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Albedo's eyes moved upward, just after his arms slid away from his armrests. To his discovery, Jr. stood by the throne rooms' entrance. Armed and ready.

Softly, a smile spreaded across his lips. Dear MOMO was on everyone's minds these days. Such a precious little prize she was.

After-all, the realian was the very key that unlocked the Abyss. Beyond that realm, U-DO awaited once more.

When Jr. took his first few steps forward, raucous laughter echoed in his ears. Just the sound of his brother's voice was enough to make his blood boil.

"Poor Rubedo, quite the predicament you've caught yourself in." "Those "friends" of yours, they're rather troubling aren't they?"

Suddenly, Jr. interrupted Albedo mid-sentence. "Don't say anymore you sick bastard, it's about time that we settled things!"

"This fight... it doesn't concern them!" "To hell with allowing anyone else to suffer." "Especially by your damn' hands!"

Predatorily, Albedo stared into his brother's eyes. His pathetic remark was ironic at best. "Admit it, you'd be so lost without them!"

Through the spiritual link, Albedo felt Jr.'s denial. Amidst his intransgeice, a familiar sense of dread was felt.

"There's no use in lying to me, for I'm no longer that pitiful child." "Or maybe... you prefer seeing me that way."

"Seeing me so susceptible to all those around me?" With a gasp, Jr. took a glimpse into the past.

Standard U.R.T.V's gathered to concerned a young Albedo. Some kicked hard, whilst others punched. Albedo on the other hand was defenseless and weak.

His beloved brother wasn't there, for he'd left to undergo a U-DO simulation with Nigredo, a few days prior.

Albedo's peach flesh had been covered with black and purple bruises. Down his arms were red marks, from how tightly his comrades had held him down.

Out of nowhere, the white twin's voice crept into his mind. "Fondly you remember me mangled." "I was almost a corpse back then, Rubedo."

Jr. gritted his teeth hard. "Why show me this... when you already know the damn' answer is." With the weight of a single breath, Albedo grinned.

"I don't." "Even now, you show pride in hiding yourself away." "Pfft, such shame that Nigredo still breathes..."

Young Albedo suddenly changed to reflect Nigredo instead. In an instant, Jr.'s hand reached out, terrified. "Stop this... don't you dare hurt him!"

"Otherwise, I'll make you fucking pay." Albedo cocked a brow. "Oh, now you bare teeth?"

Quickly, the oldest twin swerved around to discover that his guns were pressed against his twin's face.

"Ah, the curtain call at last." At the same time, his brother's hand ran up his back. His hand then liquefied to painfully pierce through.

"Albedo...!" Jr. called out, with his hands trying to rip Albedo's own pair away. Amidst his agony, the white twin pleasurably closed in.

On the other side, his arm spurted forth from Jr.'s abdomen. The pain that he'd felt was indescribable. In a way, Jr. felt violated.

Normally, he'd be able to push Albedo away. But his strength- it was akin to toughness of metal. Unwaverable and strong.

A meager push wouldn't suffice at all. A punch nor a kick. This moment in time called upon the might of the Red Dragon mode itself.

With a brief tremble from his body, Jr.'s eyes flared into a deep crimson red. When his power skyrocketed, Jr. yelled with blast of a skyward inferno.

Albedo's hand that had previously been stabbed through, suddenly exploded into wicked flames. The white twin was sent back, thankfully tumbling and bathed in flame.

Whilst Jr. panted, he snapped back to reality. With a slight turn of his body, he watched Albedo's flesh regrow.

Just a very sight of Albedo's regeneration had made him sick to his stomach. "Never do you cease to surprise me."

"But I know you didn't come to merely pay me a visit, you're here for the girl." When MOMO came into view, Jr.'s heart started to race.

He'd ventured through hell, just to get her back. Now, he felt thankful that his hellish trip wasn't all for nothing.

"Piss off with your stinkin' hands, or I'll rip em' away!" Ironically, Albedo smiled. For his twin had already done that.

Even after his flesh had reformed, the numbing sensation didn't go away. Just another shot was enough to burst off his left arm as well.

"Your words as a empty as you are now, you're merely shell of what I once loved so dearly!" Whilst drunk on insanity, he looked back.

"Won't you look at me, Rubedo?" "Will your eyes finally deter themselves away from her!" Deeply, Albedo's hand burrowed itself into MOMO's chest.

With a loud and discomforted cry, the realian delightfully squirmed in his grasp. Laughter soon bounced off the walls, and back into Jr.'s ears.

It felt like an inescapable hell. It was as if his own fears had manifested themselves into reality. Everything that Jr. had grown worried of, it all appeared before him.

But he knew that he had had to fight. Sakura, if she was still alive. Would've wanted him to save her beloved little sister.