Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "Sweater Weather" Rex/Echo.

Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch.

A mission was supposed to be a quick in and out kind of a job. Only, it turned out the old ship broke down and so, Rex and Echo were stranded on a cold climate planet with their standard gear hardly suitable for the outdoors of the cold kind. That was until…

Part of the Echo/Rex series

A cold kind of weather - but no worries, I am whipping up some sweaters for us to wear!

'Knitted wear? How quaint! Well, that is easy to say, when you are not freezing your butt off on some Force forsaken frozen moon!'

Echo wasn't having it! At all!

This, freezing cold weather was just a tad too close to the sensations of the freezer of a closet he had spent a long time in when having been 'a guest' of the Techno Union. Sarcastically stated of course. And being cold in general, body wise, was not something Echo liked, at all.

So, after Rex and Echo had gotten themselves stranded for the moment at least. After their rather successful mission to a planet in the nearby system only having a ship wide malfunction and then having to make an emergency lading on an orbiting moon with such cold weather… Well, sneezing and freezing were becoming the words of norm for the duo to use.

Luckily though, they had managed to contact their base before they landed. And with the rescue arriving in two or three days time. But, meanwhile, the duo needed to survive the plummeting temperatures of the moon. The duo had some supplies they could use of course. With the nature around having enough driftwood for the warming fire, they were not in immediate trouble.

Their clothing were though a whole other matter. Having their regular armour not really suited for colder climates. At least not long term. And two to three days, was still a long time.

Echo was inside the ship rummaging through the boxes they had stored in the cargo hold. The produced traded on the planet. He was sure he had spotted something of interest earlier while stocking all the crates into the hold.

Finally finding what he was looking for. The on specific box, which Echo remembers having seen one of the locals bringing to them. A supposed token of respect, as one of them had put it, one in addition to the traded stuff their cargo hold was filled with.

But the content, upon first glance had not been that interesting. Not back on the planet. However now, Echo, having somewhat of a good memory of what he had glimpsed into… now, the content was becoming more valid and even more interesting.

Echo practically ripped the container open and found what he thought he had seen there earlier. The colours more bright than the spring flowers in a field filled to the hilt. Clashing in every which way. But that did not matter. Not now at least. Because this time, no matter the colours, the things Echo had found there, were practically life saviours for the two of them.

Echo picked several items and headed to the outside of their landing area. Right to where Rex was stirring up the fires having added fresh kindling and wood into it to keep it burning as long as possible.

Echo quietly made his way out and then, stood beside his partner. Getting a glance from Rex as he looked up at Echo and at the bounty Echo had brought with him. Something rather colourful, like cloth in his his arms it looked like at first glance.

"Whatcha got there love?"

"Um, well…"

Echo paused as he looked at his arms. Having carried the stuff out from their ship.

It was the something extra he had found. The so called token of the appreciation, which the locals of the planet had packed into the very special box of things. Echo then realising the two of them could now actually use having brought them out for himself and Rex.

As it was, it had not made any sense when the nice old lady from the village the two of them had visited had brought the box into the ship. But Echo had not wanted to offend her either. And so, simply taking the stuff inside. Taking a quick glance only, shaking his head while thinking it was something they certainly would never need…

Well, how wrong had he been!

As now, while Echo presented the first one out of the pile of several to Rex, Echo knew it was just what they both needed.

"What, is that?"

Rex glared at the rather colourfully decorated jumper or sweater as it seemed to be. Giant in size, made out of wool or similar thick material. Looking tacky as Sith too. With the patterns knitted on it looking possibly like some kind of an animal, perhaps a tooka or possibly a nexus? Rex could not really tell. But, they were bright, the colours clashing with each other.

Echo had brought out four of them, having selected the best of the lot. Well, in his mind at least, as they had been the least disturbing patterned ones he had been able to find the very large and deep box filled to the hilt with similar fashion choices. As clearly, the people of the planet they had visited did not have the same fashion sense as the clones did.

But at the moment, having crash landed on this cold planet, without much to protect them from the cold gusts of wind, except the fire they had made and a few thin emergency blankets they had found in the emergency pack of the ship… Well, there was nothing else they could use.

That being until Echo had found these, um, funky looking sweaters.

"They are sweaters. Most likely made by the villagers themselves. A gift if you will."

Echo could not help the slight smirk forming on his lips.

Echo, being usually the one with the most drip of their kin. Taking really good care of his appearance and how he looked in general.

Alas, these very unfashionable clothing would certainly make him look like… Well, a kid who had just learnt to dress himself and picking the worst matching clothing from the closet.

Because not only were the sweaters colourful and bright. They looked to be way too big for either clone. Echo having a rather thin frame himself and even if Rex was bulkier, they would drown in them, most likely.

Echo pulled the least disturbing one of them, at least in his mind, on top of his armour and Rex could not help the slight chuckle escaping from somewhere deep within.

"You look, um, well, warm."

Was all Rex managed to utter. Trying hard not to laugh too hard at least.

Echo glanced down at himself, the pullover reaching way past his torso, being quite long and as were the sleeves, hanging past Echo's hands even. But, Rex was right, Echo, was warm. So, there was that.

"Actually, I am."

Echo smirked at his partner then, knowing he had made the right call in accepting the gift. As now, they would not need to freeze to death, while waiting for their rescue to arrive. Well, they did have the fire and all. But still, Echo did not longer feel the chill from earlier.

Offering one for Rex, having chosen the colour of the rest of the three. The one which Echo thought was best suited for Rex, accentuating his blond hair and darker complexion.

"Here, pull this on."

Rex looked perplexed, not really sure he wanted to. But Echo was relentless and simply dangled the sweater in front of the other man.

"Go on. It does not look like high fashion, but it is rather cozy and warm."

Rex looked at the offering for a moment longer. And then, with gritted teeth and a sigh, Rex took it and pulled the cloth over his head with a slight huff and puff in the process.

Rex glanced up at Echo and as there was no further laughter because of their outfits from him. Rex decided that he actually liked the feeling the pullover had given him. It was just like Echo had said. It was comfortable and quite warm too.


"Yeah, you were right love. It feels… quite good really."

Echo sat right next to Rex by the fire. Turning to his lover and giving him a soft kiss on his lips. Feeling happy and warm, and not just because of the fire and the, well, colourfully knitted sweaters.