Vacation Blues

By Shi-koi

Author's Note: Single slashes i.e. / are Yugi's thoughts to Yami, and double slashes i.e. // are Yami's thoughts to Yugi. (Telepathy)

Content: AU, Action/Adventure, Angst, Violence, Sexual Content, Adult Content. Slash, *YAOI*, Lemons & Limes. Crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Harry Potter.

Warning: *YAOI* and citrus. Rampant violence, Duel Monsters coming to life, extreme overuse of 'Avada Kedavra' and mild OOC with all characters. (Well duh! They aren't gay in either series or film or even books, are they?)

Pairings: Yugi/Yami, others unconfirmed.

Disclaimer : Yu-Gi-Oh! is not mine. Except in my dreams. All hail the god that is Kazuki Takahashi. For without him there would be no Yu-Gi-Oh! universe at all. shudders in horror Unfortunately, Harry Potter isn't mine either. *sigh*


Japanese = English

Hai = Yes, sure, okay.

Jii-chan = Grampa

Bishonen = Pretty Boy

Aibou = Partner

Nani? = What?

Hikari = Light

Yami = Dark

Ja ne! = See ya!


Chapter One

"Mutou-san!! Mutou-san!!"

"Mr Mutou!!"

Yugi dashed into the Turtle Game Shop, slamming the door and leaning against it in relief, the journalists, with their cameras, still calling impatiently from outside.

"Damn vultures." Yugi muttered.

"Yugi? Is that you?"

"Hai. Jii-chan. It's only me." Yugi called out. Stepping away from the door. He paused long enough to make sure the window blind was firmly fastened shut before locking the door and making his way up the stairs to the living flat above the shop.


"Please." Yugi flopped onto the couch in the lounge. A tired groan escaped.

Sugoroku brought in a tray with three cups and a pot of Green Tea.

"Here." He passed a steaming cup to Yugi.

Yugi took it gingerly, the warm mist gently rising. He breathed in the familiar scent gratefully. He took a sip, sighing with appreciation, his body slumping further down into the seat, his leather-clad body bonelessly settling down.

Sugoroku smiled. "You really needed that, huh?"

Yugi waved a hand lazily. "Hai." He groaned suddenly.

"Yugi?" Sugoroku frowned.

"Sorry, muscles aching, that's all."

"Hmn." Sugoroku shook his head, powder grey bangs escaping from the bandanna he'd tied around his head. "You need to take a break."

Yugi snorted. "I wish." He closed his eyes.

"Where's Yami?"

One violet eye opened slightly, before Yugi yawned. "He's at the apartment. He filled in for me at the LiveDuels interview last night." Yugi chuckled tiredly. "I'm just glad they haven't figured out we're two different people yet. Otherwise we wouldn't even have time to sleep."

"Well.....everything should die down soon. When you've had your fifteen minutes of fame."

"Ha!" Yugi suddenly sat up, ignoring his loudly protesting muscles. "It's been a year since Duelist's Kingdom, and a whole six and a half months since the Battle City debacle. Yet have the media given up?" Yugi shook his head emphatically, tri-coloured bangs and spikes waving madly.

"Hmmn." Sugoroku looked thoughtful. "Ever thought of simply losing a game?" He asked mildly, purposely ignoring the horrified shudder which went through his grandson's body.

"Lose?! Gah! I'd rather be hounded by the media for the rest of my life!" Yugi shrugged. "Besides, that wouldn't really be right, either to me, Yami or whomever we lost to. It wouldn't be a fair win."

"Then I guess you're in a quandary."

"Pffft. I'll just have to think of something."

"Yes, because your previous ideas worked so well."

Yugi looked indignant. "Well, how was I supposed to know the black hair dye would run in the rain?"

"Uh huh....what about the time you faked leaving the country?"

Yugi snorted. "It wasn't my fault those damn fangirls had to pull my hat off."

Sugoroku glanced at his grandson's spiky hair. Sharp black spikes, tipped in blood red were framed by soft blonde bangs around Yugi's still slightly rounded face. He looked far younger than his nineteen years. In fact, he could still have easily passed for fifteen. Of course, the fact that he was still only 4ft 9 didn't really help.

"What'cha thinking?" Yugi asked, when his jii-chan looked lost in thought.

Sugoroku smirked. "I was just remembering what that woman called you."

"Which one?" Yugi looked warily at Sugoroku. His grampa had a perverse sense of humour when he wanted to.

"The one which called you a 'Pocket Bishonen'."

Yugi blanched. "Gah! I remember her," the petite youth shivered, "she was scary, she kept asking me if I wanted to do a 'private interview'. Yuck."

"What did you tell her?"

