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                                                         CHAPTER 1

          Angel and Connor were going blow for blow in the mall. Angel could not believe what was happening with his son. He had hooked up an explosive device and was prepared to blow apart several people he had captive in the mall. The boy was just so filled with anger, hate, but, more than anything, pain. It was killing Angel inside. He suddenly grabbed Connor and managed to pin him to the floor, Angel holding a sword up in the air.

He uttered, "I love you, Connor."

"What are you going to do about it?" Connor asked softly, his face filled with anguish.

"Prove it," his father replied. With a slash of the air Angel swung the sword.

Everything went white.

          Back at Wolfram and Hart Fred had just returned and was just dancing around in one spot with Lorne. The green demon sung a playful melody, making Fred smile. Gunn and Wesley entered at the same time, as Lorne and Fred stopped their dance. Wesley began saying how much it was to take in all at once. Gunn announced that he was doing it, hoping that he wasn't the only one, but was still doing it. Before anyone could say anything Angel walked in, proclaiming that he had already taken the offer. The others were taken aback by the news at first but all accepted it. Lilah appeared behind Angel.

"What do you know? Team Angel, all grown up," she said.

"Where's Cordelia?" Wesley asked.

"Upstairs," Lilah answered for Angel. "Probably getting a manicure and blow dry even as we speak."

"Oh, good," Fred sighed. "She was sick earlier. I'm glad she's OK." Fred thought of something then. "Hey, Angel, where's Connor?"

A blonde woman came in then, a bundle in her arms. "Oh, Mr. Angel, your son is so adorable. I just love him so much," she gushed.

"Thanks for looking after him," said Angel, a small smile on his face as he took the baby.

"Oh," Fred cooed, walking up, gently tugging the hood of the bundle from over the baby's face. "He's getting so big, so cute."

"He's one of the reasons I took the offer," said Angel, looking at his friends. "He'll have sitters to look after him."

"Especially while his dad is out risking his ass," Gunn agreed, putting his around Fred, looking at Connor.

"Yes," Wesley glanced at Lilah, who smirked. "I do believe we've made the offer of a lifetime."

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