Modern Love - A Broken Well

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Kagome opened her eyes and looked around. "The well?" she made to sit up but noticed she was sitting on something soft.

"When was there a cushion?" Kagome asked outloud. Then realization struck her. Her eyes widened and she froze.

'Holy crap I'm sitting on Sesshoumaru!'

"Get off of me, wench!" came Sesshoumaru's muffled growl. "What you think I like this position?" Kagome shot back.

Kagome pressed her hands on his chest and pushed herself up. But she was only brought back down by a red haori.

Now Sesshoumaru was at the bottom of the human pile with Kagome's back on top of his chest. Inuyasha had his chest against Kagome's and the two were staring straight at eachother.

Kagome pouted and shoved him off. Then she stood up and brushed herself off. Inuyasha took out Tetsusaiga and pointed at Sesshoumaru.

But the fang was so big it ended up getting stuck on the other side of the well wall. "If you're gonna fight can you do this back in the feudal era?" Kagome asked, sweat dropping.

"Where are we?" Sesshoumaru asked. Inuyasha tugged on Tetsusaiga's hilt. He had one foot against the wall while he pulled with his hands.

"We're *pull* in *pull* Kagome's *pull* world!" Tetsusaiga popped out and Inuyasha stumbled backwards hitting the wall behind him.

Kagome was climbing up the rope ladder Jii-chan had hung in the well. "It's so crowded down there," she mumbled.

Kagome pulled herself out of the well and looked below. Sesshoumaru jumped up and pinned Kagome to the wall.

"Explain to me what kind of magic this is," Sesshoumaru growled, his finger tips turning green.

"BASTARD GET AWAY FROM HER!!" Inuyasha brought down Tetsusaiga as Sesshoumaru blocked it with Toukjin (I have a feeling I didn't spell that right). His claws were still wrapped around Kagome's neck.

"LET GO OF HER!!" Inuyasha yelled. Kagome was squeezing Sesshoumaru's wrist. "You can't defend yourself with one arm baka!" she yelled to him.

Sesshoumaru glared at her and squeezed her neck harder. Kagome gasped and sunk into unconsciousness.

Inuyasha's eyes flared red and he knocked Toukjin out of Sesshoumaru's grasp. He then punched Sesshoumaru straight in the chest.

Sesshoumaru was blown to the other side of the well house. Inuyasha sheathed Tetsusaiga and picked up Kagome bridal style.

"So that is where you get your strength from," Sesshoumaru said, standing up. "All from a human wench."

Inuyasha growled. Just then the the doors slid open. The two brothers looked up to see a shocked Souta.

"Kagome-chan!" he ran down to Inuyasha and looked worriedly at Kagome. Sesshoumaru cracked his knuckles and stared in distaste at the boy.

"Kid get out of here," Inuyasha said firmly. Souta slowly nodded. He gave one last glance at Sesshoumaru and ran back up the stairs.

Souta ran to the house and tugged on his mother's arm. "Mom, Inuyasha and Kagome are in the well house and Inuyasha is fighting some guy who looks like him! Kagome-chan is unconscious!"

Ms. Higurashi gasped and ran to the well house. When she was ten feet away from it a blast came from the well house and Inuyasha came hurdling out, holding Kagome's form firmly against him.

Inuyasha hit the groun with a thud but didn't let go of Kagome. Sesshoumaru emerged from the well house holding his whip.

"Inuyasha! Kagome!" Ms. Higurashi called. Inuyasha winced as he looked up at her. He got up and ran to her.

He handed Kagome over and drew out Tetsusaiga. "Get away from here," he told them. Jii-chan came running out of the shrine.

"Inuyasha! What's going on?" he cried. Souta grabbed his grandfather's arm and ran with his mother.

When they were down the shrine steps Kagome woke up. "Mama...." she said weakly. She gasped when she heard Inuyasha yell.

Kagome scrambled away from her mother and jogged up the shrine steps. She ignored her family's cries to stay back.

At the shrine the well house was destroyed though the well was in perfect condition. There was a large hole in the wall on the side of Jii-chan's shrine.

Inuyasha was slumped against the God Tree. Sesshoumaru was walking towards him with his whip.

Kagome closed her eyes and summoned her miko energy. A pink light blasted towards Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.

The two froze and looked questionably at Kagome. "Kagome! Get out of here!!" Inuyasha growled.

"What did you do to us, wench?" Sesshoumaru asked, trying to move his body. "I put a spell on you to keep you two still so you won't destroy by home!" Kagome said glaring at them.

"You'll stay like that until I remove the spell," Kagome smirked. The two brothers glared at her. "I will send you back to the feudal era while we fix up our shrine."

The well glowed a dark blue and then Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were sent hurdling towards it. They disappeared inside the well but Kagome became puzzled when she heard a crash.

She ran to the well and looked inside. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were still glowing pink but they were flat against the well floor.

"What the--" Kagome looked worriedly at the well. "What happened?"


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