This time, it was Yugi's turn to smirk, it made him look surprisingly like his yami. "I told her I had a harem hidden away, and that if she wanted, I could sign her up for a 'screening' test." Yugi snickered. "She couldn't get away fast enough."


Yugi sighed suddenly. "But that still doesn't sort out this mess."

"What you need is a way to get out of the country without anyone, and I do mean anyone knowing."

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Uh huh. Easier said than done."

Sugoroku shrugged. "Maybe it is."


"Use a Dragon."


Yami rolled over, the sheets tangling around his legs. Annoyed, the dark spirit simply kicked them off, snuggling deeper into his pillow.


Yami blinked, then groaned.

The door slammed. "I'm home."

//Aibou, please try and be quiet.// Yami sent down his mind-link with his hikari.


Yami covered his head with his pillow. //You don't sound sorry.// He sent peevishly.

/Heh. That's because jii-chan thought of a way for us to get a break./

//Hmmn. How?// Yami gave up, sitting on the bed as Yugi bounded through the door, his earlier fatigue banished by the thought of a holiday.

"Use a Dragon."

Yami gaped. "Nani?"

Yugi grinned. "Well? We still have the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, don't we? The one Jounouchi gave us."


"Well then. It's more than big enough to fly us out of the country, so no reporters, no nosy flight attendants wanting autographs, no wannabe Duelists wanting to challenge us and best interviews!"

Yami flopped back against the bed, Unashamably naked. "One problem aibou."


Yami threw a pillow at Yugi. "No-one is supposed to know about our Shadow Powers!!"

Yugi blushed. "Ooops?"

Yami snorted in exasperation. "What do you think would happen if people suddenly saw a fifty foot black dragon suddenly appear out of nowhere? Especially one which looks surprisingly like the Red-Eyes inside Duel Monster cards."

Yugi gave a small sigh. "We could always try going at night, maybe summoning him in the middle of some woods, or at Kaiba's property. He's got some of the most secluded forests around, and he already knows about you, and the Shadow Realm."

Yami thought for a moment. "He might, or he might not. He doesn't like me."

"But he doesn't mind me, and Mokuba likes both of us. If anyone can convince Kaiba-kun, it's Mokuba."

"I guess it's worth a try."

Yugi grinned. "Don't worry, no-one will find out anything."

"I hope so aibou." Yami sighed. "A vacation."




Kaiba stopped walking. "I said no. What are you waiting for?"

Yugi looked up at the taller man. "Please?"

Kaiba's cobalt blue eyes narrowed. He shook his head, thick mahogany locks settling back into place. "My answer is final." He stalked off.

Yugi ran up next to Kaiba. "Seto, you know how hard this has been for me," he paused, looking around, "and Yami."

Kaiba's eyes hardened at the mention of his nemesis.

"Look," Yugi pleaded, "we're not going to be staying. We just need to use your forest to summon our Red-Eyes."

"Yugi," Kaiba stopped, looking down into Yugi's wide violet eyes. "I've already told you. I don't want any Shadow Magic near Mokuba or myself. You know as well as I how unpredictable the Shadow Realm is."

" don't have any problem using your magic?"

The tall teen stopped, his eyes boring holes into Yugi's. "How do you know that?" He demanded.

Yugi flushed uncomfortably. "We....Yami and I, and probably Ryou, Marik and their yamis, can tell whenever someone accesses their Shadow magic." Yugi fidgeted, his fingers twining nervously. "It didn't take much to realise it was you." Yugi shrugged, meeting Kaiba's unflinching gaze. "We expected you to regain your memories of Ancient Egypt, so when we found traces of magic leading to you, we weren't worried."

"I see." Kaiba frowned. "Were you able to sense what kind of spells I was casting?"

Yugi shook his head. "No. But I know you'd never harm anyone without reason."

"Without reason....?"


"So you and Yami weren't worried?"

Yugi sniffed. "Yami has a tendency of crushing peoples' minds when they threaten me, or they die gory deaths." Yugi stated dryly. "I don't really believe he's in any position to criticise anything you do."

A brief flash of amusement crossed Kaiba's icy blue eyes. "I see."

"So you won't mind us Summoning the dragon, will you?"

Kaiba sighed. "The magic I use originates from within myself. I had to access the Shadow Realm in order to fully restore my memories. Summoning a creature is far more dangerous than simply casting a spell."

"Yami is more than qualified, Kaiba. We are the Guardians of the Shadow Realm. We, and especially Yami, know better then any the dangers which lie in wait. And the creatures trust us."

