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~*Chapter 6*~

"That should be good." Seritta said, placing flowers on Sally's side. "Even for someone no longer with us, she's so beautiful, and the forget-me- nots (Kingdom Hearts joke) just add to it."

"Indeed." Suzie agreed, placing a bouquet of the flower in Sally's lifeless hands. "I really wish that we could change this though. You know, maybe go back in time to prevent this from happening, or finding someone who could cure her."

"I wish we could do that," Seritta said, trying to hold back tears. "But Sally's gone now. We have to accept it."

"But I don't want to!" Suzie cried, and she fell into the skeleton girl's long arms and sobbed. "I don't want her to be this way! I want her back!"

"We all do." Seritta tried to calm her down. "Especially Lock. He's more heartbroken than all of us put together."

The little rag doll girl looked up into Seritta's eye sockets.

"Seritta," she began. "I saw her as a mother."

"We all did." Seritta said, stroking the little girl's ponytail. "We all miss her."

Later, the other five trick-or-treaters came outside with flowers in their hands. Lock walked up to Sally and stroked her hair gently.

"Sally," he whispered. "Please, open your eyes. Wake up, please."

"Lock," Shock called quietly. "Don't bother. We can't do anything about this. She's gone."

"I understand what Lock means." Barrel began explaining to Shock. He lightly bounced little Jake on his shoulders. "I guess Sally was just one in a million. I don't think we'll ever be able to find another one like her."

"We shouldn't try." Jake said. "It would just be a waste of time."

"Jake's right." Joseph agreed. "It's all over now."

"I just wish it wasn't, you know?" Lock asked, sorrowfully staring at the rag doll boy. "I wish we could do something." He held his head high up and stared into the endless sky. "I wish that Sally could be alive again."

As if someone was answering Lock's prayer, the seven kids heard a rustle come from the forest.

"Who is it?" Suzie asked.

"It could be that Oogie Boogie guy back for more!" Seritta suggested. "If it is, he's not taking another soul with him!"

"Seritta, calm down." Shock said. "I don't think he'll be bugging us anymore."

"Then who is it?" Seritta asked.

The rustling came closer, and grew louder. Suddenly, a tall figure stepped out of the forest.

"Uh," Shock began, trying to answer Seritta's question. "I have no idea."

"Hey, Seritta, Jake," Joseph began, "He sort of looks like you guys."

"You're right!" Jake agreed. "He must be someone of Halloween Town then."

The figure walked up to the seven kids and looked down at Sally.

"She's beautiful." He said. "What's her name?"

"Sally." Lock answered.

"And you are-?" Barrel asked.

"Oh, my name's Jack." The tall skeleton said. He went straight back to Sally. "She has such a pretty name, a perfect fit for her." He gently stroked her face. "What's going on?"

The seven trick-or-treaters lowered their little heads without a word.

"Oh no," Jack began. "Please! Please tell me that she's sleeping!"

"We want to believe that," Joseph began answering. "But we can't. I'm sorry, but Sally is dead."

Jack stopped and scratched his skull.

"How?" he asked.

The seven kids looked up at him with surprised and curious looks. Jack tried to be logical in his explanation.

"Halloween Town is an afterlife world." He said. "So, how could someone in his or her afterlife be dead in this world?"

For that instant, the world was silent, and the seven kids widened their eyes in realization.

"Then, it's possible," Suzie began. "Could it really be possible that Sally isn't dead?!"

The little rag doll girl ran over to Sally and pressed her ear against her chest.

"I don't get it." She said. "If Sally could still be alive, why the heck isn't her heart beating??? She's not even breathing for cryin' out loud!!!"

Jack scratched his skull again.

"I don't know what to tell you." He said. He leaned over Sally and brought his face close to hers. "Sally, I guess this is good-bye, even if we never got the chance to say hello."

With that, Jack leaned in closer and gently kissed Sally's red lips. The seven children watched with sad faces, knowing that Sally couldn't return Jack's present.

When Jack pulled his face away, something amazing happened! Sally's fingers started to twitch, and her eyes cracked open! Jack and the seven kids watched in awe as Sally's eyes opened up wider until they were completely open. She looked up to see Jack watching her, then to her side to see her seven best friends.

"Sally!" the seven kids screamed, and they ran up to Sally and shared hugs.

"Sally, I can't believe it!" Lock said, overjoyed. "How did it happen?"

"Lock," Sally whispered, and she kissed the little devil boy on the head.

"Sally," Lock began. He pointed to Jack. "He saved you."

Sally turned and looked at Jack. Her cheeks flushed light pink as Jack slowly took her hand in his.

"You were so beautiful," Jack said, stroking her little fingers. "I couldn't leave you without a kiss."

"But you don't have to leave now." Sally pointed out. She smiled and slowly went to stand up. Before she could, Jack grabbed her legs and body and picked her up in his arms. Sally gasped in disbelief as Jack kissed her hair.

"My name is Jack Skellington." He said. The seven trick-or-treaters gasped.

"I can't believe it!" Barrel exclaimed. "You're the Pumpkin King!"

"That I am." Jack said. He looked at Sally sweetly. "And I'd be honored if you came to live with me, as my queen."

Sally didn't know what to say. She knew the answer in her head, but she couldn't say it. It didn't matter. Jack read her mind and kissed her red lips.

Later, Sally was getting ready to leave. She said her good-byes to the kids.

"I'll come visit you guys." She said. The seven kids smiled up at her.

"Can we come visit you?" Jake asked.

"You guys can come visit us whenever you want." Jack invited. The seven kids cheered and smiled up at the two of them.

"It looks like your dreams will be coming true, Sally." Lock said. "I'll be working towards mine. One day, I'll come back to you as a Junior High student, then a High School student, and on and on."

"I look forward to the day when I see you like that." Sally said, and she hugged the seven kids. Jack then wrapped his long arm around her.

"We better be going." He said. "Come visit us at the Skellington Manor." With that, Jack and Sally turned, and began walking towards their home. The seven kids blinked back tears. They went inside, but Lock stayed.

"Are you coming, Lock?" Shock asked.

"Not yet." Lock said in return. Shock joined him at his side.

"Don't worry." She said. "She won't forget about you."

"I know." Lock confessed. "It's just, saying good-bye is sometimes hard."

"I know." Shock agreed. "But we can see her anytime."

The two of them watched until Jack and Sally were out of sight.

"When you walk away, you don't hear me say," Lock began. Shock turned towards him.

"Please, oh baby, don't go. Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight." She added. "It's hard to let it go." (Kingdom Hearts joke)

Lock wrapped his arms around Shock, and pressed his lips against hers. All was as it should be, and Jack and Sally, and Lock and Shock, lived happily ever after.

~*The End*~