Clone Haven's Ship-of-the-month weekly prompt "Stormy Weather" Rex/Echo. Set somewhere in the space time continuum of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch. Thunder and lightning, high winds a gusting, the stormy weather, is definitely upon.

Being stranded, on a cold planet? Even those nice sweaters might not help this time around.

This tale is a sort of part two for Sweater Weather.

Part of the Echo/Rex series

The tacky looking sweaters were good enough against the cold, but the rain might just cause a few issues!

'Huddle against your lover when ever the cold weather seeps through the old bones.'

The fire long since simmered down as the night was upon. The moon which on Echo and Rex had forced to make an emergency landing, had gotten colder now that the previously visible and slightly warming star had disappeared behind the horizon. Rendering the temperature to plummet further to below freezing degrees. The moon certainly had a unique meteorological climate, the weather changing quickly and drastically too in a matter of hours.

Luckily though, Echo had managed to tinker on some of the ship's systems. And, by salvaging components from other areas of the hardly functional vessel, he had managed to get the life support system up and running with some heat included inside the cockpit area of the ship. It wasn't much but certainly beating the option of freezing to death. As despite the tacky sweaters the couple had donned on since Echo finding the gift of their new trading friends, they were both getting colder each passing moment.

Rex and Echo were inside of the vessel, having sealed off the cockpit and making themselves as comfortable as possible. Having hauled whatever they thought they could use for both warmth and food in there as well. Just in case Echo's bandaid of a repair job would not last until the rescuers would reach them. As it was, even during the day, it had been cold outside despite the roaring fire. But it was also safer for them to remain inside of the ship. As not even their tacky sweaters could protect them from the freezing cold temperature and nature's wildlife on the outside.

The surroundings of the moon around the ship were now completely consumed by the descended darkness. Not even starlight visible to the ground where the ship had made its crash landing. Luckily, they had managed to manoeuvre the craft to a sandy clearing and close to a forest area having provided at least the fire wood needed and perhaps some cover until the outside had become too cold to remain in.

Echo had managed to find a burner used during the war in the stores of the ship. It was good enough for preparing a quick meal. Something which Echo had concocted out of the ration bars and a few ingredients obtained from the locals of the planet they had visited. It did not look like much, but the smell of it drew Rex closer to have a curious peek over his partner's shoulder to see what he was doing.

"Whatcha cooking there sweetie? Smells rather good."

Rex sounded surprised as he had half expected the two of them to live on the stale rations for the few days allotted before their people would come to get them.

Echo let out a soft chuckle, with Rex breathing down his neck while looking over the shoulder.

"I found the burner in the closet on the back of the ship while I was looking for parts to fix the systems with. I though we could use a hot meal instead of those bland bars we have been chewing on."

Rex placed his arms around Echo's waist leaning in closer and nuzzling his neck.

"You do spoil me sweetheart. No matter where we are or what the circumstances just might be, you always seem to come up with solutions and things like this to cheer me up."

Rex wasn't exaggerating either. Echo had always been an excellent tactician during the war, coming up with solutions others could not during impossible situations. That had most likely been the reason for his capture by the Techno Union as well. Them seeing the endless potential in the Arc Trooper.

But right now, Echo was putting his skills to use for the benefit of their own cause and in this particular case, for Rex. The sweaters, the repairs on the ship and now, preparing a meal from practically nothing for the two of them too. Well, Echo really was something else.

"For you my dear, I will try anything."

Echo stirred the small pot to make sure the soupy concoction would not burn before he turned to face Rex. Locking their eyes, Echo leaned into Rex, pressing his lips on his lover's. It was a soft, warm and lingering one. Breaking the kiss off way too soon than Rex would have liked.

"I love you Rex, with all that I am."

Echo paused for a moment, never letting his gaze from Rex's.

"And in a way, I am glad we got stranded here, just the two of us. Just for a moment."

Echo admitted as much.

Rex stared back at his partner's eyes for a long moment. He wasn't disagreeing though. Even if their circumstances were far from ideal. His lips curling to a small smirk.

"As am I. Although I would have preferred a sandy beach somewhere warm."

Rex was still holding Echo in his embrace.

Echo let out a small laugh too. The smirk on his lips turning to a deliciously coy one.

"Well, I can think of a few things to make you feel warm after we have our dinner."

Forget about the sandy beaches and tropical climate - I will keep you warm

'The picture perfect holiday is not always the one on some remote paradise island, rather in the arms of a lover.'

