Modern Love - Saving Rin

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Kagome stormed away from Inuyasha, who was busy eating dirt. "Get back here wench!"

Kagome spun around and glared at him. "MY NAME IS KAGOME!!!" Kagome ran into the woods. "Stupid good for nothing hanyou!" she mumbled.

"One day he's gonna go too far and i'll -- i'll -- ooh i'll do something!"

"HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagome looked up. 'Someone's in trouble!' Kagome ran deeper into the forest. "HELLLLLLLLLLLP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

"Hang on! I'm coming!" Kagome called out. Kagome stopped at a clearing. A little girl wearing a checkered red and yellow kimono was huddled against a tree with a large snake youkai getting ready to lunge at her.

"HELLLLLLLLLLP!!!" the girl screeched. Kagome ran straight between the two. She picked up the girl and ran for their lives.

"Why didn't I bring my bow and arrow?!" Kagome asked outloud running, while the little girl in her arms screamed. "HE'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!"

"Calm down!" Kagome said, trying to keep the child from passing out. The snake youkai whipped out his tail and slashed Kagome across the back.

Kagome screamed and fell to the floor. "Are you okay?!" the little girl asked. "RUN!" Kagome pushed the girl. The little girl ran as fast as her little feet could carry her. She dove into the nearest bush.

Kagome sat up and the snake youkai was on her in a flash. It pulled back it's head and prepared to attack. Kagome stared up at it. She clasped her hands together and began praying: "Protect Souta let grandfather and mommy know I loved them! Oh and watch Buyo too!!!"

"You're pathetic," came a voice from above her. "Eh?" Kagome looked up and saw Inuyasha holding Tetsusaiga over the dead snake. He held out her hand to her. Kagome gladly took it.

"The little girl!" Kagome whipped around. "I hope she made it out safe..."

Then the bushes near them started rustling. Inuyasha moved infront of Kagome. The little girl popped her head out.

Kagome shoved Inuyasha out of the way and ran to her. "You're alright! Oh my gosh what's your name?"

"Rin's name is Rin!" Rin answered. "How come you were with that snake when I first came?" Kagome asked, ignoring the pain in her back.

Rin took a deep breath. "Rin was picking flowers and Jaken was watching Rin because Sesshoumaru-sama ordered him to and if Jaken didn't take care of Rin then Sesshoumaru-sama would kill him. So Rin saw a really pretty flower but it was kinda far from where Ah-Un was but Rin went anyway and Rin picked the flower and then the snake thingy came out and then it pulled Rin in and then Rin screamed for help and then pretty lady come and save Rin!"

Inuyasha and Kagome stared at the out of breath girl. "She's with Sesshoumaru so lets ditch her," Inuyasha said walking away. Kagome glared at him. "SIT! You can't just leave a little girl by herself!"

Kagome picked up Rin. "What's the pretty lady's name?" Rin asked. Kagome giggled. "My name is Kagome and that man on the floor is Inuyasha!"

Rin looked above Kagome's shoulder and at Inuyasha. "What is Inuyasha-chan doing on the floor?"

Kagome watched Inuyasha struggle to get up. "He's eating dirt." Rin laughed. "Jaken eatas dirt also! But only when Sesshoumaru-sama makes him by puting his foot on his head!"

Kagome sweat dropped. "Erm.... okay!" Inuyasha finally got up and marched over to the girls. "That kid isn't staying with us!"

Kagome glared at him. "Yes she is!"

"No she isn't!"

"Yes she is!"

"Bitch! Just shut up and ditch the brat!"

"Not infront of Rin! SIT!"

Inuyasha hit the floor.

Rin jumped out of Kagome's arms and walked over to Inuyasha.

"Does dirt taste good?"

********************** Somewhere Else

"Where is that little human brat?" Jaken ran around in circles. "Human girl! Rin!" he called.

"Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama will kill me if he finds out I lost the human brat!"

"You what?" a cold voice asked from behind him. Jaken stopped running and slowly turned around. He let out an,"Eep!" and ran for his life.

Sesshoumaru easily picked him up and held him infront of his face. "Where is Rin?" he asked coldly.

Jaken put his hands together in a praying gesture. "I'm so sorry Sesshoumaru-sama! She ran off and I didn't--- AHHHH!"

Sesshoumaru threw him on the ground. "I will look for her. If she is dead or hurt you will die a painful death by my hands," he said, glaring at him.

Jaken nodded. Sesshoumaru leaped to the sky and disappeared using his demonic speed.

********************* Camp

"She's so cute!" Sango was carrying Rin and running her fingers threw her hair.

Rin giggled. "I like you Sango-chan!" she hugged Sango around her neck.

Kagome smiled. Miroku sat down next to her. "Sesshoumaru might come and look for her."

Rin overhead and stared at Miroku. "Of course Sesshoumaru-sama wilil come for Rin! He would never leave Rin!"

Miroku smiled. "Yes of course he will come!"

Rin nodded and went back to laughing with Sango. Shippo was sitting on Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha sat a few feet away from the rest of the group except Shippo.

"I like Rin. Don't you, Inuyasha?" Shippo asked. Inuyasha growled. "That brat travels with Sesshoumaru. Anything that has to do with my half- brother, well, I don't give shit about it!"

Shippo looked at him. "But Rin's nice!"

"She's a snot-nosed little brat and I don't give shit about her! Now leave me alone!" Inuyasha plucked Shippo by his tail and threw him at Kagome.

Kagome looked up to see Shippo being hurdled towards her. She caught him easily and placed him on her lap.

"Inuyasha! Apologize to Shippo!" She yelled at him. "Feh!" was Inuyasha's only reply.

Kagome glared at him. "SIT BOY!" Inuyasha ate dirt while Rin laughed. "Quit laughing you little brat!"

Rin stopped immediatly. "Ignore him Rin and go play with Shippo," Sango said, setting Rin next to Shippo and Kagome.

Shippo jumped up off of Kagome's lap and played a game of tag with Rin.


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