"Yugi, this is all very well and good. But the risk to myself and most importantly, Mokuba, is just too great." Kaiba shook his head. "I'm afraid I simply do not have the same confidence in Yami's abilities as you do. He is far too hot-tempered and prone to acting rashly for me to feel comfortable with him doing a Summoning of this magnitude. Even Bakura was unable to fully materialise a creature during Duelist Kingdom, and he is an expert at such things."

"I shouldn't have told you about that." Yugi grumbled.

A small snort escaped from Kaiba before his usual indifferent mask settled back into place. "It makes no difference. My answer is still no."

"But Kaiba-kun!"


Kaiba stepped back when a flash of crimson streaked into Yugi's eyes. He frowned. "Follow me." He led the way into KaibaCorp, Yugi/Yami trailing behind. Kaiba closed the door firmly behind him when they got to his office.

This time, the crimson completely covered the violet.


Yami scowled.

"I was talking to Yugi. Split if you want to stay. But I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a 5000 year old dead Pharaoh."


There was a small flash of light and Yugi stood next to Yami, shaking his head. "It wasn't nice to take control, Yami."

Yami flushed. "Sorry aibou, I was just feeling a little frustrated."

Kaiba snorted. "What, your little hikari not enough for you."

Yami growled, his eyes flicking to the blush on Yugi's face. "Don't push it, Kaiba." Yami spat out.

Kaiba stared at the taller of the twin-esque youths. Yami's crimson eyes blazing. Finally, Kaiba sighed reluctantly. "Fine. You two can use my property to summon your Dragon."

"Thank you." Yami tilted his head slightly.

"Woohoo!" Yugi jumped on Kaiba, giving the startled boy a hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!"

Kaiba's cheeks pinked slightly. "Don't think I'm being nice," he scowled, although the effect was ruined by the tiny blush still evident on his cheeks, "I just don't want to get nagged by Mokuba later." He shook his head. "You know what little brothers are like."

Yugi grinned. "Yeah, they act like Jounouchi."

Yami smirked. "Yugi, Jounouchi is six months older than you."

Yugi shrugged. "Yeah, but he doesn't act like it."


"What time do you want us to come over, Seto?"

Kaiba frowned. "When are you planning to leave?"

Yugi exchanged a look with Yami. "As soon as possible, probably tomorrow night."

Kaiba nodded. "Fine. I'll arrange for you two to be picked up from the Kame Game Shop, I assume you will be there, to say goodbye to your grandfather?"

Yugi nodded. "Hai."

Kaiba flicked a hand at the door. "Shut it on your way out."

Yami rolled his eyes.

"Ja ne Kaiba-kun!"


Yami looked outside. "How about some last-minute shopping?"

Yugi blinked. "Eh? You? Go shopping? Are you feeling okay Yami?"

"Yes." Yami scowled. But we may want to pick up a few warmer clothes, since I doubt we'll be going anywhere warm."

"Don't you want to see your homeland?" Yugi asked curiously.

Yami shrugged. "Egypt's changed a bit too much. I don't think I could cope with the visual reminder that the world I once ruled is nothing but dust."

"Oh Yami." Yugi leant his head against his dark half's shoulder, wrapping his arms comfortingly around his waist.

Yami rested his head against Yugi's. "It's okay aibou."

"Come on!" Yugi grinned, pulling away, his hand entwined with his lovers.


"You said you wanted to shop, so lets go!"




"Whoever designed these shopping complexes needs to be banished."

Yugi snickered. "Lets sit down." He tugged Yami over to a small coffee shop, buying a large mocha for himself and a super-strong sweet espresso for Yami.

"First, we need to decide where we want to go."

Yami frowned. "How will we do that?"

"Don't know." Yugi paused. "Are there any places in particular you want to visit?"

"Somewhere with a lot of greenery. Somewhere that's not too hot, or too cold. Somewhere we can buy presents for the others."

"Ah. That does narrow it down." Yugi thought for a moment. "How's your English?"

Yami shrugged. "Not perfect, but almost as good as yours."

Yugi nodded. "I'm completely fluent, thanks to Ryou."

"So where does that leave us?" Yami asked.

"Well, I'm leaning more towards either New Zealand or England." Yugi decided.

Yami scanned Yugi's mind, picking up what information Yugi had on both countries. "How about we visit New Zealand first for a few months, then go to England. That way we could pick up some stuff for Ryou. He hasn't managed to see his birth-land for a while, has he?"

"No. I think it's been about three years since Ryou was last in England." Yugi nodded. "Great! So we'll go to New Zealand for a few months, then England for the rest of our vacation."

"How long are we planning to be gone?"

Yugi thought for a moment. "About a year? That would give us a good nine months to visit England. I'm sure Ryou would write out a list of recommended places for us to visit, if we asked."

