped mid-sentence and watched as she entered the group, like usual, and greeted every player except for the auburn haired boy, silent with his head bowed down as he felt her gaze locking onto him; one that wasn't at all friendly. She turned away and waved goodbye to all the other regulars before heading to class.

The group only gave Kamio a second of silence before the poor boy was bombarded with questions. Tachibana wore them off, but his question stuck in the air as the group awaited for an answer.

"Kamio, what's gotten into you and Ann? She was angry and refused to talk about it yesterday, and I heard your name under her mumbles."

"Its...It's nothing," he answered shyly, and there was an eerie silence set upon the group.

For Kamio, the day was an uncomfortable roller coaster ride. He saw Ann walk pass him in the hallways more than usual, and everytime they did pass by each other, it was the weird reaction he developed towards her now. Lowering his head a little, he would watch as she walked pass him without looking back, huffing and restraining a growl every time.

It was a shock for the Fudomine tennis players to find out that their dear Ann wasn't with them for their tennis practice today. She was always there, cheering them on, and conversing with the observers. They had unofficially adopted her as their mascot and 'kawaii imouto'. Questions blared behind Kamio's back as the day went on, but whenever asked, Kamio would only reply with five words.

"I'll take care of it," he repeated for the fiftieth time today.


After the tennis practice and a few selected stops, Kamio got off the pale blue bus and looked up at the sign, hammered against a brick wall. 'Seigaku Middle School' it printed proudly with gold letters. He frowned. The speedy Fudomine player never realized how under budget his school was until he compared them with the infamous Seigaku. The frown deepened as he walked inside towards the tennis court, making out the outlines of Momo-chan and Ann-chan as they sat together at the identical spot where all the trouble began.

Taking a deep breath, he folded his hands behind his back as he walked towards the group. Eiji Oishi were speaking with each other at the far end of the fence, in front of the bench where Ann-chan sat. Fuji had come walking into the scene as he greeted Ann with his usual, warm smile.

Kamio puffed up and walked up towards Ann, eyes dark, but underneath it all was a scent of vulnerability. He watched as her chocolate brown eyes shifted from Fuji to him, watching the auburn haired boy stand next to her in an immobile state. He watched her eyes flash from surprise to lack of interest. That hurt him a little bit.

"Hi," he said. There's practically no other word to describe it than 'said' because it was that plain.

Her eyelids grew heavier, and she looked at him again with a blank stare. "Hmmm...Hi." she yawned, tilting her head to snuggle closer to Momo-chan, who was covered with band-aids and patches. "What do you want?" she managed to finish before resting on Momo's broad shoulders, causing the larger man to blush.

Kamio jerked his head forward and growled, but managed to hold back. His gaze turned to Momoshiro, who was looking at him dumbly. He eyed him suspiciously. "Momoshiro! Why aren't you hurting me?"

The larger man looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What? Why would I hurt you--"

"He fell," Ann interrupted them boldly, eyes so intense. "He was knocked out after the first fall from the stairs in Seigaku hallway, Kamio. He was delusional that day." Her left eye twitched a little as she tried to send the information into Kamio's simple mind. "You got that?"

Kamio nodded as Momoshiro eyed them suspiciously, but thought to let it pass. He sat back down on the bench and rested his back, mumbling, "Yeah, it was some kind of damn fall."

Before Kamio could add into that comment with a smart one that might get him pummeled. Ann stood up and walked to Kamio, standing in front of him. Even though she was much more petite than the speed demon, her confidence made up for it, and she stood there, staring into his eyes without pinch of nervousness.

"So what are you doing here, Kamio? You never come here. Don't tell me..." Ann let out a sigh. "You're meddling into my own business again, aren't you?" Raising her index and middle finger, she rubbed the migraine from her head with her right hand. Pushing what Inui said to her aside, she glared at him. "If you even think that this time I'll---"

"Gomen nasai!" The words spilled out of his mouth in a quick pace. He pulled the bouquet of white lilies and red roses out from his back and shoved it at her with shaking hands, blushing slightly as he stared at the gray pavement once more.

Ann watched as the bouquet of flowers was shoved against her chest before she took hold of it. Another push against her chest, and Ann would have delivered a painful punch in the Fudomine player's place.

"How did you know, Kamio, that these were my two favourite kinds of flowers?" Ann frowned, but inside, her heart was dancing, and making 'I love you too!' signs, secretly directed at the auburn hair boy.

"Mr.Yanami. Special Arrangment, I..." he paused and took a deep breath. He's been taking a lot of deep breaths, he thought to himself silently. Shaking it off for another time, he looked up at Ann and the words came out of him a mile a minute.

"Ann-chan, I know you might be angry at me and I'm very sorry but I got out of hand because I didn't want you to get hurt and I know I was being stupid and I'm not good enough to be your boyfriend but...." he took another long breath and continued. "I know that I might not be the strongest boy ever, or the cutest, or the funniest, or the smartest, or just plain sensitive, but I really like you and I want you to know that before I go on my life after you reject me." He paused, and waited for his breath to level.

Ann stared at him with wide eyes, but her gaze stopped abruptly as she closed her eyes and smiled. "Baka Kamio," she began. "Give me some time to talk as well." She looked walked a step closer towards Kamio. "I think we should have a date."

"Ahh, Ann-chan..." he groaned. "Please don't use that word if you're planning to reject me and take me in as a friend only. Hang out is better," he suggested, but even quick reflexes couldn't stop the soft hand smacking him at the side of his right temple, making his head jolt.

"Baka Kamio-kun. You didn't let me finish! I want to date you...

And only you..."

The biggest grin plastered on Kamio's face while the Seigaku members watched in a bemused sense, but before anything else could happen, Ann's face turned into a frown again, one that was awfully sinister. "But I have one more thing to say to you!" she huffed.

Kamio watched as his happy smile faded once more. "Ye...Yes?"

She went up to him, the tip of their noses nearly touching one another's before she replied. "I just wanted to say!" she shouted, "Thank you." and she kissed him gently on the cheek.

As the new couple rejoiced and laughed, along came Inui as he walked pass the two and calculated. "Compatibility with Ann and Kamio--ninety-five percent" Scribbling a few more notes, the brains of the Seigaku Tennis Team turned the corner and disappeared, leaving the rest of the group in a state without words.


Author's Note: Maa...I apologize if anybody seemed out of character. There were probably thousands of grammatical errors etc. in the story as well. Look forward to scene changes and a lot of editing, because I'm just too lazy to figure it out myself until someone points them out for me. Sheesh, I really need a muse or something. *sweatdrops* I have some ideas for a sequal, but it's still under consideration. Don't want to mess this up even more.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Ja ne.

Update:  Corrected the errors and stuff in the story.  Thanks for pointing them out!  Arigatou Gozaimashita!