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Raining Cats and Demons

Chapter One: Reiluka Chrysanthemum

It was silent in the room except for pencils or pens writing or the occasional snoring from someone who failed to pay attention in class. Yusuke Urameshi was looking out the window while his friend Kazuma Kuwabara was sleeping beside him. Yusuke was about to fall asleep when the door to the classroom burst open, startling the once-was-sleeping Kuwabara. In the doorway stood Mr. Takanaka and a girl that looked to be about Yusuke's age. She was of medium height with waist length black hair with blue streaks in it. She had light blue eyes and was glaring at everyone in the room right then. Yusuke noticed as he took in the rest of her. Her uniform was a lighter blue than the other uniforms and her skirt was shortened and Yusuke noticed that she had a pair of shorts underneath the skirt. She also had no sleeves on her shirt, making her tanned arms visible. Yusuke was a little surprised when he saw that she had feminine muscles on her arms and legs. She must work out. Yusuke thought. Just then a boy in the back of the room wolf whistled and the girl glared daggers at him but somehow she managed to control herself and ended up, what it sounded like, hissing. She can hiss? Yusuke thought. He turned and saw that Kuwabara was staring at the girl intently. Yusuke leaned over to his friend.

"Why are you staring at her? You already have a girlfriend, remember?" Yusuke asked. Kuwabara frowned as the girl took a seat in front of Yusuke.

"That girl has a weird aura surrounding her." Kuwabara said quietly so the girl would not hear him. Then Yusuke laughed. That got Kuwabara out of his trance.

"What are you laughing at Urameshi!" Kuwabara yelled through gritted teeth. Mr. Takanaka cleared his throat. "Everyone, this is Ms. Reiluka Chrysanthemum. The class said hello. Then Takanaka left. Soon everyone got back to work when they had finished staring at the new girl. Said girl was soon asleep. Yusuke raised his eyebrow. Then whispered to Kuwabara.

"And I thought me and you were the only ones who dared sleep in this school." Kuwabara snickered. Then stopped and gulped.

"What?" Yusuke asked. Kuwabara pointed. Yusuke turned around only to stare into the eyes of very pissed girl.

"Apparently she heard." Yusuke said and then smiled sheepishly.


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