"Then we ask."


Six months later, London, England.


A handful of robed figures ran through the woods. They were supporting four wounded members.

"Are they getting any closer?" One of them panted.

"I think we lost them." Another whispered.

"Damn Death Eaters."

The six who were holding up their friends helped them to sit down.

"Have we managed to get far away enough to apparate out?"

A few of the robed figures shook their heads. "No. We can still feel the wards."


A man with short red hair took stock of their surroundings. He motioned to the two most able of his aurors. "Davis, Abrams, keep watch."

Both men nodded, their attention focused on the dark forest around them.


The red-haired man turned at the voice.

"Yes Dorothy?"

Dorothy shook her head. "We have to get out of here soon. I don't think either Pearson or Abbots will make it otherwise."

Arthur rubbed his forehead tiredly. "I know."

"It's not your fault. None of us expected a trap."

Arthur sighed. "It still doesn't help. I can't see why Fudge is allowing this to continue."

"Because he's a short-sighted fool of an ostrich." Dorothy shot back. Dark brown eyes glinting. Her white hair looked almost blonde in the lack of light, belying her age.

There was a sharp rustle in the bushes. Half a dozen wands were immediately pointed at the offending shrub.

Davis stepped out.

"There's some activity to the west of here, about two miles away." Davis whispered.

"And the missing children?"

Davis shook his head. "There were no sign of them. I think the report was false."

Arthur's shoulders stiffened. "Damn. Four of our team are injured, for nothing!" He hissed.

"Davis, go help the others up. We're going to have to keep going. I don't know how far out the wards go. These Death Eaters were obviously well prepared for our arrival." Dorothy ordered.

"Ma'am." Davis left.

What now?" Arthur sighed.

"We hope for a miracle."


A large black dragon soared above the immense woods, it was invisible against the midnight sky. Glowing red slanted orbs gleamed against the black hide.



"What are those flashes of light down there?"

Yami looked over Yugi's shoulder, his eyes aimed at where Yugi had pointed. He frowned at the small flashes of multi-coloured light.

"I don't know, aibou."

"Maybe someone's trying to light a flare, or call for help..." Yugi thought out loud.

"I doubt it. Look at the formation. There are two distinct sides. A larger one on the North-western side, and the smaller one, with less flashes sent almost haphazardly, from the Eastern side."

"How can you tell?" Yugi asked curiously, leaning his head back to look at Yami.

Yami smirked. "I was a keen strategist during the civil wars back home. Egypt beat back many invaders with my lead."

"Cool." Yugi looked back down. "Shall we see if anyone needs help?"

Yami rolled his eyes, grateful that Yugi had turned away before he could witness his immature move. "You always have to try and help people, don't you?" The dark spirit asked wryly.

"Heh. I guess."

"Fine." Yami motioned to the Red-Eyes to fly lower, it responded with a deep rumble.

As they got closer, Yami started to feel uneasy.


"Hai, Yami?"

"I don't like those ones to the west. They feel.....wrong."

"Wrong, how?" Yugi asked, a worried crease lining his smooth brows.

Yami shifted uncomfortably. "They feel twisted. Not dark, just....slimy, a creeping evil."

"What do you want to do?" Yugi asked quietly, twisting around slightly to wrap an arm around Yami's waist.

"Help those others. They feel odd, but neutral, like a normal human."

Yugi nodded. "Okay."

The Red-Eyes flew into the canopy, his long sinuous body sharply veering around the trunks of the massive trees. His eyes glowed as he found his target. The small group of oddly dressed mortals, the scent of fear strong. With a screech the Red-Eyes Black Dragon landed 30 feet away from them, his dark form lost amongst the blackness.


"What the hell is that thing?"

Arthur glanced up at the huge shape flying directly towards them, there was no chance to fire a spell, all the aurors still standing simply flattened themselves against the mossy forest floor.

"Was...was that a d-dragon?" Lander gasped. He was fresh out of training. A tall youth with a lightly freckled face and pale blonde hair.

Arthur motioned for them to stay down. The Death-Eaters had stopped hounding them with the screech the creature had made, obviously waiting to see what was going to happen. He was certainly not expecting two petite youths to walk out of the shadows where the beast lay.

"Are you okay?" The taller of the two shouted.

"What do we do?" Lander whispered, Davis coming to stand beside him.

"I don't know....ask them who they are, if they work for You-Know-Who." Davis whispered back, just loud enough for Arthur to hear.

The red-haired man frowned, but he stepped forward slightly anyway. "Who are you?"

The two youths whispered between themselves for a moment, too far away for Arthur to hear anything.