The dinner having been consumed and the couple then having settled comfortably on a pile of soft sweaters and a few blankets acting as a make shift bed on the floor. It wasn't the most perfect or comfortable setup. But Rex and Echo felt cozy enough, huddled together in each other's arms. Settled for the moment, with the warmth of the other making them feel a tad drowsy.

It was just then when they heard it. The remote rumble. Like thunder. "That, sounded odd."

Rex's comment wasn't off as they had not excepted thunder while the temperatures had plummeted below freezing for the night cycle of the moon.

And as if per cue, they heard the pitter patter against the viewport of the ship when small size droplets started pouring down on the plexiglass window. "Yeah, it totally is."

Echo pulled out the hand held scanner and did a few quick scans of the outside. The results were surprising enough as he offered the device for Rex to see.

"Looks like, well, a tropical storm? Guess you got your wish after all."

Echo's lips were in a slight curl, as if Rex's wish really had come true for sure.

Rex wasn't sure he was reading the scanner right as just a few hours ago, they had practically ran inside the ship from the cold outside. And now? Well, the thunder was getting closer as the lighting had started and then rain against the hull of the ship thrumming steadily. The readings of Echo's scan indicating the temperature had risen considerably.

"This moon clearly has no clue as to what the weather should be."

Echo snorted, finding the whole situation more funny than not.

"Well, at least we are safe inside here. But as for my wish, well, guess I had pictured a slightly different kind of place just the same."

Rex chuckled, as the thought of the two of them running naked in the warm rain in the dark was just to hilarious.

Rex huddled closer to Echo though, if even possible as the two of them had levitated towards each other after dinner. With their limbs already tangled together and them bundled up inside a blanket wrapped around the both of them rather tightly. Their body heats warming the other, in more ways than one.

Echo welcomed the closeness, having kind of promised Rex earlier to keep him warm. And that wasn't just to keep Rex comfortable either. Rather Echo had had other things in mind while making said promise. Because here they were, stranded, just the two of them. And the most sexy weather falling upon them. A rainy thunderstorm, with lighting no less. Could the ambiance have been more perfect for what Echo had in mind? "I always feel safe, when I am with you."

Echo snuggled deeper into Rex's side, his nose and lips softly gliding against Rex's skin.

"And I've made it my mission to keep you warm during this mission. No matter the weather."

Echo's tone was low and seductive. The weariness from earlier gone now and feeling more invigorated, most likely due to the change in the weather. At least, that was what Echo suspected, as the thunderstorms always made him, well rather horny.

Before long, Echo was completely submerged in the sensations of nipping and licking Rex's skin, gaining more access as he had slowly but surely started removing any hindering garments away from his path.

The first one to go had been the ugly sweater. First his own, as Echo's own body heat had certainly hiked up since starting the process of warming up his partner. Next was Rex's similar wear. Because Echo needed to feel more skin and if it meant taking off all the warming cloth they were both bundled up in, so be it!


Rex wasn't complaining though, even if he was almost naked now. Echo having worked his way across the body of his lover, sampling the unique tastes of Rex's while busy working on his promised task of getting Rex all toasty and warm, even if all the clothing was gone. Rex's timbre was more of urging Echo to go on than anything else.

"I am working on it."

Echo managed to comment against Rex's skin, as he had been moving rather languidly at first, but hastening his slower pace as the pleads and soft moans of Rex's urged him to do so.

"I need you. Now."

Rex's words weren't really an order, but close to it despite the coarse tone of them. Echo could not help but chuckle against Rex's abdomen, having made his way down the path of tasting every single inch that of which was Rex.

"Impatient, aren't we."

But Echo wasn't about to let Rex suffer for too long though. As sensing the urgency in his partner. After all, they had a lot of time on their hands, pun intended, to take things slow later on. But right now, Echo was not going to do just that.

"Yeah, maybe."

Rex managed to utter. But before he had another complaint or rather a suggestion for his partner, Echo had already found the perfect spot which would make Rex become all heated up no matter what the temperature or weather might just have been on the outside on the harsh moon they were temporarily stranded on.

After that, neither partner was complaining about being cold. With the heat radiating from their love making was fogging up the cockpit viewport. Soon enough the thunder and lightning were fading into the background. With the tropical storm raging inside the ship and the electrical current between Rex and Echo being certainly more potent than any kind of lightning strike.