Then the taller of the two stepped forward, His strange spiky hair seemed to glimmer in the moonlight. "I am Yami. This is Yugi. We saw the flashes of strange light, we wondered if anyone needed help."

Arthur turned questioning eyes to Dorothy. She narrowed her eyes, but nodded.

"Why didn't you try to help the other side then? Why us?" Arthur called out.

This time the smaller one stepped forward. He looked to be a smaller twin of the other youth. "Yami said the other group feels weird, bad, evil. You don't. You feel normal. We didn't want to get closer to them, so I asked if we could take a look and see if anyone needed our help."


Yami held up his hand, silencing the question. He tilted his head, a frown on his face as he closed his eyes for a moment, allowing his senses to guide him. His eyes suddenly flashed open. "They're getting close." His crimson eyes slitted dangerously. "Do you want our help?"

Arthur looked behind him. Only himself, Dorothy, Davis, Lander and Abrams were in any condition to fight. The others were too weak from having been hit with multiple hexes, curses, spells and the fight and flee battle they'd been having.


Yami nodded. "What do you need?"

"We are trying to get out of the forest. We have transport arranged, but we cannot activate it until we are past the forest boundaries."

"I see." Yami looked at them closer. "Have you any injured?"

"Yes. Eight of my team have been hurt."

Yami turned back to Yugi, talking in rapid hushed whispers. Then both youths came striding over. The aurors were shocked when they realised just how small both boys were. Yugi barely came to their lower chests, and Yami hardly reached mid-chest. At 4ft 9 and 5ft 1 they were tiny.

Arthur frowned. "Er...."

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Where are the injured?"

"I'll show you." Davis volunteered, leading the way.

"The other group will converge on your positions in less then nine minutes." Yami stated.

"How do you know?" Dorothy demanded.

Yami turned eerie ruby eyes onto her. "I can feel their taint."

Dorothy shuddered under that regal gaze.

"Yugi, Summon Ariella." Yami called.

Yugi turned back, giving a sharp nod. His lips compressed into a thin line when he saw the wounds sustained in the fights. He turned to Davis. "Stand back."

Davis frowned. "Why?"

"Do you want them healed or not?"

Davis nodded.

"Then move."

The brown-haired auror stepped back, leaving Yugi facing the eight wounded from where they lay on the forest floor and against a few trees. He looked on in puzzlement as Yugi turned his back on them to face Davis, Lander, Dorothy, Arthur and Yami. Then Yugi pulled out something from a pocket on his metal-studded belt.

"Mystical Elf, come forth!" Yugi shouted.

There was a flash of light and a strange light-green skinned woman knelt in front of the boy. She stood gracefully.

"Master Yugi, how can I be of service?" Her voice was melodic, seeming to dance on the air.

"These people have been wounded. Can you heal them?" Yugi asked, ignoring the stunned shock on the stranger's faces.

Ariella walked over to the wounded. She shut her eyes, singing a soft melody. After a moment her eyes opened. "I can heal the worst of their injuries. The rest will need one-to-one care."

Yugi nodded. "Do it."

Ariella knelt in front of the injured men and women. She shut her eyes and began to sing. As she wove her spell, the worst visible wounds started to close, their pale skin began to blossom with colour and their breathing evened out.

"How...?" Lander gasped. "I can't even tell she's using magic. It just feels like the air is fresher, sharper."

"Ariella's magic is special. She's an Elf." Yami stated in amusement. He cocked his head. "You don't seem surprised to witness magic. Most normal people would have either keeled over in shock or been bombarding us with questions....and you have not yet asked about my Dragon."

"We're wizards." Arthur said shortly. "But I've never witnessed an apparation like the one used to bring that elf here."

"Apparation?" Yami looked puzzled. "Yugi Summoned her. What an apparation, other than a spirit?"

"To apparate. Move instantly from one location to another." Dorothy clarified.

"Ah." Yami still looked slightly confused. Suddenly his eyes narrowed. "They're here."




Gah! What am I thinking? Starting another fic! I really should be concentrating on my other stuff, but I have a bit of writers block with them. I always wanted to do a YGO/HP crossover, but I could never find the guts to start one. And now I have!! ::does little happy dance:: The rest of this fic will mainly be set in the Harry Potter world, with the addition of Harry to the story soon. He's my favourite character, along with Severus, Draco, Lucius and Tom.

This is going to be primarily an action/adventure/angst type fic, there will be a little romance, but if there is it's going to be either Yaoi / Shonen-ai or Slash. So, you have been warned. This fic will live up to it's rating in later chapters, expect violence, bad stuff happening to good people and some lime. But most likely no Lemons.

Let me know what you think. Ja ne!